Douglas de jesus Vieira suicide ("Partially lost")

On social media, military police officers are linking the soldier's death to the lack of payment, as security servers are receiving delayed payments., on January 11th 2017, Douglas also complained about the lack of payment in a Facebook post. "I need to get paid, my bills are due," the officer wrote, alluding to the song 'Deu Onda'.

Despite messages associating the PM's death with the crisis in the State, EXTRA heard from the soldier's wedding godfather and friend, Clenilson Cruz, who stated that there may be other motivations that led the PM to take his own life.

"He was very sad, very down. Besides the lack of payment, he was getting divorced and working a lot, doing private security. I am very sad because he invited me to go out yesterday and I didn't accept the invitation. If I had been with him, this wouldn't have happened. Unfortunately, only Douglas himself knew what motivated this tragedy. He was a guy who liked to enjoy life. I still can't understand what happened," he said.

Rayane Cristina dos Santos, 25, is still legally married to Douglas, but they have been living apart for a year. They have a daughter, Luísa, who is 1 year and 3 months old. According to Rayane, Douglas had a history of depression and had been hospitalized four times in the psychiatry department of the Military Police Central Hospital. The last time, he was hospitalized for a week after attempting suicide by ingesting alcohol and medication.

"He had a history of depression, but the last straw was the salary delays. He was very strict with his finances. In recent months, he often called me in desperation. He said he was in debt and didn't know how he would pay the rent," she said.

According to Rayane, Douglas called to let her know what he was going to do.

"He had threatened to kill himself before. Last night he called me, about 20 minutes before, saying what he was going to do, but I didn't believe him because he had said that before. He was a great father. He always asked me to speak well of him to her. Our daughter slept with him from Friday night to Saturday. I picked her up at 7 a.m. at his house, and that night, he killed himself," she said.

In the live broadcast, Douglas appears lying on his bed and interacts with the viewers watching him. "Hey, all good? We're together! I want to see who's up for watching something live. If you can't handle it, get out. Things are about to get crazy," says the police officer. He then points the gun at his head and fires. The video cuts off as the phone falls from Douglas's hand, and the image disappears.

The original and complete livestreamed is lost, only have this amatur recording make by a guy how watched the original livestrem

While the police officer was speaking, many people begged him not to commit suicide. "For the love of God, Douglas," "stop this!" "Why did you do that?" and "Douglas, stop fooling around" are some of the messages friends of the officer sent. The broadcast was only available to the soldier's friends.

A friend of the officer who watched the broadcast and prefers not to be identified said Douglas had made another video before the one that went viral on social media. According to her, those who saw the video believed the officer was making a "bad taste joke."

"In the first video, I even teased him, telling him to go to sleep, to say hi. This broadcast was about 10 minutes before the last one. He said there were many people who knew him only through social media and who didn't really know him. And he said he wanted to leave a message: that if we had a friend who messed up, another would give us a boost. He then mentioned the names of two friends and said that one day they would meet again. He put the gun to his head, blew a kiss, and ended the broadcast. Then he did the other one. Even a little after the shot, I thought he was making a bad taste joke. Then, we called several times and nothing. That's when I realized it was real," she said.

Douglas leaves behind a one-year-old daughter. According to Clenilson Cruz, the police officer's body was removed from his home in Brás de Pina, in the North Zone of Rio, around 5 a.m. this Sunday. Douglas's ex-wife and Clenilson are at the Medical Examiner's Office to release the body. There is still no information about the wake and burial of the police officer.



Today, walkers in the yard of the house on Preminina Street, 10 "B" reported that a teenager fell out of the window of the top floor of this building. Unfortunately, the young man crashed to death. The shocking picture caught the residents of the busy courtyard in the afternoon. Witnesses report that around three o'clock the young man's body was taken away by ambulance. According to their statements quoted in open sources, all this time the body was lying in the yard under a sheet.

The Investigative Committee confirmed the departure to the scene of the incident of several cars of law enforcement agencies. Judging by the available photos, there was also an ambulance at the scene. As it turned out, the ambulance was called by concerned witnesses, who very much hoped that the deceased could still be saved. Since the incident involves a minor, the UMVD department declined to comment with details of the incident.

Unconfirmed sources report that the moment of the fall of the guy was recorded by the camera of the "smart" intercom. While the investigation is underway, we can only speculate about what caused the death of the young man. The emergency services are investigating the incident in closed mode - that is the law.


The horrific incident involving Dagner Rojas and Sarah Arauco was filmed by witnesses in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia on Tuesday April 27.

In the video the pair were both seen falling separately from a 12th story window before the authorities were called to the scene.

They were both confirmed to have died upon impact, suffering some gruesome injuries.

One video shows Rojas dangle from the window before falling, with a second video showing the incident from a different angle.

Local media reports Rojas' potentially self inflicted fall was filmed by neighbors as it came just moments after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend from the same place.

