Reynosa, Tamaulipas. - A 31 year old housewife and mother of three children, lost her fight against death after being hospitalized for almost four hours at the Reynosa General Hospital, where she was admitted with a gunshot to the head after allegedly shooting herself with a gun.

The incident took place this afternoon in Infonavit Anzaldúas, east of the city, and the wounded woman was taken by her husband to the Red Cross facilities where she said that she had shot herself and then disappeared from the place.

Red Cross paramedics saw the seriousness of the wounds and rushed her to the General Hospital where she was treated by doctors, but the gunshot wound finally took her life after 4 hours of agony.

The mortal victim was identified by her parents as Kasandra "G", who allegedly told the authorities that her husband physically and psychologically abused her.

The deceased had even separated from him and had gone to live with them, but he went to look for her and took her to the marital home.

The now suspect went and left the mortally wounded woman at the Red Cross and then returned to the home from where he allegedly took his three minor children, so the grandparents fear that something might happen to them.

Authorities of the State Attorney General's Office are already looking for the suspect and are carrying out the corresponding actions in the case.


boy shoots himself :marseytedbackstab: in the head '*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'


Aftermath :marseydead:

more info:

Shotgun suicide photo dump


Late on July 15th, the District 12 Police Department in Ho Chi Minh City was still coordinating with relevant units to seal off the crime scene and establish a case file for a double homicide at a tea shop on Le Van Khuong Street in Thoi An Ward. The victims were identified as Mr. HVH (born in 1985, from Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) and Ms. MTV (born in 1982, residing in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City).

According to local residents, around 6:00 PM, Mr. H and Ms. V arrived at the tea shop on a motorbike. After ordering their drinks, they went upstairs to have a conversation. Mr. H and Ms. V were sitting next to each other.

Later, during heavy rain, Mr. H left the shop in a tense state. He ran across the street to a convenience store, seemingly to inquire about something. Some witnesses reported that he was looking to buy a knife. Mr. H was described as wearing a black collared T-shirt, jeans, black shoes, and a wristwatch.

However, the convenience store did not sell knives. Frustrated, Mr. H returned to the tea shop. A few minutes later, people in the area heard cries from the shop and discovered that both Mr. H and Ms. V had died.

A circulating video clip showed the scene on the first floor of the tea shop, where several customers were present. Mr. H was sitting next to Ms. V, engaged in conversation. Across from them sat a middle-aged woman. All three were near the staircase, and a young girl was also sitting nearby, drinking water.

During their conversation, Ms. V received a phone call. The middle-aged woman got up and left. At that moment, Mr. H stood up, brandishing a knife, and attacked Ms. V before taking his own life. The incident happened so quickly that no one could intervene.

The District 12 police subsequently collaborated with relevant units to secure the area for forensic examination. Relatives of the victims also arrived at the scene to assist with the investigation. Both bodies were later taken to the morgue for further processing.


a man dressed as the grim reaper set himself on fire in Turkey's biggest city of Istanbul.

The man dressed as the grim reaper was walking around in costume before setting himself on fire.

It took place in front of Istanbul's famous Galata Tower, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

Man backflips to his death.

No backstory.

Japanese officer commits suicide (images only)


Man shoots himself in the head by accident [Uncropped, longer version] [NOT VERTICAL VIDEO].


A student noticed a girl sitting suspiciously on the wall of a building on the campus of Gitam University. Soon after, he witnessed her suicide jump.

The girl has been identified as 18-year-old Renu Sri, a first-year computer science engineering student. The exact motive for her suicide is not known. However, it is believed that some abusive videos about her were circulating on social media prior to this incident.


The sad side of reality!! :marseygunshotsuicide:

Suicide Jumper

RUSSIA A security camera at the entrance to an apartment building caught the impact of a suicide jumper who jumped from the 18th floor.

A man decides to end it on a bridge

Drunk Suicide

the only aftermath pic i got is this


Dude committed suicide inside mall

BRAZIL The man decided to end it all, climbed over the railing inside the mall on the second floor and jumped down. He landed in the food court seating area and died instantly

CHILD WARNING boy killed himself at schoo

foolow for more

Suicide with guns to 'pumped up kicks'

the man jumped from the tower :marseysheercliff:

Man breaks free and runs from police before shooting himself in the head.

On April 16, 2016, at approximately 11:18 a.m., the Upland Police Dispatch Center received a citizen call of a male subject walking down the street waving a possible gun. The subject was also walking with a female.

Upland Police Officers responded to the location and observed two subjects walking down the street who fit the description given by the caller.

The officers did not observe the male subject with a weapon and attempted to detain both subjects. The officers attempted to detain the 19 year-old male subject and a struggle ensued.

The male subject broke free and ran away from the officers. He ran approximately 20 yards, at which time, the male pulled out a handgun from his pants and shot himself.

The officers immediately called for medical assistance due to the subject's self-inflicted gun-shot wound.

The male was transported by medical personnel to Global Care Hospital in Montclair where he was pronounced dead.

The 16 year-old female subject that was involved was unharmed. She indicated to officers that the male subject was suicidal over their relationship.

Man dives from roof of building lands on car.


No backstory.

Man committed suicide by jumping under truck

SOUTH AFRICA The man decided to end his life by jumping under a moving truck. The truck driver tried to avoid the collision, but he had no chance.


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