If you have more info of him or have a longer version make sure to comment.


A 29-year-old man went live and was stressed because he had 2 cases pending. He posted asking for forgiveness. Apologize to your mother, wife and child. Finally took his own life. A neighbor heard the gunshot and ran to see. The iron fence was locked and had to be broken into and found dead.

27 September 2023 Pol. Col. Pruet Chamroonsart, superintendent of Bang Bua Thong Police Station, received a report of a man who shot himself to death in his home. In Soi Yamaluddin Bang Kruai-Sai Noi Rd., Bang Bua Thong Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, along with doctors from the Institute of Forensic Science. and volunteer staff join in gratitude to inspect

The scene of the incident was a rented house, a 2-story townhouse, number 70/10, Village No. 5, Bang Bua Thong Subdistrict, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province. On the 1st floor of the house, the body of Mr. Anon Phonarak, 29 years old, was found. The body was not wearing a shirt. Wearing 3/4 length jeans, lying on his back in a pool of blood next to the sofa. Found a gunshot wound in the left temple, one shot through the right side. Nearby, a 9 mm gun and a liquor bottle were found.

Reporters reported that Previously, Mr. Anon Complaints were posted on personal Facebook. The message reads: "If I have wronged anyone, please forgive me. My good deeds are really gone. May this be my fate. Thank you to everyone who still loves me. I love you. It will probably be the last event. In the end, we parted well. Thank you for the 7 years that we used to leave each other. I'm sorry, Mom. Forgive this child as well." Later Mr. Anon He did a live broadcast of shooting himself to death.

As for Mr. Chakri Klinkhachorn, aged 40 years, a friend of the deceased said He heard the sound of a gunshot so he ran out to check and tried to break open the door but couldn't get into the house. But now the officers have gone to the scene. The condition of the corpse lying in a pool of blood The deceased told him that he was stressed. Because there are 2 cases, namely robbery and assault, which are currently being fought. Previously, there were no signs that he would shoot himself. Normally, the deceased was a decisive, fierce person who didn't listen to anyone, but he didn't expect that he would shoot himself. There is often talk. Sometimes we sit and drink beer together. The deceased lived with his wife and children. As for the deceased's mother, she had only been living with her for about 2 weeks. When the incident occurred, the deceased was home alone.

While Mr. Anusorn Chai Ngam, 25 years old, another friend of the deceased said that he was personally close to the deceased. Previously, there were complaints of being stressed about the case. Before the incident, the deceased had a live broadcast complaining but did not listen. I went in and saw that I had shot myself. Normally, the deceased would come to sit and hang out often. Before the incident, the deceased used himself to buy alcohol and cigarettes. When I bought it for the deceased, I didn't open the house. So he put it at the door. The dead man was drinking alone, and less than an hour later the incident occurred.

Initially, officials sent the body for an autopsy according to the procedures. Before coordinating with the family to pick up the body for funeral rites.


EFFORTPOST Empty / HerobrineHunt3r's Death Explained / Suicide Livestream :marseygunshotsuicide:

Who is Empty?

Herobrine Hunt3r was mainly known as an artist, making animations mainly to do with the turn-based strategy game "Girls Frontline" (Released in 2018). He would often livestream and post videos of him working on his animations and art.

On April 13, Empty would post his last animation to Youtube. This is the animation:

Shortly after this, something began to obviously change in his mind.

Empty began making posts on social media slowly letting his depression be known.

The first sign was posting the song Bones - Klebold

The song is good, but darkly themed around the 1999 Columbine Massacre.

Archived messages show that his mental health had been declining rapidly for up to six months, some even claiming he was institutionalized at one point. Many believed he was also denying medications as well.

There are also claims he attempted to take his own life before the incident, by carbon monoxide inhalation. These claims are not backed up, but are entirely possible based on his history of mental health issues.

Around three months before his suicide, one of his videos gained a large amount of attention, surpassing 100k views and gaining him thousands of subscribers.

Empty would continue to upload content, but behind the scenes it slowly became obvious he was struggling, and would often give "hints" that he was "running out of time", as if he was dying from a disease.

