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Japanese officer commits suicide (images only)

Man backflips to his death.

No backstory.

Man breaks free and runs from police before shooting himself in the head.

On April 16, 2016, at approximately 11:18 a.m., the Upland Police Dispatch Center received a citizen call of a male subject walking down the street waving a possible gun. The subject was also walking with a female.

Upland Police Officers responded to the location and observed two subjects walking down the street who fit the description given by the caller.

The officers did not observe the male subject with a weapon and attempted to detain both subjects. The officers attempted to detain the 19 year-old male subject and a struggle ensued.

The male subject broke free and ran away from the officers. He ran approximately 20 yards, at which time, the male pulled out a handgun from his pants and shot himself.

The officers immediately called for medical assistance due to the subject's self-inflicted gun-shot wound.

The male was transported by medical personnel to Global Care Hospital in Montclair where he was pronounced dead.

The 16 year-old female subject that was involved was unharmed. She indicated to officers that the male subject was suicidal over their relationship.

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