Daniel Victor Jones (April 15, 1958 โ€“ April 30, 1998)

was an American man who committed suicide on a Los Angeles freeway in 1998. The incident was broadcast on live television by news helicopters. Jones committed suicide as a form of protest towards health maintenance organizations after he had been diagnosed as HIV-positive several months earlier.

By the end of April 1998, Jones believed he was going to die and so he decided to take his own life in a way that would draw publicity to his situation. He believed it was no one's fault other than his own for getting himself into his situation. Jones would later be quoted as saying, "I'm not happy with what's happening to my situation and I'm going to draw attention to it whichever way I can. My paramount goal is for no one other than myself to get hurt."



Shravan Kumar (18), son of Nandkishore Mandal, a resident of Rasalpur Kaitpura Choy Tola, committed suicide on Monday night in a love affair at Chotla Lodge near Parbatti Durga place under Vishwavidyalaya police station in Bhagalpur, Bihar. He was a student of Inter. Before committing suicide, Shravan had made a live video while hanging himself, which is safe in his mobile. After getting the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and took the dead body into custody. Along with this, the mobile has also been seized.

Father of the deceased works in NTPC

Shravan's father works as a laborer in NTPC. Shravan was good in studies, so he was teaching him in ISC by working as a laborer. Shravan's elder brother Rupesh Kumar told that he was the youngest of three brothers. On Monday itself, at 2.30 pm, Shravan spoke to his parents. Actually, his mobile was left at home. Mother was afraid that someone might spoil the mobile. That's why two days ago, elder brother Rupesh had given him a mobile at Ekchari station. Then some goods were left in the house, which was discussed to be delivered a day later. During this, there was no love affair or any other controversial talk. Then, at 8:30 in the night, information was received that Shravan had hanged himself. Everyone came running to Bhagalpur. Here Shravan was already taken to the hospital. Where the doctor declared him dead. Here, regarding the matter, the university police said that information about the incident has been received. Burari police has been asked to record and send a Fard statement. The crime scene will also be investigated. Here, it was told that the post-mortem will be held on Tuesday.

Apology kept pleading to talk, Shravan did not reply

Chatting has been found in Shravan's mobile. Shravan has been messaged on WhatsApp from his alleged girlfriend's mobile, many unseen messages were received. In the said message, the alleged girlfriend is seen apologizing to Shravan for something. However, Shravan did not reply to any of his messages. Along with the said message, WhatsApp calls have also been made several times by the alleged girlfriend. Shravan did not reply to this also. While the video of Shravan's hanging is after this.

Roommate had gone to study, here Shravan hanged himself

Roommate Vishnu Kumar Mandal had gone out of the lodge to study tuition. Vishnu told that the person with whom chatting has been done on mobile is a girl from his village, who lives in the city and studies. Whatsapp chatting happened with the same girl. Shravan's elder brother told that the neighbor of the lodge says that Shravan had also written a suicide note, which has been kept by the daughter of the landlord. Told that I had gone to coaching in the evening. When he returned, he saw that the room was closed. When Shravan did not open the door after giving a lot of noise, everyone was called and the door was broken. He was hanging from the noose inside.


Suicide of a young man driving from a bridge into water :marseyshrug:

That suicide is sad really, he looked kinda cute but so fucking sad, Rip :marseyshrug:

couple jumps off building together

they were soo beautifulll ;-;


ZAPADNYI, RUSSIA Security cameras on the street recorded the impact of the suicide jumper. She decided to take her own life after an argument with her boyfriend. In the video, her boyfriend can be heard demanding that she open the door for him. A random passerby tried to grab the woman with his backpack. It didn't help. The woman suffered serious injuries, which she succumbed to shortly afterwards.

CHILD WARNING :marseydefenestration: | [CHILD WARNING] Rorochan_1999

Roro-Chan was an 14 year old Japanese livestreamer who committed suicide during a livestream in 2013, she jumped from the 13th floor of her apartment building.

It is believed that Roro-Chan was born around 1999 and started streaming in 2012 on FC2 at the age of 13 years old. It has been said that she would cover her face with a face mask during recording. On november 17th 2013 Roro posted messaged to a thread on 2chan explaining that she will have a "suicide live stream" to become an online legend but she doesnt want to "spoil it".

