Famous videos list! (+ another poll!)

Alright guys, you overwhelmingly voted for us to ban "famous videos" from being reposted (and have them displayed somewhere on the site so newbies can see them). Here's my list of "famous videos" (I know that term is a little vague, but you can generally tell what videos are constantly "in-demand" so to speak). Through my autism, I managed to find higher-quality versions of multiple of these videos, so I'm gonna upload them right now so you guys can get the best WPD viewing experience possible :marseytv:

Here's the (tentative) list right now:

Ronnie McNutt's suicide:

Shuaiby Aslam's suicide:

The Christchurch shooting:

The Buffalo shooting:

The beheadings of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland:

Budd Dwyer's live TV suicide:

Video 1444:

Gary Plauché shoots his son's rаpist:

Ms. Pacman:

The Russian brick video:

Funky Town:


Sponsored by Adidas:

The Guerrero Flaying (aka No Mercy in Mexico):

1 Lunatic 1 Icepick:

2 Guys 1 Chainsaw:

3 Guys 1 Hammer:

Girl shoots her cousin then kills herself (Paris Harvey):

Lebanese split-face diver:'

French dude gets impaled on a bollard after jumping from a building:

The Russian lathe video:

Mangue 937:

The Zacatecas Flaying:

TO ANY DILIGENT AUTISTS OUT THERE: If you manage to find a higher-quality version (including unwatermarked versions of currently watermarked versions) of any "famous videos" I end up going with, post it and you are entitled to 1000 MB compensation and you'll have your post featured in the "famous videos" list!

Oh yeah and if you want a video added/removed from the list let me know and I'll consider that too.

Finally, the poll! Some people suggested that there be a new "Famous" flair to put these videos instead of putting them in the sidebar under the rules. Which one would you guys like more? I'm not guaranteed to pick the option you guys voted for more, this is just me getting a feel for what you want.

Should we ban hate speech here? Upvote if NO downvote if YES :marseythonk:

The words we should consider banning:

BIPOC, cute twink, retard, jewish chad, :marseytrain:, wop, China man, zipper head, wet back, cracker, honkey, gook. If there's any others I missed please write them in the comments.

Thanks for helping me clean this place up !

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:!marseyparty::!marcake: Happy first birthday WatchPeopleDie! :marcake::marseyparty:

Well, it's been a year. An extremely busy year. I don't want to say we're on track to fill the void left by Liveleak or anything, but... Let's look at some numbers, shall we?

Over the past year, we went from:

0 users to 269,000 users - over a quarter of a million. If WPD were an American city, it would be the 69th largest city in the country.

0 videos to just over 33,000 videos. That is an average of 90 videos per day. Assuming an average of 1.15 deaths per video, that is 103 kills per day. In the past month, we average around 140 videos per day - 161 deaths. At the current rate (and it will only continue to grow), WPD could depopulate Spokane, Rochester, or San Bernardino in around two years.

0 comments to 484,582 comments. Even assuming an average of 5 words per comment (this is a dramatic underestimate), that is 2,422,910 words - 66% longer than Proust's In Search Of Lost Time, the longest book by wordcount ever written. I am sure the literary content of WPD comments is just as significant, if not moreso, than Proust.

0 upvotes to 3,123,471 upvotes. That's half a Holocaust of upvotes, holy shit.

0 downvotes to 546,404 downvotes. Downvoting is gay. This means WPD is 1/6 gay. You all have an honorary f-slur pass.

0 banned users to 1,348 banned users. You people are much better-behaved than expected, although some shitheads do insist on posting illegal content and are dealt with accordingly.

And that's with the site being largely absent for a month (October-November 2022) after Namecheap stole our domain. Very, very impressive, you fucking weirdos. Speaking of weirdos, our most-viewed video is this presumably horrifying thing, Ms. Pac-Man with over 700,000 plays at the time of this writing.

We've been kicked off of multiple hosts and registrars over the past year. A payment processor banned us. We've been getting DDOSed round the clock for months now (and you don't even notice it, isn't that cool?). Every level of service provider has shat on us time and time again before we got settled in with our current awesome, uncancellable loadout. We've received threats from foreign governments (go fuck yourself, Australia in particular). We've enthusiastically complied with counterterrorism agencies and anti-CSAM efforts from law enforcement. We've shown you possums eating some dead dude's dick. To start with, we looked like this ugly fucking thing with barebones functionality and that hideous wall for a banner.

It has been quite a year. Thank you all so much for it. Here's to another one, with new features and functionality in the works again now that our dev shakeup is finally settled.

