Please post all bugs you find or suggestions you wanna give here :marseyemojismilemouth:

Should we ban hate speech here? Upvote if NO downvote if YES :marseythonk:

The words we should consider banning:

BIPOC, cute twink, retard, jewish chad, :marseytrain:, wop, China man, zipper head, wet back, cracker, honkey, gook. If there's any others I missed please write them in the comments.

Thanks for helping me clean this place up !





Instead of uploading videos of animals dying, how about you save everyone some trouble, make your parents proud for the fucking first time and create some OC for /h/suicide, bitch?

:marseykys2#: FUCK OFF :#marseykys2:

least insane wpd user

Please refrain from doing these things or you will be removed. Do report psychos posting these things as they are an existential threat and really will benefit from having to get off the internet for a bit.

Reminder: animal abuse is banned here! :marseydomesticabuse: :marseyprotestno:

Yes, we know what the cat blender video is. No, we don't want it here. We've had to ban like 5 people (including a semi-regular) just today for posting it.

Stop fucking posting animal abuse you retards. Stop asking for it as well. I am seething, and I cannot cope. Stop being retards thanks bye :#marseybye:

Hi WPD. Bye WPD.

Hi WPD. Between that Perry, Iowa shooter having had an account here earlier this month, the countless instances of doxxing between people in chat, the endless spam from infuriated banned users, Polish psychos threatening to cut one another up, the growing deluge of threats from unhinged lunatics, and the content itself here, I've had more than my fill of the whole gore thing.

I hate tedious “I'm leaving [online community] forever” posts, but given that I've been doing communications for this place for like a year and some change, I think one is necessary to allow the site not to tank as people think it's all lost.

It's not. At all.

I didn't found the website, I was simply asked to just assume that role publicly because the actual founder is an intensely private person and isn't very good at communicating by his own admission. You are not losing a developer or anything; WPD will not be impacted by my absence in any way aside from the pinned moderator posts becoming probably much more boring.

Fun fact: I was originally brought on using a different username just to help the then-mod team by restructuring the rules to be less insane and to serve as a lightning rod for user ire. I did this by posting cute animals with scary titles. You all hated them!

In summary: I am leaving effective immediately this will not impact WPD in any way, the actual developer isn't going anywhere. A few new admins have been added and I think most of you like them a lot already. Nothing will change with day-to-day WPD as I was not actually responsible for any of that. The site you all inexplicably love will not be affected in any way by this.

I'll probably pop back in from time to time to post cute animals though.

Have a beautiful day :marseywave2:

Bye WPD.


Pardon the cat thumbnail.

The part you're looking for is probably his username. It's @Took2much, the same as his Discord handle was. Feel free to deface the account's wall as much as you want. Unlike his accounts elsewhere (TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, etc.), WPD will not be hiding this monstrous freak's profile from those who want to see the banality of evil.

He wasn't very active here; he posted 10 comments during his stay. He was last active on the site at 22:45 local (to him) time the day before the shooting. The last thing he did here was downvote this comment -

about Dave Cullen's award winning book “Columbine,” which I've come to learn is hated by the weird Columbine fandom because it portrays their heroes as the losers they really were.

Ironically, I ordered the book myself in the wake of the shooting because of a convoluted series of shitposts about Marilyn Manson:

but that's neither here nor there.

Here's one of many articles about the shooting

It was thankfully extremely incompetent and carried about by a fat, ugly retard who managed to kill a child and himself and no one else despite lying in wait for unarmed children for hours.

Rot in piss @Took2much.

Credit to @NotYou for bringing this to our attention.

WPD HAS REACHED 1,000,000 REGISTERED USERS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. :marseyhappening::marseyhappening::marseyhappening:

We've been online for 16 months, one of which we were down for because Namecheap fucked us out of our original domain, and we had to try to get the word out about the new domain to many thousands of people with no way of contacting them. So really, only 15 months.

And we've now hit a million registered users, all of whom will be receiving this snazzy profile badge to immortalize this historic achievement of theirs momentarily.

