Dude jumps off a cliff into waterfall (aftermath included)

Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir, India - Date unknown

24-year-old mentally ill committed suicide by jumping into Aharbal waterfall in south Kashmir's Kulgam, officials said on Sunday.

They said Muhammad Arif Rather son of Bashir Ahmad Rather, a resident of Sunigam in Kulgam district appeared near Aharbal waterfall and in no time he jumped into it.

β€œA search and rescue operation was launched by rescuers and locals immediately, but the youth couldn't be saved,” they said.

A senior police officer told the Kashmiriyat that after strenuous efforts the body of the man was fished out by Police personnel from Manzgam police station and locals.

He further added that after completing all the legal and medical formalities, the body of the deceased was handed over to relatives for last rites.

Notably, India has one of the world's highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2021 Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions.

(Teen Warning) Teen girl jumps from building (aftermath included)

No backstory

Young man jumps from bridge in Mexico (aftermath included)

Arriagas, Chiapas, Mexico - Apr, 2023

Young man decides to end his life, throws himself off the "El Lagartero" bridge in Arriaga.

Some people tried to talk to him before he jumped, trying to convince him to reconsider but to no avail.

A man decided to put an end to his existence , because in an inexplicable way he crossed the brandal on the El Lagartero bridge in this city to throw himself into the void, in an event that was witnessed by locals from the area.

Neighbors in the area reported that the young suicide had recently left a hotel near where the events occurred, he was apparently under the influence of some substance.

They tried to convince him to reconsider but to no avail. It should be noted that some people tried to talk to him before he jumped, trying to convince him to reconsider, while they reported the fact to the authorities, requesting the immediate presence of the emergency services.

However, the they were barely able to start a conversation with the man, because in a matter of minutes he did not think about it anymore, so he ended up throwing himself from the top of the bridge.



Person stops their car on train tracks

Possibly Israel.

(CW) Jumper lands on woman who was working at a daycare in the ground floor, killing her.

No backstory.

After shooting his wife, dude shoots himself in the head

Uttar Pradesh, India.

Google translation of the article:

A young man first shot his wife and then committed suicide by shooting himself. Before firing at his wife, he started shouting loudly after reaching the cousin's house. When the neighbors came out and asked the reason, they were also shot. Although no neighbor was shot. A video of the bullet-injured wife has also surfaced. In this, she is suffering after being injured and people are making videos. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and sent both the bodies for postmortem. It is being told that Nasim, a resident of Makhiyali village, was married to Tamanna, a resident of Ghaziabad's Loni, four months back.According to the police, the marriage of Naseem and Tamanna was arranged by Naseem's cousin Saddam. Unhappy with this relationship, Naseem believed that Saddam had arranged a wrong marriage. Naseem and Tamanna often used to have quarrels and there was a fight between the two on Thursday late night as well.

After this, Naseem reached Tamanna's village Gadla, the middleman's cousin Saddam's village early in the morning and started shouting her name outside the house. Hearing the sound, Saddam didn't the neighbor come out and he asked Naseem the reason for shouting.

Enraged on this, Nazim opened fire on the neighbour. After this he went out of the motorcycle with Tamanna. Where outside the village he first shot Tamanna and then committed suicide by shooting himself. SP Dehat told that the bodies of both have been sent for postmortem. Is being investigated.

A video related to this incident has also surfaced. It is seen that after being shot in the chest, Tamanna kept on suffering on the road. However, instead of helping him, the people around kept making videos. Tamanna died on the road before the police arrived.

Saddam, who got Naseem and Tamanna married, has been detained by the police at the police station for questioning. It is learned that Naseem was in Saudi Arabia before marriage, where he used to work as a driver. Where did he get the pistol from, does he have any criminal history. The police is also probing this.


Dude jumps from bridge while the crowd plays Woody Woodpecker at Niagara Falls


Man commits suicide by train after chatting with friends


Japanese Man Records Suicide By Hanging

Japanese Man Records Suicide By Hanging

Actual hanging begins at the 6:00 minute mark

R.I.P. to the man, and may his family and friends find peace.

Naked guy walks in front of car and gets slammed

Another man kill himself on TIKTOK livestream

Turkish father kills himself on Facebook live (No Watermark + Full Video)

https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16952836661408334.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16952836662613497.webp

Ayhan Uzun, Aged 54 year old

The incident took place in Yavuz Selim District of Kayseri. According to the information received, 54-year-old Ayhan Uzun wrote 'there is a live broadcast in the evening' on his Facebook. Uzun, who runs a Tekel dealer, later wrote on his social media account, "It is my will that those who put me in this situation should not come to my funeral."

Uzun then started broadcasting live on his social media account at around 22.30. Reproaching his relatives for about a minute, Uzun said: "On my daughter's happiest day, they call me and say, 'Dad, come for dessert. (Sweet meal: engagement) It's like they are calling me from hand to hand. On this happy day, no one asked me to come to us. No one asked for news from me. Nobody treated me like a man. The man who was to be my father-in-law came to my mat and gave me my daughter without having any right over my children. No one asked me why this man's father was not dead. Even though he had no right over my children, he passed on and gave me my daughter. However, I expected this from my daughter and my family. I wanted them to say, 'Dad, come and be with us. My wife called and told me. I said, 'You came to me?' Even though I asked if I didn't come, my wife said 'Are we going to come to you?' Maybe some of you will call this a show. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. "After a while, I will end my life with the gun in my hand."

Saying these words, Uzun said goodbye, even though his followers said 'don't', counted to three and ended his life by shooting himself in the head with the gun in his hand.

After the incident, his relatives ran to the house where Uzun lived, but came across Uzun's body.


Source: https://www.haberekspres.com.tr/kizinin-evliligine-sinirlendi-canli-yayinda-intihar-etti

man sitting in back of his truck blows his brains out

Indian TikTrash suicide of a man

Man jumps in front of train in Uttar Pradesh.


Man determined to kill himself carefully lines himself up to be sure he lands head first - man dives off overpass landing on the top of his head

first post btw :)


March 4, 2022 Man working in a junkyard gets his head sliced off by a hydraulic scissor machine (looks like suicide or stupidity)

(CW) Woman commits suicide with her child at Bhayander railway station

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 2018

A woman committed suicide with her child by jumping on railway tracks at Bhayander railway station. The tragic incident took place sometime around last week in Mumbai and was caught on CCTV camera. In the video, a woman with a toddler in her arms can be seen waiting for a train at the platform and as soon as the train approaches the station, she quickly lies down on the track. The driver applies brake on seeing the woman and her child, but the train stops only after crushing both.


:!marseytwirl:Doing the Hemp Jig:marseytwirl:

Seriously, tho... don't hang yourselves.

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man forgets to die after shooting himself in the chest

Man jumps off crane onto train tracks

No backstory.

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