And, hey, you know what? While I have your attention:

We host an absolutely ludicrous amount of content, and costs do add up. What we don't make back in donations, we do pay out of pocket. But we don't ask for donations out of the goodness of your little black hearts, no. Maybe you're not aware? You can get all sorts of cool perks to enhance your WPD experience and/or annoy users by contributing! Please do consider becoming a patron:

A reminder that financially ensuring a future for WPD and WPD children gets you SICK benefits, like a monthly stipend of free marseybux to blow in the casino, in the shop, on hats, or literally anything else as well as a sick profile badge, a tier-specific Marsey beside your username, a placard for that username, custom site backgrounds, coin gift tax exemption and more. And even more coming soon.

Happy birthday WPD!

I love you.

xoxo clitpeeler 💋


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Pardon the cat thumbnail.

The part you're looking for is probably his username. It's @Took2much, the same as his Discord handle was. Feel free to deface the account's wall as much as you want. Unlike his accounts elsewhere (TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, etc.), WPD will not be hiding this monstrous freak's profile from those who want to see the banality of evil.

He wasn't very active here; he posted 10 comments during his stay. He was last active on the site at 22:45 local (to him) time the day before the shooting. The last thing he did here was downvote this comment -

about Dave Cullen's award winning book “Columbine,” which I've come to learn is hated by the weird Columbine fandom because it portrays their heroes as the losers they really were.

Ironically, I ordered the book myself in the wake of the shooting because of a convoluted series of shitposts about Marilyn Manson:

but that's neither here nor there.

Here's one of many articles about the shooting

It was thankfully extremely incompetent and carried about by a fat, ugly retard who managed to kill a child and himself and no one else despite lying in wait for unarmed children for hours.

Rot in piss @Took2much.

Credit to @NotYou for bringing this to our attention.

About the Lexi Bonner video.

Perhaps a clarification is in order for the previous post. Please forgive @FishyMan420, he's still new to WPD modding. Have some patience for him to acclimate please. :marseyxoxo:

If you don't know what the Lexi Bonner video is, tl;dr it's a kid getting beaten up by a teen (purportedly named Lexi Bonner) while he's screaming and crying throughout. It's pretty bad, and I've seen some serious shit.

This video isn't banned because we're moralstragging about what you should/shouldn't watch here. Simply put, the final part of rule 4 was put there to curb specific videos focusing on explicit, deliberate abuse and great suffering of small children. This is in place because there's a startlingly large contingent of people that get off to this sort of stuff. We've had issues with these sorts of people in the beginning of the site, and they specifically congregated around this type of content. These are the last kinds of people we want to deal with, and as such, we decided that banning this content was the best move. There's better content here than a kid crying and screaming while getting beaten by bullies anyway, but if you're the kind of person who has a very... keen interest in these sort of videos and that's why you want it so much, then why don't you have a seat over there? :hansen: Ignore the woodchipper, it's for decoration.

P.S. don't dox people either. Even if they're objective pieces of shit who beat kids, it's something that opens us up to way too much liability.

Introducing two new categories: h/sandshit and h/slavshit

Pictured: you, browsing by New in WPD without having to constantly scroll past 800 videos of rockets hitting nondescript sand tower #19201.

See here for original announcement:


ACTIVE CONFLICTS :marseysoldieramerica#:

We'll be moving all existing videos pertaining to both conflicts to their respective categories. Please ensure that all future footage and discussion goes there as well.

We're trying this as a sort of “citizen journalist” initiative. This allows for the boring stupid videos of rockets hitting whatever dumb shit, forgettable drone grenades in slav trenches, vitriolic sectarian e-fighting from locals, the whole nine yards.

The intent here is to catalog the full scope of the conflicts. Whether that's grainy cell phone footage, bodies on your street, local propaganda, rage at your neighbors, whatever. WPD will serve as a raw, unfiltered repository for all of this, a sort of time capsule for future reference, possible war crimes prosecution, and always a grim reminder of the total spectrum of the cost of war. If more significant conflicts break out, we'll add categories for them as well. When these resolve eventually, they'll go into a Past Conflicts section.

We'll be fleshing these out after the holidays, soliciting banner art, finalizing ground rules for them, the works.

Three other changes!

  • In these categories, downvotes function the same as upvotes. This is because you people just blindly downvote footage, regardless of how good or cool it is, if your pet side loses in it and that's super gay. All votes increase ranking in /h/slavshit and /h/sandshit.

  • Only one post from each of these categories will appear on a page at a time. This will massively curtail the low quality posts that most people don't care about, but is of prurient interest to those personally impacted by or invested in these conflicts. You can just navigate directly to the respective page to view the posts in full, of course.

  • Don't care about third worlders fighting at all? It's now easier than ever to block an entire category. Just click the three dots (“…”) below any post and then click this:

I think that about covers it. I'm getting back to holiday stuff now, thanks for bearing with us through all this. Please report posts outside of these two categories to help us find and relocate them all.

Merry Christmas!

EFFORTPOST Introducing... WPDmap!


