Christopher Ponte, of Oregon CopWatch, filmed the police encounter on Southeast 148th Avenue early Sunday.



Daniel shaver being humiliated and killed by Mesa police (2017) <effort post mf>

On Jan. 18, 2016, six officers were called to a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, Ariz., after guests reported seeing a man with a gun in the window of a fifth-floor room. The video showed Mr. Shaver and a woman walking into a hallway as Philip Brailsford, a two-year veteran of the Mesa Police Department who was wearing the body camera, trained an AR-15 rifle on them. Daniel Shaver (victim) Officer Philip Brailsford

body camera footage shows a police officer shooting an unarmed man in an Arizona hotel after the man sobbed and pleaded with officers not to shoot him.

  • “Do not put your hands down for any reason,” he tells Mr. Shaver. “Your hands go back in the small of your back or down, we are going to shoot you, do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” a tearful Mr. Shaver responds.

  • But immediately after, the officer commands, “Crawl towards me,” prompting Mr. Shaver to lower his hands to the floor and begin moving toward the camera.

A police report by an officer who reviewed the footage offered two possible explanations for why Mr. Shaver had bent his arm, the movement before the gunfire. It was “a very similar motion to someone drawing a pistol from their waist band,” the officer wrote, according to The Atlantic — but it “was also consistent with attempting to pull his shorts up as they were falling off.” No weapon was found on Mr. Shaver.

2 years later and here's the outcome for the officer that pulled the trigger.

"Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 28, is now retired from the force with a tax-free pension worth $31,000 a year for life — and his attorney confirmed Friday that the settlement was a result of him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the shooting involving Daniel Shaver of Texas."

My personal opinion > I imagine having guns drawn on you and some dickhead making you play the ultimate game of simon says after having some drinks would make anyone nervous, i believe Daniel's gesture seemed to indicate he was pulling his pants up involuntarily, as a nervous reaction. Another thing, i don't understand why they insisted on making him crawl towards them instead of one officer approaching Daniel once he was belly down, hands spread, while the other officer kept him covered.

Suicide By Ohio Cops

Officers were dispatched to the Creekside Place Apartments on North Nelson Road on Feb. 22 on initial reports of a man, Colin Jennings, 26, cutting himself and fighting a person who called 911.

The call came from a man reporting that his boyfriend was attempting to harm himself with a knife, according to a spokesperson for the Columbus Department of Public Safety.

Body camera footage shows the officers approaching the entrance of the building, and then Jennings comes out, and both officers are seen with guns in their hands.

One of the officers approaching Jennings is heard saying, “I've got lethal force.” He then yells, “Drop the knife,” to Jennings before the other officer to, “Get your taser out. Tase him. Tase him. Tase him.”

WBNS reports that the spokesperson said Jennings started approaching the officers with a large knife raised in his right hand and repeatedly yelling the phrases: “Shoot me. I want to die.”

The video showed officers telling Jennings to back up and drop the knife, but he continued to approach them.

One officer fired their gun three times, striking Jennings at least once, while the other officer deployed his stun gun.

Medics transported him to the hospital, where he later died.


Full video:

1 January 2024

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Officials have released some of the body camera footage worn by law enforcement personnel during a fatal officer-involved shooting in Longview, Washington on New Year's Day.

The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office is releasing the video along with a summary of the investigation, which they said has been completed by the Lower Columbia Major Crimes Team.

In the video, a man can be seen inside a home. There is also a woman inside the home. Officers order the man out of the house and pull him away from the home entrance.

The man, clearly in distress, then pleads with the deputies saying, “Can I please just talk to her?” He is denied the request and then pleads again, saying “please don't hurt her,” before a woman officials identify as 29-year-old Katelynn Smith comes out of the house holding a gun.

Investigators concluded that officers fired at Smith, killing her, after she pointed a gun at them. Her gun never went off. The three officers involved fired 23 shots.

