New site features! (And CSS)


So recently, WPD has fucking :marseytom: added a few motherfucking new features, bitch

  • View wall, posts and comments

    Now, you can view your motherfucking wall, posts and comments over here:

    Pretty nifty, huh, bitch!

  • Today's deaths:

    Wonder how many have died till fucking :marseytom: now?

    Well bitch, now you can satisfy your fucked curiosity :marseyconfuseddead: over here:

  • Pages of a flair on the top

    Right over here:

    Really fucking :marseytom: hate the last one? Here's some CSS to remove it, bitch. Just paste it in "Custom Css".

    .pagination {



    Donate coins??

  • None
    Videos not loading? Help!

    Is anyone else having the issue where the video doesn't load, and it just has that grey x on the play button? If so, has anyone been able to find a work around?

    What's with all the polish

    I took a break from wpd for a couple months (may or may not have forgotten my password), but I come back and CLiTPEELER has left (rip) and there's a fuckton of polish guys around in the comments. What's up with that, CLiTPEELER mentioned in his last post about them but like, why have they suddenly come into the site. Are they doing their own take of what Germany did in 1939? I'm out of the loop

    why choose marsey as mascot

    Catsssssssssssssssssss dont like gore :marseyunamused:


    "Watch You Die"


    annoying but overall not bothersome... think it should be shamed upon to repost clips everyone has already seen... god knows why they get so many points


    Exactly what it says on the tin, put a permanently pinned post in /h/other that reads something to the effect of “you're probably in the wrong hole” so it stops getting cluttered with shit meant for /h/social


    We should implement perceptual hashing to prevent reposts within 60 days. :marseyclappingglasses:

    This would block reposts from even going up, instead of relying on user reports.

    In case there's a hash collision, include a button to request a manual review. Kind of like on YouTube.

    And before I forget: fuck jannies.

    How is someone made "Top poster :marseyobamahope: of the day"?

    To all mods, how is it 'random', exactly?

    Just curious...

    Btw give me coins :marseyrich: for a cookie.

    why automatically upvote oneself?

    Wny the default vote score is 1 (with the author's upvote)?



    Like seriously, 95% of the shit posted here is old. I'm not 12 years old and new to the internet, I've seen all that shit before. I don't have the patience to sift through reposts. Is there some way I can remedy this problem?

    How to download vid on WPD

    Hewp me pwease :3

    Email Usage

    There's a neat little email feature that you can use for 2FA or if you forgot your email. I think that it could be used for more than that. For example, you could get an email if one of your posts was taken down, or if someone gifted you coins. You could change the email preferences in settings.

    Of course, this is just a little idea :mersya:


    Who is our betting king? Could anyone use mathematics to explain the winning probability of each Casino- Roulette, Slots, Blackjack, Lottershe? :marseyunamused:


    explanation: here you can upload things from Latin America, it doesn't matter what country it is from, but if they are from Latin America, like Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, etc., it doesn't matter what it is, if it's suicide, animal shooting, card, etc., the point is that it's a Latin American country, if it's another country. Like Russia, Japan, China, etc. we won't be able to allow that, thank you :)


    I said what I said. Here's an example:

    I understand accurate info isn't always easy to find but esp a case like this, I really see no excuse for spreading this kind of bullshit. The unconfirmed "rapist getting his just desserts" titles are bad enough but this is inexcusable.

    We make jokes here and we say edgy shit but at the end of the day these are real videos of real things that happen to real ppl and the blatant disregard for that and truth in reporting is fucking disgusting. We're not journalists, sure, but if you're posting videos here, you should be held at least to some minimum standard.

    Reported by:

    More servers

    Thanks to all our sexually desirable patrons, we've been able to add more servers. You might have noticed that the site is a lot faster compared to a few days ago (especially if you live in the US). We are now also load balancing traffic between the US and the EU. In non-nerd terms: Speed go brrr. You can now get your daily gore fix faster than before!

    Kind request

    This also means that our monthly expenses have increased significantly. As we don't run ads on this website, we are 100% dependant on donations. If you have some change to spare, please consider donating to the site. This can be done with either one-off payments, or via a monthly subscription. We have made small adjustments in our donation model. The rewards are now as follows:


    Victim - $5/month

    • Username background
    • Icon next to your username
    • Exclusive badges
    • Ability to upload a custom site background in the settings
    • Ability to perma-marsify yourself in the settings
    • Exclusive hole that only Patrons can see (/h/highrollerclub)
    • Exclusive ping group that only Patrons can join or mention !verifiedrich
    • Exemption from coin/marseybux gifting tax (3%)
    • Ability to upload more files
    • 16MB image size limit (instead of 8MB)
    • 16MB audio size limit (instead of 8MB)
    • 100k character limit for posts (instead of 50k)
    • 10% discount when buying awards
    • 2,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    Corpse - $10/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • Ability to add a signature in the settings (Victim tier patrons will keep their signature until 24th of March.)
    • 15% discount when buying awards
    • 5,000 5,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    Zombie - $20/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • Ability to change your username to a 1-letter or 2-letter username in the settings
    • Ability to have 2 previous usernames reserved for you instead of 1
    • 20% discount when buying awards
    • 10,000 12,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    Ghost - $50/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • Keyword notifications (New feature. More info below.)
    • 25% discount when buying awards
    • 25,000 32,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    Survivor - $100/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • 30% discount when buying awards
    • 50,000 70,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    Jigsaw - $200/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • 35% discount when buying awards
    • 100,000 150,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    P̵͇̕S̶̔̇Ȳ̴͙C̶͋͗H̵͒̉O̴̎̍ - $500/month

    • Everything from previous tiers
    • 40% discount when buying awards
    • 250,000 400,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

    In addition to this, people that donate $20 or more, will temporarily get 50% more marseybux. This promo will run until the 1st of March.

    You can find our donation page here!

    Keyword notifications

    People that donate $50 or more now have access to keyword notifications. You will get notified if specific words or phrases are mentioned. You can enable this in your advanced settings.

    Thank you all for helping the site grow! Have a nice weekend!

    no videos are loading

    does anyone know why videos arent loading for me ! ive tried restarting chrome and everything help plz

    None .....

    where marsey ai bot huh ! !

    where ! ! ! ! make one

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