Anyways, me, @sog, @Slavo, and @water have been working on a map. A map, of DEATH! :marseyexcited:

Here's the gist: each flair gets its own symbol and color. The pin indicates where the video took place. The square pins are the general location (usually the street/neighborhood), the upside-down droplets are exact.

To search for a specific video without panning through the map, all you need to know is either the country or date in which it happened (date is more specific, so go with that if you can). On the left-hand side is an icon that looks like three square tiles, click it and then hit "Browse data" to enter search. Just type in the country name or the month + year when it happened, and you'll be able to quickly find your video. To get the coordinates, zoom in as much as you can and center your screen on the video you want. They'll be in the URL.

Hitting the three square tile icon also allows you to filter by category. Just hit the eye next to whichever categories you don't want to see to filter them out.

For each video, we've selected the highest-quality post out there to represent it. This means no retarded, unnecessary watermarks or blurry footage! :marseythumbsup: We also added thumbnails, but I think if a lot of you access the site at once, it overloads the system and they won't display. So they might be broken for the next day or two. Sorry about that!

Some notable spots with a very high density of videos include Ecuador, Poland, Trinidad & Tobago, NYC, and Chicago. And not only did I post a dashcam for every Russian territory, we geolocated them all as well.

NOTE: There's no "child warning" in any titles. If they're underage, we usually state the age in the title, but not always. Also no "+ aftermath", "multiple POVs", etc.


Q: Can you add [video] to the map?

A: If you've already geolocated it, yes! Otherwise, only if one of us feels like it.

Q: Can I help out?

A: If you're at least semi-active on this site and you're actually interested in this, yes! We obviously vet who gets let in but that's the basic requirements.

Q: Why do this?

A: We have severe autism. Not even memeing here, just the truth. It also allows us to collect the highest-quality versions of videos in one easily-accessible place, but mostly autism.

To close out, here's where a few famous videos took place!

Aaron Bushnell's self-immolation: Google Street View

The Buffalo shooting: Google Street View

Itzdolly's suicide: Google Street View (yes, that's the exact tree)

Bollard ass-impaling: Google Street View

Mississippi store clerk complies with robber, gets shot in the head anyways: Google Street View

Hellish accident at steel mill kills one and leaves several others severely burned by molten steel: Google Maps (technically not that famous but holy shit it goes so hard)

Voice your praise (and constructive criticisms) below. Our map is pretty (albeit not totally) customizable, so if you don't like something about the map, please do let us know below.

geeeeettttttt doxxed lmao #DoxTheDead

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  • farfromeverything : change our fellow wpd user to our incel wpd user
  • Guev : He isnt a fellow WPD user if he got banned!
  • makeachangekillyourself : farfromeverything you are fucking stupid bro don't say shit i don't wanna see your comments
  • Based_EndeavourOS_User : farfromeverything for real shut the fuck up no one cares if he had sex or not
EFFORTPOST One of our fellow WPD users 1dayUsuffer was caught by the feds for making threats to kill white people

I found out from a post by /u/neverstopthezerg. Say hi if you are reading this. Also say hi if you're a fed reading this, I guess.

Name is @1dayUsuffer, or Joshua Cobb

He was a black ex-Marine who was was arrested on Friday, May 10, 2024 for making threats to kill white people. The charge was "transmitting a threat in interstate and foreign commerce", punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He fantasized about shooting up a gym, a supermarket, or a rich white area. He felt a connection to Nikolas Cruz and liked the "element of surprise and style" of the 2022 Buffalo shooting (even though Payton Gendron targeted black people).

He made his WPD account on February 22, 2023 and made posts from February 23, 2023 to June 7, 2023. (I do not know if there are deleted or removed comments from later dates.) His last voting activity was on January 6, 2024.

Announcement (

:marseypdf: This is the criminal complaint PDF. They did not mention WPD or Reddit by name.

On December 17, 2022, he apparently made a post on Reddit under the username /u/NearbyUser101 stating the following. I could not find the post.

I want to cause mayhem on the white community. The reason i specifically want to target white people is because as a black male, they will NEVER understand my struggles. Same way I will never understand their struggles, but I don't care to. I want to erase them. All of them really, but in this case as many as I possibly can. As of today I have officially began planning my attack. It is going to take place in 2023 in the state of New Jersey, I have not chosen a exact date but I am going to be sure it is close to an important holiday to their race. I have a location in mind already which I have frequented for the past year and I am certain nobody there is armed to be able to stop me from spraying them to the ground. I have already acquired 2 of the 4 firearms I plan to use for my attack, and I also know my entry and exit points already after the mayhem.

This is his WPD bio. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

𝕻𝖔𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝖕𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖗 𝖌𝖗𝖔𝖜𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖆𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖑 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖌𝖚𝖓.

Discord: 1DayUSuffer#9611

WPD posts

Some of his WPD posts include:

WPD comments

Just read the bold parts if it's too much text.

Some of his comments include:

#958064 No expectations buddy. I'm just leaving evidence for whoever investigates my case.