Officers Elijah Heston, Caitlyn Woolcott-Rose and Dylan Fletcher were named as the individuals involved in the shooting which took place in Longview on Jan. 1. All three officers provided statements to investigators.

Officers initially responded to a house at 2900 Columbia Heights Rd after receiving a call from a man who reported that Smith had assaulted him while attempting to take her own life.

The investigation included all three officers saying they believed Smith to be an “imminent deadly threat” to them prior to firing their weapons.

Outside the body cam footage, other evidence reviewed during the investigation included recordings of the 911 call, radio recordings, and interviews with witnesses and officers, officials said.


Full video:

8 February 2024

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. — On Friday, the Blount County Sheriff's Office released body camera and dashcam video showing the moments leading up to when Greg McCowan, a deputy, was fatally shot.

In the video, Shelby Eggers, another Blount County deputy, pulls a car over after seeing it cross over the double-yellow line several times. The car turns back into its lane as cars in the opposite lane approach. When Eggers turns on her cruiser's siren, the car stops in the road, blocking it.

"As anyone that watches the video can see, the subject was left-of-center for quite a period of time," said Kevin Davis, a law enforcement expert who watched the video.

She then approaches the car and asks the driver, Kenneth Wayne DeHart Jr., to pull into a nearby driveway. He pulls to the side of the road before Eggers approaches him again, asking him to pull into the driveway again. DeHart Jr. turns into the driveway and Eggers approaches him, both cars now off the road.

She tells him that he was "all over the road," and DeHart Jr. said he was pulling his hair up. He said he was driving back home after attending a high school sports game for his son, and later told Eggers he was in his grandmother's car after leaving his truck at home.

He gives Eggers a document when she asks for the vehicle's registration, and she walks back to her cruiser as he searches for documents about the car's insurance. Back at the cruiser, she calls McCowan about the traffic stop.

"So, the car smells like weed and he was in the opposite lane on Sevierville Road. Pretty sure I got a DUI, but I think it's weed. I don't think it's alcohol," she said during the phone call.

McCowan said he was on his way to Eggers and she got back out of the cruiser, approaching DeHart Jr. He tells Eggers he has several car insurance cards, but several are expired, and a person is heard speaking on his phone. He tells Eggers that it's his grandmother, and Eggers starts speaking with her before addressing DeHart Jr. again.

She tells DeHart Jr. that no insurance information was returned when she ran the license plate.

"I am going to have you step out, and hang out with me. I smell weed in the car, have you ever smoked weed in the car?" Eggers said in the video.

DeHart Jr. denies smoking weed and said there isn't any in the car. After his grandmother asks about the situation, he denies smoking weed to her as well.

"It's me, mamaw. I'm Black, and they're just being messy," he said in the video.

"It ain't nothing like that, brother," Eggers said in the video.

Davis said Eggers had probable cause to search the video due to the vehicle swerving as well as the odor.

"What she's trying to do is investigate further to establish the elements of the crime, to make a DUI arrest or some other type of violation. Now, she's within her rights to ask the subject to get out of the vehicle. That's a standard in law," said Davis.

In the video, DeHart Jr. asks deputies to bring a K-9 Unit to the car, but Eggers said they "don't hit on weed" and "there's no dog coming out here." She tells him her partner is heading to the traffic stop.

"I'm refusing the search," DeHart Jr. said on the video.

"There's no refusing ... I've got probable cause to search the vehicle because of the smell," Eggers said. "I'm not trying to be messy with you, brother. I'm trying to make this easy."

He continues refusing to exit the vehicle and asking for a K-9 Unit when McCowan arrives at the traffic stop. He immediately tells DeHart Jr. to get out of the car upon arriving.

"Here, it's multiple times where they give him, you know, loud, repetitive, verbal commands to get out of the car. He chooses not to," said Davis.

The deputies say they will pull him out of the car, and one opens the driver-side door as the window rolls up. DeHart Jr. immediately pulls it back closed, before deputies pull it open again. Eggers then starts struggling to pull DeHart Jr. out of the car, while McCowan pulls out a Taser.

