Any high res execution vids?


Pamela Mastropietro's decapitated head?

Italian woman murdered by an illegal Nigerian. Her father released an image of her being decapitated according to this article (https://www.lettoquotidiano.it/2019/08/29/omicidio-mastropietro-zio-avvocato) but I can't find it. Anyone have it?

Use of a weedwhacker as a torture implement?

I was using a weedwhacker earlier today and was thinking “you know, this would actually be a pretty fucked up way to torture someone” I mean it's basically an auto-whipping machine.

Any content that uses a weedwhacker in this manner? I'd be surprised if this hadn't been thought up by some psycho before.

It's a very og video actually, and is found in YouTube, the video starts with a guy singing a xxxtentancion song which I don't know the name of, then the father starts rapping while the song still is playing in the background, and at exactly 0:40 the guy starts singing again, and as I didn't mention, the guy singing is the gunman. The one rapping is the father. The original cut post name was "His Last Words Before Being Shot Infront Of his Daughter" can anyone find the video for me please? And also tell me if it's staged in the comments, thank you

I want to see some old isis videos

I want to see old isis videos

Electric Chair Deaths

I was wondering, are there any videos of people dying in the electric chair?

Kind Regaaards


Looking for an old video

Please help me, I'm looking for a video of a girl who shoved a knife in her puszy, I know it sounds weird but it's an OG gore video I'm trying to find for my friend, thank you (I think it was a dagger not a knife idk)

Searching For This ISIS Video



Hello Guys, I hope you are all healthy, here I want to ask something, maybe someone has seen the video from the frame above? I've been looking for the video since 1 year ago, maybe it's a video from Jihadi John, I've found it, but only briefly on YouTube

I remember the video footage of a prisoner digging in the ground and someone (probably Jihadi John) standing delivering a message with an ISIS flag next to him.

Maybe if it has been posted here, please give a link in the comments, thank you

If you want please help me out

Pirate Shootouts

I'd be interested to see some somali pirate or something similar. I see we have 1 or 2 videos but not many. Who's with me?!


Searching for Mother / Daughter Shooting Video

I saw a video a few years ago where an Asian woman was in the back of a car with multiple bullet wounds but alive. Her toddler daughter was in the back seat with her, also suffering from gun shot wounds. They were both still alive, but definitely on death's door. The toddler was crying and in pain, and the mother was so scared she couldn't even console her dying daughter. I think the story was that the woman somehow came across some money, either lottery or insurance, and she was robbed for it. I believe it happened in the Philippines, but I can't find the video anyway. I tried googling, but nothing even close. This would definitely be an insane video here, very hard to watch.

Please help me here guys/girls.

Yo this is my first post Ehm it's kinda gore related or beheading


I need to know the name of this song

In the background

I know so much that the original song is

“your bitch chose me feat. the k.a.s “

But I can't find that Spanish version I'm assuming it's Spanish?

But yeah I would appreciate if you guys could help cuz that shit slaps!

Take care!

Any American soldiers kill drug dealers

Need us solders killing people

i've always wondered how painful it might be or if the lava jus burns your skin so fast that it just kills all your nerve endings and it's painless ty 🤝 :popcatpat:

What is this?

I've been seeing post of this around TikTok (which were taken down fast) and does anyone know what this is and the story behind this? I wanna say they look like bodies crushed together but I'm not sure


Spice(K2) overdose video

I remember my friend showing me a video couple months ago of like 3-4 kids smoking spice at a bench. There was this Asian kid in the video that started seizing and coughing up blood after hitting the joint (or bong i don't remember)

Anybody got some videos of death by chemicals?
Hi! Im new!

Hello everybody! Do u have any funny video here like someone getting killed on his live or smth?

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