Colombian girl jumps

Asian girl jumps off bridge


It's a video I downloaded from a certain website before. The content is that when I went up the stairs, there was a body of a white woman hanging herself and I was filming her. It's a video, but I wonder if there are any more videos afterwards or if anyone knows of any future stories.

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that is she's picture

Woman runs into train tracks


Lmk if this is a repost+link

Asian girl allegedly commits suicide (apparently in taiwan


30-Year-Old beauty Commited Suicide by Jumping from the 8th Floor of her Apartment Building

Retired police commit suicide

a retired former police officer, rank of Police Lieutenant, 77 years old, was found sitting on the floor leaning on the sofa. Wear a white polo shirt Wearing black long jeans There was a severe wound on the top of his head missing. Blood and brain splattered all over his shirt and sofa. On the floor near the left hand, a .357 caliber revolver was found. Investigating the deceased's wife, they learned that the deceased was resting in the bedroom on the second floor of the house. He was resting on the ground floor of the house. Heard the sound of a gunshot, so he went up to take a look. During that time, another gunshot was heard and the deceased was found lying in a pool of blood. There was a gun on the ground next to his left side. whose husband is a retired police officer Initially, investigators sent the body for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death before giving it to relatives for further action. Reporters reported that before the police lieutenant committed the incident, at approximately 4:40 p.m., the deceased did a live broadcast through his personal Facebook page. while saying, “Sigh, it's time now. who had to end his own life I wasn't very happy while I was there. There's just something frustrating. There are only things that make you unhappy. At the end of life I bid farewell to all my friends and relatives.” The deceased then picked up the gun used in the incident and showed it in front of the camera and said, “This is the gun that will take his own life today.. And please pass this on to his son. Please make a funeral for your father. Did you hear that, child? Father's life is no longer happy at this age. Dad, I'd rather die than stay." After finishing speaking, the deceased used a gun to fire one shot into the ceiling and said, "One shot has already taken place. The second shot was to take his own life. Look, his wife doesn't care about us at all. She only scolds us and scolds us." Before the deceased pretended to sit down, he lifted up his gun and pointed it at the back of his head before immediately pulling the trigger and taking his own life.

Man shoots his wife then shoots himself (France)

iraqi guy suicide by burning himself


Philippines Incident

Man End His Life For A Woman :marseysexylibrarian:


A young man who fell out of a 17-storey building on Enthusiastov Street died on impact in front of his child. The shocking footage was shot point-blank a couple of hours ago by the intercom camera.

Residents who found the body at the door of the entrance called an ambulance - the medics declared his death. Emergency services are working at the scene, establish the identity of the deceased. Of the eyewitnesses living in the house, no one identified the guy.

man shoots himself in shooting test :marseygunshotsuicide:

girl screaming before she falls down

Bob8466 for president


full stream :) from before the jump, up until the police come and shut the live off.

more info:

A teenage girl livestreamed her death by apparent suicide on Instagram on Sunday, prompting several viewers to alert the police, officials said Monday.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station said the victim, whose name and exact age was withheld, died after falling from a 19-story building near Gangnam Station at around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. She reportedly suffered from severe depression.

It is unclear how many watched the suicide livestream, but police said they received “several” reports from viewers.

Police investigating the case said there is little evidence to suggest that the death was not a suicide. They noted that the teenager had entered the building alone.

According to local reports, the victim had initially planned to die by suicide with an online acquaintance. However, during their meeting on Sunday to carry out their plan, the other individual withdrew from the agreement.

Legal experts have suggested that the individual who backed out may face charges of assisting suicide.

The girl who committed suicide, mentioned in the media, had used the name of the former President 'Roh Moo-hyun', who had died by suicide, as a nickname on the depression forum (gallery) of the Korean internet forum DC Inside, where she had posted multiple prostitution-related articles and bragged about the profits she had made from them.

Prior to the incident, the girl had been in contact with a man active in the same forum. They intended to carry out a joint suicide according to the man's plan, but he ultimately fled, leaving her to proceed alone.

In addition, this forum has had numerous cases of repeated drug-related sex crimes against minors, carried out by male groups like "Sindaebang Fam" and "Busan Fam." These cases, which were not covered by the media, have been brought back to attention because of the recent event, leading to the possibility of becoming the next Nth Room scandal.

Driver commits suicide by driving right into a Truck.

Accident Chelyabinsk region, the driver of Vaz 21099 deliberately drove into the oncoming lane in the forehead of the car Kenworth T2000, thereby committing suicide.

It happened on the January 31th, 2012 in Russia.

Cammer is alive, he posted the crash by himself.




This Thursday, February 29, an unfortunate event occurred in the Santa Cruz capital, where a teenager lost her life after falling from the tenth floor of a building located on Banzer Avenue fourth ring at the height of the mall Las Brisas.

Bystanders captured the moment when the minor was being held by a person who was apparently trying to save her, minutes later it was seen as she fell.

Police officers together with homicide personnel are at the scene conducting the respective investigations to determine the causes of this incident.

According to a preliminary police report, this is a student who would have taken the decision because of sentimental problems, after the investigations in her cell phone they found messages for which they handle this hypothesis. They assure that a security guard of the building tried to stop her but was unsuccessful.



As requested by @PewienCzlowiek, here is the post with some informations.

Happened on February 27, 2024 on Kijowska Street, Warsaw, Poland [52°15'01.9"N 21°02'38.9"E]

Local news site "Miejski Reporter" made a post about this incident at 3:15 pm so it happened around that time, maybe an hour earlier.

Young man (age not provided) jumped from a roof of six floors multi-level parking lot. He died on spot.

He jumped, while emergency services were already on spot.

Police didn't provide further informations about the incident.

Video from the scene:


Miejski Reporter

Earlier posted here.

Man gets tasered and jumps off bridge and dies

England, Londen. Oladeji Adeyemi Omishore was 41-years-old.

The man who died after being Tasered and jumping from a London bridge.

Neighbours are said to have named Oladeji Adeyemi Omishore, 41, as the individual who died in the incident.

Mail Online reported that the Pimlico 41-year-old has a history of mental health problems.

The website added that a neighbour, described him as a ‘really nice guy' and said they saw police searching his flat.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating the incident on Chelsea Bridge, which arose after police were called to reports of Mr Omishore shouting incoherently and holding a screwdriver.

He struggled to battle the tide and breathe but was pulled to safety by the RNLI before being taken to hospital, where he later died.


I only know that was at Kijowska street in the capital city of Poland. This happend two days ago (27.02)


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