“bad cops” (2000, full shockumentary) :marseycop3:



The law-breaking police officers featured in this shocking collection of clips don't think twice about unnecessary roughness. Capturing beatings, assaults, wrongful shootings and more.

CORONA, CA– On April 2, 2021, at 5:33 p.m., the Corona Police Department responded to a call of an officer-involved shooting. The Riverside County Gang Impact Team, with the assistance of a federal fugitive apprehension team, was conducting surveillance at the Welcome Inn, located at 1248 West Sixth Street, Corona, regarding a criminal threats incident involving a firearm that occurred the previous night. As members of the listed teams attempted to contact the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Corona resident Angel Nelson, an officer-involved shooting occurred.

Mr. Nelson also had felony warrants for human trafficking and weapons violations out of Arizona; and auto theft out of San Bernardino County.


Mesa, Arizona — On August 3, 2023, Detectives from the Mesa Police Department and members of the U.S. Marshals Arizona Wanted Task Force, we're looking for 20-year-old Ny'Kendreon Pride, who was wanted in connection to three separate armed robberies. One that occurred on August 2nd and two more that occurred earlier that day. Pride was seen walking west across Mesa Drive from the apartment complex, at 1233 North Mesa Drive and continued south, on the sidewalk in front of another apartment complex, at 1230 North Mesa Drive. As Pride was walking, detectives contacted him from their vehicle. One detective who was riding in the rear passenger side, threw a flashbang near Pride, while another detective who was sitting in the front passenger side yelled for Pride to get down on the ground. The rear seat detective then fired two beanbag rounds, as the front seat detective fired rounds from his rifle.

The detective saw Pride reached for what he believed was a gun and that's when he fired his duty weapon. Pride collapsed as he attempted to run away with a handgun in his hand. Several commands were given for him to drop the weapon but he did not respond. Detectives used a taser, pepper ball rounds and beanbag rounds in an effort to get Pride to release the gun. He still did not respond. Detectives approached Pride, removed the handgun from his hand and took him into custody. The Mesa Fire Department responded and ultimately transported Pride to the Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased. During the investigation, detectives identified the handgun Pride was carrying as a Glock and noted the trigger was depressed, but there was not a round in the chamber. The Glock had a Glock-Switch on the back, an extended magazine that contained 28 rounds. Detectives also found a large amount of cash in Pride's possession.


Fake Suicide Bomber Killed by Egyptian Police (1/28/2011)

A fake suicide bomber in the Manshya District in Alexandria, Egypt was shot and killed on January 28th, 2011.

State Trooper Justified In Fatal Shooting of Carson Dobson

On Christmas eve 2021, police responded to reports of a domestic stabbing at 203 Mers Way in Dolgeville, Herkimer County. The caller, Dobson's mother, lived with her brother and his wife in a house at the end of a long private road, with Dobson residing several hundred yards from the house. After the assault, Dobson fled to his camping trailer.

When police arrived, they said he refused to come outside to talk and then made suicidal and other statements "including that he wanted to kill himself, and that he was having out of body experiences."

Officers who had gone to the house confirmed to officers at the trailer that Dobson's mother had been injured by him.

At one point, while officers at the trailer were trying to coax Dobson out, he asked them to give him a generator, on the ground outside the trailer, so he could “blow himself up.” According to court documents, police placed the generator outside the trailer door and told Dobson it was there. When he opened the trailer door an officer deployed his Taser, but it had no effect. The officer deployed his Taser again, still without effect, causing Dobson to charge out of the trailer wielding a sword and a knife. As he ran at the officer who had tased him, the trooper fired his gun, hitting Dobson twice, killing him.

Thailand's Central Criminal Court has sentenced Pol Col Thitisan “Joe Ferrari” Utthanaphon to life imprisonment Wednesday morning, a reduction of the initial sentence of the death penalty. Six other officers involved in the killing will also face life imprisonment.



Last year, Ferrari, a former police superintendent of Muang Nakhon Sawan, along with seven other police officers were charged with the killing of Jirapong Tanapat, a drug suspect on August 5, 2021.

Ferrari was initially given the death penalty on Wednesday, but the court reduced the sentence to life imprisonment as he paid compensation to the family of the deceased of 600,000 baht, and an additonal 30,00 baht for the funeral.

The brutal murder was caught on security camera and then leaked to the public causing a massive public outcry over police brutality and the use of torture and ill treatment in police custody. The case also sprung debate over long-standing allegations of police brutality in Thailand.



“The ruling and the outcome in this case has garnered a lot of public attention. It may set precedent to hold governmental officials accountable promptly through a judicial process and to face punishment commensurate to the gravity of the crime,” said Pornpen Khongkachonkiet in, the director of Cross Cultural Foundation, an organization that monitors and documents torture and human rights abuses.