"I'm not doing nothing wrong. Why are you doing this to me, man?" DeHart Jr. said in the video.

"Get out of car, Kenny. Go ahead, hit him," she said to McCowan.

He fires the Taser and demands he get out of the car. He seems unaffected until it's fired again, as the door closes. DeHart then starts screaming. The door opens again, and McCowan tells DeHart Jr. he may activate the Taser again. Meanwhile, DeHart Jr. is screaming, "Please, I didn't do nothing."

The Taser is activated again and McCowan slams the door closed before walking around closer to the front of the car, telling DeHart Jr. to get out of the car.

"The use of an intermediate weapon like the Taser, it seems appropriate at this point when they try physically to extricate him and he fights against them," said Davis.

DeHart Jr. then fires shots out of the window, and McCowan collapses. Eggers screams and collapses too.

In total, the Taser was activated at least three times and the gun was fired at least six times.

"Shots fired, shots fired. I'm hit," Eggers said as DeHart Jr. drove away.

After the gunshots were fired, DeHart Jr. is heard yelling expletives at the deputies while driving away. Eggers returned fire.

The video then documents responses from members of the community. She approached a car pulled over near the traffic stop and told a person inside that she was shot and needed help. The people inside immediately stepped out and helped her apply a tourniquet.

Eggers instructs the person on how to apply a tourniquet. Another person gets out, and both tell Eggers to sit down while she continues speaking over her radio.

"I think I'm about to go unconscious," she said over the radio as one of the people stood near her.

Another deputy eventually arrives, dragging her to his cruiser with help from the people. There, after a deputy appears to administer medical aid, the video ends.

Deputy Greg McCowan:

Tribute art by Jonny Castro:

Deputy Shelby Eggers:

Kenneth Wayne DeHart Jr.:

Statement from Blount County Sheriff's Office on 14 February 2024:


Kenneth Wayne DeHart was taken into custody a short time ago in Knoxville! Now the judicial process will take place in the court system. Thanks to all of our law enforcement partners and our community — Sheriff James Lee Berrong

He is considered being charged for first-degree murder:

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. — Kenneth Wayne DeHart Jr.'s case has been bound over to a grand jury after the state argued Tuesday he should be charged with premeditated first-degree murder in the Feb. 8 shooting death of Blount County Deputy Greg McCowan.

DeHart appeared Tuesday morning in Blount County General Sessions Court for a preliminary hearing in the shooting death of McCowan and the wounding of Deputy Shelby Eggers. Judge William Brewer sent the case for grand jury review following the two-hour hearing.

Authorities charged DeHart in warrants with the shooting. State prosecutors made the case for charging DeHart with premeditated first-degree murder in McCowan's death and attempted first-degree murder.

He is a convicted felon with records:

A man was also arrested for helping him to evade arrest




Georgia State Patrol Chase of Nissan Murano. Wild PIT, Rollover, and Body Ejection laying in the road. Wear your seatbelts!

From source

A Kingston man was shot by police after he stabbed two people on Thursday on Queen Street. Police sources have also now confirmed that two people have died as a result of the incident.

The Special Investigations Unit has confirmed one of the deceased was the suspect in the stabbing.

According to an SIU news release, Kingston police came upon a 22-year-old man attacking another 40-year-old man at Queen and Bagot streets on Thursday around 2 p.m. The 40-year-old man succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the attack.

One officer then shot the 22-year-old after he began attacking another individual. Soon afterward, the 22-year-old began harming himself, and another officer discharged his conducted energy weapon, according to the SIU release.

SIU say the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Four SIU investigators and three forensic investigators have been assigned to this incident. The post-mortem for the deceased suspect will take place on Friday in Kingston.


