Rorochan_1999 was the online alias of a 14-year-old Japanese girl from Ōmihachiman who committed suicide by jumping off her apartment balcony while live-streaming on the night of November 24, 2013. She was a live streamer known for seeking attention and doing dangerous stunts, mainly standing on the edge of her roof and running across busy roads. [Screamer Wiki]

Interestingly, Rorochan streamed her live events with explicit titles like "Erotic Menhera Virgin, 3rd year of junior high school." "Menhera" is an Asian slang term for people who struggle with mental health concerns; most of them are girls. These books drew a nefarious following.

Here are some videos of Roro just chillin

She was also a piano player, she even played piano in one of her streams

And here's two videos of her singing (she wasn't a good singer, but I mean, she was being happy, so good for her)

Another video of her singing/playing/talking

For some edgy reasons, people sometimes used to being mean to Roro in her streams, that's why she sometimes cried on livestream

She was started to getting bullied cuz she wasn't showing her face, so she did a "face reveal" (thumbnail + image below)

Although she aimed to keep her face hidden, there were instances where her face was unintentionally revealed through recording devices. In these moments, Rorochan would react with disoriented ramblings, apologizing to her viewers and urging them to forget what they had seen, despite the blurred and minimal visibility of her face.

So it happened, the date was November 24th 2013, Rorochan's final livestream...

Unfortunately, Rorochan went to her 13th-floor apartment balcony during her last live stream, interacted with the camera, and thought that leaping off the balcony would make her a "legendary" person. While some viewers tried to talk her out of it, others supported her. She unfortunately leaped from the roof while filming, and people who were there reportedly heard her cry as she fell. According to reports, she did not suffer injuries right away; instead, she passed away in the hospital from them later. Only a GIF of her fall was available after the original live stream was lost. The whole live stream, complete with audio, was found on September 14, 2020. (video below/jump at 2:30)

Footage of Roro's Apartment from Biwako's line train in Ichibankan:

Some of Roro's things you can still have touch with is her Twitter account. Even now, one may still access her Twitter account, where she mostly posts succinct messages. November 23, 2013 was the date of her last tweet: "fast time". Before her webcast and suicide went viral in Japan and the US, she was comparatively unknown on the internet. The first people to reply to her tweets appeared to be classmates.

Roro's Twitter Account:

(I used to have Roro's Nico Nico Video Account, but they erased it)


Credits to @snew




Reynosa, Tamaulipas. - A 31 year old housewife and mother of three children, lost her fight against death after being hospitalized for almost four hours at the Reynosa General Hospital, where she was admitted with a gunshot to the head after allegedly shooting herself with a gun.

The incident took place this afternoon in Infonavit Anzaldúas, east of the city, and the wounded woman was taken by her husband to the Red Cross facilities where she said that she had shot herself and then disappeared from the place.

Red Cross paramedics saw the seriousness of the wounds and rushed her to the General Hospital where she was treated by doctors, but the gunshot wound finally took her life after 4 hours of agony.

The mortal victim was identified by her parents as Kasandra "G", who allegedly told the authorities that her husband physically and psychologically abused her.

The deceased had even separated from him and had gone to live with them, but he went to look for her and took her to the marital home.

The now suspect went and left the mortally wounded woman at the Red Cross and then returned to the home from where he allegedly took his three minor children, so the grandparents fear that something might happen to them.

Authorities of the State Attorney General's Office are already looking for the suspect and are carrying out the corresponding actions in the case.


Man stabs himself multiple times

boy shoots himself :marseytedbackstab: in the head '*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'


Man jumps :marseysheercliff: 44 floors up from Bisha hotel in Toronto + AFTERMATH

The man jumped from the 44th floor of the Bisha hotel, shown here,

Guests reported a man dragging a chair over to the glass, stepping on it and jumping the 484 feet down to the floor




Dance party :marseykeffalsdance: :rarityrope: (woman commits suicide by hanging in a fan)

I found that video and it really made me laugh, I don't know the context of the video :marseydisagree:

Edit: I forgot to mention that the friend who sent me the video on discord found it on twt/X (fuck you Elon musk) on an account that is part of the subtwt "Goretwt"

Naked guy slices his own throat, sending blood gushing everywhere



Here's an article about it (in french)

Burn in hell and soz to the kids


classic! epic train suicide


Cut short to the part where he commits suicide since the original tape is over 1 hour and 27 minutes long, and the last 10 minutes are him breathing heavily while he listens to his favorite artist one last time.