In August 2021, local news reported that the police officers first arrested Jeerapong for selling methamphetamine pills, and then proceeded to  suffocate him to death using plastic bags trying to extort a bribe of two million Thai baht ($60,000) for his release.

The officers then attempted to cover their tracks by ordering doctors at Sawan Pracharak Hospital to state the cause of the detained man's death as a drug overdose.

After the footage of the killing was leaked, authorities began a manhunt looking for Ferrari. Once officers raided his home, they found at least 30 cars, including Bentleys, Porches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, illustrating how Ferrari earned his nickname.


Human rights groups hope this case will help move the Senate to pass the Draft Act on Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance, a bill that would finally crimanilze torture and enforced disapearance in Thailand.

“This may help to address the culture of impunity in other previous cases. It may also allude to the question if the injured parties and their relatives have been appropriately remedied or not,” Pornpen said in a statement.







Criminal Fatally Wounded Shot By Police Officers While Trying To Run From Homicide Scene

Newark, New Jersey — On May 3, 2023, at approximately 8:34 p.m. Newark Police Officers responded to a 911 call that individuals had been shot inside a residence on Johnson Avenue in Newark. The investigation revealed that responding officers encountered a man leaving the residence where the two individuals had been shot. The male was observed to be discarding an item inside a nearby dumpster. A semi-automatic handgun with a large capacity magazine was located in the dumpster later in the evening. Multiple officers chased the male, later identified as 29-year-old Everett Rand, on foot while other officers gained entry to the home on Johnson Avenue. Rand fled around the corner to the sidewalk where two officers from the Newark Police Department, Officer Steven Ferreira and Officer Ryan Castro, discharged their firearms at Rand, fatally wounding him. A handgun, not belonging to law enforcement, was recovered near Rand. When police entered the residence, they found a 27-year-old man from Newark deceased from a gunshot wound and an 8-year-old boy who had been struck by gunfire. The child was transported to University Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Attorney General's Office unveiled footage from body cameras worn by four police officers during a fatal police incident on May 3, 2023, in Newark.

The civilian involved in the shooting, Mr. Everett Rand, 29, of Newark, tragically lost his life.

The Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA) is currently investigating the deadly encounter.

The release of the footage aligns with 2019 policies set by the Attorney General's Office, aimed at ensuring investigations into fatal police encounters are conducted transparently and impartially.

Before the public release, the family of Mr. Rand was given the opportunity to view the recordings.

From initial findings, on the evening of May 3, around 8:34 p.m., officers rushed to a residence on Johnson Avenue in Newark following a 911 call reporting a shooting.

Officers arriving at the scene spotted a man, later identified as Mr. Rand, exiting the said residence.

They observed him discarding an object in a nearby dumpster. A search of the dumpster later revealed a semi-automatic handgun with a large-capacity magazine.

A foot chase ensued, with several officers pursuing Mr. Rand. Meanwhile, other officers entered the Johnson Avenue home.

The chase culminated on a sidewalk where Mr. Rand was confronted by two officers from the Newark Police Department, Officer Steven Ferreira and Officer Ryan Castro.

Both officers discharged their firearms, leading to the fatal shooting of Mr. Rand. A handgun, not associated with the police, was found close to where Mr. Rand layed.

8 year old

Inside the residence, officers discovered two shooting victims: a 27-year-old Newark man who had been fatally shot and an 8-year-old boy killed from gunfire.

Tragically, after being rushed to University Hospital, the young boy was pronounced dead.


Reno police take out violent lunatic

Maniac high on drugs stabs a family member then foolishly charges at police with a knife.

"RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -The Reno Police Department on Thursday released body camera footage of the fatal officer-involved shooting of a knife-wielding man on Sept. 4.

The footage shows the man, identified as Sherman Crutcher, with a fishing filet knife moving towards officers despite demands he drop the knife.

Both officers shot the 37-year-old Crutcher, according to the summary given by Deputy Chief Tom Robinson.

Police were told there had been a stabbing of a 16-year-old boy on Yori Avenue near Linden Street at about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 4. Police were also told the suspect stabbed himself and was on drugs.

Crutcher was taken to the hospital where he died.

Police said the 16-year-old was also taken to the hospital but did not give an update on his condition."


Crazy lady dares cop to shoot her, cop shoots her

Do not charge at cops with Knives :marseybrainlet:

Discount Bruce Lee Gets Vanquished by Police

This goes about as well as one would expect if they were to chase and kick at a police officer like a discount Bruce Lee with a death wish.

R.I.P. to the man, and may his family and friends find peace.

Stabbing Suspect Shot And Killed By Reno Police

A suspect is dead after he was shot and killed by police in Reno early Labor Day morning.

