Idiot Schoolteacher kills herself

if you're thinking about suicide, don't do it, or else you become a retarded looking pos like this lady

she could have been a mother to generations of good people. she could have been a giver. instead she will be remembered as retardo-lady that hung herself.

don't be a moron. stay safe. life might get a lot better.

Woman commits suicide by poisoning after divorce

Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, PE, Brazil - Date unknown, but it happened recently

A young pet shop businesswoman, identified as Andreza Moura Nunes, committed suicide by poisoning. She recorded a video directed at her husband before taking her own life.

Translation of the video:

“I don't want anyone to blame you (husband) for anything... I just want to live in eternity and that's it. I loved you with all my strength possible, I went through a lot, I stopped experiencing a lot to be with you, but that's how it is, we choose, we reap what we sow! So, I love you, I love you, I love you so much that it hurts me, that's why I don't accept sharing you with anyone and I'm not going to be with anyone after you, so I'm going to kill myself”, she said before drinking the poison.

Andreza was the owner of the Mundo dos Animais store. Her body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) in Caruaru.

Joyfull Ronnie McNutt:marseygunshotsuicide:


An audio recording made on November 18, 1978, at the Peoples Temple compound in Jonestown, Guyana immediately preceding and during the mass suicide and murder of over 900 members of the cult.

(EXTREMELY LOW QUALITY) Argentinian guy commits suicide by train, Train Engineer POV

black commits suicide in his room:wolfrope::wolfrope::wolfrope:

Last video of the day idiots <33

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man suicides by a gun (fake)

Couple commit suicide by hanging

9/11 jumper hitting lamppost

Low quality post

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