A friend of mine got his thumb caught in a track bike chain while maintaining the bicycle.

Friend's description of what happened:

‘I have cleaned and lubricated the chain. Then I started to wipe the chain with a dry cloth to remove the excess lube from it, while spinning the cranks to make things faster. Suddenly my thumb and the cloth got caught in between the cog (rear fixed sprocket, no freewheel) and the chain. Part of the thumb was cut off completely'




Medical students dissect pacemaker from a cadaver

What is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small, battery powered device that is surgically placed and prevents the heart from beating too slowly by sending electrical pulses to the heart. The pulses help the heart beat at a normal rate and get back into rhythm.


Man with large chest wound and exposed organs still breathing

open table gore :3 XD

:marseyagreesuperspeed: :marseyagreesuperspeed:

CHILD WARNING Hospital nurse resuscitating a newborn baby (NEWBORN BABY WARNING)

Woman's rotten brain eaten by maggots while she's alive

CHILD WARNING Glass penetration
CHILD WARNING Face splitting diving incident (INFORMATION POST + EFFORTPOST :marseyxoxo: )

Possible cw, he was 16 years old and thats still a child, so i put a child warning warning!

This is one of the hot viral videos going around. It actually appeared on the Net around the third week of July 2009, but it only started going viral in a huge way around the second week of September 2009. In general, it never has a name. It first appeared on Arabic and Turkish sites and finally found its way around the Net.

A teenager, a 16 year old boy, dives off the seaside promenade in Beirut, Lebanon and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the ocean and instead hit the concrete slab below where fishermen fish. He hits the concrete face first, then goes into the ocean. In a short while, the ocean for yards around has turned red with blood. There are people and boats in the water trying to help the guy, and girls are screaming all over the place.

The scene then shifts to a hospital where the poor guy is being overseen by a team of doctors and nurses. His face was vertically split in two.

He is still alive, conscious and breathing, and his tongue is moving around. He appears terrified. The doctor takes the sides of his face and pushes them together a couple of times to make a whole face again. The doctor says, "Where do I begin?" a few times in Arabic.

When blood loss occurs in water, the water is almost like a medium for the blood and allows it to spread a lot as it mixes. This can cause a little bit of blood to look like a lot of blood. This is not to say the victim didn't lose a lot of blood, but the color of the water makes it appear as if he lost more than he did.

People are wondering how he could survive such an injury, and the front part of his brain may indeed have been injured, but others are saying that it appears to be intact. At any rate, basic things like breathing are done by the brain stem. The brain stem does not appear to be injured.

People are also wondering about pain. The brain has no pain receptors. On the other hand, the damage to his face must be very painful.

There are a lot of rumors saying that this video is fake, but it is a real video. We know this because people in Lebanon are reporting it. Some had friends who were at the Promenade that day, others said it was reported in the Lebanese press and others say they were aware of stories on the street about the video. There is an article in Arabic from the Lebanese press online proving that this event occurred, but it's in the archives, and looking through the archives costs money.

This event occurred in Beirut in the second week of June 2009. The teenager and his brother were showing off their diving skills by diving off the Manara Promenade, which is right across from the American University on the shore of Beirut's harbor.

This part of the Promenade is called Al-Rawsha, and it's long been popular with divers, although officials have always frowned on it. Like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, California, it's also long been popular with suicides and attempted suicides.

An interesting sketch of the man's wound taken from the Net. Through done in a stereotypical deliberately amateurish manner, there is something creepy about this sketch.


Here is a longer version of the vid:

I LOVE YOU GUYS :marseyhearts: :marseyxoxo:

Bullet extraction.

If you think getting a tooth pulled is bad, this must be like reposting a video here.

EFFORTPOST body modification

navel removal

navel removal is body modification in which the navel is removed in order to create a smooth surface on the abdomen and is done for a number of reasons,some of which being nullification which helps the person feel more comfortable in their body whether it's an insecurity about their belly button shape, size, or if they are looking for an aesthetic change. navel removal is often seen with people who are transgender/non-binary to help them feel comfortable in their transition.

