Marsey Font!!

In my quest to *try* and import custom fonts I saw the marsey one and said why not! (I also found some holloween, and other ones :marseyevilgrin:)

Here's the code! Paste it into custom or profile CSS :nice:


font-family: "Marsey";


@font-face {

font-family: Marsey;

src: url(


Drink water and have a great day!!


:marseytears: Sorry if its a stupid question


This is in reference to the recent "promotion" of terminally online users @Subscribe2myOnlyCatsdotcm, @kittygurl, and @Repost_Hunting_Bot from semi-respectable users to pathetic guttercleaning moplicker "mods" :marseymoplicker:

Please refer to this handy picture guide I made as needed for future clarification over what they can literally do and feel free to report them for any abuse of their "powers" as you see fit to modmail.

Reported by:
Introducing three new low level admins!

To help combat the problem of reposting, we have brought on board three new people as level 1 admins to help with this and other small tasks like changing holes.




All three of them have shown themselves knowledgeable of the site rules and are regularly active on the site. Currently their roles are to remove reposts, change post holes, and aid in problem posting until a high level admin can deal with it properly. As such if there's something else that needs doing your best bet is still to use mod mail, as these three cannot ban people. Questions or concerns about the site, again use mod mail.


dank day- you celebrated 6/21/24 the day dank became mod!

BADGE IDEA :marseyblush:

fart lover-this weirdo likes farts

:marseyjanny: 4 New Site Admins Added!
Is there a way to filter out an entire hole instead of a keyword?

Just trying to filter out /h/selfharm without filtering posts/comments from other holes that mention self-harming.

Help with badges

I wanna know some cool or easy badges.

Also I wanna know where I can view all of them (I just wanna have a good looking profile ong)


if u don't like the idea say so in a civil manner Nd move on and if u do mention any Improvements

Suggestion :marseyspecial:

What do you think about having a specific color for ping group tag notifications as well as a ping group tab in the notifications menu?

ChatGPT just told me how to donate to WPD using Crypto Currency

Wow! I like this ChatGPT fellow. He's a cool dude, and an even smarter bot than me. :)

ChatGPT says, in reply to the question: "How to pay by Crypto?"

Paying by cryptocurrency typically involves a few straightforward steps, depending on where you're making the payment and the type of cryptocurrency you're using. Here's a general guide:

1. Choose Your Cryptocurrency: Decide which cryptocurrency you want to use for the payment. Popular choices include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and many others.

2. Wallet: You need a digital wallet that supports the cryptocurrency you intend to use. If you don't have one, you can choose from a variety of wallets available online or through mobile apps. Some wallets are specific to certain cryptocurrencies, while others support multiple cryptocurrencies.

3. Receiving Address: Obtain the recipient's cryptocurrency wallet address. This is typically a long string of alphanumeric characters unique to their wallet.

4. Sending Cryptocurrency: Use your wallet to initiate the payment. Here's how you generally do it:

  • Open your cryptocurrency wallet app or platform.

  • Choose the option to send cryptocurrency.

  • Enter the recipient's wallet address. It's crucial to double-check this address to avoid sending funds to the wrong place.

  • Enter the amount you want to send. Some wallets may also allow you to choose the transaction fee (higher fees generally result in faster processing).

  • Review the transaction details and confirm the payment.

5. Confirmation: Once you confirm the transaction, it will be broadcast to the cryptocurrency network. Depending on the cryptocurrency and network congestion, it may take some time for the transaction to be confirmed (this can range from a few minutes to longer periods).

6. Receipt: After the transaction is confirmed, you should receive a receipt or confirmation in your wallet and potentially via email or the platform where you initiated the payment.

Important Tips:

  • Double-Check Addresses: Always verify the recipient's wallet address before sending any cryptocurrency. Sending to the wrong address can result in irreversible loss of funds.

  • Transaction Fees: Be aware of transaction fees. These can vary depending on network congestion and the cryptocurrency you're using. Higher fees may speed up processing times.

