The iceberg of filmed suicides + links

After much research, I finally completed the iceberg of filmed suicides made by me. I was going to post it on the IcebergCharts website, but the owner of the site didn't allow me. So, I decided to post it here. I want to thank Watchpeopledie and the users here for helping me with my research. Thank you very much :marseythumbsup:

An iceberg is a large mass of ice that has broken off from a glacier or ice shelf and floats in open water, usually in the sea. In this case, the iceberg is used as a visual way to present information, trivia, or data on a particular topic, organized hierarchically, reminiscent of the structure of an iceberg. On the surface are the most basic or widely known pieces of information about the topic. As you descend through the layers of the iceberg, the pieces of information become deeper, more specific, obscure, or surprising. The idea is that most of the topics with interesting and lesser-known trivia are "submerged," just as most of the mass of a real iceberg is below the water's surface.

In this iceberg, topics go from the most well-known and remembered videos to the most forgotten and unknown ones, based on my research and opinion.

Iceberg Topics Videos:








HONORABLE MENTIONS (people I ended up not including in the iceberg for some reasons):

  • Michael Edward Pickels

  • Guilherme Tauci de Monteiro

  • Marcus Joanne

  • Artyom Kyznetsov or Artyom Prukhin

  • MinMin

  • Ramón Sampedro Cameán

  • Uğur Falay

  • Marion Perloff

This iceberg is dedicated to my favorite YouTuber,

Pedro nos rins

(Se inscreve ai você BR)


(Thanks to for finding this video)

Alright lets get the elephant out of the room, why did he commit suicide?

So Gleb Vyacheslavovich Korablev was a Russian University student in Moscow

He attended a lot of plays as seen here

But however he suffered from a heart disease and due to this he went through a lot of pain so he decided to take the easy way out by killing himself.

Everything that happened in the stream explained by Gleb's close friend Nikita

So i was able to find this video under the comments of this post

And i just wanted to share it with yall

There are still a few people looking for the full livestream so good luck to yall but this is everything about the 1444 video i have found so far:

(The aftermath)

(Gleb's possessions)

(Some photos of Gleb holding his saiga 12)

[A rough translation of this message brought to us by]

"my heart has outlived its life. there is already lack of blood for breathing and walking. the final stage will begin in a week, i'm becoming almost fully disabled and i will suffocate in agony but not till the end. and only after 4 days they'll let me die. do i have the future?"

(Some photos of him talking about his heart disease)

(A photo of Gleb's couch pre-suicide)

(A photo of the 1444 video on youtube)

(A video of Gleb's grave)

(An alleged video of the beginning of the stream)

(A video showing the 1444 video on youtube)

(Gleb singing a little :marseysing:)

(Gleb as a kid)

If any of you have found more stuff on the 1444 video please comment about it. But yeah thats it, over and out.

Also rest in peace Gleb Korablev, i may not have known you but you seem like a really nice guy, may you and your beautiful hair rest in peace. :marseycry:


⚠️ Skip to 7:26 if you only want to see the suicide.

Link to all of Ricardo Lopez's recovered tapes, including his suicide tape:

(Please don't report for reupload. Reuploads are allowed given that the video is altered, extended or additional context is given: this post covers those grounds.)


“On the morning of September 12, 1996, López began filming his final video diary entry. The final tape, titled "Last Day – Ricardo López", begins with López preparing to go to the post office to mail the letter bomb. He stated that he was "very, very nervous," but that if he aroused suspicion, he would kill himself rather than be arrested. After returning from the post office, López resumed filming. As Björk's music plays in the background, López, nude, shaves his head and paints his face red and green. Police speculated that López painted his face and shaved his head to make himself less recognizable so it would be easier to commit suicide. He examines himself in a mirror and tells the camera that he is "a little nervous now. I'm definitely not drunk. I am not depressed. I know exactly what I am doing. [The gun] is cocked back. It's ready to roll. As Björk's song "I Remember You" finishes playing, López shouts "Victory!" and shoots himself in the mouth with a revolver. López groans and his body falls out of the camera's range; at this point, the camera stopped filming. A handpainted sign bearing the handwritten words "The best of me. Sept. 12" hung on the wall behind him. Police theorized that López intended to cover the sign with his blood and brain matter with the gunshot.