It was only last December that we hit 100k. Late last December. In 9 months, we have grown 900% to a million of you creeps. That's both worrisome and really cool. A million users was apparently such a big deal for Facebook that their fancy headquarters had a giant party and it was dramatized in The Social Network -

We don't have offices and we currently have no funding because we got banned from Ko-Fi, and it's mostly just some autistic retards putting this together and maintaining it in their spare time. I actually just AFK'd a Slack huddle at my real job to throw this post together. It's a far cry from some big corporate office party, and what I'm saying is you guys should all pitch in and buy us a yacht to party on so we can show Zuckerberg up.

Thanks for using WPD. You are deeply unhealthy, but you are beloved. By me. Now let's see how fast we can get to two million.

I love you.
💋 xoxo clitpeeler

If you want to help us keep the site online, we do accept crypto!

ETH: 0xBBf1043A60C6894Db17b3118CA960FFDF84c9eea

BTC: bc1qs5hamvytnkllgml89flzhcyt3l4a3u4gs8lvvp

XMR: 44hdEpAYXkB2VwkWz6LR9zZhcaG8zrUzn21aPy1HSdcsjT51fPdpMV8hkf5QQdHKs9VsAs3so5Vq5easdBbzmcifGcqfxfw

If you donate, don't forget to tell us, so you get a bunch of nifty little on-site perks like free currency, a spiffy username background, and a lot more.

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  • farfromeverything : change our fellow wpd user to our incel wpd user
  • Guev : He isnt a fellow WPD user if he got banned!
  • makeachangekillyourself : farfromeverything you are fucking stupid bro don't say shit i don't wanna see your comments
  • Based_EndeavourOS_User : farfromeverything for real shut the fuck up no one cares if he had sex or not
EFFORTPOST One of our fellow WPD users 1dayUsuffer was caught by the feds for making threats to kill white people

I found out from a post by /u/neverstopthezerg. Say hi if you are reading this. Also say hi if you're a fed reading this, I guess.

Name is @1dayUsuffer, or Joshua Cobb

He was a black ex-Marine who was was arrested on Friday, May 10, 2024 for making threats to kill white people. The charge was "transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce", punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He fantasized about shooting up a gym, a supermarket, or a rich white area. He felt a connection to Nikolas Cruz and liked the "element of surprise and style" of the 2022 Buffalo shooting (even though Payton Gendron targeted black people).

He made his WPD account on February 22, 2023 and made posts from February 23, 2023 to June 7, 2023. (I do not know if there are deleted or removed comments from later dates.) His last voting activity was on January 6, 2024.

Announcement (

:marseypdf: This is the criminal complaint PDF. They did not mention WPD or Reddit by name.

On December 17, 2022, he apparently made a post on Reddit under the username /u/NearbyUser101 stating the following. I could not find the post.

I want to cause mayhem on the white community. The reason i specifically want to target white people is because as a black male, they will NEVER understand my struggles. Same way I will never understand their struggles, but I don't care to. I want to erase them. All of them really, but in this case as many as I possibly can. As of today I have officially began planning my attack. It is going to take place in 2023 in the state of New Jersey, I have not chosen a exact date but I am going to be sure it is close to an important holiday to their race. I have a location in mind already which I have frequented for the past year and I am certain nobody there is armed to be able to stop me from spraying them to the ground. I have already acquired 2 of the 4 firearms I plan to use for my attack, and I also know my entry and exit points already after the mayhem.

This is his WPD bio. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

𝕻𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝖕𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗 𝖌𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖑 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖌𝖚𝖓.

Discord: 1DayUSuffer#9611

WPD posts

Some of his WPD posts include:

WPD comments

Just read the bold parts if it's too much text.

Some of his comments include:

#958064 No expectations buddy. I'm just leaving evidence for whoever investigates my case.


Yeah, I know, creating this post is probably exactly what he would've wanted.

#957987 What is help going to do for me? And the person who is going to “help” me is only doing it because they are getting paid man. Its all a fucking facade. They dont really care. Lets be real man. Tbh I hope I do progress into a serial killer because I fucking hate life man. I did not ask for this shit. This shit hurts so fucking bad man. Every time I go on social media all I see is other kids my age on fucking boats and jetskis surrounded by drunk hot girls and just having all kinds of fun and then theres me…… doomed to fucking bullshit. Why is life so fucking unfair I hate this shit so much man…. But one day everyone will suffer. I promise I will make everyone feel my fucking pain. My deep, sincere, raw, & sharp pain.