Posted due to complaints about my last shitpost. This is it unedited. If you want to see the full tape, do so at internet archive here:

On the morning of September 12, 1996, López started filming his final video diary entry. The final tape, titled "Last Day – Ricardo López", began with López preparing to go to the post office to mail the letter bomb. He said that he was "very, very nervous", but that he would kill himself rather than be arrested if he aroused suspicion. After returning from the post office, he resumed filming. While Björk's music played in the background, a naked López shaved his head and eyebrows and painted his face red and green. Police speculated that López's reason for doing that was to make himself less recognizable, so it would be easier for him to take his own life. He examined himself in a mirror and told the camera that he was "a little nervous now". He then stated, "I'm definitely not drunk. I am completely am not [sic] depressed. I know exactly what I am doing. It [The gun] is cocked back. It's ready to roll." As Björk's song "I Remember You" finished playing, López shouted "Victory!" and shot himself in the mouth with a .38 caliber revolver. He groaned and his body fell out of view. Shortly after, he began to bleed out on the floor, which was audible. At that point, the camera stopped filming. A hand-painted sign bearing the handwritten words "The best of me. Sept. 12” hung on the wall behind him. Police theorized that López intended to cover the sign with his blood and brain matter with the gunshot, but the gun was not powerful enough to cause that.

Four days later, on September 16, a foul odor and blood were noticed coming from López's apartment. The Hollywood Police Department entered and discovered López's decomposing corpse. Written on the wall was a message: "The 8mm videos are documentation of a crime, terrorist matter, they are for the FBI." The Broward County Sheriff's Office evacuated the building while the bomb squad searched for further explosives, and found none. After viewing López's final tape, police contacted Scotland Yard to warn them that the potentially explosive package was en route to Björk's residence in London. The package had yet to be delivered, and the Metropolitan Police intercepted it at a South London post office, after which it was safely detonated. There had been little danger of Björk receiving the bomb because her mail was vetted through her management's office.] Unbeknownst to López, Björk and Goldie had ended their relationship a few days before he killed himself.

TL;DR Fat fucking retard tries to bomb a singer and kills himself over a relationship that was already over weeks before killing himself.


I love how he killed himself while saying there is no other God but Allah,even though suicide is haram in Islam 💀


Aftermath :marseydead:

more info:


Late on July 15th, the District 12 Police Department in Ho Chi Minh City was still coordinating with relevant units to seal off the crime scene and establish a case file for a double homicide at a tea shop on Le Van Khuong Street in Thoi An Ward. The victims were identified as Mr. HVH (born in 1985, from Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) and Ms. MTV (born in 1982, residing in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City).

According to local residents, around 6:00 PM, Mr. H and Ms. V arrived at the tea shop on a motorbike. After ordering their drinks, they went upstairs to have a conversation. Mr. H and Ms. V were sitting next to each other.

Later, during heavy rain, Mr. H left the shop in a tense state. He ran across the street to a convenience store, seemingly to inquire about something. Some witnesses reported that he was looking to buy a knife. Mr. H was described as wearing a black collared T-shirt, jeans, black shoes, and a wristwatch.

However, the convenience store did not sell knives. Frustrated, Mr. H returned to the tea shop. A few minutes later, people in the area heard cries from the shop and discovered that both Mr. H and Ms. V had died.

A circulating video clip showed the scene on the first floor of the tea shop, where several customers were present. Mr. H was sitting next to Ms. V, engaged in conversation. Across from them sat a middle-aged woman. All three were near the staircase, and a young girl was also sitting nearby, drinking water.

During their conversation, Ms. V received a phone call. The middle-aged woman got up and left. At that moment, Mr. H stood up, brandishing a knife, and attacked Ms. V before taking his own life. The incident happened so quickly that no one could intervene.

The District 12 police subsequently collaborated with relevant units to secure the area for forensic examination. Relatives of the victims also arrived at the scene to assist with the investigation. Both bodies were later taken to the morgue for further processing.

CHILD WARNING mother hanged herself and then her child found her body and started crying

Inmates force another inmate to commit suicide

According to the description in the video, this inmate who is being executed was a rapist.

russian guy hangs himself on livestream


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