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NYC Man Dies Trying to Hop Subway Turnstile

A 28-year-old man died when he jumped a subway turnstile in Queens on Sunday and broke his neck landing on the cement floor, cops said. The man was “attempting to evade the fare” at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue train station around 6:45 a.m. when he hopped the turnstile, a police spokesman said. The man attempted to jump the turnstile and hit his head on the station's cement floor. The man attempted to jump the turnstile and broke his head landing on the station’s cement floor.6:45 a.m. The incident occurred at He came crashing down on his head on the station’s cement floor and broke his neck, cops and sources said. He was pronounced dead on the scene, police said. The man’s identity wasn’t immediately released by cops. The station provides E, F, M and R line service.

Man Sits on Bench, Has a Fatal Heart Attack

A local man died in front of a bank in Aznakayevo, Tatarstan. Video footage shows that he felt unwell and sat down on a bench, after which he lost consciousness. A man who followed him tried to help him, but it was too late. The deceased was reported to be suffering from heart problems.

Wife set on fire by husband after divorce court (ChInA)

I love me a good horrible google translation.

“ This morning in Panshi City Marriage Registry. A pair of 30-year-old couple, after the divorce, the man, a bottle of combustible material, fell to the woman's head, lit.”

not sure what to put this video under sorry WPD members :wolfdrama:

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Seein a lot of cats meet Loki and Athena

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My little kitty
Man Killed After Being Pushed Onto Train Tracks


George Mallory went missing during a summit attempt in 1924. In 1999, a group of climbers discovered his body.

"The body was partially frozen into the scree and well preserved due to the cold, dry air and constant freezing temperatures; it was lying prone, fully extended, with both arms somewhat outstretched and the head pointed uphill. The right leg had broken, and the left leg was crossed over it, possibly for protection, suggesting the mountaineer was still consciously aware after coming to rest. The rear of the body was predominantly exposed, as the clothing had been partially destroyed by the elements and blown away by the wind. The exposed skin was bleached white, and although the corpse was frozen, purportedly, some elasticity remained in the frozen tissue; the hands and forearms appeared dark. Despite the body being notably intact, Everest's goraks had damaged the right leg, the buttocks, and the abdominal cavity by pecking at them and consuming most of the internal organs. Tied to the corpse's waist were the remnants of a braided cotton climbing rope, with some tangled around the body from which its broken frayed end trailed. On the right foot was an intact green leather hobnailed boot; only the tongue of the left boot remained, jammed between the left foot's bare toes and the heel of the right boot."

A pervasive theory is that Sir George Mallory was the first man to summit Everest. He said that when he summitted, he would leave a photograph of his wife at the top of Everest. When his body was found, he had no photograph with him.

a man kills a woman with a laptop (reason unknown)

Apollo 1 astronauts burn to death (audio)

I'm posting it in the correct session since it was removed



-We've got fire in the cockpit!

-We have a bad fire!

-I'm burning!


Broadcast ends

Teen thief gets shot and injured in a failed, attempted robbery. Fortaleza.. (Video x4 - No Death.)

Security cameras caught the moment of the clash between security agents and suspects, on Tuesday 23rd, Bairro Montese, in Fortaleza.

Civilian police officers reacted to an attempted robbery and exchanged fire with suspects on Rua Frei Vicente Salvador.

The police officers were sitting in a pickup truck. On the same street, an armed suspect gets out of his car and approaches the vehicle. It is at this moment that the security agents perceive the attempted crime and react to the criminal action. The teenager was shot during the exchange.

The other suspects fled in the car, which was pursued by the police. A man was captured after the criminal action. The security agents were not injured during the exchange of fire.

Francisco Wollison Araújo Silva, 33, who has a criminal record for vehicle theft, drug trafficking and reception, was booked in flagrante delicto for attempted robbery. The 17-year-old was apprehended and rescued to a health unit. The teenager already responded for infractions for drug trafficking.

Two ammunition revolvers, a cloned vehicle and a cell phone were seized after the criminal action. The case is investigated by the 11th Police Station of the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP).

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The 1999 Tokaimura accident occurred in a small fuel preparation plant operated by JCO (formerly Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co.) in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, and claimed the lives of two technicians: 35-year-old Hisashi Ouchi (left) and 40-year-old Masato Shinohara (right):

On September 30th, 1999, Shinohara was pouring buckets of uranyl nitrate into a nuclear fuel tank, while Ouchi held a funnel:

When Shinohara poured a seventh bucket, a flash of blue light (Cherenkov radiation) was seen, accompanied by a loud smacking noise. Both men became nauseous, and passed out. A third man, supervisor Yutaka Yokogawa, was sitting at a desk several meters away, and phoned for help. Yokogawa recovered in the hospital, but was later one of six men arrested for negligence at the Tokaimura facility. It’s believed the JCO (Japanese Atomic Fuel Conversion Co.), which went out of business in 2003, had cut corners on safety and training. The tank Ouchi and Shinohara were working with had no buffer which could have prevented such a criticality from occurring.