Officers with the Reno Police Department responded to the 2600 block of Yori Ave. just after midnight on the report of a stabbing. When police arrived on scene, they found the armed suspect and ultimately ended up shooting him. Authorities did not release any details about what led up to the shooting.

Authorities said the man was rushed to the hospital where he later died. No officers were hurt during the incident.

Police believe the incident was isolated and there's no threat to the public.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office will take over the investigation as part of the regional officer-involved shooting protocol.


Albuquerque officer shoots undercover cop 9 times in drug bust gone wrong





Stabber Fatally Shot By Deputy In California

deputy who shot a suspect after receiving a call for a disturbance in Mariposa County.

Deputies say on Saturday morning, shortly after 2 a.m., they received a call regarding a stabbing at a home located on Terrace View Lane.

According to deputies, 23-year-old Robert Logan, a transient recently staying in the home, had an altercation with one of the residents. During the altercation, Logan used a knife to stab the victim, causing puncture wounds and lacerations to his head and neck area.

Sheriff's officials say after stabbing the victim, Logan fled the scene in an unknown direction. Residents identified the suspect and gave a description of what he was wearing.

Around 3 a.m., deputies stated they received information that Logan may be near the Mariposa County Health and Human Services Agency Offices. Upon arrival, Deputy Slenders contacted Logan, who was shirtless and still holding a knife in his left hand.

Sheriff's officials say Logan immediately began to advance towards Deputy Slenders, swinging the knife and yelling. The deputy instructed Logan to “get on the ground,” “let me see your hands,” and “drop the knife.” Deputy Slenders fired one single shot in the chest area of Logan.

Deputies say that following the shooting, medical aid was provided for the suspect and they began lifesaving measures. Additional first responders arrived within minutes, including CAL FIRE and Mercy Ambulance.

Body camera footage of Muhammad Barakat shooting police officers.


Bodycam footage has been released of Syrian refugee Muhammad Barakat opening fire on officers on July 14th, 2023, killing 1 and injuring 2, before being liquidated by Officer Zach Robinson of the Fargo PD. Barakat was a "refugee" who was provided housing and welfare by the government after being granted political asylum in 2012.

The 37-year-old man who gunned down three police officers and a bystander on July 14 was asocial, had little social media presence, and his cellphone records listed just five calls in a recent week, according to North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley.

Why Barakat ambushed police officers with a high-powered rifle on 25th Street South is still not known.

So far, investigators have found no manifesto or anything linking Barakat to terrorist groups, Wrigley said.

Due to his asocial nature and evidence from his cellphone and computer, authorities believe Barakat was a lone-wolf attacker who was not networking with any co-conspirators.

Cop shoots man who draws a BB gun at gas station.

Carson Sheriff Station received a 911 call from a store clerk reporting a man causing a disturbance at a gas station. The caller said the man, later identified as 34-year-old Arturo Cernas of Los Angeles, was screaming at the gas pumps and would not leave. Carson Station deputies were dispatched to the call. Cernas eventually complied and got on his knees. Deputies repeatedly told him not to reach for anything. For approximately a minute and a half, Cernas remained on his knees with his hands on his head.

He suddenly reached into his right pocket for a cell phone and reached into his backpack. During this time, deputies gave repeated commands for Cernas to stop moving. Cernas then grabbed the pistol from his left pant pocket. When Cernas reached into his pocket and grabbed the pistol, one deputy fired a less lethal 40mm foam projectile. Cernas continued drawing the pistol and, almost simultaneously, a deputy discharged his service weapon. Deputies rendered medical aid until the arrival of Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics. Paramedics pronounced Cernas deceased at the scene. After the incident, it was determined to be a CO2 BB pistol which resembled a firearm.

Analysis: so I mostly want to focus on the psychology of the suspect here because I am not convinced this is suicide by cop, I think this is just stupidity. This guy, instead of listening to the police (what a novel idea) decided the cops would just let him do his own thing and not put his hands on his head attempting to discard the firearm of his own accord. This got him killed. Cop should have deployed the 40mm sooner. Might have given this braindead suspect more of a shot of realizing the cops are serious. I got the impression that he intended to throw the gun, not shoot with it. The way he grabbed it by the end of the grip, with just two fingers - he didn't grab it with a full grip as if he intended to shoot. Oh well, cops gave the guy more than enough warning and did a good job of seeking cover once the suspect made it obvious he likely had a weapon.


Leaders in the law enforcement community and those who train officers praised the work of the Allen, Texas officer who tracked down and eliminated a mass shooter in May 2023.

The Allen Police Department released new police body camera video from the Allen Premium Outlets on May 6th, 2023.

Eight people were killed, including three children, and at least seven others were injured at the open-air mall before an officer, who was in the area on another call, responded.