#957994 Fuck those animals. My favorite weapon to kill them with is my crossbow. I use broadhead tips and send it straight to through their brains. Last cat I got I hit him/her right in the eye and that shit was on the floor. Very bloody scene and I loved it. I dont take pictures with my phone but the images remain in my brain.

He hated cats. :marseydead: He wrote about it in more detail here.

#958286 Bro just because you're idea of a happy ending mignt be going too college and slaving away in a cubicle for eternity & getting married doesnt mean its @1dayUsuffer's as well. There is a massive epidemic going on right now. Nobody wahts too acknowledge that us young men in America have so many obstacles stacked against us we cannot excel no matter how hard we try. Especially those like myself who are BLACK & come from poverty. There is no way out for me.

The only way out is bloodshed. Thats success in @1dayUsuffer's eyes.

Furry rights are human rights.

#626107 Ahhh cmon, imagine the rush you'd feel while shooting some shit up. Probably could get literally high off the adrenaline alone. I'd probably OD on my own adrenaline after the 10th body goes down.

#624190 I bet a lot of people said the same thing about these guys that go and kill people like this...THey probably got tired of people like you saying what they will or wont do... and calling them retards... It makes sense why they get tired of being doubted and talked to any kind of way so they go blow fucking brains apart.

And also, just because you don't agree with something doesn't make it cringe. Fuck out of here with that dumb ass word this edit is dope. Nothing better than watching people die to some sick tunes.

And I really don't get why you are so bothered by people who wish to idolize school shooters. If that's what someone likes, let them like that.. Why does it concern you so much? Are you afraid one day that person might end up shooting you apart into legit pieces one day? Why is it ok for someone to idolize Michael Jordan or Lebron James but not Nicholas Cruz or Payton Gendron? Sounds like a lot of fear to me...

#625258 I'm defending them because I feel their same pain every waking day of my life... I know exactly what it feels like to be constantly fucked with by people all your life, I know what it's like to be the "outsider" or "loner" as some might say. This world we inhabit is a cold and very dark place for some of us and people make it no better because they love to treat you like a fucking outcast until you become one of these so-called "freaks", & blow their heads apart.

And I kind of agree with you on the second part though, if someone is so miserable to that point they should just kill themselves, but at the same time, if most of your anger is toward humanity and its treatment of you, why not steal a couple of souls before you pull the trigger on yourself? Fruit for thought.

His opinion on idolizing mass shooters.

#957903 1: Yes

2: No documented history but I definitely have problems but I refuse to get evaluated because I will lose my firearms license here in America. Not to mention, pretty much every single person in my family tree clearly shows signs of multiple different mental illnesses & I had 3 aunts who were diagnosed Schizophrenics, so do as you will with that information.

3: That and the adrenaline rush is nice because I'm a depressed lonely piece of shit loser with nothing to live for so watching people get fucking MERKED gives me some excitement.

4: 100% someday. Just not yet though, I want to continue training and buying more ammunition.

I don't know what the questions were because the post was deleted. I'm guessing the 4th question was something along the lines of "Would you ever harm/kill someone else?".

These are screenshots from the Reddit post.

Fed #626099, Cat #947276, LGBTQ #943169, Life #947262, Family #958270

Phone Notes

Here are two notes from his phone. Italic words are ones I could not make out from the PDF.

First note (March 16, 2023)

Life is nothing.

and it is meaningless. I fucking hate all of you soft ass fucking people. You all are so fucking fake. You all try to play the part and confide to this stupid ass game. Who can be the fakest? I see it all day long. Fake interactions people putting on their fake happy voices when they know deep inside they are screaming.... Why not be true and let the scream out? Why hide it? It's all a fucking game and you all are going to die. I currently lack the means necessary to kill as many as I intend to but one day I will have the available resources (finance) to purchase the appropriate weaponry for my killing(s).

