Infamous Cinderella Man Video

possibly a repost, not sure

(Classic Video) Paris Lane Suicide With Pistol


The young man, Paris Lane, 22, of Harlem, used a 9-millimeter handgun to kill himself on March 16 in a lobby at the Morris Houses project in the Bronx, where he had been visiting his girlfriend.

Mr. Lane and his girlfriend standing near an open elevator door. She pulls her hands across her face as if wiping away tears and kisses him briefly, then they hug for a long moment, until she gently pulls away and steps into the elevator.

Mr. Lane waits for the elevator door to close, stares at it for a second, then pulls out the gun, puts it in his mouth and fires once, falling to the ground.

Bronx, USA



Man jumps at train. Gets yeeted and knocks two people down like a human bowling ball. Bodyparts fly everywhere.

Tags: train, suicide, yeet, jump, bench, wii bowling


This happened at the Beit Yeshoshua station in Israel around November 2018. He was pronounced dead at the scene: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/255291

A Japanese girl known as MinMin, Ends her life on a livestream

Apologies for fucking horrible quality, but the most I know about this girl currently is that she had a Twitter account that was soon taken down after her suicide. Her tweets are shown below




[CW] This is supposed to be best live suicide video &I hear it was the 1st video aired on WPD

1st classic suicide live video posted to WPD when they were a new site sorry about the YNC watermark-- possible child Warning ⚠️)

Weird Russian trend where kids kill themselves ?

The lyrics to this song- “ и камнем вниз, с крыши дома” means “like a stone down from the roof of a house.”

The song was initially desired to be banned by the authorities because they believed it encouraged suicide after a girl committed suicide while listening to it.

To annoy them, people who were suicidal killed themselves while listening to this music.

Gone Baby Gone

Be safe

Livestream suicide of Russian girl by jumping out of room window

No context

Death starts quite early, rest of video is when her parents found out

Edit on 5 October 2022:

She survived but is in critical condition, check @TheStabs pinned comment

Screaming Without A Mouth

please don't call this a "glory hole"

If only he saw how awesome his head blow off. Oh well:marseyvengeance:

russian girl commits suicide on live.

the aftermath:



Daniel Victor Jones (April 15, 1958 – April 30, 1998)

was an American man who committed suicide on a Los Angeles freeway in 1998. The incident was broadcast on live television by news helicopters. Jones committed suicide as a form of protest towards health maintenance organizations after he had been diagnosed as HIV-positive several months earlier.

By the end of April 1998, Jones believed he was going to die and so he decided to take his own life in a way that would draw publicity to his situation. He believed it was no one's fault other than his own for getting himself into his situation. Jones would later be quoted as saying, "I'm not happy with what's happening to my situation and I'm going to draw attention to it whichever way I can. My paramount goal is for no one other than myself to get hurt."

Meme-like Reveal On Aftermath Of Jumper :marseypartyzoom:

And the notification sound too come on dawg


Aftermath photo:


Article here:


Dude drinks rat poison. Let's friend film it

Horrifying way to go. As far as I understand, It essentially liquefies your insides, organs, everything.

Father saves daughter from ex-husband. Result- father is injured but comes out a hero, ex-husband kills himself

Bravo, bravo.


The actual death happens about six minutes in and his mother finds his body afterwards and calls the police, then for the rest of the the stream it's mostly silence as the camera points at a blood stained ceiling.

Justin's last video

No info.

man forgets to die after shooting himself in the chest

Did he say "UWU" at the end

Gun Range Suicide Compilation

guy helps his friend film his suicide

no idea why, looks indian enough

Ricardo Lopez, who was more known by the name Bjork Stalker, was a pest control worker living in Hollywood, Florida. Lopez had become obsessed with the Icelandic singer named Bjork, and had devised a plan to take her life using a letter bomb he created that was laced with sulfuric acid.

Lopez recorded himself as he prepared his bomb, often mumbling and making incoherent statements as he worked. After finishing the bomb, he mailed it off to Bjork, who was residing in London at the time, then returned home and filmed his suicide. His body, along with the video, and a handwritten note, were found by police several days later. After reviewing the video, the police in Florida contacted Scotland Yard, who were able to retrieve the package before it arrived to Bjork's residence.

Here is the video that was recovered from Lopez's home by police.


more info:

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