Yeah, I know, creating this post is probably exactly what he would've wanted.

#957987 What is help going to do for me? And the person who is going to “help” me is only doing it because they are getting paid man. Its all a fucking facade. They dont really care. Lets be real man. Tbh I hope I do progress into a serial killer because I fucking hate life man. I did not ask for this shit. This shit hurts so fucking bad man. Every time I go on social media all I see is other kids my age on fucking boats and jetskis surrounded by drunk hot girls and just having all kinds of fun and then theres me…… doomed to fucking bullshit. Why is life so fucking unfair I hate this shit so much man…. But one day everyone will suffer. I promise I will make everyone feel my fucking pain. My deep, sincere, raw, & sharp pain.

#957994 Fuck those animals. My favorite weapon to kill them with is my crossbow. I use broadhead tips and send it straight to through their brains. Last cat I got I hit him/her right in the eye and that shit was on the floor. Very bloody scene and I loved it. I dont take pictures with my phone but the images remain in my brain.

He hated cats. :marseydead: He wrote about it in more detail here.

#958286 Bro just because you're idea of a happy ending mignt be going too college and slaving away in a cubicle for eternity & getting married doesnt mean its @1dayUsuffer's as well. There is a massive epidemic going on right now. Nobody wahts too acknowledge that us young men in America have so many obstacles stacked against us we cannot excel no matter how hard we try. Especially those like myself who are BLACK & come from poverty. There is no way out for me.

The only way out is bloodshed. Thats success in @1dayUsuffer's eyes.

Furry rights are human rights.

#626107 Ahhh cmon, imagine the rush you'd feel while shooting some shit up. Probably could get literally high off the adrenaline alone. I'd probably OD on my own adrenaline after the 10th body goes down.

#624190 I bet a lot of people said the same thing about these guys that go and kill people like this...THey probably got tired of people like you saying what they will or wont do... and calling them retards... It makes sense why they get tired of being doubted and talked to any kind of way so they go blow fucking brains apart.

And also, just because you don't agree with something doesn't make it cringe. Fuck out of here with that dumb ass word this edit is dope. Nothing better than watching people die to some sick tunes.

And I really don't get why you are so bothered by people who wish to idolize school shooters. If that's what someone likes, let them like that.. Why does it concern you so much? Are you afraid one day that person might end up shooting you apart into legit pieces one day? Why is it ok for someone to idolize Michael Jordan or Lebron James but not Nicholas Cruz or Payton Gendron? Sounds like a lot of fear to me...

#625258 I'm defending them because I feel their same pain every waking day of my life... I know exactly what it feels like to be constantly fucked with by people all your life, I know what it's like to be the "outsider" or "loner" as some might say. This world we inhabit is a cold and very dark place for some of us and people make it no better because they love to treat you like a fucking outcast until you become one of these so-called "freaks", & blow their heads apart.

And I kind of agree with you on the second part though, if someone is so miserable to that point they should just kill themselves, but at the same time, if most of your anger is toward humanity and its treatment of you, why not steal a couple of souls before you pull the trigger on yourself? Fruit for thought.

His opinion on idolizing mass shooters.

#957903 1: Yes

2: No documented history but I definitely have problems but I refuse to get evaluated because I will lose my firearms license here in America. Not to mention, pretty much every single person in my family tree clearly shows signs of multiple different mental illnesses & I had 3 aunts who were diagnosed Schizophrenics, so do as you will with that information.

3: That and the adrenaline rush is nice because I'm a depressed lonely piece of shit loser with nothing to live for so watching people get fucking MERKED gives me some excitement.

4: 100% someday. Just not yet though, I want to continue training and buying more ammunition.

I don't know what the questions were because the post was deleted. I'm guessing the 4th question was something along the lines of "Would you ever harm/kill someone else?".

These are screenshots from the Reddit post.

Fed #626099, Cat #947276, LGBTQ #943169, Life #947262, Family #958270

Phone Notes

Here are two notes from his phone. Italic words are ones I could not make out from the PDF.

First note (March 16, 2023)

Life is nothing.

and it is meaningless. I fucking hate all of you soft ass fucking people. You all are so fucking fake. You all try to play the part and confide to this stupid ass game. Who can be the fakest? I see it all day long. Fake interactions people putting on their fake happy voices when they know deep inside they are screaming.... Why not be true and let the scream out? Why hide it? It's all a fucking game and you all are going to die. I currently lack the means necessary to kill as many as I intend to but one day I will have the available resources (finance) to purchase the appropriate weaponry for my killing(s).

All my life I have been doubyed… Ive been taken as the joke… ive been fucked around with… well now its my turn. I am going to kill one of you motheruckers I fucking hate humanity. All of you fucking duck and I don't give a single fuck about any of you though I may appear I do. People ACT like they care for you. All of their care is conditional. The moment you do one thing against their conditions they no longer care... so the question becomes. did they care in the first place? Here Ill answer that for you. NO.