Here is the message:

"What I'm thinking in my head right now, I want to have a suicide livestream. It's going to be real and I'll do it in a way that won't be deleted by fc2 so it will be exciting. Is there going to be a thread set up on newsoku*? I'm fantasizing so many things about my suicide livestream. I was deleting so many things from lunch like my IDs And I'm writing this now. I feel like people will attack me if I write this. But if I spoil it, there will be no point in doing a suicide stream. At least that's what I think. So these things must be sudden, I always wanted to do those things.

I think it's good to do a suicide stream. Because I was a normal cute girl today too. So if I die, people will be surprised. I guess they'll think it's because of the stress of entrance exams (into high school) If I write this people will hate me afterwards I think. My listeners (fans) will probably think I'm pathetic. I don't want that So please don't hate me. If you're going to hate me I'll fall. So it's fine if you think it's because of the entrance exams. I'm grateful that I am able to give spoilers.

Someone please

I don't want to make any more new accounts. Yes. I'm sorry if I surprised you. I am now writing this. Without thinking anything. I'm anxious if anyone is actually reading this.

Really sorry I'm not dead. Sorry. Sorry. This is not clickbait, but it can't be helped if no one believes me. But you need to believe me, for real, right now, it's not that yesterday or today was a bad day!!! But sorry for writing something like this. I will probably will embarrassed if I see this later. Yes, but I'm glad I wrote this down. The story I didn't write about is something not in this world, in a parallel world. No wonder I'll be attacked. It cannot be helped. But isn't this fake, well me being here and lying is bad. I might die if you accuse me of faking this.

aaaaaaaaaa I'm doneeeeeeeee i hate thissssssss i'm scaredscaredsxardsasddscardddd

There is a video playing inside my head, that is my suicide stream.I am repeating my imagination. It is playing repeatedly.

It is playing repeatedly. But, I won't be able to do that if I spoil it here. Because I think it won't be pretty. First, I will do a face reveal. Then, I will wear my uniform. I won't have my socks on. Because I think that will be pretty. And if it goes over 1000 people (prob viewers), I will escape my house from the balcony. And [โ€ฆ] I will keep walking. I will climb the stairs. Up to 14th no 18th floor, keep on walking and there is a landing of the stairs. There is no fence around the landing. I saw this and thought about this before. And I realized that. And the ground is made of concrete so if I hit my head it will hurt and it will be pathetic.

aaaaaaaa this is disgustinggg im disgursting sory

But I'll write. I will overcome this disgust and write without thinking. I can't think. And then I'll stick my feet out

I'll write everything out because I'm still a bit scared. I have my feet stuck out. And today I realized, "Hey, I can just fall from there!" and I will be a legend. Then everyone will pay attention to me. There will be a thread set up on newsoku. I thought this is a very great idea. So if I do this today, I won't be scared of falling

I know it's disgusting. I'm sorry please forgive me. And there will be blood everywhere and everyone will see me I think. Then strangers will see me. I was only thinking about that recently. What happens when I have become a legend after I die. Unstoppable, that's the same as when I first started Twitcasting. This morning, since today I'll get back my access to Twitcasting, so I strongly remember that. So, I will be gone after deleting everything. Then everyone will be surprised. This is disgusting this is gross i'm sorry i hate this other people are suffering too, I feel sorry for other people, but I won't think about that right now. I needed a lot of courage just to decide to write this. Ok. And. I deleted everything.

And then I felt lonely. So next I wondered when I was going to do for my next stream. So I thought, when I pass my entrance exam. I thought everyone would be surprised if I suddenly came back and was accepted into high school. Next I thought, when I have the May blues*. Next May. If I suddenly start a suicide stream, I'll definitely be a legend!!! So I kept on thinking and I couldn't stop myself. Let's do it today!!! Let's do it today!!!! But I'm still scared. I'm brainwashed so suicide is [โ€ฆ] So I hesitated. That's why I'm writing here. It's great. Thank goodness. I was scared. It was scary. If I spoil it all out here, it will be ok.

