Today, Tuesday, the city of Matay in Minya Governorate witnessed a tragic accident, as a student committed suicide by throwing herself in front of an Upper Egypt train.

The security services in the Minya Security Directorate received a report from the Rescue Operations Room containing a notification from Major General Hatem Rabie, director of the directorate's investigations, stating that a run-over accident had occurred at the Mattai railway station.

Ambulances and police moved to the site of the accident, where the initial inspection revealed that a student named “F-K-W,” 19 years old, residing in the city of Mattay, was killed after throwing herself in front of the Upper Egypt train.

The student's body was transferred to the morgue of Matai Central Hospital, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which investigated the incident and prepared a report on the incident.

Woman casually ends her life by getting in front of the train




The cause of suicide was on June 11, BJ Imbley participated in a drinking mukbang organized by God Sung-eun. At this time, a female BJ named Emotional Yeo-ul poured out insults, verbal abuse, and ridicule words to Imbley. When Imbley cried, Emotional Yeo-ul continued to make insulting remarks, such as asking her to cry at the wall because she was unlucky. When the situation became serious, Imbley was sent home by God Sung-eun, and Imbley responded that she had called her baby after receiving various comments from Emotional Yeo-ul, but Imbley went on a rampage because she couldn't control her feelings she had endured, and when she went to the bathroom and tried to go back to her room, she blocked the door from the inside and did not open it this time. Afterwards, Imbley had no choice but to go home after being declared a boycott of the union in relation to the distribution of profits, called, but no one answered the phone, and after seeing that there was sexual harassment, she ordered her to take the line with a head start, and then gradually raised the level, treating it as content for cooking like sandbags and cooking, and malicious rice cakes.

Eventually, around 10:27-28 p.m. on June 11, 2023, Imbley attempted suicide by hanging himself in the bathroom of his home with YouTube Live on. Dozens of minutes after the live was turned on, the police arrived at Imbley's home and transported her to the hospital. However, he failed to regain consciousness and died a week later on June 18.

Imbley wrote a suicide note before attempting to commit suicide and added it to the last line, pointing to the names of God Sung-eun and Crown Prince. According to users who watched live broadcasts of other YouTubers at the time, God Sung-eun, Crown Prince, and Emotional Yeo-ul, among those who criticized Imbley, heard that Imbley was praying for suicide in real time during their broadcast, and they did not stop mocking him, saying, "He can never commit suicide."

In addition, Emotional Yeo-ul (the victim in ) made raw criticism and unspeakable verbal abuse that mixed swear words, and the victim's condition was ignored and thought that he would not die, crossing the line for a long time.

God-sung also said that it was not himself who made Imbley attempt suicide, but the haters who were there at the time,

Since then, they have been informed that they eventually died on June 18, and Emotional Yeo-ul posted an apology, and God Sung-eun also says she will cooperate with the police sincerely.

Name Lim Ji-hye (1986-2023)

Divorced from her husband, she has only two children left

Originally, he was a model, an actor, and then worked as an Internet broadcaster.

Lim Jihye's YouTube account at the time

Instagram account

X (formerly Twitter) Account

Africa TV Account

As a side note, the video above is not a full video

At the time, the full suicide video was closed to the public

one's will at the time

Dear Seoha, AROHA

From the day you came to my mother's body to this moment

It was such a big happiness for my mom and the biggest reason for my life

My dear daughters, I'm sorry for being a shameful mother

There's not a single fault you guys have done

I hope you don't feel guilty in your life

It was more precious than my life and I cherish and shine, Seo Ha AROHA

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry

I hope that you don't feel the absence of your mom in the future

I'd like to ask my ex-husband, Kim Dong-seop

I hope you'll always be there for me

I promise... Seoha, AROHA, I'm so sorry

And I always love you more than anything

And the crown prince, "Seo Eunseok" Godseong, who made me want to die

80-year-old jumps off a building

On September 22, 80-year-old retired teacher Zhang from Yuhui District, Bengbu, Anhui Province, was diagnosed with cancer and couldn't stand it. He was afraid of dragging down his family and losing both life and money, so he chose to jump off the building.

A 57-year-old man died after being hit by a school bus while crossing an avenue in Itajubá (MG). The accident happened at around 6pm on Avenida Padre Lourenço da Costa Moreira.

The police said the incident was registered as a traffic accident. The bus was taking teenage students to Wenceslau Braz.

The police were called and were at the scene. The Civil Police will investigate the causes of the accident.

José Alencar Silva's body was taken to the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) in Itajubá. The funeral home has informed us that there will be no wake and there are no plans for burial.


Randomly found the video on discord, don't know any information about the tiktok account. 😅



Bro is burned inside :marseyretard2:



Russian man in jail commits suicide by stuffing a towel down his throat (at 0:53)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

February 16, 2023

St. Petersburg investigators became interested in the circumstances of the death of a 48-year-old man involved in the bribery case, which was initiated against employees of the MREO and driving schools. According to the press service of the regional department of the UK, the death in the temporary detention center gave rise to a pre-investigation check.