Its all fucking fake and I am sick of it. Im ready to grt to the good part of my story where I start taking you mother fuckers out and killing you all… My rampage will soon happen… I plan to now continue accumulating the necessary equipment needed to execute. Once all equipment is in, time will then tell. You will all die.

Second note (March 20, 2023)

For all of my life, all that I can remember I've been the outcast..Ive been ignored. Ive been left out. Ive been forgotten. Ive been excluded.

As of recent I have began to accept this dark reality for myself.

Nobody wants or appreciates my company. And that is okay with me. I will want and appreciate my own company.

I no longer seek the companionships of other humans. There comes a point where you realize you just literally do not matter to other(certain) people. I hate all of this shit and I feel like my only way out of the pain and suffering is by exploding. So I await… I await that moment so I can make those moments final. For whomever… myself or a victim.

Other social media

Here are some random videos I downloaded from his TikTok.

All of the videos are from May 2022, except the night walk video (December 2021), the opinions video (February 2022), and the Marine video (May 2024).

Links: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6, Video 7, Video 8

Hi again! It's time for another announcement!

Contrary to what appears to be popular belief, is a platform primarily for videos of people dying. You can, of course, talk about whatever you'd like in /h/social, chat, or in the comments. The sticking point seems to be, for the past two days, threads themselves.

Let's run through a quick battery of recent threads and we can try to figure out what is and is not relevant content:

✅ A video of terrorists shooting up a music festival in /h/shooting

✅ A video of IDF rockets striking buildings in /h/combat

✅ A gunfight between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists in /h/combat or /h/shooting

✅ An IED exploding in a group of people in /h/explosions

❌ A video of burnt buildings while an Israeli woman cries, titled “Zionist dog weeps as she her species gets what it deserves” in /h/combat

❌ A still image of terrorists brandishing guns titled “WE WILL FINISH WHAR HITLER STARTED AND FREE PALESTINE” in /h/other

❌ The ten millionth repost of Shani Louk's raped body being spit on by Palestinians

❌ A textpost inexplicably in /h/beheading about how Israel is getting what she deserves

Hamas is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization. Platforming content in support of a terrorist organization is illegal under federal law. Posting content trying to recruit for a terrorist organization is illegal. Cheering on the wholesale butchery of innocents is legal, but it does make you an objectively terrible person.

Please refer to the guide above for what is and is not a good thread, and the explanation below for what is and is not a crime to post or platform.

Have a great evening!


Hi, you! Welcome to, this really cool site where you can go to watch people die. If you have any questions about how things work here, or suggestions on how to make them work better than they already do, feel free to Contact Us!

There's an enormously robust suite of fun features we have here and we're always looking for more to add. Way, way too many to go over in an automated welcome message. And you're probably here for the videos of people dying more than any sort of weird, paradoxical digital community aspect anyway, so we won't bore you with a tedious overview of them. Just head on over to your settings page and have a look at some of the basic profile stuff, at least. You can change your profile picture, username, flair, colors, banners, bio, profile anthem (autoplaying song on your page, like it's MySpace or some shit, hell yeah), CSS, all sorts of things.

There's a wide variety of categories (named "holes") for death content, gore content, and non-gore content alike. Want to know what they all are? Scroll down! You can also read the sidebar of each hole to find more information. Some key things to remember are that pet pictures go in /h/pets, not /h/animal, non-death videos belong in the gore holes like /h/gore or /h/social, and no matter where you post, self-harm should not be glorified/romanticized.

Or you can just go back to the main feed and carry on with watching people die! That's what the site is for, after all.



Posting DEATH? Use these holes!

/h/Accident - people dying in accidental ways or ways beyond their control. :marseyteehee:

/h/Animal - animal related deaths (NOT FOR PET PICTURES OR ANIMAL ABUSE). :marseyklennygore:

/h/Beating - people getting beaten to death by fists, weapons, even their own arms. :marseypunching:

/h/Beheading - barber school dropouts and where people who get beheaded go :marseyhead:

/h/Bladed - people who get stabbed, cut, or chopped to death. :marseybabykiller:

/h/Burning - people who burn to death! :marseywitch2::marseyburn:

/h/Cartel - people who die from the Cartels. ¡Los Pollos Hermanos! :marseycjng:

/h/Combat - where videos of people in the military or militaristic battles go, support the troops! :marseysalutearmy:

/h/Compilation - where compilations of deaths/gore go! Can include any category. :marseythumbsup:

/h/Disaster - people dying in floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and any other natural disasters. :marseyplanet:

/h/Drowning - people who die from drowning. :marseydrowned:

/h/Electricity - people who get electrocuted. :electro:

/h/Execution - people who are executed, mainly those just shot in the head and left dead. :hanging2: :marseymugshot:

