guy helps his friend film his suicide

no idea why, looks indian enough

I'm gonna warn everyone now this is very sad very messed up what a dad did to his own baby daughter I wasn't even sure about posting this , it's just to sad hearing the baby cry

1st classic suicide live video posted to WPD when they were a new site sorry about the YNC watermark

Suicide or Accident? Dude falls under bus tyres and gets squished (AFTERMATH INCLUDED)

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Guatemala (lol) - May 30, 2023

On the morning of this Tuesday, May 30, motorists and passers-by who were on 3 avenue and 17 street in zone 1 of the capital city, alerted the relief services of a person run over at the scene.

Emergency units of Volunteer Firefighters arrived in a matter of minutes. Emergency medical technicians located a man lying in the street bathed in blood. When evaluating his vital signs, they found that he lacked them, so they notified the Public Ministry (MP).

So far the identity of the deceased man is unknown, it is only known that he is between the ages of 25 and 30, who wears a black shirt, blue shorts and red tennis shoes.

A video circulates through social networks which came out shortly after the event. In the images you can see the moment in which a bus passes over the rear tires.

Curious in the place report that the person was apparently going to buy something since he had a ticket in his hand, but accidentally fell. While others believe that he waited for the transport unit and waited for the right moment to launch himself on the rear tires.


Girl committed suicide at a waterfall

A Murder-Suicide in 1951.

Husband shoots wife, then self.

Pretty self-explanatory.

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