All my life I have been doubyed… Ive been taken as the joke… ive been fucked around with… well now its my turn. I am going to kill one of you motheruckers I fucking hate humanity. All of you fucking duck and I don't give a single fuck about any of you though I may appear I do. People ACT like they care for you. All of their care is conditional. The moment you do one thing against their conditions they no longer care... so the question becomes. did they care in the first place? Here Ill answer that for you. NO.

Its all fucking fake and I am sick of it. Im ready to grt to the good part of my story where I start taking you mother fuckers out and killing you all… My rampage will soon happen… I plan to now continue accumulating the necessary equipment needed to execute. Once all equipment is in, time will then tell. You will all die.

Second note (March 20, 2023)

For all of my life, all that I can remember I've been the outcast..Ive been ignored. Ive been left out. Ive been forgotten. Ive been excluded.

As of recent I have began to accept this dark reality for myself.

Nobody wants or appreciates my company. And that is okay with me. I will want and appreciate my own company.

I no longer seek the companionships of other humans. There comes a point where you realize you just literally do not matter to other(certain) people. I hate all of this shit and I feel like my only way out of the pain and suffering is by exploding. So I await… I await that moment so I can make those moments final. For whomever… myself or a victim.

Other social media

Here are some random videos I downloaded from his TikTok.

All of the videos are from May 2022, except the night walk video (December 2021), the opinions video (February 2022), and the Marine video (May 2024).

Links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7, Video 8

Reported by:
:!marseyparty::!marcake: Happy first birthday WatchPeopleDie! :marcake::marseyparty:

Well, it's been a year. An extremely busy year. I don't want to say we're on track to fill the void left by Liveleak or anything, but... Let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Over the past year, we went from:

0 users to 269,000 users - over a quarter of a million. If WPD were an American city, it would be the 69th largest city in the country.

0 videos to just over 33,000 videos. That is an average of 90 videos per day. Assuming an average of 1.15 deaths per video, that is 103 kills per day. In the past month, we average around 140 videos per day - 161 deaths. At the current rate (and it will only continue to grow), WPD could depopulate Spokane, Rochester, or San Bernardino in around two years.

0 comments to 484,582 comments. Even assuming an average of 5 words per comment (this is a dramatic underestimate), that is 2,422,910 words - 66% longer than Proust's In Search Of Lost Time, the longest book by wordcount ever written. I am sure the literary content of WPD comments is just as significant, if not moreso, than Proust.

0 upvotes to 3,123,471 upvotes. That's half a Holocaust of upvotes, holy shit.

0 downvotes to 546,404 downvotes. Downvoting is gay. This means WPD is 1/6 gay. You all have an honorary f-slur pass.

0 banned users to 1,348 banned users. You people are much better-behaved than expected, although some shitheads do insist on posting illegal content and are dealt with accordingly.

And that's with the site being largely absent for a month (October-November 2022) after Namecheap stole our domain. Very, very impressive, you fucking weirdos. Speaking of weirdos, our most-viewed video is this presumably horrifying thing, Ms. Pac-Man with over 700,000 plays at the time of this writing.

We've been kicked off of multiple hosts and registrars over the past year. A payment processor banned us. We've been getting DDOSed round the clock for months now (and you don't even notice it, isn't that cool?). Every level of service provider has shat on us time and time again before we got settled in with our current awesome, uncancellable loadout. We've received threats from foreign governments (go fuck yourself, Australia in particular). We've enthusiastically complied with counterterrorism agencies and anti-CSAM efforts from law enforcement. We've shown you possums eating some dead dude's dick. To start with, we looked like this ugly fucking thing with barebones functionality and that hideous wall for a banner.

It has been quite a year. Thank you all so much for it. Here's to another one, with new features and functionality in the works again now that our dev shakeup is finally settled.

And, hey, you know what? While I have your attention:

We host an absolutely ludicrous amount of content, and costs do add up. What we don't make back in donations, we do pay out of pocket. But we don't ask for donations out of the goodness of your little black hearts, no. Maybe you're not aware? You can get all sorts of cool perks to enhance your WPD experience and/or annoy users by contributing! Please do consider becoming a patron:

A reminder that financially ensuring a future for WPD and WPD children gets you SICK benefits, like a monthly stipend of free marseybux to blow in the casino, in the shop, on hats, or literally anything else as well as a sick profile badge, a tier-specific Marsey beside your username, a placard for that username, custom site backgrounds, coin gift tax exemption and more. And even more coming soon.