It won't matter if no one's reading. My stomach hurts. I'm scared to die. I'm scardde!! Aaaaaaa is anyone reading?

Since I spoiled it, I won't do this method. Oh, one last thing, I will put my iPhone on the rails. And I will fall, making sure to be on the camera, making sure it will be gruesome. And I will become a legendโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ

I'm sorry.

Ok, that's it. _ I won't do it this way. Will I? No. Thank you. So nothing to be afraid of anymore. Thanks."

On November 24th, 2013, Roro-chan jumped from the 13th floor of her home apartment.

[Classic] Man jumps gracefully to his death :marseyflagrussia:

The consequences of too much vodka :marseyrussian:

Repost from:

CHILD WARNING Nakaiki Aka last words, suicide stream, note (english subtitles) repost w links

At around 10:05pm on Sunday, July 1, 2018, Nakaiki Akachan (female, 16 years old) was hit and killed by a passing express train bound for Kyoto from Kashihara-Jingu-mae at Kintetsu Koriyama Station on the Kintetsu Kashihara Line in Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture. She live-streamed her suicide on TwitCasting. It is believed that the causes of her death were discord in her relationships with her mother and boyfriend, and worries about mental illness. Source:


full stream :) from before the jump, up until the police come and shut the live off.

more info:

A teenage girl livestreamed her death by apparent suicide on Instagram on Sunday, prompting several viewers to alert the police, officials said Monday.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station said the victim, whose name and exact age was withheld, died after falling from a 19-story building near Gangnam Station at around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. She reportedly suffered from severe depression.

It is unclear how many watched the suicide livestream, but police said they received โ€œseveralโ€ reports from viewers.

Police investigating the case said there is little evidence to suggest that the death was not a suicide. They noted that the teenager had entered the building alone.

According to local reports, the victim had initially planned to die by suicide with an online acquaintance. However, during their meeting on Sunday to carry out their plan, the other individual withdrew from the agreement.

Legal experts have suggested that the individual who backed out may face charges of assisting suicide.

The girl who committed suicide, mentioned in the media, had used the name of the former President 'Roh Moo-hyun', who had died by suicide, as a nickname on the depression forum (gallery) of the Korean internet forum DC Inside, where she had posted multiple prostitution-related articles and bragged about the profits she had made from them.

Prior to the incident, the girl had been in contact with a man active in the same forum. They intended to carry out a joint suicide according to the man's plan, but he ultimately fled, leaving her to proceed alone.

In addition, this forum has had numerous cases of repeated drug-related sex crimes against minors, carried out by male groups like "Sindaebang Fam" and "Busan Fam." These cases, which were not covered by the media, have been brought back to attention because of the recent event, leading to the possibility of becoming the next Nth Room scandal.


On September 17, 2020, a 14-year-old boy in Jiangxia District of Wuhan was slapped by his mother and committed suicide by jumping from the teaching building while others were not paying attention. At 9 o'clock that night, the boy was declared dead due to serious injuries. At present, local education, justice and other departments have been involved in dealing with the aftermath. On the 17th, a 14-year-old boy in Jiangxia District of Wuhan was slapped by his mother and committed suicide by jumping from the teaching building. At 9 o'clock that night, the boy was declared dead due to serious injuries. At present, local education, justice and other departments have been involved in dealing with the aftermath.

CHILD WARNING (child warning) Man jumps off building, hitting a 5 month old baby on the way down

impact at 0:22

more info:

(thanks @xkcdHatGuy)

Girl Broadcasted Suicide

she died before rescue workers opened the door


Look at my arm, There is knocking at the scene

Fucked and all for fucking this to happen

I don't think mom is there, I dont know why i called (The person knocking)

(Hard to make out) Something about how she isnt speaking anymore?

But at least you, I live with you for now as the blood flows

(Hard to make out again she starts rambling aboutsomething she did laughing at the end)

I think I will die here, But I dont know its very shallow, maybe I will cut more

I did not want it to be this shallow, I wanted it deeper idiot

Here? so fucking what? Maybe I used pills or I dont know, I just dont want to drown

But still I dont see whats wrong here, I wont bandage this I will leave it

No, I will not do what others want me to. I have realised I need to give up

I am very bad (in a bad state)

What is - I dont know what... I dont know

I, I dont want (could not make out the rest)

Thank you @furhc12

Ricardo Alfonso Suicide

(Classic Video) Paris Lane Suicide With Pistol


The young man, Paris Lane, 22, of Harlem, used a 9-millimeter handgun to kill himself on March 16 in a lobby at the Morris Houses project in the Bronx, where he had been visiting his girlfriend.

