man puts poison in his sandwich and eats it
  • im not sure if he did end up dying or not

shuaiby suicide edit (MGMT - When you die)

Not the full video obviously.

In need of suicide tips photos

I need some suicide tips photos I think that they are fun to collect and no I don’t need help so don’t comment with talk to someone I assure you I am not suicidal

9/11 jumper hitting lamppost

Low quality post

black commits suicide in his room:wolfrope::wolfrope::wolfrope:

Last video of the day idiots <33

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Live suicide by gun

she does a little dance

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man suicides by a gun (fake)

Teen Hangs After Being Exposed as Slut

Arizona. 19 year old teen hanged himself after different pics and vids of him offering himself to be orally used in a very rough way by other likewise young guys were spread amongst the people he knew. His girlfriend was shown some of them by one of her female friends and she immediately broke up with him after that. His body was found by one of his relative, who before calling police threw a piece of clothing over the dead teen’s face, since the corpse had a pushed out and already a rotten color tongue.

Guy jumps from apartment skip to 1:25 for death

No info, from an ogrish dump. Assuming he jumped because his pals, or whoever they were, had already jumped themselves.

Sissy Kills Himself Over A Girl

[LIVELEAK]train POV suicide(censored)

anyone has the uncensored version, please upload. I have been looking for ages…

Suicide jumper, hit the train at Yokohama station!

A man can be seen being hit by a train in Yokohama, Japan, in this graphic video captured from inside the train.

The incident happened yesterday, when a southbound express train on the Keikyu main line between Kawasaki and Yokohama stations was arriving at Yokohama station.

Dad hangs himself in front of young son:#marseygasppat:

If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or have suicidal thoughts

Please call the suicide hotline: 988 suicide and crisis lifeline.

Avail e for 24 hours so please make sure you reach out.

I have no info on this video, all though it is sad and I pray that child is okay.

Idiot Schoolteacher kills herself

if you're thinking about suicide, don't do it, or else you become a retarded looking pos like this lady

she could have been a mother to generations of good people. she could have been a giver. instead she will be remembered as retardo-lady that hung herself.

don't be a moron. stay safe. life might get a lot better.

couple commit suicide together <3
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