Could the site owners fix this.

Right, so I'm just on wpd like any normall, person right, and I notice one user (not naming anyone) Is spamming loads of shitty stuff, and I know i can block the hole, or block the user but even still, some people might not be able to. So I was thinking, Is there/could we, have a cooldown between uploads perhaps, I feel like this would cut dow'n os spam alot, because at the end of the day, I can't be bothered to block everyone who spams, and half the time they spam just to farm coins. Which isn't fair on people making half decent posts, as they won't be seen as someone is putting up 20 vposts in like 3 minutes. Thanks for taking time and reading this.


:heart: :marseywave:

How to download the app.

Hey, the layout changed and the images to dowload the app are obsolete now. I'd be thankful if anyone could help.

Art hole?

can we limit the art hole to just gore art or like site related art? cause no one wants to see ur shitty ibis paint self portraits, like post them on twitter not a gore site.


Hallelujah be thy name! I am thankful af!


This is a post which should be able to tilt


how do you get marceybucks??


Hello everyone, it's the janitors here at WPD who would like to remind you to participate in good faith and please do not try to abuse the upvoting/downvoting systems to farm/generate coins!

While participation/voting is appreciated and encouraged, coin farming/spamming upvotes/downvotes to generate coins is not allowed. Yes, you can be permabanned for doing this.

The following users were all identified to be overtly abusing our merit system in order to gain or give coins via mass voting each others irrelevant history of posts and comments. For brevity we have chosen to punish only those who have demonstrated in the ball park of 1000 or more fraudulent appearing upvotes (aka 4000 coins since each vote = 4 coins!) As for anyone else who has been doing it, we know, so stop or you'll end up like them or worse.

As for their punishment, rather than ban so many prominent users, we have opted for humiliation followed by rehabilitation moving forward. They have all been given chud awards for the length with value equal to the amount of fraudulent coins generated, along with locked flair for the duration of their sentence. 1k = 1 day of chudding, thus, the more they tried to abuse it, the longer their sentence. In addition, we've adjusted the coins of the worst offenders accordingly.

Thus without further ado, say hello to The WPD Hall of Shame! Ranked by the approximate amount of coins received and/or generated from coin farming:

@Hell0Hell1 - Received+Generated ~125k

@LittleStickGuy - Received 50k

@hawtdoq - Received+Generated 40k

@harassment - Received+Generated 30k

@GnipGnarp - Generated 25k

@Guev - Received+Generated 20k

@Quejo633 - Generated 20k

@Chuckles98 - Generated 20k

@SubaruXO - Received+Generated 15k

@Emu_Otorii - Received+Generated 10k

@MsShadowist - Received+Generated 10k

@IIlIIIlIIIIIIllIIlIIIlIII - Received 10k

@Haupti - Received+Generated 8k

@ShadowNyx - Received+Generated 8k

@Low_Poly_Umbreon - Received+Generated 8k

@blepp - Received 5k

@Prophetic_Graphite - Received 5k

@makeachangekillyourself - Generated 5k

@swagmanswagman - Generated 4k

@Intel - Received+Generated 4k

@Camelpunch - Generated 4k

As stated before, this post is intended to clarify the issue moving forward. For anyone else out there who is also guilty of cheating at WPD monopoly money, this is our plea and your last warning.

Forward all complains about our process to our designated garbage boys for appropriate processing: @CursedDANKmemes, @Repost_Killing_Bot, and @kittygurl. :marseyrecycling:

fuck your shitty art

i come here to see cool shit not shit art can we nerf it

Moratorium on AI assisted sidebar submissions

Lovely though they are, these will be rejected until further notice.

newstrags ruined wpd

we desperately need a profile age requirement to post, comment or vote. far too many underage newstrags who created their account 4 weeks ago posting blurry indian flip phone images of a paper cut they gave themselves and begging for attention, shitting up the site. it's been an absolute dumpster fire here since the 2023 tiktok newstrag invasion and it's just getting worse

The reason of why they send you some help (Mailbox mensagge) :marseythumbsup:

:yoloegg:Here is a simple reason why you get this, users can simply send you help in case you are wrong in the head, some people still wonder why they would find this strange

You can also send help to other users by clicking this button on Someone profile

When you click on it you automatically send that same message as the image from the beginning

Which leaves a couple of things, Advice, self-help, etc.

kisses on the Uranus :donkeykongdance: :yoloegg: :yoloegg: :yoloegg: :yoloegg:


As a followup to yesterday's thread wherein we tried removing the throttling for non-death categories, because I thought the site had grown enough to feature mostly death organically, I would like to announce that the experiment was a complete failure.

Social content (chatting threads, memes), art people had done (despite /h/art not being publicly launched yet), and pictures of pets utterly dominated the frontpage. Videos of people dying were downright hard to come by.

Which I think is just beautiful but again, not why most of you are here. So the change has been reverted. But still, it does show that a plurality of you may not be as psychotic as I thought so good job!

And now back to your regularly scheduled WPDTV consumption.

I regret nothing.

We have /h/art now! :marseypainter:

Now you can post all your art!!!!

Drink water and have a good day!

Thank you @dead_dog_in_the_trainyard :marseyshy2: for the art<33

We have temporarily unthrottled the Non-Fatal, Community, and Active Conflict categories as an experiment

Previously, only three posts, total, not individually, from the following categories:

h/discussion, h/meta, h/music, h/pets, h/social, h/countryclub, h/highrollerclub, h/sandshit, h/slavshit, h/aftermath, h/fights, h/gore, h/medical, h/request, h/selfharm

could appear on the trending page at any one time. This was to keep the mainpage from being inundated with non-death content which, while I strongly approve, is a bit antithetical given the platform's name. I think the userbase may be large enough now to sustain a primarily death-oriented frontpage organically though, so we've removed the throttling for a week to see what we see. We will be keeping an eye on things to see if the content most people are here to look at gets edged out too heavily by community and non-fatal content. Apologies in advance for any minor disruption to your usual WPD habits.

Your thoughts, below.

Is it true wpd tracks your location? :marseyquestion:

I've seen countless people on other platforms talking about how you shouldn't use wpd and that it tracks your location real time. It wouldn't really matter to people who use vpns such as duckduckgo or sufshark (these are just 2 examples of them). But i know most people who have been on the site a dozen of times and don't use vpns. I personally don't think wpd tracks your location and even if it does there's a small chance someone'll dox you if they find it out. Unless you have beef with someone. :marseyretard3:

Famous videos suggestion

I feel like there should be more content on the Famous Video category.

I would suggest Ricardo López suicide video (Bjork stalker) because that dude was fucking nuts.

Any of you have any suggestions on anything worthy to be included in the "Famous Video" category?

post limit?

why is there a post limit and if there is how can you become top poster lmao

making hats

(im owo-ifwied sworry :marseyyikes:)

hwow would swomeonye make a hat... and dwo u get the mwonyey fwor it?

What is a hwouse and what dwoes it dwo.

I was bwored and was playing with the settings wen I fwound I cwould buy a hwouse wtf is this :3


Might as well be stormfront at this point. At least the sub did something about these 'people'

can i use marseybux to buy a hat?

im trying to buy a hat but its not letting me soo....



So I'm kind of new to this site, and I just need some questions to be answered.

I just need to know what Image goes on what hole and that kind of jazz.

If someone could send me the page where it explains all of that for my dumbass, I would highly Appreciate it!

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