Special Force Against Violence (FELCV) Director Jose Velasco said the authorities “are processing the scene” and that they “want nothing other than to do a serious job.”

According to local newspaper Milenio, neighbors claim they heard the couple arguing before they were seen falling from the 12th floor.

As a result, authorities are now investigating a possible femicide case followed by suicide but gave no further details.

A close source to the couple told the same outlet that, although Rojas had behaved “jealously” at times, the two had made plans to marry in May this year.

Sarah and Rojas had also participated in a discontinued local television show called ‘Calle 7' which saw several contestants complete challenges in groups to win a prize.

Mentally ill man jumped off inside a mall [Aftermath Included]


The iceberg of filmed suicides + links

After much research, I finally completed the iceberg of filmed suicides made by me. I was going to post it on the IcebergCharts website, but the owner of the site didn't allow me. So, I decided to post it here. I want to thank Watchpeopledie and the users here for helping me with my research. Thank you very much :marseythumbsup:

An iceberg is a large mass of ice that has broken off from a glacier or ice shelf and floats in open water, usually in the sea. In this case, the iceberg is used as a visual way to present information, trivia, or data on a particular topic, organized hierarchically, reminiscent of the structure of an iceberg. On the surface are the most basic or widely known pieces of information about the topic. As you descend through the layers of the iceberg, the pieces of information become deeper, more specific, obscure, or surprising. The idea is that most of the topics with interesting and lesser-known trivia are "submerged," just as most of the mass of a real iceberg is below the water's surface.

In this iceberg, topics go from the most well-known and remembered videos to the most forgotten and unknown ones, based on my research and opinion.

Iceberg Topics Videos:








HONORABLE MENTIONS (people I ended up not including in the iceberg for some reasons):

  • Michael Edward Pickels

  • Guilherme Tauci de Monteiro

  • Marcus Joanne

  • MinMin

  • Ramón Sampedro Cameán

  • Uğur Falay

  • Marion Perloff

This iceberg is dedicated to my favorite YouTuber,

Pedro nos rins

(Se inscreve ai você BR)



Bride jumps to her death.

No backstory.

Woman runs at truck and gets dragged with it.



A man of approximately 40 years of age took his own life this morning, when he threw himself from the top of line 3 of the Tlaquepaque Light Railway in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.

The subject climbed and slipped down to the area of the train tracks, in Central Nueva de Tlaquepaque. There he went over a guardrail, while some rescue elements arrived.

Before the eyes of the rescuers and other people in the distance, the man caused line 3 to be suspended to users.

It did not take long for the man to decide to throw himself into the void, suffering serious injuries.

A person managed to capture the exact moment in which the man threw himself and bounced, hitting his head. Subsequently, the subject lost his life.

man falling from high building



To the information that was given. Osman Beytekin, farmen man father of 4, became bankrupt a while ago which leading him to having a breakdown and he started using meds.

09.30.2017 He had enough. He went into a mosque and brought a gun with him. he walked in the mosque for a while then sat down and pointed the gun to his head but didn't do it at first. started walking again and sat down on the same place and shot himself.

Suicide from a grenade, police tried to stop him :marseygunshotsuicide:

Pls say if it is a repost

This happend in russia

Granade suicides are my fav suicides, I swear, change my mind :marseyretard2:


The man jumped from Sidi M'cid Bridge.

Video taken mid December of 2022 in Constantine, Algeria.


It was learned that Uğur Falay, who committed family massacre, had 20 criminal records for pickpocketing, drugs, intentional injury and theft.

Horror in Istanbul: He killed his mother and sister and committed suicide in the mosque

Uğur Falay, who was released from prison on leave 10 days ago in Bahçelievler, committed suicide by shooting his head in the mosque after killing his mother and sister.

In the morning hours, Uğur Falay (35) started arguing with his mother Hüsna Falay (59) and sister İrem Falay (22) at their home in Bahçelievler Hürriyet District Gülnihal Street for an unknown reason.

As the argument escalated, the person took out his gun and shot his mother and sister in the head. Uğur Falay, who later went to Nusretiye Mosque in Beyoğlu, shot himself in the head with a gun.

İrem Falay (22)

After the surrounding citizens informed the police and medical teams about the situation, medical teams came to the scene and determined that Uğur Falay had died. The moment of suicide was captured on the mosque's security camera.


  • After the examination, Uğur Falay's lifeless body was taken to the morgue of the Forensic Medicine Institute. It was learned that Uğur Falay was released from prison on leave between 15-25 March.


Police teams who went to Uğur Falay's house found two women's bodies lying on the ground. During the examination, it was determined that the bodies belonged to Hüsna Falay and her daughter İrem Falay. The lifeless bodies of the mother and daughter were taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute morgue for autopsy.


On the other hand, Falay's father was taken to the police station in Karaköy to be questioned. In his statement, Falay's father said, “My son was released from prison on leave a week ago. “I don't know why he did something like that.” said.

