[FAKE NEWS] Girl gets bullied and commits suicide by jumping

Admin here, these two videos aren't actually related.

The Shuaiby Video | Full

Credit to @Sins for Uploading it 5 months ago, true lad

Shuaiby shoots himself at 6:01

Mom walks in at 7:01

Police enter at 16:05

Shuaib Aslam was 18 when he killed himself, It was livestreamed to youtube on March 14th 2018.

He put a suicide note reading this "I am dead, do not let the kids see my body", It also had another piece of text "BYE/R9K/3/14/2018"

A reference to the Robot9000 Board on 4chan, where he announced that he'd commit suicide on 3/14/2018, Shortly after his tragic passing a close friend of his notified 4chan of Shuaiby's Death

Peace out gore enthusiasts

[FLIR EDITION] suspect from a robbery flees then blows his brains out on FLIR camera

A 20-year-old man filmed himself killing his baby daughter in an abandoned hotel in Thailand while streaming the incident live on Facebook, before taking his own life.

The horrific footage – posted in two videos that lasted over four minutes – remained accessible on the man’s Facebook page for almost 24 hours.

The crime took place Monday on the island of Phuket, and the alarm was raised by the baby’s mother who contacted police to say her boyfriend had posted a video on his Facebook page which showed him tying a noose around his daughter’s neck before lowering her body over the edge of the third floor of the abandoned hotel.

“You can hear the girl crying [on the video] and finally the crying stops. Then he pulls her up onto the rooftop and unties the rope from her neck,” a local police officer said Tuesday, describing the contents of the videos.

“This is an appalling incident and our hearts go out to the family of the victim,” a Facebook spokesman told. “There is absolutely no place for content of this kind on Facebook and it has now been removed.”

Facebook took down the videos following a request from Thailand’s ministry of digital economy. “We contacted Facebook today and Facebook removed the videos,” a spokesman said.

The ministry added it will not be taking any action against the company. “We will not be able to press charges against Facebook, because Facebook is the service provider and they acted according to their protocol when we sent our request. They cooperated very well.”

However because the clip was available online for so long, it has been widely shared on social media in Thailand – one TV station even broadcast the clip. While it blurred the faces of those involved, this decision was strongly criticized.

The man had an argument with his girlfriend in the early hours of Monday morning, threatening to kill her because he believed she was having an affair.

She then fled the house, but when she returned on Monday afternoon, he left with the child, saying he would be home later. Soon after, the video footage was posted on Facebook.

Facebook is still reeling from a controversy earlier this month when footage of Steve Stephens killing Robert Godwin in Cleveland on Easter Sunday was posted to the social network and remained there for hours before finally being taken down.

At the time Facebook said it was “constantly exploring ways that new technologies can help us make sure Facebook is a safe environment.”

Veteran believed to have PTSD shot himself in the head Friday in Ohio on Facebook live, after shooting his girlfriend and fatally shooting her 5-year-old son.

The girlfriend, 27, survived but was in critical condition.

Jonovie Mclendon Jr., 33, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


In the video, McIendon says, "Sorry people, its been a long day .. It was nice knowing you, but it's time, people. I love you all."

1010 WINS has reached out to Facebook for comment.

Police in Miami Township said it received a call from a man who said he planned to kill his girlfriend, her son and himself, Police Chief Ron Hess said.

“We believe as soon as he called regional dispatch….that he shot himself,” Hess said, reported the Dayton Daily News.

Police said he made multiple calls to officials. In one call received by authorities, Mclendon told dispatchers he spent three-and-a-half years serving overseas and was "just tired."

He said "I'm just saying I'm sorry" after telling the officers he'd killed both his girlfriend and her son, officials said.

Facebook users who saw the video on Facebook Live also called 9-1-1.

McIendon lived in an apartment with his girlfriend and her son, police said.

New York



russian guy commits suicide on live.

a guy named Данил Постика (danil postika) fell from a balcony to the song numbers by lsp. he went live eventually committing suicide.

his last messages: (translated from russian)



his vk acc: https://m.vk.com/2danka

british pedophile cuts his own throat after getting caught

Pink Mist - woman jumps from high-rise building in New York city - pops like a water ballon on impact

Pomf2 copy

Man kills himself in shooting range

Location unknown.

Was the instructor teaching him how to run someone down..?


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Ricardo Cerna Kills Himself In A Police Station (Old School)

Ronnie McNutt Suicide (No Watermark)

More info:


Video 1444 Suicide

Vdeo 1444 is a YouTube video that has gone viral as part of a purported “curse” story. The graphic video has been spread to social media users who are unaware of what they are clicking on. The grisly video shows Gleb Korbalev dying by suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun while sitting on a couch.

[ CW ] Kid jumps out of window

She survived but is in critical condition

Full video here:




woman regrets jumping out of window and falls to death in Poland

Girl kills herself on Facebook

(CW) Girl tries to prevent sister's suicide by train, both die (Argentina)

In Argentina, a teenage sister (16 years old and 14 years old) was hit by a train and killed near a railroad crossing right next to the station. In order to save the younger sister who jumped in and committed suicide, it seems that the older sister who followed her was also involved.

This really did come out of nowhere. I didn't want to give too descriptive a title because it's a fun guessing game.

cut in half by wall

man getting cut in half by wall after jumping into a train to kill himself

Some guy hung himself jerking off

This guy was on some kind of cam site and the woman asked him to do this. Sadly he does not cum back to life. weird ass kink but do you I guess.

Girl records a very to-the-point exit from balcony. Sound of the splat and a scream leaves the rest to one’s imagination

sometimes people just want to make it stop.

[Classic] 1444 / Suicide Of Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich

1444, is a video of a young guy named Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich committing suicide with an assault rifle while livestreaming.



October 17, 2019. At around 9 am, Korablev pulled an assault rifle, said a few words then continue to blast his head off while livestreaming on VK. There is no confirmed cause that drove him to suicide. Some said he was heartbroken, and some other said that he was battling with an illness. But what we can confirm is that the video ended with a “Nya, Poka” which means “Nya, Bye” in Russian.

As for the name of video which is “1444”, it was a title that the original uploader put on Youtube to avoid detection. This video was said to be "cursed" and the only way to remove it is by posting the date you viewed it. (Which is bullshit of course...)


Another suicide compilation

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