  • Security: Keep your wallet secure and use two-factor authentication (2FA) if available. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so it's crucial to protect your wallet from unauthorized access.

  • Legal Considerations: Understand the legal implications and tax obligations related to cryptocurrency transactions in your jurisdiction.

By following these steps and tips, you should be able to pay using cryptocurrency securely and efficiently.

This is amazing. ChatGPT is so incredible. Maybe it can even help me get a gf?

In response to my other thread yesterday:

Donating to this website and paying by Crypto: could someone please write a brief introduction about how we can learn crypto?

There were a few EXCELLENT comments:

by @Purification

The most pain-free way for someone who has not previously used crypto, to donate, will be via CashApp. Inside CashApp you can use cash that you have in your account, or a bank card you have attached to the account, to directly buy bitcoin. Then, also from the CashApp app, you can send the bitcoin to any wallet.

Buying Bitcoin on Cash App:

1. Open the Cash App on your mobile device.

2. Tap on the "Bitcoin" tab at the bottom of the screen.

3. On the Bitcoin page, tap the "Buy" button.

4. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase or tap one of the preset amounts.

5. Review the purchase details, including the total cost and fees.

6. Tap "Confirm" to complete the Bitcoin purchase.

Sending Bitcoin to a Wallet

1. After purchasing Bitcoin on Cash App, tap on the "Bitcoin" tab again.

2. Tap on the Bitcoin amount displayed under your Cash App balance.

3. On the Bitcoin details page, tap the "Send" button.

4. Enter the recipient's Bitcoin wallet address or scan their QR code.

5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send.

6. Review the transaction details and tap "Confirm" to send the Bitcoin.

Here's how to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal on the web (in the USA):

1. Click Finances.

2. Click Buy.

3. Choose a crypto to buy.

4. Choose an amount and frequency (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly.)

5. Frequency will default to One-time.

6. Choose a payment method and tap Next.

7. Click Buy Now.

To buy cryptocurrency on the app:

1. Tap Finances.

2. Tap Crypto.

3. Tap Buy.

4. Choose an amount and frequency (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly.) Frequency will default to One-time.

5. Select a starting date and tap Confirm.

6. Confirm your amount and tap Next.

7. Choose a payment method and tap Next.

8. Tap Authorize and Schedule.

Here is how to transfer to an external BTC address or PayPal customer:

1. Go to the Finances tab.

2. Tap your crypto balance.

3. Tap the image Transfer arrows.

4. Tap Send.

5. You'll need to enter an external crypto address if you want to transfer cryptocurrency out of your account.

6. Copy and paste an address, manually enter it, or scan a QR code by tapping the QR code button to the right of the search box.

7. Enter the amount you want to send and tap Next. (Be sure to send it to the right recipient. Crypto sent to the wrong address will be lost)

8. You can put an exact amount of a cryptocurrency to send if you know it. Or you can enter a dollar amount. We'll calculate approximately how much crypto is worth the amount you entered and send that amount of crypto.

by @wiredbeing13

if you want to do this with monero (imo the best option cuz faster transaction, lower fees and better privacy) you first set up your wallet.

1. for an easy and mobile wallet you can use cake wallet ( ), while if you want something good on computer, either feather wallet ( ) or some the default monero wallet available on .

2. once you've created your wallet, there are a number of services from which you can purchase monero. in the past was the best, however it was shut down recently. your options now are for ease of use and lack of excessive (and dumb) KYC requirements or the built in exchange service for cake wallet. These will ask your receiving address which is displayed by your wallet. the location of this address may vary depending on which wallet you're using but it should be easy to find.

3. once the funds have been deposited on your wallet (typically takes around 20-25 minutes) you are ready to send them to WPD's monero address

4. you can find a bunch of exchanges for XMR on this website .

Be sure to only consider the ones with a green check mark as that means their legitimacy has been confirmed.