Guy causing problems on bus tries to grab an officers gun, consequences ensue :marseydoit:


Houston, Texas :marseyabbott: — On Sunday February 11, 2024, around 1:53 p.m., 36-year-old Genesse Moreno walk into Lakewood Church :marseypastor: with her 7-year-old son, Samuel Moreno. The suspect produced a rifle :marseykaiser: from under :marseyhandsup: the coat, forced their way into the lobby and began :marseyitsover: shooting. HPD Officer :marseycop2: C. Moreno, who was off-duty and working :marseylifting: an extra job at the location, heard :marseyjacksparrow: the shooting :marseyjamesholmes: and approached to investigate. At that time, Officer :marseycop: Moreno exchanged gunfire with the suspect. An off-duty TABC officer, also working :marseylifting: an extra job at the location, approached the scene :marseyarthoe8: and saw the suspect and Officer :marseycop: Moreno exchanging gunfire.

The TABC officer :marcuscop: also exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The suspect was struck multiple times. Houston Fire Department paramedics pronounced the suspect deceased at the scene. Her 7-year-old son was also struck during the exchange of gunfire. He is currently still in the hospital :marseyloss: in critical condition. A 47-year-old man was also shot in the hip. He was transported to the hospital :marseyloss: and later :marseywave2: released. The suspect claimed to have a bomb in her backpack, but when officers searched her backpack :marseymormon: and vehicle, they did not find any explosives.


The incident happened August 12 around 6:33 a.m.

Middletown police received a complaint about noise and breaking glass at 195 Liberty Street, officials said.

Body camera video released late Tuesday afternoon shows 52-year-old Winston Tate attack the officer with a hammer.

More than 20 Middletown police officers attended the news conference supporting Travis, who shot Tate while she was being attacked.

Tate was released from the hospital on Monday, the state said.

Police said Tate was charged with criminal attempt to commit first-degree assault, second-degree assault, assault on public safety personnel, and interfering with police.

He was held on a $500,000 bond.

Travis was taken to Middlesex Hospital for injuries. She was treated and has been released, according to the state.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing by the inspector general's office.


Full video:

6 February 2024

A Florida sheriff's office released bodycam footage on Thursday showing a man – who was shot and killed by law enforcement last week – charging at deputies with a knife in hand.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to 4717 Davisson Avenue on Feb. 6 after a man called 911 initially to report that his friend killed himself inside the home. He then said he could hear his friend screaming, but he did not want to go inside the home to see what was happening.

Shortly after two deputies arrived at the home, a man, later identified as 43-year-old Decarlos Cornelius Long, ran outside and charged the deputies with a knife in hand while yelling.

Both deputies, who have not been identified, fired their guns at Long and struck him. He was transported to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The sheriff's office said its policy is to publicly release bodycam footage within 30 days of "critical incidents," which includes use of force by deputies, as a commitment to transparency.

"We think it's important for members of our community to view the entirety of what is released, rather than rely on short snippets they may see elsewhere," the OCSO said in a Facebook post with the unedited footage.

The sheriff's office said both deputies approached Long after they shot him and kicked the "large kitchen knife a safe distance away" in order for Orange County Fire Rescue to "safely enter the scene," according to FOX 35 Orlando.

The knife, which was covered in blood, was described by law enforcement as a stainless steel kitchen knife.

At the time of the shooting, Sheriff John Mina said Long came out of the house with the intention of harming the deputies, so they "really had no other choice" but to respond in the way that they did.

"He was extremely agitated, holding a very large knife, and it happened in the blink of an eye," Mina said, adding that the sheriff's office has responded to that home at least 16 times over the past year for various reasons.

The sheriff also said Long likely had a history of "mental health issues."

The investigation into the deadly shooting remains active.

Decarlos Cornelius Long:

Mugshot from 07/05/2023

Twitter link:

Facebook link:

** WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised. **

As part of the Orange County Sheriff's Office's commitment to transparency, it is our policy to release body-worn camera video within 30 days of a critical incident, including deputy-involved shootings. We think it's important for members of our community to view the entirety of what is released, rather than rely on short snippets they may see elsewhere.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, deputies responded to 4717 Davisson Avenue in regards to a man who was harming himself with a knife. When deputies arrived, the man ran out of the home and immediately charged at the deputies with the knife. The deputies fired their weapons at the man and rendered aid. He was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The video is being released pursuant to the Orange County Sheriff's Office Release of Video Recordings in Critical Incidents policy. The investigation into the shooting is still under way.