There is little info about his family and home life, but it has been confirmed he lived with his parents who are Cantonese, and likely pressured him academically. This strict dynamic alongside his already existing mental health issues was a recipe for disaster.


The last person who worked with Empty in content creation was a fellow youtuber FuryTomic, whose collaboration video was uploaded just days before Empty's inevitable death.

"His name wasn't Vincent, it was (bleep). No, it isn't public knowledge. I heard from people who were tuned in to his final livestream that his parents begin to call his name in Cantonese and try to open the door after the gunshot, almost right before the stream ended. I first talked with [Empty] around July of 2022, when he first started to make internet presence by making his animations. The one i found him from was this one. (uploaded picture of video/link) you can see my comment here too..."

FuryTomic's comment

"I encountered him on discord and exchanged some messages, telling him I'd be happy to help him with his animations. I started working with him officially around the first week of January."

"...I wish i had gotten to know him more... his backstory, his home life, etc. I'm sure he, at the very least, wanted to be heard. His most devoted fans no longer have him, and the friends and peers he would talk and have fun with now feel like they could've done better to stop him."

Tomic did not witness the livestream, however they did have some insight on why Empty went down this path.

"It wasn't obvious to me, but after re-reading our messages it became clear that he kept hinting that he didn't have much time left. I thought he meant he was just busy, same as me, so he wouldn't be able to work on content, or his academics and school. I don't know if he was a student, nor was I aware of all the doomposting and suicidal ideation."

Tomic also believes there is a possibility Empty was abused at a young age, but this is unknown.

"I'm sure all the abandonment and lost trust in friends and family, and the pressure from the evil heartless nutjobs online was what pushed him off the edge..." said Tomic

"He was worried that he would never make it anywhere, and would never get returns, without realizing that the returns were already coming in because of his success on youtube. For a community as niche as GSL, he was doing great... He was the only one doing what he was doing."

The beginning of the end

On April 21st, Empty purchased a Mossberg 500 12g shotgun and posted about it on twitter.

His behavior online became erratic, and eventually even changed his twitter bio to say that he had killed himself by self-inflicted shotgun wound.

The livestream

On April 23rd, Empty started a livestream on youtube, the audio well tuned but the screen turned black. He fiddles with the keyboard, explaining how he needs to set up the stream to automatically end, then says "Well, this is it.."

He then pulls the trigger.

Glass shattering and the sound of his blood pouring onto the floor floods the audio as his parents call out his name and begin to fiddle with his doorknob.

This is the video

The video with chat replay, on Youtube

Instantly, trolls began to harass his, along with his family and friend's, twitter and other social media pages.

Vile memes, and comparing him to Ronnie Mcnutt were the least awful of these trolls.



His Website:

His email: hecklerandkochg41@

His Twitter post 1 day prior to his suicide:

He was only 20 years old at the time of his death. My deepest condolences go to his family and friends.

Rest in peace. -Supersillykitty

EFFORTPOST Suicide by Firearm: A Deep Analysis. :marseygunshotsuicide: (Effort Post?)

Hello, everybody, Weko997 here. In today's post I will be doing a deep dive into the world of firearm suicide. Please use this post educational reasons for knowledge, instead of using it to learn how to actually kill yourself.

Introduction to Firearm Suicide

I would like to begin off by saying firearm suicide takes up the greatest number of deaths via firearm, in 2021, 54% of firearm related deaths were suicide. 90% of firearm suicides are successful. 10% of these people live though, are most likely lose basic motor abilities, experience severe chronic pain, and a bunch of other complications such as meningitis, aphasia, hemianopsia, and hemiplegia. 50% of survivors sever a nerve and have facial nerve damage,

Meningitis: An infection of meninges, protective tissue of the brain that causes stiff neck, headache and fever.

Aphasia: a person may be unable to comprehend or unable to formulate language because of damage to specific brain regions

Hemianopsia: Loss in vision, or blurriness

Hemiplegia: total or nearly complete paralysis on one side of the body

Firearm Suicide Terms

Multiple-gunshot suicide: This occurs when an individual commits suicide by inflicting multiple gunshots on itself before becoming incapacitated. These are extremely rare when it comes to firearm suicide,

Murder Suicide - The act of intentionally taking others' lives with a firearm before taking your own, with a firearm. A keen example of this would be the Columbine shooting.

