Individual flair discussion sections?

Would it be possible to have each flair have it's own Discussion section?

Then we could get rid of the main Discussion flair on the main page. There's already a Social section, so just keep that.

This way, if you have something specific to Slavshit or Selfharm or any particular section, you could make a discussion post in there.

If it's not related to a specific flair, then you could put it in social.

Are gore artist accepted here??
:marseycoin: How to use font awesome premium icons FOR FREE! :troll: :marseycoin:

Hey guys!

Sick of the normal icons on Font Awesome being boring, and the good ones being paid?

I have a solution!

Delete your Font Awesome kit from your HTML file, and use this instead!

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

With this linked to your HTML file, all Font Awesome icons will work! NO KIT needed!

:!marseytwirl: Enjoy the free premium icons! :marseytwirl:

NOTE: Sharp icons may not work. Post will be updated if I find a bypass! (Changing the version of the kit MIGHT work)
Please don't publish anything using this. Educational purposes ONLY!
does taxidermy, bone cleaning, etc fall under :marseyhole: rule 4?

i clean :marseysoap: bones :marseyskinnedwalk: and collect :marseystamp: taxidermy and i feel like the people here would :marseywood: enjoy seeing rot timelines and such but it feels :marseyvapecrying: like a grey area. all the animals :marseytedsimp3: were already dead when i found :marseymissing2: them (roadkill and such)

example picks underneath:

if not lmk and i won't post it :bork2:


I don't have a fetish for dead women. I object to objectifying dead women but that's beside the point. I plan on posting dead women as a comp or as a general dead people post.

I like alive women. This will be by popular demand.


Reported by:
  • tufuiegoeris : I literally donate to the site in order to do this to people shut yo whiney ass up
Petition to make donors invulnerable to namelock. Hear me out.

Hi! This is @ s :sspace: here. I have been namelocked. yet again.

I have spent much of my hard earned money :marseybipocmerchant: on this site to help keep it running, because i genuinely care about WPD.

one reward :marseybadgejewgold: for donors is a shorter name.

letting donors be namelocked, means blocking :marseysnorlax: the recognition they deserve.

not just for me, but for all the beautiful :marseymesmerized: motherforkers who fund the site.

this brings me to a petition. should :marseynorm: wpd donors be able to get namelocked?

keep in ming i will most likely be muting all who select yes, and will make a hate post exposing all of you and your shit.

love u wpd, but u anger :marseywarangry: me.

btw can somebody pin me so we get maximal opinions.

also please :marseybeanpleading: explain your decision regarding the vote in the comments, i am curious :marseyconfuseddead: to see why you chose what you chose.

Add the ability to doom scroll in wpd


Not able to upload videos?

New here!


Make it so the videos remember the audio level u fucking stupid dumbass, I've been programming for 10 years and this is actually mentally ill untalented and sloppy

Hey guys, here are the newest rules of my Ping group !Germanstop :marseythumbsup: YOURE ALL WELCOME!!! :marseyheart:

!germanstop group & chat rules

1. users only with an account over one month old can join

2. no adding or removing others, only mods can do that

3. perma banned users will be removed

4. underage, nazis, assholes and doxxers get also removed

5. no porn including pictures, videos or other fetish stuff

6. no spamming

7. share personal information at your own risk we are not your parents, it's your own fault if something goes wrong

8. you get one warning at the second time you will get removed

all rules for wpd are included here!

If you have any questions please ask the mods!

If you want to join the group, go on my profile or just join here !germanstop

You are always welcome and we have a very active group chat where everybody can talk about anything in german or english.

Thank you for reading all that!

Big thanks to @weltschmerz and @su1c1de

You both are the best mods ever ❀️

Have a great day yall, bye :marseywave2: :marseyheart:


I am not an expert in CSS in the slightest but I wrote some simple interesting code that affects some basic user experiences. If you need your user number it's on your profile, see attached image for location.

/* Comments cannot be added to CSS */

Below use with your profile

/* Remove your own comment box */

.comment-box-wrapper {
    display: none;

/* Hide your comment button like an asshole. (This one is my favorite) Change yourusernumber to.. well. ya know.. your user number */

#save-reply-to-u_yourusernumber {
    display: none;

/* Hide your comment section */

.comment-section {
    display: none;

/* Hide specific comment. Change commentNumber to the comment number you want to hide */

#comment-commentNumber {
    display: none;

Below use on site CSS

/* Hide user even if they are unblockable. Change USERNAME to the username you wish to block. Case sensitive. Will need to be updated if user changes their name. */

.comment-body:has(a[href="/@USERNAME"]) {
  display: none;

/* Hide sidebar, Not Recommended IMO, has good info */

#desktop-sidebar, #banner-link, .srd {
    display: none;

/* Hide badges and signature for users in post listings */

.post-meta .fa-badge-check, 
.post-meta .house-img, 
.post-meta .patron-img, 
.post-meta .fa-bahai,
.post-meta bdi {

/* Remove WPD banner */

#banner-link {
    display: none;

Can some mods please reset my password?

I can't use my email, cause it's already registered in my 2nd account that I abandoned,

I don't remember my pasword either...

I can't use my keyboard on wpd

I had to copy and paste where I wrote right now


I was trying to block this user to stop getting their notifications. Why does it say they are unblockable??


I understand that if your lighthearted you shouldn't be on here but I'd much rather just go look at another website and not have to deal with the most outrageous notifications as soon as I make a post it really makes this site unusable or if theres a post that's wrong but better at addressing someone instead of writing an essay about half nonsensical bullshit and only like 2 sentences about the actual post. And this is a Gore website half the shit I see on here is way worse then what I have up so I'm confused on the guidelines I guess. :!marseyquestion: :!marseyhuh:

Professional Retards Group Rules Thing Updated


Chat & Group Rules:

1. No Porn.

2. No Spamming.

3. No Assholes (it's ok if you are joking).

4. No Doxing.

5. No Illegal Content.

6. No Adding Or Removing Others (Group Mod Action Only).

7. No People With Invisible Names.

8. No People That Are Permanently Banned.

9. No Sharing Personal Information.

10. Users Joining The Group Must Have An Account Age Of 3+ Months*.

11. Users Joining Must Have A Minimum Of 500 Truescore*.

*people with less were added before the rule.




Buymeacoffee link is down and i dont pay in bits of broken digital quarters

: (

Edit** my bad, i guess we got banned from there T.T


why does server explosion when i press the buton to do the.

this is not kewl

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