A Collin County grand jury returned a "no bill" for the use of force by the officer after reviewing the facts of the case.

The "no bill" indicated the use of force was justified under Texas law and no charges will be filed against them.

R.I.P. to the victims who lost their lives, and may their family and friends find peace.

Louisville Bank Mass Shooter Taken Down by Police


At about 8:30 a.m. Monday, 4/10/2023, Louisville Metro Safe received a report of shots fired and a possible active shooter at 333 East Main St. at the Old National Bank, next to Slugger Field.

Police said within three minutes of being dispatched, officers arrived on the scene and saw that the shooter was still firing gunshots. Officers exchanged gunshots with the shooter, and ultimately, the shooter died on the scene, according to police.

Officers Nick Wilt and Cory Galloway were the first to arrive on the scene.

From shooting to death of shooter, police said it took about 9 minutes.

Five people were killed in the shooting. All of the victims were employed at Old National Bank. They were: Josh Barrick, 40; Deana Eckert, 57 (who died in the hospital the same day); Tommy Elliott, 63; Juliana Farmer, 45; and Jim Tutt, 64.

The chief medical officer at University of Louisville Hospital said they had received nine patients, including two police officers, who were injured in the shooting. Three of them had been released later that afternoon, three were still in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and three who were critically wounded had required operations. One police officer required brain surgery.


The LMPD identified the perpetrator as 25-year-old Connor James Sturgeon (February 11th, 1998 – April 10, 2023), who was raised in Greenville, Indiana. Sturgeon attended Floyd Central High School in Floyds Knobs as a teenager. A former student told The Daily Beast that Sturgeon was a star athlete, and seen as a smart and popular student at Floyd Central. Another student claimed that Sturgeon was kept home for most of the eighth grade after repeatedly suffering concussions playing football. A spokesperson for Sturgeon's family confirmed that Sturgeon suffered several concussions. After graduating from Floyd Central in the spring of 2016, Sturgeon moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he attended the University of Alabama and graduated in December 2020, before moving back to Louisville where he was employed by the Old National Bank beginning in June 2021. According to a LinkedIn page, he interned at the bank over previous summers, and had worked full-time at the bank for nearly two years. A bank manager recalled him as being "low key" and "relaxed", and family members noted that he had depression. Several of his friends and members of his family expressed surprise over him being the perpetrator.

Prior to the shooting, Sturgeon messaged one of his friends stating that he felt suicidal and added that he wanted to kill as many people in the bank as he could, according to a police dispatcher. Sturgeon's Instagram account featured mostly pictures of his family and friends, and some dark memes. One had the caption, "I could burn this whole place down," another featured a gif of a scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens where character Kylo Ren says "I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it", and the last post before the attack said, "They won't listen to words or protests. Let's see if they hear this."

R.I.P. to the victims who passed away, and may their family and friends find peace.

On August 5, 2023, NYPD officers responded to a 911 call reporting a 21-year-old man threatening a family member with a knife at 540 Main St. The caller mentioned the man was off his medication and had used marijuana. Three officers entered an elevator to reach the man's floor, while two others prepared for backup by propping open the lobby door. Suddenly, the suspect emerged from a different elevator, wielding a knife and charging at an officer. The officer retreated, and the suspect then charged at the elevator with three officers. One officer used a Taser, and two others fired their service weapons, fatally shooting the suspect. Despite efforts to save his life, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital. No officers or civilians were injured during this incident.



Part of 🜏𝚂𝚒𝚛𝚒𝚞𝚜🜏 volume

Jerk Fired A Rifle From His Yard Until He Was Shot By A Police Officer

Crazed Carjacker Loses Shootout with Police

The shootout starts at the 4:40 mark, although the buildup is interesting, in my opinion.

An Oregon State Police trooper exchanged gunfire with a man who was holding the driver of a semitrailer at gunpoint along Interstate 5 in Salem, leaving the suspect dead, authorities said.

Trooper Andrew Tuttle stopped to help the driver of the disabled semitrailer at about 8:45 a.m. when he noticed the gunman, who immediately began shooting at the trooper, the Salem Police Department said in a news release.

Tuttle returned fire and the gunman ran into tall grass along the interstate, where he was found with gunshot injuries, the statement said. He died at the scene despite unspecified medical assistance, police said.

Police identified the man as Felipe Amezcua Manzo, 31.

A vehicle connected with Manzo was found at the scene and searched after police got a warrant. Officials did not disclose if anything relevant to the shooting was found inside Manzo's car.

Police said Tuttle suffered a minor injury. He is currently on administrative leave, which is standard in cases of police using deadly force.

The Salem Police Department is leading an investigation into the incident.

That part of Interstate 5, the main highway connecting California, Oregon and Washington state, was closed for about six hours.

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