Ronnie :marseyboar: Mcnutt's Suicide :marseymaid4: (6 Minutes, no watermark, and maybe hq)

That version is actually :marseyakshually: cropped and this is the uncropped one.

And this is the live Facebook chat during his suicide.

Ronnie Mcnutt's Facebook account:

Ronnie Mcnutt's Twitter :marseyx: account:

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Ronnie McNutt Full Suicide Video

Sorry if this counts as a repost but I found a version with the build up and aftermath of the suicide.

If this counts as a repost let me know and I will take it down.

Shuaiby Aslam Video Full (Version Watermark BestGore)


NOTE LETTER 'BYE /R9K/ 3/14/18' 4;30


"👋" 5;49









Shuaib 'Shuaiby' Aslam was in a call with friends on discord. It was live streamed on YouTube on 14 March 2018, Shuaiby was just 18. He lived In Stockton, California with his Mum, Dad and siblings.

The note he pushed under the door said something along the lines of 'I am dead, do not let the kids see my body. Goodbye' and the note he held up read 'BYE /R9K/ 3/14/18'

Rip Shuaiby Aslam

2000 - 2018

4chan post made by his friend afterwards:

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Shuaiby's Reddit:'s

Banned Account Reddit


Banned Account Steam


Repost: Watermark Liveleak

Ronnie McNutt Suicide (No Watermark)

More info:

"1444" Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich Suicide Video (No Watermark And Better Quality)

1444 Suicide Video

Duration Livestream VK Suicide Is 2.5 hours


Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich

Account VK:

Friends Gleb In Vk:

Suicide bodies found:




This photo before suicide:


Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich Photo:






Budd Dwyer Full Video

another POV:

more info:



Video 1444 Suicide

Vdeo 1444 is a YouTube video that has gone viral as part of a purported “curse” story. The graphic video has been spread to social media users who are unaware of what they are clicking on. The grisly video shows Gleb Korbalev dying by suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun while sitting on a couch.

The Shuaiby Video | Full

Credit to @Sins for Uploading it 5 months ago, true lad

Shuaiby shoots himself at 6:01

Mom walks in at 7:01

Police enter at 16:05

Shuaib Aslam was 18 when he killed himself, It was livestreamed to youtube on March 14th 2018.

He put a suicide note reading this "I am dead, do not let the kids see my body", It also had another piece of text "BYE/R9K/3/14/2018"

A reference to the Robot9000 Board on 4chan, where he announced that he'd commit suicide on 3/14/2018, Shortly after his tragic passing a close friend of his notified 4chan of Shuaiby's Death

Peace out gore enthusiasts


Description: One Mid-Missouri woman says her 21-year-old son is dead after inhaling a compressed air duster can.

Jerrad “J.B.” Bassett died in a hospital just north of St. Louis this past June.

His mother, who lives in Howard County, says the autopsy report came back and the cause of death was a chemical found in air duster cans. She says her son died within hours of being taken to the emergency room.

The effects of “huffing” can be severe. The Inhalant Abuse Prevention Coalition says inhaled chemicals are absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream and travel to the brain and other organs. It says effects on the body happen in just minutes. Those can include dizziness, headaches, pain, spasms, loss of control, hallucinations and more.



1444, is a video of a young guy named Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich committing suicide with an assault rifle while livestreaming.

October 17, 2019. At around 9 am, Korablev pulled an assault rifle, said a few words then continue to blast his head off while livestreaming on VK. There is no confirmed cause that drove him to suicide. Some said he was heartbroken, and some other said that he was battling with an illness. But what we can confirm is that the video ended with a “Nya, Poka” which means “Nya, Bye” in Russian.

As for the name of video which is “1444”, it was a title that the original uploader put on Youtube to avoid detection. This video was said to be cursed and the only way to remove it is by posting the date you viewed it.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Teen tells his dad he's depressed, and his idiot dad gives him a loaded gun.

I only know that he will remember that for the rest of his life, of that I am sure.



Ive posted this in the past but i found more content now and context

Video of the Pole Being Removed From His Ass:

a French voice can be heard saying: “He hit the pole” and a second man can be heard: “Yeah, he's impaled on the pole.” A woman's voice then adds: “It's not a fake video is it?”

The CCTV footage that was filmed by the police officers was then shared on WhatsApp with other police officers before being released into the public sphere.

And there was also a second video that was filmed either by a medic or fireman at the Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) that shows the bollard being extracted from the man's body.

It shows the critically injured man lying naked with a cardiac message machine in action on his chest and surrounded by three caregivers in green codes and a firefighter and a white vest as they remove the side of the pole from the man's body.