/h/Explosions - people who die in explosions. :marseyakbar:

/h/Falling - people falling to their deaths. (Different from /h/suicide as these people accidentally or get pushed to their deaths.) :marseysheercliff:

/h/Industrial - people who die in factories and other areas of industrial activity. :marseybrainlet:

/h/ISIS - people killed by ISIS, inshallah. :marseyisis:

/h/Maiming - people whose deaths involve excessive harm and gore go. :marseytortured:

/h/Police - people getting killed by police or police getting killed by people :marseycop3:

/h/Shooting - people killed in shoot outs or who are just assassinated by gun. :marseydeterminedgun:

/h/Suicide - people dying by taking their own lives :marseygunshotsuicide:

/h/Vehicle - people dying in car crashes, planes, trucks, trains etc.! (basically any mechanized mode of transport) :marseysteer:

/h/Other - For all other misc. ways of people dying that don't quite fit :holdupjak:

Posting GORE? Use these holes!

/h/Aftermath - where people go after they're already dead, or found dead. :marseyazov:

/h/Fights - where people fight! No deaths, as this is just fighting. :slapfight:

/h/Gore - where bloody wounds or random gore go. :marseybloodpuddle:

/h/Medical - where any medical gore, surgeries, wounds, or procedures go. :marseydoctor:

/h/Request - where you can request a video. :marseyhelp:

/h/SelfHarm - a place to post people inflicting nonlethal harm upon themselves. ** :banghead:

** (Please note: WPD is NOT for Glorifying/Romanticizing self-harm! Especially your OWN! Seek attention elsewhere because doing this will get you banned!)

Posting NON-DEATH/NON-GORE? Use these holes!

/h/Discussion - where you can hold discussions and talk. :marseypop2:

/h/Meta - for anything that relates to the site itself (features, updates, etc) :marseymoreyouknow:

/h/Music - where you can post music. :marseyvibing:

/h/Pets - pictures of pets. :marseyfluffy:

/h/Social - where you can post memes, videos, or anything within the site's rules that isn't gore. :marseytwirl:


/h/Slavshit - videos about the Ukraine vs Russian conflict. :marseyflagukraine:

/h/Sandshit - videos about the Current Palestine vs Israel conflict. :parrotisrael:

Anyway, in closing, WPD is entirely open source. We don't really need new full-time coders or anything, but if you'd like to take a look at our repo - or even submit a PR to change, fix, or add some things - go right ahead! Our codebase lives at

Well, that's all. Thanks again for signing up. This is a canned message and all, but we really do mean that. Thank you, specifically. We love you. Romantically. Deeply. Passionately.

Have fun!

Reminder: animal abuse is banned here! :marseydomesticabuse: :marseyprotestno:

Yes, we know what the cat blender video is. No, we don't want it here. We've had to ban like 5 people (including a semi-regular) just today for posting it.

Stop fucking posting animal abuse you retards. Stop asking for it as well. I am seething, and I cannot cope. Stop being retards thanks bye :#marseybye:

Potential solutions to the TikTok invasion - a brainstorming session

I really don't think they're much of a problem besides the sheer quantity of these retards inundating the site, but I keep getting complaints about garbage posts from them and I'm too lazy to check so I'll just take it at face value and assume this is what's happening.

Here are some options off the top of my head. Suggest others below. Note that "disable registrations", "make the site private", and any posting restrictions for new accounts are completely out of the question.

And that's all I got. Our options are really limited here as far as I can tell. Let's hear your ideas.


Please post all bugs you find or suggestions you wanna give here :marseyemojismilemouth:

Kids, get the FUCK out of chat, and off this site.

That is all.

WPD HAS REACHED 1,000,000 REGISTERED USERS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. :marseyhappening::marseyhappening::marseyhappening:

We've been online for 16 months, one of which we were down for because Namecheap fucked us out of our original domain, and we had to try to get the word out about the new domain to many thousands of people with no way of contacting them. So really, only 15 months.

And we've now hit a million registered users, all of whom will be receiving this snazzy profile badge to immortalize this historic achievement of theirs momentarily.

It was only last December that we hit 100k. Late last December. In 9 months, we have grown 900% to a million of you creeps. That's both worrisome and really cool. A million users was apparently such a big deal for Facebook that their fancy headquarters had a giant party and it was dramatized in The Social Network -

We don't have offices and we currently have no funding because we got banned from Ko-Fi, and it's mostly just some autistic retards putting this together and maintaining it in their spare time. I actually just AFK'd a Slack huddle at my real job to throw this post together. It's a far cry from some big corporate office party, and what I'm saying is you guys should all pitch in and buy us a yacht to party on so we can show Zuckerberg up.

Thanks for using WPD. You are deeply unhealthy, but you are beloved. By me. Now let's see how fast we can get to two million.