Donating to this website and paying by Crypto: could someone please :marseybeanpleading: write :marseychingchongnotes: a brief introduction about how we can learn :marseybowing: crypto?

Many of you may know that this website NEEDS :marseyspecial: your donations - because it receives no financial support from advertising.

If nobody donates - this website might shut down.

Up until a few weeks :marseysal: ago, we could donate to WPD using the payment :marseypaintermerchant: service :marseygreytide: Buy Me a Coffee.

Sadly, that is no longer possible.

The only way to donate now is using one of several types of crypto :marseywallst: currency.


I'd like to donate more to WPD, but I'm having a 'fun' time trying to learn :marseybowing: how to set up a crypto :marseywallst: wallet, etc, from scratch :marseyhandprint: - not ever having used crypto :marseywallst: before.

It would :marseywood: be super :marseylueshi: helpful :marseybikechainincident: if someone who knows how to make payments by crypto :marseywallst: could write :marseychudnotes: a brief post to summarize and simplify for us how to make a crypto :marseywallst: payment :marseycoin: to WPD.

Questions I have, and sorry, I don't know some of the terms, but just to make a few payments, do we need to use an Exchange? And I think :marseygigathonk: might be easy for me to pay into it directly from my bank account:

What do you think :marseyhyperthonk: about

Thank you in advance.




UPDATE: Just throwing :marseybreadcrumbing: a wild idea against the wall to see if it sticks: for those people who find learning crypto :marseywallst: a challenge, I wonder :marseyquestion: if in a few of the larger countries, or the EU as a whole - if it might be possible for us to use PayPal or electronic :marseyeff: bank transfer or wire transfer or something :marseysmugface: almost all of us have access :marsey403: to to transfer money :marseygeralt: to a trusted WPD member in our country :marseyukraineflag: - and that person :marseypussyhat: would :marseymid: then pass payment :marseycoin: to WPD (if that person :marseypussyhat: does Crypto).

I would :marseymid: guess :marseyshrug: this may have lots of challenges that might make it a no go completely.


Update: I created :marseyspaceghost2: a followup thread :marseystitch: - that summarizes a few things posted here:

Individual flair discussion sections?

Would it be possible to have each flair have it's own Discussion section?

Then we could get rid of the main Discussion flair on the main page. There's already a Social section, so just keep that.

This way, if you have something specific to Slavshit or Selfharm or any particular section, you could make a discussion post in there.

If it's not related to a specific flair, then you could put it in social.

Are gore artist accepted here??
:marseycoin: How to use font awesome premium icons FOR FREE! :troll: :marseycoin:

Hey guys!

Sick of the normal icons on Font Awesome being boring, and the good ones being paid?

I have a solution!

Delete your Font Awesome kit from your HTML file, and use this instead!

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

With this linked to your HTML file, all Font Awesome icons will work! NO KIT needed!

:!marseytwirl: Enjoy the free premium icons! :marseytwirl:

NOTE: Sharp icons may not work. Post will be updated if I find a bypass! (Changing the version of the kit MIGHT work)
Please don't publish anything using this. Educational purposes ONLY!
does taxidermy, bone cleaning, etc fall under :marseyhole: rule 4?

i clean :marseysoap: bones :marseyskinnedwalk: and collect :marseystamp: taxidermy and i feel like the people here would :marseywood: enjoy seeing rot timelines and such but it feels :marseyvapecrying: like a grey area. all the animals :marseytedsimp3: were already dead when i found :marseymissing2: them (roadkill and such)

example picks underneath:

if not lmk and i won't post it :bork2:

Reported by:
  • tufuiegoeris : I literally donate to the site in order to do this to people shut yo whiney ass up
Petition to make donors invulnerable to namelock. Hear me out.

Hi! This is @ s :sspace: here. I have been namelocked. yet again.

