Man Hit By Train In India

No context. Looks like suicide tbh, buddy ran in front of the train

Volcano suicides?

It's fairly rare, but I have heard of some people jumping into volcanoes or lava flows to commit suicide. Does anyone have any pictures or recordings showing anything like that?

I know for a fact that people have tried it, and that it's an unpleasant way to go. Because you don't just melt instantly like Smeagol in LotR, but that it cooks you for a few minutes beforehand, like being boiled alive.

On a sidenote, excuse me for any misspellings. I'm feeling pretty toasted right now...

A jumper in iran

Why feet first?

Single Barrel Shotgun Suicide
Guy jumps off a skyscraper in New York

Season 3 Episode 2 of The Boys be like

oh fuck I forgot to put the video in the actual post

Angles make all the difference


suicide bomber detonates, three blown into nothing but human shrapnel

at least the dude in white doesn't have to worry about walking around with a stained white shirt on now anymore

Suicidal man falls onto a bus


Suicide man gets ran over by truck + aftermath


Woman overdoses on alcohol? (Request)

Looking for the photo of a woman who overdosed on alcohol. She seems to have died by choking on her own vomit after drinking.

man touches wires above train, bursts into flames and drops dead

i did see comments on the original post of people asking if this was intentional or just an accident from being a dumbass, but this was an intentional act of suicide

if youre feeling depressed or have suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide hotline at 1-888-8374 and someone will speak with you right away

Suicide backflip

So I once went to reddit. It was morbid reality or something like that and found a google files link for a video of this Swedish dude committing suicide in many different ways at the same time. He cut his wrists overdosed shot hanged and blew himself up. I wanted to find it again but lost the link

Guy jumps from apartment skip to 1:25 for death

No info, from an ogrish dump. Assuming he jumped because his pals, or whoever they were, had already jumped themselves.

Suicide video request

I remember a video I saw on LiveLeak. (I think) it was Russian and someone was standing infront of a tall apartment building and filming two guys that were high or something that fell or jumped out and splatted on the ground right infront of the guy recording. Maybe they even landed on a fence, might be wrong! I remember it to be quite the clip since it was so up close! Hope someone can help me!

In need of suicide tips photos

I need some suicide tips photos I think that they are fun to collect and no I don’t need help so don’t comment with talk to someone I assure you I am not suicidal

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