I love you.
💋 xoxo clitpeeler

If you want to help us keep the site online, we do accept crypto!

ETH: 0xBBf1043A60C6894Db17b3118CA960FFDF84c9eea

BTC: bc1qs5hamvytnkllgml89flzhcyt3l4a3u4gs8lvvp

XMR: 44hdEpAYXkB2VwkWz6LR9zZhcaG8zrUzn21aPy1HSdcsjT51fPdpMV8hkf5QQdHKs9VsAs3so5Vq5easdBbzmcifGcqfxfw

If you donate, don't forget to tell us, so you get a bunch of nifty little on-site perks like free currency, a spiffy username background, and a lot more.

Hello how do I delete my account

If I can't call someone a retard (while it's also ok to be in my username) then I don't wanna be here. Delete my account because I can't. Thanks. Good luck on being Reddit 2.0

least insane wpd user

The fact that you’re here, on .tv, suggests that you already know what went down. But just in case you’re unaware, I will provide a brief overview of why the domain changed and will take some time to get back to.

Namecheap is our registrar. Basically you don’t actually own a domain name, you just rent it. That’s not technically correct, but functionally speaking it is. So we were renting from namecheap.

Namecheap hosts all sorts of bad stuff, from Nazis to gore and beyond. It should have been fine. But they took particular issue with us and gave us 10 hours to remove the offending content.

Originally they said we were hosting piracy stuff. After trying to find out what they meant (clock ticking all the while), they finally said, hours later, “oops sorry, we meant the death stuff. You can’t do that. Take it down, hurry hurry, tick tock.”

So we tried to transfer to Epik.

Namecheap wouldn’t let us, said Epik was screwing it up.

In a hurry, we tried to transfer to GoDaddy instead.

Same thing, Namecheap claims GoDaddy is screwing it up.

Hours of troubleshooting later, they’re finally like “oh right oops, we did that lol. Also the 10 hours we gave you no longer counts. You’re not allowed to transfer and we’re terminating you immediately.”

This is the company that gave, per the CEO Richard Kirkendall, war criminals a 7 day grace period to transfer out.

We also sent out an email blast to everyone with a registered email, which I assume you’ve seen by now, since you’re in this thread.

If you’ve wisely skipped all of this and just scrolled to the bottom, here’s your fresh content:

Our old registrar, Namecheap, decided to terminate service with us with no warning and they are adamantly and arbitrarily refusing to let us transfer to a new registrar before November 8th. They have lied repeatedly to us and treated us terribly, and are now holding our domain hostage for what are undeniably vindictive, horseshit reasons. We are no longer using Namecheap for any of our enterprises and we strongly advise not using them for any reason whatsoever. They even refuse to allow us to put a static splash page up at the old domain, directing people here.

This is a morally reprehensible, ethically bankrupt company with negative value customer support who flat out lie to clients about service issues.

The one positive thing that can be said of this is that it gave us the kick in the ass necessary to ditch Namecheap entirely. We are now 100% served by honest service providers with robust free speech protections who will not proactively screw us over for letting people post what they want. This is a major setback, but a temporary one.

Please do what you can and pass the new URL along to any other users of the site you know of.

I am profoundly sorry for yet another inconvenience leveled at trampling the rights of consenting, adult users to peruse entirely legal content of their choosing. The tech industry does not believe you should have these rights, and that they alone should be the arbiters of what is acceptable speech, imagery, and even thoughts. Titanic companies commanding tens of billions of dollars like Namecheap, Heroku, Twitter, Reddit, et al. continue to do everything in their power - and it is immense power that they wield - to wholly suppress everything from political viewpoints, religious belief, science, and even recreational activities that the worthless busybodies they employ find disagreeable.

We are small with a paltry 50,000 users. We are growing. Other entities are growing as well, along with the ever-mounting discontent with this surreal repressive hellscape being imposed by bluehaired, evolutionary dead ends in certain pockets of the coastal United States. It is frustrating to be a user of a site like this at a time like this - you just want to watch shocking videos of people dying from the safety of your home - and you likely don’t care about any of this nonsense. And that’s entirely fine too, because you shouldn’t have to care about this stupid shit just to use the internet that you pay for to consume entirely legal content that you seek out. If you do have the time and the energy, though, this is absolutely something that should infuriate and frighten you.

tl;dr I am sorry again for the inconvenience. We are back on .tv for now, and we will be back on .co in about three weeks. .tv will remain as a working URL for the same site, so feel free to update your bookmarks.

I love you.

xoxo clitpeeler 💋

Are videos buffering a lot for you? If so, where are you from?





Instead of uploading videos of animals dying, how about you save everyone some trouble, make your parents proud for the fucking first time and create some OC for /h/suicide, bitch?

:marseykys2#: FUCK OFF :#marseykys2:

Hi WPD. Bye WPD.