On September 16, a foul odor and blood were noticed coming from López's apartment. The Hollywood Police Department entered and discovered López's decomposing corpse. Written on the wall was a message reading: "The 8mm videos are documentation of a crime, terrorist matter, they are for the FBI." The Broward County Sheriff's Office evacuated the building while the bomb squad searched for further explosives, though the device López sent was the only one constructed. After viewing López's final tape, police contacted Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom to warn them that the potentially explosive package was en route to Björk's residence in London. The package had yet to be delivered; the Metropolitan Police intercepted it from a south London post office, and it was safely detonated. There had been little danger of Björk receiving the letter bomb as her mail was vetted through her management's office. Unbeknownst to López, Björk and Goldie had ended their relationship a few days before he mailed the bomb and killed himself.” - Sourced from

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Rorochan_1999 || Suicide livestream of a 14 year old girl

Who is she?

Rorochan_1999 was the online alias of a 14 year old girl, who seemed to struggle with a variety of mental health issues, and she appeared to be quite lonely. She started livestreaming on platforms such as FC2, Niconico, TwitCast, and Ustream in 2012. She would do a variety of things like studying, singing, dancing and playing the piano and is even rumored to have streamed herself running in the middle of traffic, avoiding speeding cars or standing on the edge of tall height buildings. There were many implications of neglect, so she used the internet to escape. She lived a double life of being a normal middle school girl, to being a streamer behind closed doors, family and friends unknowing.

Archive 1: Livestream from Nov 1, 2013

The video starts with her playing "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" on the piano. She plays a variety of different notes, some are even disturbing to listen to, hearing the distress in the way she played. According to a native Japanese speaker in the comments of an analysis video of the situation, Roro was singing a song from the anime Minky Momo, an anime knowing for a dark ending where the protagonist died via a car crash despite it being a kids show. Rorochan_1999 had the character as her profile picture. After she sings the song from the anime, she appears to read the comments of the livestream and then shortly after have a mental breakdown. She seems to be repeating the word "daite" over and over while laughing or crying. "Daite" directly translates to hug/hold me, however with the Japanese language, context of situations change the meaning of things said. While it is speculated she was repeating "mother, hold me", that same native Japanese speaker discussed what she was saying toward the end was actually likely to be sexual in nature. She had purposely labeled her livestreams sexually as well.

Archive 2: Livestream, unknown date

In the video, she has a bag over her head to hide her face. She is seen recording herself in a mirror and wearing a robe while whispering things. She is seen hyperventilating and swinging her head furiously around the camera in a disturbing strange manner.

Her final and suicide livestream : "暗黒" November 24th, 2013

At 2:44 in the video, she stands on a trashcan, and is about to jump. We see the very tall fall in front of her. She throws her phone as she jumps. We are not able to see her jump off, but you can hear the loud sound of her hitting the ground shortly after.

Nobody saw Rorochan jump. She had jumped around 3 am, and was discovered by a female newspaper carrier within 5-10 minutes. Her body was still warm and her body was still fully in tact, her mask was hanging from one ear, one shoe was on the ground next to her. Police arrived within 5 minutes and she was pronounced dead at the hospital about 3 hours later. She did not leave a note.
I researched for hours and both fortunately and unfortunately, her name was never publicly available due to her age, and is heavily debated about online. I think it may be for best that we are not aware of her name, for the protection and wellbeing of her family. However she has been referred to as "A". There was no implications that she was bullied, a female student who she was close with said "I don't know why she committed suicide so suddenly" and students from her school said there was no signs of trouble presented otherwise.

Where she jumped from

The google maps location

"1-3 Minami 4-chome, Takakai Town, Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture. Lions Station Plaza Omihachiman Nibankan B emergency stairs 13th-14th floors"

The livestream was in "1st place” for most viewers that day

Livestream participants after she jumped.

Livestream chat logs from the stream. She had jumped in between images 10-11.
Unfortunately there were many sick individuals in some of these chat logs that were speaking sexually to her, asking her to flash, asking her to go back to her room to preform NSFW activities and more. The things that were said are truly sick.

She often stated in past livestreams or on websites such as 2chan that she wanted to "become a legend". She discussed her plans and how she wanted her death to be unexpected out of a girl like her.

The rising popularity of this case

On Jan 8, 2020 a music video was released with the title, "Shinsei Kamattechan - Ruru's Suicide Show on a Livestream Official Video (Animation)" was released. "Ruru" is the character presented in the music video, the translated lyrics consist of talking about suicide, and how the internet destroyed her. It is unclear whether or not the song is dedicated to Rorochan or not, but it is a song dedicated to suicide victims in general.

After this song rose in popularity, the case of Rorochan's suicide was publicized and brought up again. She did in fact, "become a legend". Other than her vague postings about it, her motives are unclear as to why she committed suicide. Rest in peace, Rorochan.