Body after suicide

As evident throughout the many of suicides on this site, a plethora of things can happen when someone takes their own life with a firearm.

The first thing that can happen, is spasming out. Most of the time, when shooting yourself with a small caliber gun, you tend to tense up or move in a spastic or unusual way. The cause of this could be a multitude of things. If a area of your brain is damaged, you could go into different postures/positions. Another reason one may act this way is due to their brain going into shock that its shutting down, and in a responce acting in a frantic way. A good example would be 1444

Clenching onto the couch after the initial blast >

Frantic Response to the Blast:

The second thing that can happen is an immediate stop and complete limp as soon as the trigger is pulled, this usually happens with bigger guns like shotguns or rifles. Examples would be Ronnie's Suicide.

Body going completely limp after initial blast >

Different Angels

Through the Mouth :marseygunshotsuicide: < Using Marsey as an example (Thank you Marsey). Suicide through the mouth is the act of shooting yourself with the muzzle in your mouth. This method of suicide is uncommon, but a good example would be Budd Dwyer's Live Tv Suicide. As stated up above, people can react in frantic ways, but every through the mouth suicide I've seen had the user completely limp after the blast. Thie bullet of the gun enters through the mouth and out through the top of the head, and if shot right could cause leakage in the back of the head, causing a perfuse amount of blood to leak out through the nose. If you see a video of a man committing suicide with the muzzle pointed straight near the throat instead of the brain, that video is fake. Portrayed by Movies, the gun is pointed straight, this is inaccurate as the bullet can't access the brain. Straight firing has been used for self harm.

Example of through the mouth suicide causing blood leakage through the nose (Budd Dwyer):

The Temple: Shooting yourself in the temple is the most common way for suicide due to it having what seems the easiest way to enter through the brain. Most people who shoot themselves in the temple due so with a handgun, though rifles and shotguns have been used. A good example of a non-handgun temple suicide shooting would be 1444. Most people who shoot themselves in the temple have a frantic response to the gunshot. The gunshot enters through where the muzzle is placed, then exits perpendicular from where the gun is placed.

What a Temple Shot Looks Like:

Through the forehead: Through the forehead shooting is uncommon, but the people who have done so share the same traits with people who shoot through the temple, they want an easy acesss to the brain. The best example for a through the forehead suicide would be Shuaby's Suicide.

What a Through the Forehead Looks Like:

Under the Chin Suicide: Under the chin is where the muzzle of the gun is placed under the chin and the user shoots. This is mostly done with a shotgun or a rifle, and not a handgun. Out of every under the chin suicide I have seen, none of them used a handgun. If done with a shotgun or a rifle, the user starts to drip blood everywhere, and the face looks disfigured and almost like a demogorgan. A example of this would be when this animator killed himself. If you listen, you can hear blood drip on the floor, which also happens in Ronnie Mcnutt's suicide.

Fun Fact! The person in the Ogrish Vol.1 Collection was a under the chin shotgun survivor >

Uncommon Suicide Angels: Before I conclude this post, I will go into certain angels that envolve firearms, that not many people use, and I will list them off now.

  • Top Of the Head

  • The Chest

  • Multiple Gun Shot Suicide: Lower Body

  • Ear, Nose, or Throat.


I spent a couple hours on this, lost a lot of my progress, so I hope this becomes an effort post.

Special thanks to: @FinalGirl, @Em0_pr1nc3ss_666 and @Freakypoo for support and the idea.

If I made any Inaccurate claims, please dm me.


If you or a friend feel you may be in danger of hurting yourself, please click the link below, or find a trusted friend to talk to. There is help. You're not alone

Or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Man stabs himself to death on live stream

Somebody posted him stabbing himself but not his death. I am here to provide lololol


19 September 2015, Pattaya, Thailand – The son of a senior Pattaya policeman died after shooting himself during an argument with his father over household chores.