The estimated radiation doses of the 3 men are: Ouchi 16-25 Grays (Gy), Shinohara 6-12 Gy, and Yokogawa 1-4.5 Gy. It’s important to understand that these numbers are whole-body averages. In Ouchi’s case, he absorbed radiation disproportionately into his front right side, and particularly his right forearm:

When Ouchi arrived at the hospital, he was still in the “latent phase” of acute radiation syndrome (ARS), where the patient is relatively stable before deteriorating. He looked tan, and complained mainly of pain in his right arm. This early hospital photo also shows Ouchi as having an enlarged parotid gland in his cheek. Salivary glands are highly susceptible to radiation, and the mouth eventually dries out to the point where the victim is unable to talk or eat food.

On the fourth or fifth day, doctors’ worst fears were confirmed when a biopsy of Ouchi’s bone marrow showed extensive destruction of the chromosomes:

Ouchi was going to have a hard time regenerating cells, and the first symptoms would appear in his skin, blood, and gastrointestinal mucus membranes, as those cells undergo the most rapid rate of division. Ouchi had to be wrapped in a special product called Trex Gauze, since ordinary gauze, as well as towels and medical tape, would rip dead skin cells off his body.

On day 11, Ouchi lost his composure, proclaiming “I am not a guinea pig!” The lead physician who treated Ouchi and Shinohara, Dr. Kazuhiko Maekawa, admitted to the media in October that Ouchi’s dose of radiation was lethal. However, under Japanese law, for Ouchi to be euthanized, he would need to give consent, and be near-death. Some of Ouchi’s last written messages, after he was hooked up to a ventilator and lost the ability to speak, expressed desire to go home. Whether Maekawa kept Ouchi alive as a “guinea pig” or not, doctors were legally obligated to treat Ouchi until nothing more could be done.

Despite being given 200 mg of Fentanyl per hour, in conjunction with sedatives, doctors and nurses discerned pain from Ouchi’s facial expressions. He was given a novel type of stem cell transplant from his sister, which allowed for a temporary recovery of bone marrow and other tissues. In the end, the sister’s transplanted cells developed chromosome damage. Doctors believed this was either a result of the neutrons which struck Ouchi's body turning certain nutrients (i.e. sodium) radioactive, or Ouchi's own cells mutating to produce radioactive oxygen. The sister also provided a swath of skin from her thigh to use for cultured skin grafts. The grafts loosened, and did not adhere well, as Ouchi was losing up to 20 L of fluid per day through his skin.

On day 59, Ouchi’s heart stopped beating for 50 minutes. The strain on his heart had been comparable to a person running a marathon. He was resuscitated, and given drugs to ease the burden on his heart, but was now braindead. On day 63, Ouchi developed a rare syndrome called hemophagocytosis, which is normally associated with the Epstein-Barr virus. The lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) made from the sister’s stem cells were recognizing Ouchi’s own cells as foreign, and attacking them. My guess is that this was due to the extreme breakdown of Ouchi’s DNA, to the point where his cells would appear foreign, or non-human, to the immune system.

On day 83, December 21st, late at night, Ouchi experienced another cardiac arrest, and the decision was made between doctors and family to not resuscitate. Remarkable organ changes were seen at autopsy. Ouchi’s intestines, which had produced up to 3 L of bloody or watery, green diarrhea throughout his ordeal, had lost their villi, and resembled a “writhing serpent” filled with blood.

Muscle cells undergo a slow rate of division (10-15 years), and are therefore less susceptible to radiation damage; the cells actually have time to repair the chromosomes, provided they’re not too damaged. But Ouchi’s dose of radiation was so extreme, his muscles lost their fiber, and detached from the bones. The only normal-looking organ in Ouchi’s body was his heart, which doctors interpreted as his will to live.

Shinohara's prognosis was better than Ouchi's, but still grim, as only one man from the Chernobyl disaster, out of twenty-two, survived an effective dose of radiation greater than 6 Gy. Because a suitable hematopoietic stem cell donor could not be found for Shinohara, he was given an infusion of stem cells from a fetal umbilical cord. He was still conscious in January, and taken to the hospital gardens in his wheelchair for New Year’s Day. In February, he contracted pneumonia, and on April 27th, day 211 of irradiation, he died. His kidneys, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, and muscles had all deteriorated, and he had widespread thrombotic microangiopathy in his small intestine. Doctors got about 90% of the skin grafts to adhere to Shinohara, but for unclear reasons, the engrafted skin became hard and brittle. A crunching noise was heard when his skin was cut into at autopsy.