17 February 2024

A New York man lunged at police officers with a knife Saturday morning after they responded to a domestic 911 call at his home – stabbing a rookie cop multiple times before another opened fire and killed him, bodycam video shows.

Speaking at a news conference outside Stony Brook University Hospital, where the injured officer was treated, Acting Suffolk County Police Commissioner Robert Waring said the suspect's wife told dispatchers "her husband was acting violent."

Three officers responded around 9:10 a.m., and two approached the front door. As soon as they got on the porch, Waring said, Taiquell Woodson, 33, charged out with a large knife.

The officer fell down the steps and into snow on the front lawn, Waring said. Woodson pounced, stabbing him multiple times in the right arm before attempting to stab him in the chest.

"Woodson jumps on top of him with a knife, and he starts stabbing the officer, clearly attempting to kill him," Waring said.

"Fortunately," he added, "the knife did not penetrate through the officer's vest.

The second officer attempted to use his Taser.

When that failed, the third officer opened fire. The whole fight lasted about 5 seconds, Waring said.

Doctors said the officer had additional injuries to his face, both hands and both arms and needed a tourniquet at the scene to stop the bleeding.

Officers and paramedics attempted lifesaving measures on Woodson, who was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The stabbed officer was driven to a local hospital, where emergency room staff "stabilized" him, before a helicopter carried him to a larger one in Stony Brook, where doctors treated "complex" wounds and possible nerve damage to his dominant hand.

"We're very fortunate that he's alive," Dr. James Vosswinkel told reporters outside the hospital in a news conference shared to the police department's Facebook. "And overall, these wounds were not life-threatening."

None of the three officers involved have been on the job for more than a year and a half, Waring said, before praising their training and response.

"I want to be clear -- this was a justified shooting," he said. "Without the decisive actions of these officers, one of our officers would've been killed…I am grateful that my officers will be going home to their families."

The injured officer has since been released from the hospital, police told Fox News Digital. Additional information about his recovery was not available.

Woodson had at least one prior arrest in Riverhead, New York, on a robbery charge.

News conference:

The commissioner told reporters that the incident had been captured on body-worn cameras, but that the footage would "not be released at this time."


Palmdale police shoot and kill murder suspect walking towards them with a knife

Original video:

Santa Clarita, California, United States

January 8, 2023

On January 8, 2023, at 7:15 a.m., homicide investigators were conducting a murder investigation of an adult female who had been stabbed to death at Spunky Canyon Road, mile marker 0.35, in the city of Santa Clarita. Deputies assigned to Palmdale Sheriff's Station were assisting homicide investigators by providing crime scene containment security.

As the deputies contained the scene, a male adult walked east on a private dirt access road adjacent to the road where the murder victim was discovered. The private road was secured with barbed wire chain-link fence. The male was later identified as 44- year-old Alon Foster, a resident of Lancaster. Deputies attempted to speak with Foster but he did not respond and continued to walk east on the dirt road. Deputies gained access to the dirt road and while continuing to speak with Foster, deputies saw Foster holding a knife in one hand.

Deputies continued their efforts to communicate with Foster for over 20 minutes. Deputies ordered Foster to drop the knife several times, but he refused and advanced towards deputies. A Sage Deuce 40mm foam baton launcher was fired at Foster but was ineffective and he continued advancing toward the deputies while armed with the knife, at which time a deputy-involved shooting occurred.

Foster sustained gunshot wounds to his torso. Deputies rendered first aid until the arrival the Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics. Foster was pronounced dead at the scene.

A knife, with an approximate eight-inch blade, was recovered at the scene.

There were no other persons injured in the incident.