Suicide hotline numbers

The new official suicide hotline in the United States is 9-8-8


Suicide Compilation (2023)

CHILD WARNING (Child warning) Two Japanese Girls Jump From A Tall Building On Live (its a well known video - but this version has finally subtitles)

Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Two 16yo Japanese highschool girls, one of them allegedly pregnant, have livestreamed their suicide on 12th of April 2023.

The suicide is said to be related to love affairs where the girls have failed to win the heart of their "senpai" who is a famous Japanese cosplay livestreamer.

Autopsy efforts are on the way to find out the father of the child which died with the 16yo young mother.

The girls (the first girl is 16, she has a Twitter account that is still up, where she posted her final goodbye)

The cosplay livestreamer (

Apparently besides being a cosplay livestreamer he was also a host at a host bar, where he met the girl(s)

Following the suicides, he posted this on Twitter:

My girlfriend committed suicide.

She jumped off a rooftop holding hands with her friend.

She was a listener. We exchanged dm's everyday and I fell in love with her. After a while we started dating and getting to know each other better.

She was dying in her room until she found me on social media. She saw me on video, got inspired, and decided to live again. I was everything to her.

I had been making her feel insecure because I was a host in my activities.

We would sometimes argue, and every time we argued, I would see a side of her that I didn't like.

I told her that I would distance myself from her.

She called me the day before yesterday and said, "I will die if you are gone. I've already come to Tokyo to die. I decided to meet with her in person the next day and convince her that I really needed some time away.

She desperately denied it. I tried to convince her in tears that it was a busy time for her with her birthday festival coming up and that she had a lot of anxiety and it was mentally difficult for her. Gradually she calmed down and agreed. When we parted, she said, "I want to be with you.

She said, "I want to have sex with you.

I refused.

When I learned that she had jumped, I called the police and told them that I wanted to turn myself in. Later, a detective came and told me that I was innocent.

I broke down in tears.

I broke down in tears. I felt really stupid for not being able to stop her from committing suicide right in front of me.

If only I had been able to give her a hug at that time, maybe she would still be alive.

I thought about dying too. However, I just cried and cried and cried again when I remembered her.

To be honest, I wish I could die soon and go to be with her. I don't think she will forgive me. Even so, I want to see her again and give her a hug.

Every time I think of her face, I want to die.

I don't know if I will be able to live, but I will carry this unforgivable sin on my shoulders, and I will spend the rest of my life atoning for the sins I think I have committed.

I am very sorry to the bereaved families, the people involved, and everyone who has supported me, for betraying your expectations.

THX to @kkdvivivi for the background info


Just a couple hanging themselves

A news was reported that a young couple committed suicide by hanging themselves at a Tangalle hotel yesterday (23rd). The police say that the way this young couple committed suicide was recorded on a nearby CCTV camera.

Also, it has been revealed that the death of the young couple was a suicide from the post-mortem investigations conducted in this incident. It is stated that the dead young man is 22 years old and the girl is 17 years old.

It is said that there was a love relationship between this young couple and they had stayed in the hotel room the night before. It is reported that a letter written before death was found in the room.

It had been mentioned in the letter that this suicide was done by the consent of the two as their marriage was hindered due to the lack of birth certificate of the deceased young man.






Credits to @snew


Rorochan_1999 was the online alias of a 14-year-old Japanese girl from Ōmihachiman who committed suicide by jumping off her apartment balcony while live-streaming on the night of November 24, 2013. She was a live streamer known for seeking attention and doing dangerous stunts, mainly standing on the edge of her roof and running across busy roads. [Screamer Wiki]

Interestingly, Rorochan streamed her live events with explicit titles like "Erotic Menhera Virgin, 3rd year of junior high school." "Menhera" is an Asian slang term for people who struggle with mental health concerns; most of them are girls. These books drew a nefarious following.

Here are some videos of Roro just chillin

She was also a piano player, she even played piano in one of her streams

And here's two videos of her singing (she wasn't a good singer, but I mean, she was being happy, so good for her)

Another video of her singing/playing/talking

For some edgy reasons, people sometimes used to being mean to Roro in her streams, that's why she sometimes cried on livestream

She was started to getting bullied cuz she wasn't showing her face, so she did a "face reveal" (thumbnail + image below)

Although she aimed to keep her face hidden, there were instances where her face was unintentionally revealed through recording devices. In these moments, Rorochan would react with disoriented ramblings, apologizing to her viewers and urging them to forget what they had seen, despite the blurred and minimal visibility of her face.

So it happened, the date was November 24th 2013, Rorochan's final livestream...