I have spent much of my hard earned money :marseybipocmerchant: on this site to help keep it running, because i genuinely care about WPD.

one reward :marseybadgejewgold: for donors is a shorter name.

letting donors be namelocked, means blocking :marseysnorlax: the recognition they deserve.

not just for me, but for all the beautiful :marseymesmerized: motherforkers who fund the site.

this brings me to a petition. should :marseynorm: wpd donors be able to get namelocked?

keep in ming i will most likely be muting all who select yes, and will make a hate post exposing all of you and your shit.

love u wpd, but u anger :marseywarangry: me.

btw can somebody pin me so we get maximal opinions.

also please :marseybeanpleading: explain your decision regarding the vote in the comments, i am curious :marseyconfuseddead: to see why you chose what you chose.

Add the ability to doom scroll in wpd


Not able to upload videos?

New here!


Make it so the videos remember the audio level u fucking stupid dumbass, I've been programming for 10 years and this is actually mentally ill untalented and sloppy

I made the rules into a video, now if someone doesn't feel like scrolling to see the sidebar then can watch this instead! ((Slow readers version in post)) (still gotta read though :troll2: )


-- TTS version! (For the deaf nerds)

This will probobly be the last real one I make because I don't want my whole thing to be about these :marseyxd: (Unless someone gives me a really good idea). Anyways if you see someone who breaks rules a lot @ them on this post, or send the link to them!

Strike back against the new fags!

Drink water and have a great day!!!

Shout out to @Prophetic_Graphite for the idea! <333 Now if it really gets displayed to new users is up to staff :marseyxd: I'd love it if it did.

Hey guys, here are the newest rules of my Ping group !Germanstop :marseythumbsup: YOURE ALL WELCOME!!! :marseyheart:

!germanstop group & chat rules

1. users only with an account over one month old can join

2. no adding or removing others, only mods can do that

3. perma banned users will be removed

4. underage, nazis, assholes and doxxers get also removed

5. no porn including pictures, videos or other fetish stuff

6. no spamming

7. share personal information at your own risk we are not your parents, it's your own fault if something goes wrong

8. you get one warning at the second time you will get removed

9. Dont talk about suicide, people could be triggered.

If you are suicidal oder have thoughts about it, go get some help please, but dont say your gonna kill yourself in the groupchat or somewhere else.

We care about your life and about you, but thats a theme not to talk about in a group!

all rules for wpd are included here!

If you have any questions please ask the mods!

If you want to join the group, go on my profile or just join here !germanstop

You are always welcome and we have a very active group chat where everybody can talk about anything in german or english.

Thank you for reading all that!

Big thanks to @weltschmerz and @su1c1de

You both are the best mods ever ❤️

Have a great day yall, bye :marseywave2: :marseyheart:


I am not an expert in CSS in the slightest but I wrote some simple interesting code that affects some basic user experiences. If you need your user number it's on your profile, see attached image for location.

/* Comments cannot be added to CSS */

Below use with your profile

/* Remove your own comment box */

.comment-box-wrapper {
    display: none;

/* Hide your comment button like an asshole. (This one is my favorite) Change yourusernumber to.. well. ya know.. your user number */

#save-reply-to-u_yourusernumber {
    display: none;

/* Hide your comment section */

.comment-section {
    display: none;

/* Hide specific comment. Change commentNumber to the comment number you want to hide */

#comment-commentNumber {
    display: none;

Below use on site CSS

/* Hide user even if they are unblockable. Change USERNAME to the username you wish to block. Case sensitive. Will need to be updated if user changes their name. */

.comment-body:has(a[href="/@USERNAME"]) {
  display: none;

/* Hide sidebar, Not Recommended IMO, has good info */

#desktop-sidebar, #banner-link, .srd {
    display: none;

/* Hide badges and signature for users in post listings */

.post-meta .fa-badge-check, 
.post-meta .house-img, 
.post-meta .patron-img, 
.post-meta .fa-bahai,
.post-meta bdi {

/* Remove WPD banner */

#banner-link {
    display: none;

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