{repost but added more}

navel removal + healed

nipple + navel removal

tattooed navel removal

tongue splitting

tongue splitting is a body modification in which an incision is made vertically along the center of the tongue, this gives it the impression of a snake tongue! tongue splitting is done for aesthetic purposes and tends to have a painful healing process.

freshly cut tongue splits

half-stitched tongue splits

stitched tongue split

fissured tongue with tongue split


scarification is a body modification in which the skin is superficially cut or removed in order to create a design that will scar. scarification is done for cultural purposes or for aesthetics. the pain is similar to a tattoo.

facial scarification

facial scarification + coverup + healing

facial scarification + scar

fresh + healed + additions to it

jellyfish scarification fresh + healed

angel wings fresh + healed

ram sternum fresh + scarred

pubic scarification

spider tattoo with scarification

healed spiderweb scarification w/ spider tattoo

abdomen scarification + tattoos

blackout + scarification

needle play

needle play is a short term type of body modification often done for the art aspect or for kink. they are taken out shortly after pierced.

needle play back pieces

heart + removal

corset piercings

scar tattoo coverups

scar tattoo coverups is a form of body modification that is used to cover up existing scars with tattoo art. this can be done to lessen the shame/guilt of having scars and repurposing them into something more beautiful or to devoid attention from the scars. remember, your scars are valid and you are enough and recovery is possible 💕

severe scar coverups

coverup videos

nature coverups

colored nature coverups

bandaid coverup

double mastectomy scar coverup

body modification is a way for people to express themselves in an outward way. by doing this, people can feel more comfortable in their own skin and allows them to feel more confident in themselves. for whatever reason one may want to get body modifications, it is valid and you are dope as fuck!!

image credit: @frozz_bodyart on insta

(jellyfish, ram, tattoo.x.scarification, angel wings, facial tattoo.x.coverup, needle play, scar coverups, and groinal not done by him, idk who)

keep any transphobic or negative comments about self harm(ers) to yourself , thank you and i hope you enjoyed this post

CHILD WARNING Dead fetus mutilation



Incident happend at Brazil :marseyitsoverbrasileiro:

A woman :marseymidsommardani: complaining of dyspnea had a tumor weighing about 45 kg removed at a hospital.

The woman :marseytedsimp2: said she had lived with the tumor for five years.

girl's vagina has necrosis



Here the surgeons have performed a mock facial transplantation by harvesting total facial-scalp flaps from a donor and transferring them to recipient cadaver. This is a way for the surgeons to practice facial transplantation, using a donor cadaver. One of the aims of this mock transplantation study was to establish the most appropriate sequences of facial flap harvest and inset to mimic the clinical transplantation procedure.

The inverted surface area.

In preparation for facial allograft transplantation in humans, a series of cadaver dissections were performed to estimate the feasibility and timing of facial flap harvest, integrity of vascular territories, and applicability of conventional flaps to cover total facial defects. These cadaveric dissections confirmed that none of the conventional cutaneous autogenous flaps is large enough to cover a total facial defect. Perfect match of facial skin texture and color could only be achieved by transplantation of the facial skin allograft from the human donor.

The total facial-scalp skin graft in the recipient cadaver.

The inverted surface area.


Don't know what this is, where it comes from, or the context.

This just looks so fucking tasty oh my god. I wanna sink my teeth into it. I wanna put it in a frying pan.

Brain tumour removed (sorry if repost)
Brain :marseyscalped: :marseyscalped:

This is just a pic you can find the whole vid on yt.

This guy donated his lungs to save a mans life and his other parts of the body for research or whatever..

Somones leg is absolutely destroyed with bone sticking out (sorry if repost)

Man vomiting blood aka hematemesis

not much info. Aparently around South East Asia. that homebrew will get you.

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