Unfortunately, Rorochan went to her 13th-floor apartment balcony during her last live stream, interacted with the camera, and thought that leaping off the balcony would make her a "legendary" person. While some viewers tried to talk her out of it, others supported her. She unfortunately leaped from the roof while filming, and people who were there reportedly heard her cry as she fell. According to reports, she did not suffer injuries right away; instead, she passed away in the hospital from them later. Only a GIF of her fall was available after the original live stream was lost. The whole live stream, complete with audio, was found on September 14, 2020. (video below/jump at 2:30)

Footage of Roro's Apartment from Biwako's line train in Ichibankan:

Some of Roro's things you can still have touch with is her Twitter account. Even now, one may still access her Twitter account, where she mostly posts succinct messages. November 23, 2013 was the date of her last tweet: "fast time". Before her webcast and suicide went viral in Japan and the US, she was comparatively unknown on the internet. The first people to reply to her tweets appeared to be classmates.

Roro's Twitter Account:

(I used to have Roro's Nico Nico Video Account, but they erased it)




Wife hangs herself as her husband records her doing it, not making any effort :marseypaint: to stop her whatsoever

Naked man slits his throat in public

CHILD WARNING A 17 year old girl ends her life by hanging :marseyropeyourselfmirror: herself from a skylight in a coaching centre (Description Included)

A 17 year old girl ended her life by reportedly hanging :marseysoyrope: herself from the skylight in a coaching centre in Model :marseylaying: Town on Thursday. The girl was suffering :marseypain: from some illness. Her mother :marseywall: failed :marseychonkersuicide: to arrange medicine :marseymaidchingchong: for her. Due to depression, the girl reportedly took the extreme :marseysamhyde2: step.

The entire incident was captured in the CCTVs installed in the room. On being informed, the Model :marseylaying: Town police :marseypunisher: reached the spot and initiated an investigation. The police :marseyreportmaxxer: sent the body to the civil :marseysaluteconfederacy: hospital :marseyloss: for the post-mortem examination.

Sub-inspector Gurshinder Kaur, SHO at police :marseyreportmaxxer: station :marseygreytide: Model :marseylaying: Town, said that the girl along with her mother :marseyimmaculate: was living :marseyjumpscare: in a room above a coaching centre in Model :marseylaying: Town. According to the mother :marseykiwimom: of the deceased, her daughter had been suffering :marseypain: from some ailment for the past two years. She often complained about a severe headache.

The woman :marseydomesticabuse2: added that due to financial constraints, she failed :marseychonkersuicide: to buy medicines for her daughter for the past 10 days. On Thursday, when her daughter asked :marseythinkorino2: her to bring medicine, she assured her that she would :marseymid: bring the medicine :marseymaidchingchong: and was arranging money :marseyrabbitnewyear3: for it.


The city of Matay in Minya Governorate witnessed a tragic accident, as a student committed suicide by throwing herself in front of an Upper Egypt train.

The security services in the Minya Security Directorate received a report from the Rescue Operations Room containing a notification from Major General Hatem Rabie, director of the directorate's investigations, stating that a run-over accident had occurred at the Mattai railway station.

Ambulances and police moved to the site of the accident, where the initial inspection revealed that a student named “F-K-W,” 19 years old, residing in the city of Mattay, was killed after throwing herself in front of the Upper Egypt train.

The student's body was transferred to the morgue of Matai Central Hospital, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which investigated the incident and prepared a report on the incident.


Article here

CHILD WARNING kid hangs himself from palm tree

19 year old launches herself off the 7th floor of an apartment building - Muchatha, Kiambu County

CHILD WARNING 15 year old hangs himself during a phone call on Discord

CHILD WARNING russian girl jumps from 10 stories after her kid fell 10 stories (it lived she didnt)


Ex-soloist of the Rosichi group Kuturova fell out of the window of the 10th floor with her child

On June 12, a singer and former soloist of the Rosichi group, 34-year-old Elizaveta Kuturova, fell from the 10th floor of a residential building in Saransk. First, her five-year-old daughter fell out of the window, and then her mother herself. The woman died on the spot, the child is in intensive care, MK reports. The deceased turned out to be an ex-soloist of the famous Rosichi group. She performed at concerts before the birth of her daughter, but after maternity leave she did not return to creative activity. "In the day, my son called me... He told me about what happened. My son has already left Moscow. I went here right away. My granddaughter is now in the hospital in intensive care. It's even hard to guess what could have happened. The-in-law didn't abuse alcohol. She had two higher educations. They lived well with their son. Their own apartment, they arranged a house in the village. Nothing foreshadowed trouble," said Kuturova's flaw. According to the relatives of the deceased, Elizabeth's husband was in Moscow at the time of the tragedy. None of the entourage noticed any oddities in Kuturova's behavior...

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