A man's voice can be heard saying “Oh misery! Oh, the cow! Oh, fuck! Ah! But what a horror! What a horror,” which is cleanup genuine sentiment as he then chuckles, before adding with a sneer: “It's good, saved, so!”

The AP-HP confirmed that the video had been shot in one of its facilities, apparently at the Beaujon hospital in Clichy.

They confirmed that the footage is genuine, although not something that happened recently as some Spanish media have been reporting.

French officials also ordered an enquiry to work out how images of the man ended up being shed by police and also how they were shot at the hospital.

The usual story presumably correct reported that the man had jumped on September 27 and was alive as firefighters, medics and police fought to save his life. He died after being removed from the pole one hour after he was delivered to the hospital.

Lawyer Tewfik Bouzenoune for the family of the man who died, aged 26, said it was a disgusting invasion of his privacy and demanded maximum punishments for the police officers and hospital officials responsible for releasing the two videos.

Edit: Holy shit i got a famous video!


He set his twitter profile to have his suicide date lmao

rip :soyjakfront:

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CHILD WARNING (Child Warning) Itzdolly Suicide Livestream Full Video (Version Better)

Sorry, a little video problems :marseysad:

The Girl Name Katelyn Nicole Davis From America

He hanged himself from a tree in his backyard while live streaming a event

At 21:30 she immediately hanged himself

More info:

Info version Wikipedia:

Korean girl jumps to her death on Instagram Live

Kangnam, Seoul 16th April 2023

Tags: livestream

Full 50 Minute Stream Of Shuaiby's Suicide

6:01 Shuab Shoots Himself

7:08 Mom Walks In

16:05 Police Walk In

CHILD WARNING (Child warning) Two Japanese Girls Jump From A Tall Building On Live (its a well known video - but this version has finally subtitles)

Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Two 16yo Japanese highschool girls, one of them allegedly pregnant, have livestreamed their suicide on 12th of April 2023.

The suicide is said to be related to love affairs where the girls have failed to win the heart of their "senpai" who is a famous Japanese cosplay livestreamer.

Autopsy efforts are on the way to find out the father of the child which died with the 16yo young mother.

The girls (the first girl is 16, she has a Twitter account that is still up, where she posted her final goodbye)

The cosplay livestreamer (

Apparently besides being a cosplay livestreamer he was also a host at a host bar, where he met the girl(s)

Following the suicides, he posted this on Twitter:

My girlfriend committed suicide.

She jumped off a rooftop holding hands with her friend.

She was a listener. We exchanged dm's everyday and I fell in love with her. After a while we started dating and getting to know each other better.

She was dying in her room until she found me on social media. She saw me on video, got inspired, and decided to live again. I was everything to her.

I had been making her feel insecure because I was a host in my activities.

We would sometimes argue, and every time we argued, I would see a side of her that I didn't like.

I told her that I would distance myself from her.

She called me the day before yesterday and said, "I will die if you are gone. I've already come to Tokyo to die. I decided to meet with her in person the next day and convince her that I really needed some time away.

She desperately denied it. I tried to convince her in tears that it was a busy time for her with her birthday festival coming up and that she had a lot of anxiety and it was mentally difficult for her. Gradually she calmed down and agreed. When we parted, she said, "I want to be with you.

She said, "I want to have sex with you.

I refused.

When I learned that she had jumped, I called the police and told them that I wanted to turn myself in. Later, a detective came and told me that I was innocent.

I broke down in tears.

I broke down in tears. I felt really stupid for not being able to stop her from committing suicide right in front of me.

If only I had been able to give her a hug at that time, maybe she would still be alive.

I thought about dying too. However, I just cried and cried and cried again when I remembered her.

To be honest, I wish I could die soon and go to be with her. I don't think she will forgive me. Even so, I want to see her again and give her a hug.

Every time I think of her face, I want to die.

I don't know if I will be able to live, but I will carry this unforgivable sin on my shoulders, and I will spend the rest of my life atoning for the sins I think I have committed.

I am very sorry to the bereaved families, the people involved, and everyone who has supported me, for betraying your expectations.

THX to @kkdvivivi for the background info



Just a couple hanging themselves

A news was reported that a young couple committed suicide by hanging themselves at a Tangalle hotel yesterday (23rd). The police say that the way this young couple committed suicide was recorded on a nearby CCTV camera.

Also, it has been revealed that the death of the young couple was a suicide from the post-mortem investigations conducted in this incident. It is stated that the dead young man is 22 years old and the girl is 17 years old.

It is said that there was a love relationship between this young couple and they had stayed in the hotel room the night before. It is reported that a letter written before death was found in the room.

It had been mentioned in the letter that this suicide was done by the consent of the two as their marriage was hindered due to the lack of birth certificate of the deceased young man.

Dude hanging himself while jerking off

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