The health condition of Sergeant Roger Dias da Cunha, aged 29, is irreversible, according to information confirmed by agents of the Minas Gerais Military Police (PM) in a press conference held this Saturday afternoon (6).

The information about the soldier's health status came just less than a day after the police officer was hit in the head by shots fired at close range by a criminal during an approach in Belo Horizonte, on Friday night (5).

According to Major Layla Brunella, spokesperson for the Minas Gerais Military Police, Roger was hit by two shots in the head, the projectiles of which are lodged in the sergeant's brain, with no possibility of removal.

He was also the target of a shot that hit an artery in his leg and caused bleeding, which was contained after surgery. The soldier's health condition, however, is still considered very serious.

The irreversible state means that, although the patient is still alive, he or she is in a terminal state, and no treatment is considered capable of improving the health status.

Two female police officers mistake friend of home-onwer as intruder

Dramatic new body camera footage showing Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies in Houston, Texas, opening fire through a window while responding to a reported break-in had been released last Saturday.

In the new body-worn video of the incident released by the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO), which spans about four minutes in total, two officers can be seen approaching an upstairs Houston apartment in the early hours of Feb. 3. A car alarm then begins to go off, and one of the officers says something to the other, and the two begin shooting after one of the officers allegedly spots Pouncy inside with a gun, according to HCSO. One of the officers re-loads their weapon and continues firing before the two retreat downstairs and notify colleagues through their radios that shots were fired. A gun was recovered near the apartment entryway after the shooting, according to HCSO.

Pouncy, 28, was visibly shaken as she recalled the incident that resulted in her being shot five times by police.

CHILD WARNING Gulfport police shoot and kill a teenager fleeing with a gun in his hand (multiple POVs)

Original videos:

Gulfport, Mississippi, United States

October 6, 2022

On Thursday, October 06, 2022, at 2:29 p.m., Gulfport Police Department (GPD) received a 911 call for service concerning a reckless driver traveling in the area of 8813 Lorraine Road, Gulfport, Mississippi. The caller advised that occupants inside a silver Kia Soul were brandishing firearms and wearing camouflage masks. At 2:42 p.m., GPD Officers Kenneth Nassar and Benjamin Ford located the aforementioned vehicle on Pass Road in Gulfport, Mississippi. The Kia Soul entered the parking lot of the Family Dollar, located at address 1016 Pass Road, Gulfport, Mississippi. Officer Nassar and Officer Ford followed the Kia Soul into the parking lot. Once the Kia Soul stopped, one of the occupants, who was identified as 15-year-old Jaheim McMillan, exited the right rear passenger seat of the vehicle while holding a pistol in his right hand.

Once exiting the Kia Soul, McMillan ran towards the front of the Kia Soul toward the front of the Family Dollar. About this time, Officer Nassar gave verbal commands for McMillan to "stop...drop it." McMillan did not comply. During the encounter with McMillan, Officer Nassar discharged his firearm while directing his firearm toward McMillan. As a result of the officer-involved shooting, McMillan received injuries to his body. McMillan was transported to Memorial Hospital (MH) at Gulfport to be treated for his injuries. McMillan was subsequently transported to USA Health University Hospital (HUH), in Mobile, Alabama. The State Medical Examiner ruled McMillan's cause of death as a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death as homicide.

Including McMillan, there were five teenage boys in the Kia, with ages ranging from 17 to 14 years old. During the time of McMillan's encounter with the officer, a 16-year-old had also fled the vehicle holding a pistol and ran toward the front of the Family Dollar, then along the left side of the building toward a wooded area. A second responding police officer pursued the teenager on foot. The 16-year-old later told police he dropped his gun during the pursuit and remembered hearing a taser fired in his direction. The officer eventually caught him and took him into police custody. Because the other officer was in pursuit, the officer who shot McMillan believed he was alone with the other three teenagers who had been in the Kia, so he turned his attention to them. When other officers arrived, the other three teens were taken into custody.

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