Happy birthday WPD!

I love you.

xoxo clitpeeler 💋


Hello everyone, it's the janitors here at WPD who would like to remind you to participate in good faith and please do not try to abuse the upvoting/downvoting systems to farm/generate coins!

While participation/voting is appreciated and encouraged, coin farming/spamming upvotes/downvotes to generate coins is not allowed. Yes, you can be permabanned for doing this.

The following users were all identified to be overtly abusing our merit system in order to gain or give coins via mass voting each others irrelevant history of posts and comments. For brevity we have chosen to punish only those who have demonstrated in the ball park of 1000 or more fraudulent appearing upvotes (aka 4000 coins since each vote = 4 coins!) As for anyone else who has been doing it, we know, so stop or you'll end up like them or worse.

As for their punishment, rather than ban so many prominent users, we have opted for humiliation followed by rehabilitation moving forward. They have all been given chud awards for the length with value equal to the amount of fraudulent coins generated, along with locked flair for the duration of their sentence. 1k = 1 day of chudding, thus, the more they tried to abuse it, the longer their sentence. In addition, we've adjusted the coins of the worst offenders accordingly.

Thus without further ado, say hello to The WPD Hall of Shame! Ranked by the approximate amount of coins received and/or generated from coin farming:

@Hell0Hell1 - Received+Generated ~125k

@LittleStickGuy - Received 50k

@hawtdoq - Received+Generated 40k

@harassment - Received+Generated 30k

@GnipGnarp - Generated 25k

@Guev - Received+Generated 20k

@Quejo633 - Generated 20k

@Chuckles98 - Generated 20k

@SubaruXO - Received+Generated 15k

@Emu_Otorii - Received+Generated 10k

@MsShadowist - Received+Generated 10k

@IIlIIIlIIIIIIllIIlIIIlIII - Received 10k

@Haupti - Received+Generated 8k

@ShadowNyx - Received+Generated 8k

@Low_Poly_Umbreon - Received+Generated 8k

@blepp - Received 5k

@Prophetic_Graphite - Received 5k

@makeachangekillyourself - Generated 5k

@swagmanswagman - Generated 4k

@Intel - Received+Generated 4k

@Camelpunch - Generated 4k

As stated before, this post is intended to clarify the issue moving forward. For anyone else out there who is also guilty of cheating at WPD monopoly money, this is our plea and your last warning.

Forward all complains about our process to our designated garbage boys for appropriate processing: @CursedDANKmemes, @Repost_Killing_Bot, and @kittygurl. :marseyrecycling:

Hi again! It's time for another announcement!

Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, is a platform primarily for videos of people dying. You can, of course, talk about whatever you'd like in /h/social, chat, or in the comments. The sticking point seems to be, for the past two days, threads themselves.

Let's run through a quick battery of recent threads and we can try to figure out what is and is not relevant content:

✅ A video of terrorists shooting up a music festival in /h/shooting

✅ A video of IDF rockets striking buildings in /h/combat

✅ A gunfight between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists in /h/combat or /h/shooting

✅ An IED exploding in a group of people in /h/explosions

❌ A video of burnt buildings while an Israeli woman cries, titled “Zionist dog weeps as she her species gets what it deserves” in /h/combat

❌ A still image of terrorists brandishing guns titled “WE WILL FINISH WHAR HITLER STARTED AND FREE PALESTINE” in /h/other

❌ The ten millionth repost of Shani Louk's raped body being spit on by Palestinians

❌ A textpost inexplicably in /h/beheading about how Israel is getting what she deserves

Hamas is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization. Platforming content in support of a terrorist organization is illegal under federal law. Posting content trying to recruit for a terrorist organization is illegal. Cheering on the wholesale butchery of innocents is legal, but it does make you an objectively terrible person.

Please refer to the guide above for what is and is not a good thread, and the explanation below for what is and is not a crime to post or platform.

Have a great evening!