Tosawat Boonrod, 21, shot himself through the ear with the service pistol belonging to his father, Pol. Sen. Sgt. Maj. Anupap Boonrod, chief of Pattaya traffic police, at their three-story Soi Prapanimit 1 townhouse Sept. 19, according to his parents.

He succumbed to his injuries later at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Anupap told police and rescuers responding to the shooting that he had sternly reprimanded his son for spending all his time playing Internet games and not helping his mother around the house and in their first-floor mini-mart.

He said he "later changed clothes and left his gun on a table. The two then got into another argument, during which Tosawat picked up the pistol and shot himself."

His panicked mother threw the gun out the window and it was taken by passing teenagers.

Police are still investigating while also trying to locate the traffic cop's gun.

idk if this is considered classic or not but it's been around, so hope it's not a recent repost.

one of the weirdest cases ngl

Child Warning Full ItzDolly Video - 12 Year Old Takes Her Own Life By Hanging

Dec. 30, 2016.

12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis live streamed her suicide in her backyard. In the video she is heard apologising for her weakness, and also apologises that the viewers have to watch her suicide.

She hung herself from a tree. While doing so you can hear people calling her name.

Katelyn claimed that she had been a victim of sexual abuse by a family member.

I saw a request for the full video of this on it's original post, so while this is a "repost" it has about 40 more minutes worth of video


Apologies for fucking horrible quality, but the most I know about this girl currently is that she had a Twitter account that was soon taken down after her suicide. Her tweets are shown below



CHILD WARNING (CW) rorochan_1999's suicide, Japan 24 november 2013

"Rorochan_1999 was the online alias of a 14-year-old Japanese girl from Ōmihachiman who committed suicide by jumping off her apartment balcony while live-streaming on the night of November 24, 2013. She was a live streamer known for seeking attention and doing dangerous stunts, mainly standing on the edge of her roof and running across busy roads.

Tragically, during her final live stream, Rorochan walked to the balcony of her 13th-floor apartment, engaging with the camera and believing that jumping off the balcony would secure her "legendary" status. Some viewers encouraged her, while others attempted to dissuade her. Regrettably, she jumped from the roof while recording, and witnesses claimed to have heard screams as she fall down. Reports indicate that she did not suffer immediately but succumbed to her injuries later in the hospital. The original live stream was lost, with only a GIF of her fall available, until September 14th, 2020, when the complete live stream, including audio, was discovered"

(context by sickfuck00 thank you :>)


Poland, 2022-November-03, a video circulating the internet that contain a graphic video of woman jump from her apartment window, It is now known that the incident took place not in Warsaw, but in Szczecin at Wilcza Street.

the motive behind this suicide is still unknown, some said it was romance, some poverty even other said it was failed attempt to make tiktok challenge video.

as usual feel free to report in case this is a repost, but add the link to the previous video.

please help me get 1k special badges by reach 1000 upvote in this post.


i edited this :skull:

(cw/tw) Girl Gets A Case of Luka Nightfever and Hangs Herself

No but it all seriousness, rest in peace to her

Let me know if this is a repost+link


couple jumps off building together

they were soo beautifulll ;-;


ZAPADNYI, RUSSIA Security cameras on the street recorded the impact of the suicide jumper. She decided to take her own life after an argument with her boyfriend. In the video, her boyfriend can be heard demanding that she open the door for him. A random passerby tried to grab the woman with his backpack. It didn't help. The woman suffered serious injuries, which she succumbed to shortly afterwards.

[Classic] Man jumps gracefully to his death :marseyflagrussia:

The consequences of too much vodka :marseyrussian:

Repost from:

Suicide of a young man driving from a bridge into water :marseyshrug:

That suicide is sad really, he looked kinda cute but so fucking sad, Rip :marseyshrug:

CHILD WARNING Suicide during a school trip to the shooting range, happend in Poland. :nikocadoavocadodance2:

(Possible CW) Happy guy jumps out of a building :marseylaptopangry2:

CHILD WARNING (child warning) Man jumps off building, hitting a 5 month old baby on the way down

impact at 0:22

more info:

(thanks @xkcdHatGuy)

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