Mother Hüsna Falay (59)


Istanbul Governorship made a written statement about the incident. In the statement, "On 25.03.2024, at around 10.40, a person named Uğur Falay (he has a total of 20 criminal records for crimes such as pickpocketing, drug use, intentional wounding and theft) committed suicide with an unlicensed gun he was carrying with him, inside the Nusretiye Mosque in Beyoğlu district of our city. He lost his life. As a result of the study conducted on the person, it was determined that the person was released from prison on leave between 15.03.2024 and 25.03.2024.

When the person's home address was visited for investigation, Uğur Falay's mother Hüsna Falay and sister İrem Falay were found dead in their residence. As a result of preliminary examinations of the empty cartridges found at the suicide scene and at home, it was concluded that the same gun was used in the suicide and the murder of two women. The way in which both incidents occurred, in which a 7.65 caliber gun was used, will become clear after the criminal investigation. “The investigation regarding the issue continues.” It was said.,11DMOqjiUk6Fm10d_aK0-g


On January 28, 2017, 28-year-old military police officer Douglas de Jesus Vieira livestreamed his own death on Facebook. Serving in the 24th Military Police Battalion (Queimados) with six years of service, Douglas was facing a series of personal and professional challenges. He was going through a divorce, overworking in private security, and had expressed concerns about salary delays in a previous Facebook post. Friends and family indicated that, besides financial pressures, Douglas was struggling with depression. Moments before the tragic act, he called his ex-wife , warning about his intentions, but his threat wasn't taken seriously due to similar previous statements. The livestream was initially seen by friends as a possible tasteless joke until they tragically realized its reality. Douglas left behind a one-year-old daughter.

Douglas and his daughter:

Douglas Facebook post:

Douglas after the shot:


Refused his proposal so he jumped off a tower

Seven Storey Suicide in Turkey

girl jumps right in front of people

 follow for more
Pedophile jumps to his death :marseyclappingglasses: :marseyletsgo:

Took place in Mahoning county courthouse 2017

"Horror moment pedo jumps to his death from fourth-floor courthouse balcony ahead of death penalty murder trial for raping girl, 10, and killing her and her grandparents"

Robert Seman Jr, 48, was set for trial this week in Youngstown, Ohio, over the deadly house fire when he threw himself from the fourth-floor of the at the Mahoning County Courthouse.

His mugshot

His victim

He was being led by deputies from a courtroom after a status conference to a holding cell at the Mahoning County Courthouse in Youngstown when he killed himself.

Sheriff Jerry Greene said:"According to a couple of the attorneys and basically everybody there, it seemed like he was in pretty good spirits.

"He was talking about the future of his trial, and he just decided to jump."

Seman could have faced the death penalty if convicted in the deaths of 10-year-old Corrine Gump, 63-year-old William Schmidt and 61-year-old Judith Schmidt.

The alleged rapes took place over a number of years while Seman was dating Corrine's mother, Lynn Schmidt.

(any additional info left in comments will be added to the post!!)

Domestic violence suspect shoots himself in front of LAPD officers (at 0:45, multiple POVs)

Original video:

Los Angeles, California, United States

September 15, 2018

Los Angeles police released body camera footage Tuesday of a confrontation in September where a man accused of domestic violence fatally shoots and kills himself.

The incident occurred on Sept. 15 around 2: 50 p.m. outside the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart Division station.

Police said officers confronted an armed domestic violence suspect, identified as Tyler Evans, a Supercross driver who went by the name "One Punch."

The day before Evan's death, police say Evans' girlfriend reported an incident of domestic violence to officers assigned to the Rampart station. Evans was not at the scene at the time the report was made.

The confrontation started when Evans drove his girlfriend to the Rampart station to discuss the domestic violence investigation. She told officers Evans was waiting for her outside the station with a gun.

Police said the man was wanted for domestic violence and refused to listen to their commands.

An officer yelled, "'Tyler, get on your knees! Tyler, don't run! Get on your knees!'"

Despite the commands, Evans appeared to back away, and officers used a bean bag gun. Moments later, police say Evans turned the gun on himself and took his own life.

Bruce Thomas, a retired officer, said the officers did everything right.

"They knew he was a dangerous person, so they tried to stop him using verbal commands," Thomas said. "You notice they have one officer doing that so there's no confusion."

Evans' sister said on social media that their father recently died, and that may have contributed to Evans' suicide.

Re-uploading with additional POV I missed.

CHILD WARNING Schoolgirl jumped to her death from a building


After she flunked the higher mathematics test, her friends asked how she would face her parents at home. “I'll show you how,” was her response.

After keeping her bag at home upon return, the ninth grader of Holy Cross Girls High School in Dhaka went straight to the roof of the 10-storey building, where she resided with her family in a flat, and jumped.

She was still in her school uniform.

Bystanders shouted, cried and begged her not to jump as she was attempting to die by suicide.

Locals rushed her to a hospital where she was declared dead.

RUMOURS: she locked the rooftop gate so no one could enter to save her


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