Potential solutions to the TikTok invasion - a brainstorming session

I really don't think they're much of a problem besides the sheer quantity of these retards inundating the site, but I keep getting complaints about garbage posts from them and I'm too lazy to check so I'll just take it at face value and assume this is what's happening.

Here are some options off the top of my head. Suggest others below. Note that "disable registrations", "make the site private", and any posting restrictions for new accounts are completely out of the question.

And that's all I got. Our options are really limited here as far as I can tell. Let's hear your ideas.

Reported by:
Hello WPD. It's been a minute. It's also been two years.

That's right, this miserable shithole is now two years old.

Happy birthday!

Your gift is my return to the helm, now with less patience for you than ever before. Watching janny chatter about the proliferation of wannabe shooters and child predators has been infuriating and I intend to put a stop to it. Leave now or there will be consequences, this is your only warning. This is neither hyperbolic nor a bit and it won't end well for you; the ability to provide this very unhappy ending was a prerequisite of my return.

Two years ago today, WPD did not exist. The world was a better place for its absence.

One year ago, WPD did exist. It existed for one year despite tech companies' best efforts to the contrary. It only had 269,000 users. The world was worse off than it was prior, but things were going to get much worse.

Today, WPD still exists. WPD has existed for two years. WPD is one busy day off of having 2,000,000 users. Things have never been worse.


At this rate, WPD will have around 20,000,000 users in 2025, 200,000,000 in 2026, 2,000,000,000 in 2027, and by 2028 it will have considerably more users than there are people on Earth. It must be stopped, and I look forward to doing my level best to make it stop in the coming year.

Some other miscellaneous and less insane statistics, written by the beloved @G-tix:

  • 33.000 videos have been uploaded a year ago. About 155k videos have been uploaded now. That's an increase of 470%!

  • We went from 485k comments to over 2.4 million comments.

  • We've given over 10 million upvotes in the past year. We almost gave 2 million downvotes.

  • We have about 61k active, registered users per week.

These are just registered users, of course. If we go by logged out, total traffic, things get much more horrifying: Last week alone, WPD served 893,000 unique users who viewed a total of 5,710,000 pages. This does not track plays of videos directly from the thread list. We have no means of doing that.

But don't listen to me, listen to Cloudflare:

Yeah, even though we keep adding servers, load time is in the shitter and getting worse. This is becoming ever more costly to host. I hope to resolve that soon with your help.

Some highlights from the past year here:

Anyway that's all, please enjoy the confetti, the celebratory new logo, and the X8 COIN MODIFIER for the next 3 days. You read that correctly: each vote that you receive on any thread or comment, up or down, will give you +8 coins. for the duration of WPD's birthday weekend ✨

:#marseyballoon3:Happy birthday you degenerate freaks :marseycupc#ake:

I love you.

xoxo Clitpeeler 💋

EFFORTPOST Introducing... WPDmap!


Anyways, me, @sog, @Slavo, and @water have been working on a map. A map, of DEATH! :marseyexcited:

Here's the gist: each flair gets its own symbol and color. The pin indicates where the video took place. The square pins are the general location (usually the street/neighborhood), the upside-down droplets are exact.

To search for a specific video without panning through the map, all you need to know is either the country or date in which it happened (date is more specific, so go with that if you can). On the left-hand side is an icon that looks like three square tiles, click it and then hit "Browse data" to enter search. Just type in the country name or the month + year when it happened, and you'll be able to quickly find your video. To get the coordinates, zoom in as much as you can and center your screen on the video you want. They'll be in the URL.

Hitting the three square tile icon also allows you to filter by category. Just hit the eye next to whichever categories you don't want to see to filter them out.

For each video, we've selected the highest-quality post out there to represent it. This means no retarded, unnecessary watermarks or blurry footage! :marseythumbsup: We also added thumbnails, but I think if a lot of you access the site at once, it overloads the system and they won't display. So they might be broken for the next day or two. Sorry about that!

Some notable spots with a very high density of videos include Ecuador, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago, NYC, and Chicago. And not only did I post a dashcam for every Russian territory, we geolocated them all as well.