The security forces have appointed a forensic medical examination and are finding out the details that preceded and accompanied the incident. The issue of initiating a criminal case will be resolved in the near future.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs had previously stated that, apparently, the person involved, who was detained and awaiting the election of a preventive measure, committed suicide. On the morning of February 17, he was found in a cell without signs of life and with a towel in his mouth.

The case of bribes in driving schools was initiated under part 3 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code. According to investigators, car licenses were systematically sold to citizens in a corrupt way in the absence of the required driving skills.

Cutest Overpass Jumper Of The Month? (Girl jumps off of overpass)

The police robber who had a bullet in his head died after agonizing for hours in the Emergency Hospital. Nicolás Loases (35) was a sergeant of the Police of Córdoba and had shot himself after stealing a car and being cornered by his colleagues.

According to what was reported from the health center, the death occurred minutes before 1:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Loases was the protagonist of a spectacular crime spree on Friday morning. It all began in Nuevo Poeta Lugones neighborhood, where he stole a white Chevrolet Prisma car from a woman at gunpoint.

The vehicle was found moments later in Puerto Rico 2000, in Talleres neighborhood. It was abandoned there by the man who escaped on foot because he was being chased by the police. A video shows the seconds before the thief was shot and shows how he jumped over the fence of a house and tried to escape through the roof.

However, when he was cornered, he shot himself in the head at least twice. He was left lying on the porch of the house unresponsive and was transported to the Emergency Hospital. "He had loss of encephalic mass, everything would indicate that he was shot himself", said a high judicial source consulted by on Friday afternoon.

The force indicated that the agents had also responded with their weapons at the intersection with Loases. Although their intervention is being investigated, for the moment there are no charges against the officers.

According to the prosecutor Raúl Garzón, in charge of the case, the police robber was performing non-operational tasks in the force and did not carry a regulation weapon.


I remember this fan made lyric video from years ago, it was taken down from YouTube but I found it again recently, yey.



Ive posted this in the past but i found more content now and context

Video of the Pole Being Removed From His Ass:

a French voice can be heard saying: “He hit the pole” and a second man can be heard: “Yeah, he's impaled on the pole.” A woman's voice then adds: “It's not a fake video is it?”

The CCTV footage that was filmed by the police officers was then shared on WhatsApp with other police officers before being released into the public sphere.

And there was also a second video that was filmed either by a medic or fireman at the Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) that shows the bollard being extracted from the man's body.

It shows the critically injured man lying naked with a cardiac message machine in action on his chest and surrounded by three caregivers in green codes and a firefighter and a white vest as they remove the side of the pole from the man's body.

A man's voice can be heard saying “Oh misery! Oh, the cow! Oh, fuck! Ah! But what a horror! What a horror,” which is cleanup genuine sentiment as he then chuckles, before adding with a sneer: “It's good, saved, so!”

The AP-HP confirmed that the video had been shot in one of its facilities, apparently at the Beaujon hospital in Clichy.

They confirmed that the footage is genuine, although not something that happened recently as some Spanish media have been reporting.

French officials also ordered an enquiry to work out how images of the man ended up being shed by police and also how they were shot at the hospital.

The usual story presumably correct reported that the man had jumped on September 27 and was alive as firefighters, medics and police fought to save his life. He died after being removed from the pole one hour after he was delivered to the hospital.

Lawyer Tewfik Bouzenoune for the family of the man who died, aged 26, said it was a disgusting invasion of his privacy and demanded maximum punishments for the police officers and hospital officials responsible for releasing the two videos.

Edit: Holy shit i got a famous video!




what a fucking combo

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Without watermark:

credits to @Bathory

Man released from jail jumps under a dump truck's wheels (+ aftermath)

Tagbilaran City, Philippines

February 15, 2023

A man who was recently released from jail died after he was hit by a dump truck along a busy street in Tagbilaran City at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Police Staff Sgt. Mayjurricko Arawiran of the Tagbilaran City Police Station said Nicolas Lacea, a resident of Barangay Booy in the city, sustained severe injuries after he was run over by the Isuzu dump truck causing his instantaneous death.

Based on a closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) footage obtained by the police, Lacea appeared to have intentionally lunged into the direction of the moving dump truck along JA Clarin Street near the Philippine National Bank.

He was then hit by the middle wheel of the truck causing him to be crushed by the heavy vehicle.

Personnel of the Tagbilaran City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office rushed Lacea to a hospital but he was declared dead on arrival.

According to Reynaldo Palma, 51, who was driving the truck, he did not notice Lacea as the latter went under the truck. He claimed that he only saw Lacea when he felt the bump after running over the victim and checked his side mirror.

Palma was placed under police custody pending the filing of charges against him for reckless imprudence resulting to homicide.

According to Arawiran, Lacea was arrested last Monday for an estafa charge but was released on the same day after posting bail. Lacea paid P18,000 for his temporary liberty.

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