Hi WPD. Between that Perry, Iowa shooter having had an account here earlier this month, the countless instances of doxxing between people in chat, the endless spam from infuriated banned users, Polish psychos threatening to cut one another up, the growing deluge of threats from unhinged lunatics, and the content itself here, I've had more than my fill of the whole gore thing.

I hate tedious “I'm leaving [online community] forever” posts, but given that I've been doing communications for this place for like a year and some change, I think one is necessary to allow the site not to tank as people think it's all lost.

It's not. At all.

I didn't found the website, I was simply asked to just assume that role publicly because the actual founder is an intensely private person and isn't very good at communicating by his own admission. You are not losing a developer or anything; WPD will not be impacted by my absence in any way aside from the pinned moderator posts becoming probably much more boring.

Fun fact: I was originally brought on using a different username just to help the then-mod team by restructuring the rules to be less insane and to serve as a lightning rod for user ire. I did this by posting cute animals with scary titles. You all hated them!

In summary: I am leaving effective immediately this will not impact WPD in any way, the actual developer isn't going anywhere. A few new admins have been added and I think most of you like them a lot already. Nothing will change with day-to-day WPD as I was not actually responsible for any of that. The site you all inexplicably love will not be affected in any way by this.

I'll probably pop back in from time to time to post cute animals though.

Have a beautiful day :marseywave2:

Bye WPD.

☠️ Site Rules ☠️

These are just a repost of the original rules

1. Do not post anything illegal under US law.

  • Do not request illegal content

  • Do not threaten or advocate violence

  • Do not sexualize minors

2. No doxing. No witch hunts.

3. Posts must include videos of people dying.

  • Videos that only include aftermath of a serious accident/incident or current event may be allowed.

  • No animal death unless there’s also a human dying in the video.

4. Titles should be as descriptive as possible.

  • Additional context, images, or sources are always encouraged and appreciated. No joke titles please.

  • If there is a child or animal please add it as a descriptor.

5. No explicit racism/bigotry.

  • Humor is fine but comments that are just low effort shock value spam may be removed. Feel free to express your opinions but please try to express them in a reasonable manner.

We don’t really have a concrete repost policy yet but we may remove a post if it has already been posted recently. I think no reposting for 30 days is a reasonable amount of time to shoot for.

Rules and moderation will be kept as minimal and as transparent as possible.

Reported by:

More servers

Thanks to all our sexually desirable patrons, we've been able to add more servers. You might have noticed that the site is a lot faster compared to a few days ago (especially if you live in the US). We are now also load balancing traffic between the US and the EU. In non-nerd terms: Speed go brrr. You can now get your daily gore fix faster than before!

Kind request

This also means that our monthly expenses have increased significantly. As we don't run ads on this website, we are 100% dependant on donations. If you have some change to spare, please consider donating to the site. This can be done with either one-off payments, or via a monthly subscription. We have made small adjustments in our donation model. The rewards are now as follows:


Victim - $5/month

  • Username background
  • Icon next to your username
  • Exclusive badges
  • Ability to upload a custom site background in the settings
  • Ability to perma-marsify yourself in the settings
  • Exclusive hole that only Patrons can see (/h/highrollerclub)
  • Exclusive ping group that only Patrons can join or mention !verifiedrich
  • Exemption from coin/marseybux gifting tax (3%)
  • Ability to upload more files
  • 16MB image size limit (instead of 8MB)
  • 16MB audio size limit (instead of 8MB)
  • 100k character limit for posts (instead of 50k)
  • 10% discount when buying awards
  • 2,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

Corpse - $10/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • Ability to add a signature in the settings (Victim tier patrons will keep their signature until 24th of March.)
  • 15% discount when buying awards
  • 5,000 5,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

Zombie - $20/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • Ability to change your username to a 1-letter or 2-letter username in the settings
  • Ability to have 2 previous usernames reserved for you instead of 1
  • 20% discount when buying awards
  • 10,000 12,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

Ghost - $50/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • Keyword notifications (New feature. More info below.)
  • 25% discount when buying awards
  • 25,000 32,500 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

Survivor - $100/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • 30% discount when buying awards
  • 50,000 70,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

Jigsaw - $200/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • 35% discount when buying awards
  • 100,000 150,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

P̵͇̕S̶̔̇Ȳ̴͙C̶͋͗H̵͒̉O̴̎̍ - $500/month

  • Everything from previous tiers
  • 40% discount when buying awards
  • 250,000 400,000 marseybux monthly (can be used in the shop, casino, and other places)

In addition to this, people that donate $20 or more, will temporarily get 50% more marseybux. This promo will run until the 1st of March.

You can find our donation page here!

Keyword notifications

People that donate $50 or more now have access to keyword notifications. You will get notified if specific words or phrases are mentioned. You can enable this in your advanced settings.

Thank you all for helping the site grow! Have a nice weekend!

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