Once again, the TikTok hordes have found us. You'll never guess who it is this time! :marseyderp:

If you guessed "Arabs", congratulations. You're right! They've been congregating around this post: https://watchpeopledie.tv/h/execution/post/54355/cw-mangue-937-video-in-brazil

Through some sleuthing, I managed to find one of the TikToks that led these people here:


No, I don't understand it either.

Anyways yeah if stuff's slow or doesn't work this is why. Sorry, but we can't really do anything about a bunch of Arab :marseycocomelon:s flooding the site, it'll resolve itself in a day or two anyways as their attention span wears thin. I haven't seen them spill over anywhere other than that one post, so they don't seem to be sticking around.

Bye now! :marseywave2:

New sidebar images???

New sidebar images???

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16952607397703674.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16952607399269407.webp

We don't get a ton of traffic from Korea so this was surprising to see. I wouldn't mind changing that, though. Any of you retards fluent in Korean and feel like translating the site to Korean so we can offer multilingual UI support? Not sure I'll follow through with this but hit me up anyway, let's talk.

Anyway, use your browser's built in translator and have a look at the article if you're bored. Neat!

also lol:


Free CSS I made to disable awards and spider FOREVER!!! ^_^

Hey guys! I know a lot of you hate the goofy awards on this site, but I have good news for you!

I made a CSS to disable them forever!

Just copy the CSS below then go to Settings CSS, then paste it into the "Site CSS" box!


#awards-container, .bug{

display: none!important;




A hat I made.


Name: Nico Yazawa

Description: Nico-Nico-Ni!

Pets flair and posts with someone else's content, wallpapers or stock photos :marseyfacepalm:

I'm not sure where else to post it, so I will do in meta - and keep hoping admins will care enough. /h/pets flair gave people a place to freely post their pets of any kind, or animals they've seen outside - okay. But it is already exploited with someone else's (not OP's) content, wallpapers and stock photos. Thanks to @All-EV1L-in-1 for linking me examples to image search today.

I know there's no specific rules on spam, but there's also a 'common sense' - so could we get updated rules on spam, finally? Before coin farming with pets from wallpapers or stock photos will start to thrive? Just give users green light to report everything, after spending free time on image searching.

As pets are weirdly dividing topic, there is a chance that someone will get upset and take me as cat or dog hater, oversensitive cute twink, or whatever else. So just in case, if someone supports just posting other's pets (because 'I did not say it's my cat!'), or sharing stock photos and wallpapers as a normal content, here is my wallpaper! :marseyexcited:



i would just like to know


ther's this guy named ivan69 or something here, he's just posting shits about ukraine and war bullshit and he keeps om getting onto my feed bro like i don't give a fuck about that kinda shit

How to get coins / marseybux?

I know you can get them from the casino but is there any other way?

Im a photographer irl I can knock out one in the theme in a couple hours I like there's new people coming to the site but Jesus they need to read the fucking rules

Edit what the fuck why ist it wrong to not like seeing animal gore

Can we make snappy blockable again?

I really hate @Snappy, hoarding coins and spamming my mind. Can we please make zer blockable again?


WPD need a torture flair

I remember when I first visited this site over a year ago there was a torture flair, and now it's gone, Please bring it back.

Could we please get a "collapse-all" comments function, or am I missing something? [Updated: I was missing something]

Edit: :marseygunshotsuicide::marseyfacepeel:

i love reading comments, but collapsing by all and then delving into discussions is blessed


How to save to mobile device?

Just a quick question, how do I download/save videos onto my mobile device?

Thanks to all that could possibly help me out:marseysatisfied::marseysatisfied:

Announcement: New mod!

As of today, @hercule-poirot will be joining the janny team. He knows the rules and he is always helpful, so we're sure that he'll fit right in :marseysatisfied:.

With him on board, you can rest assured that we'll keep the ongoing Tiktok storm under control. Feel free to congratulate him or bully him for becoming a janny, whatever floats your boat :marseypeace:

Award Idea - Epileptic Award

Description: Gives the recipient a seizure

What it does: It turns the background of the post into a strobey flashy light party.



It would cost probably 200 to 500 coins.

How do i hide peoples profile pictures on the chatroom?

It just covers like 90% of the message, its annoying

Idk how to watch vids here pls give suggestions. :(

Idk how to watch the vids on the app/website; I can look at pics but not with videos. When I click on the video it doesn't play. I'm using an iphone. Any idea on what's wrong?

Second chat room?

Is there ever going to be a second chat room? So annoying when just a handful of retards start arguing over the most pointless shit, it makes it impossible for the rest to actually chat. :sneedbuddy:

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