Mr. Lane and his girlfriend standing near an open elevator door. She pulls her hands across her face as if wiping away tears and kisses him briefly, then they hug for a long moment, until she gently pulls away and steps into the elevator.

Mr. Lane waits for the elevator door to close, stares at it for a second, then pulls out the gun, puts it in his mouth and fires once, falling to the ground.

Bronx, USA



โ˜…๐œ๐จ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐ ๐ง๐จ๐ญ ๐›๐ž ๐š๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ž๐ ๐ญ๐จ ๐ฌ๐ฎ๐ซ๐Ÿ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฐ๐ž๐› ๐›๐ฎ๐ญ ๐ž๐ง๐ฃ๐จ๐ฒ ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ฌ๐ก๐จ๐ซ๐ญ ๐ˆ ๐ก๐š๐ ๐ญ๐ก๐ข๐ฌ ๐ข๐ง ๐ฆ๐ฒ ๐๐ซ๐š๐Ÿ๐ญ๐ฌ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐š ๐›๐ข๐ญโ˜…โ™ก :marseyvibing:

Weird Russian trend where kids kill themselves ?

The lyrics to this song- โ€œ ะธ ะบะฐะผะฝะตะผ ะฒะฝะธะท, ั ะบั€ั‹ัˆะธ ะดะพะผะฐโ€ means โ€œlike a stone down from the roof of a house.โ€

The song was initially desired to be banned by the authorities because they believed it encouraged suicide after a girl committed suicide while listening to it.

To annoy them, people who were suicidal killed themselves while listening to this music.

Justin's last video

No info.



According to official sources, the accident took place on Tuesday, January 2, precisely at kilometer 132, in the Valencia-Maracay direction, and it is said that the accident was allegedly the result of a mental disorder suffered by the victim of the accident.

According to what was revealed to the media, Freites Aponte was driving a gray Hyundai Elantra, sedan type, license plate AA076KH, accompanied by three other persons.

The authorities indicated that the citizen apparently suffered an episode of mental disorder, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and overturned, getting stuck in the channel of the central island.

However, minutes after suffering this mishap, Freites Aponte disorientedly went up the highway and insisted that the vehicles stop to help him. However, when he got in the middle of the left channel of the highway, a white Yutong bus, model ZK6146H, belonging to the Expresos Isla Mar line, ran over him.

Immediately, the officers attending the accident proceeded to attend to the injured and transfer him to the Mariara hospital.

He was then referred to the emergency area of the Ciudad Hospitalaria Dr. Enrique Tejera (CHET), where he died in the early morning of Wednesday, January 3.

It was learned that the driver of the transport unit was detained, however he was released hours later when it was confirmed that the victim allegedly suffered from mental disorders.


rip chigga

Min-Min's Suicide

She was sexually and physically abused by her father, nothing is known about her mother, nor did she have a single friend and she suffered from bullying.


This shoe thrown on the tracks is believed to have been from MinMin:

These are the things that Minmin left in her seat before committing suicide:

These were the wagons that crushed her:

The seats she left her phone on to record:

Suicide jumper lands ass first on pole

This is a classic video, most of you've probably seen it already but someone requested it and I couldn't find it by searching. Pls delete if repost

Woman records herself suicide

A man beige cap jumps off in Hoover Dam (High Quality)

Sorry for the watermark, but this video much higher quality :marseythumbsup:

The man in the beige cap passing in front of the camera at the very beginning is the jumper.

The fall and tumble is some 700 feet total. Supposedly there are 4 jumpers a year on average at the Hoover Dam.

Officials that have ramped up efforts to catch them say that they pay extra attention to dam visitors that show up alone, looking detached and far off.

Evidently this was shot before they ramped up efforts.

Location: United States

Colorado River

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