The pronunciation of Ouchi's name is not quite like the English "ouch" it is more like "oh-uchi." These two horrific photos, which appear in numerous blog articles about Tokaimura, are NOT of Ouchi:

The bottom photo might be of Shinohara (but it might also be of a Chernobyl person) as the white strips mirror a cultured skin graft product called "Bio-Skin," which was used in the Tokaimura case.

The skinless man on the bed has also had his right leg amputated below the knee. Ouchi never underwent amputation, as doctors considered it too dangerous.

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Erratic Subway Passenger Choked To Death

Southest Asia or Philippines

Extra videos:

I'm unsure of the current condition of baby Katya. If anybody has any updated info please share.


Katya (6 months old in the video) was born in April of 2020 in Karpinsk Russia and had been living off water and random scraps of food snuck to her by her elder brother. She was born from an affair the mother Yulia Zykova had with a married man, following a split with her husband.

37 years old Yulia already had a 12 year old son and did not want more children. She kept the birth of her daughter a secret, and originally planned to kill the baby outright; However ended up not being able to go through with it.

She instead thought maybe the baby would die from starvation if she left her alone in an unused room in her flat. No baby food, clothes, or cot were to be found in the home. Instead she kept the baby in a duffle bag inside of a wardrobe to muffle the baby girl's cries. Her son knew about the baby, but Yulia threatened him to not say a word about her to anyone.

The baby was found by accident during her son's 13th birthday party thrown at their home.

While having drinks with her friend, one of them asked why one of the rooms in her flat was always shut, to which Yulia replied it was only a storage room they never used. Another young woman who was there for the party also heard a very weak, muted cry, and asked Yulia about it, who replied, "I think it's just a doll there, it just cries by itself."

After a bit, one of Yulia's friends who went for a cigarette in the middle of the party decided to check the room after also hearing a cry. She opened the wardrobe, looked in the bag and found the nearly starved to death baby Katya.

Katya was airlifted 270 miles by helicopter to hospital in regional capital Yekaterinburg where she is now in intensive care and custody has been transferred to the guardianship authorities.

The mother has been detained and a criminal case opened by the Russian Investigative Committee into "torturing" the child, an offense punishable by up to seven years in jail.

News source with more photos including non-censored face of Katya:

Woman just dies

I dont have a lot for info. But what I know is.

That she just died ( heart attack) while working out and people around her were stupid and Didn't give her cpr even through she didn't breathe or have a puls.

The Quality is once again very bad.

Man stabbed in chest

The background on this video is unknown

I honestly have never seen this video before, which is why I felt the need to post it.

I like when fights end like this. Ya dude threw a couple more unnecessary punches, but nothing crazy over the top, and the people around broke it up quick. Respect.

Dispute inside home ends with axe lodged in head

“Hey Paul!”


teen has a grand mal seizure after smoking synthetic marinuana

Russian Streamer OfseT Dies While Livestreaming

huge alligator or crocodile 🐊 catches dead body in water

skip to 1:50 for good part

Woman suddenly gets epilepsy seizure

At least 12 killed in crush at soccer stadium in El Salvador - May 20, 2023

San Salvador, El Salvador - May 20, 2023

At least 12 people were killed and dozens injured Saturday in a crush at a soccer stadium in the capital of El Salvador, the National Civil Police said on Twitter.

Salvadoran officials have linked the incident to the overselling of tickets and the issuing of fraudulent tickets.

“The first information points to a stampede of fans who tried to enter to watch the match between Alianza and FAS” at the Cuscatlán Stadium, police said.

Salvadoran Health Minister Francisco Alabi said on Twitter that emergency teams were deployed and the injured were transferred to local hospitals.

Around 90 people, including minors, are being treated for injuries – most are in “stable” condition, he added.

The incident took place in an area of the stadium “where a human stampede broke out due to the overselling of tickets, which has left 500 people affected,” the director of the National Civil Protection System of El Salvador, Luis Alonso Amaya, said at a press conference Sunday.

President Nayib Bukele said an “exhaustive investigation” into the incident would be carried out by the national police and the attorney general’s office.

“Everyone will be investigated: teams, managers, stadium, ticket office, league, federation, etc. Whoever the culprits are, they will not go unpunished,” Bukele tweeted.

El Salvador Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado announced on social media that EDESSA, the company that manages Cuscatlán Stadium, and the leaders of the clubs involved, are being investigated.

“Fans have shown that they were sold faked tickets and allowed entry. Others talk about overselling on the black market. As it happened, President Nayib Bukele has ordered an exhaustive investigation so that nothing goes unpunished,” the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Development, Juan Carlos Bidegain, said on Twitter Sunday.

Video provided by the National Civil Police of El Salvador showed multiple ambulances parked outside the stadium and medics rushing to the scene. Photos taken from inside the stadium also showed crowds of people, many wearing jersey colors of white and blue.

Alianza and FAS are two of the most popular soccer teams in the Central American country.

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