NOTE: There's no "child warning" in any titles. If they're underage, we usually state the age in the title, but not always. Also no "+ aftermath", "multiple POVs", etc.


Q: Can you add [video] to the map?

A: If you've already geolocated it, yes! Otherwise, only if one of us feels like it.

Q: Can I help out?

A: If you're at least semi-active on this site and you're actually interested in this, yes! We obviously vet who gets let in but that's the basic requirements.

Q: Why do this?

A: We have severe autism. Not even memeing here, just the truth. It also allows us to collect the highest-quality versions of videos in one easily-accessible place, but mostly autism.

To close out, here's where a few famous videos took place!

Aaron Bushnell's self-immolation: Google Street View

The Buffalo shooting: Google Street View

Itzdolly's suicide: Google Street View (yes, that's the exact tree)

Bollard ass-impaling: Google Street View

Mississippi store clerk complies with robber, gets shot in the head anyways: Google Street View

Hellish accident at steel mill kills one and leaves several others severely burned by molten steel: Google Maps (technically not that famous but holy shit it goes so hard)

Voice your praise (and constructive criticisms) below. Our map is pretty (albeit not totally) customizable, so if you don't like something about the map, please do let us know below.

geeeeettttttt doxxed lmao #DoxTheDead



!!! WPD user poll demographics !!!

We hit 2 mill, i want to see demographics of this site again

Select everything that applies to you

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  • Dickfart : it's not even a twitlonger you autist. vez has issues
  • iSterilizedUrMom : No one really cares. :marseyshitforbrains:
  • Cfruners : I want you dead Clitpeeler

Past installments in this series include:

and who can forget the classic

If you're distraught by the content here, absolutely no one is forcing you to view it. Just don't watch it. It really is that simple. You literally have to make a series of conscious decisions to watch the videos here, and the continued watching of those videos is an endless series of decisions to do something. Every single photon that enters your eyes is a decision you make, that you gave enthusiastic consent to. It is orders of magnitude more effort to watch WPD content than it is to not.

And just to ensure no one feels left out of my derision here: no one should be watching these videos (except /h/combat, because combat footage is COOL) in the first place. Shame on you all.




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Do you want a SICK FLASHING RAINBOW NAME LIKE THIS? :marseycoin:200K WPD GIVEAWAY EVENT:marseycoin:

Hi! Do you see how my name is all gay and flashy and changes colors? That's the Pride upgrade in the Shop and it's a whopping 200k traumacoins or mbux. It's meant to be a long-term goal because if they were everywhere it would probably cause performance issues since it's a pretty resource-intensive CSS effect. Something you have to work towards.

Work is annoying and hard though, and shortcuts are the smartest way to get through life. If you'd like a chance at just straight up one for free, simply click here:

After Thanksgiving I'll let RNG pick someone at random. Must have over 1,000 truescore.

And that's it really. I went bear hunting today and obviously didn't see a single bear and the entire day was wasted and I'm very unhappy. While you're here, tell me about your day WPD.

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Introducing three new low level admins!

To help combat the problem of reposting, we have brought on board three new people as level 1 admins to help with this and other small tasks like changing holes.




All three of them have shown themselves knowledgeable of the site rules and are regularly active on the site. Currently their roles are to remove reposts, change post holes, and aid in problem posting until a high level admin can deal with it properly. As such if there's something else that needs doing your best bet is still to use mod mail, as these three cannot ban people. Questions or concerns about the site, again use mod mail.

Hi. Let’s have a nuanced discussion about child abuse/“hurtcore” content.

If you are into this sort of thing, you are a pedophile. If you find it engaging, you are a pedophile. If you think it’s “just interesting to see how evil people can be”, or you’re “curious” about it, or it’s for some sort of “research” you’re doing, or any similar nonsensical rationalization: you are a pedophile.

Don’t solicit it, don’t disseminate it, don’t go all wink wink I can’t link it but if you go on bestgore, they have that Daisy video up on the fourth page, seventh result wink wink.

If you’d like to quietly find this sort of content on your own, there’s actually a very helpful Reddit guide to aid you in your search.

Thanks! Have a really cool long weekend WPD!

I love you.
xoxo clitpeeler 💋

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