Boys leg is stuck in bus-door while leaving... (No Bg Info + CW)

The driver of a Porsche Cayenne drove into the oncoming lane where he collided with a Mitsubishi Lancer. An 81-year-old man who was driving a Mitsubishi and his 80-year-old companion died on the spot. As it turned out later, the 39-year-old driver of the Porsche Cayenne was drunk.

Life can end quickly and without warning - three men out for a walk are killed in a instant when a out of controll 16-wheeler hits then flips over on them -

Bicyclist in a hurry in Brazil get crushed by oncoming bus + Aftermath

Woman hit and killed by car with no driver.

3 people on a motorbike get obliterated by a truck. China

Fight ends with 1 person being dragged below a car.

Egyptian woman waiting at the side of the road gets hit.

Ukrainian woman struck and killed by speeding car.

Biker hits a minibus head-on, Vietnam

Man hit by dumbass truck driver.

Again, a truck in reverse hits one of two women...

Israeli soldier trips and get crushed by train

China: A taxi hit two people at the entrance of the hospital and then escaped

Louisville Metro police have released graphic body camera video showing the shooting and wounding of a LMPD officer earlier this month.

Around 2:30 a.m. September 7, Officer Brandon Haley was shot in the chest while making a traffic stop at the intersection of 40th and Kentucky.

The videos recorded by Haley's in-car camera and his body-worn camera shows Haley was hit by gunfire shortly after getting out of his marked police car. After being hit, Haley took cover behind his patrol car while the gunfire continued.

The video shows Haley was dragged nearly a block to safety by Officer Colin Billotto. After getting Haley to a safe location in a nearby alley, Billotto gave directions to other officers responding to the scene about the house where the gunfire was coming from and provided emergency medical aid to Haley.

Haley was rushed to UofL Hospital in an unmarked LMPD unit.

Before the video was played, Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said Haley was at 38th and Kentucky when he saw a car without headlights which made a turn onto Kentucky from 38th. Haley had not activated his emergency lights when the car stopped at 40th St.

The gunfire, which came from a house on the west side of Kentucky, started just after Haley got out of his patrol car. Humphrey said Haley had parked the marked unit under a streetlight.

LMPD Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said Haley remains hospitalized but was no longer listed in critical condition. On September 12, WAVE News reported that Haley was off a ventilator and able to stand with assistance while undergoing therapy sessions.



Cyclist Killed By Crane Truck In China

couple on motorcycle get annihilated by speeding vehicle

Biker slips and falls under truck

No backstory.

Man Pays With His Life During Toll Booth Accident (2 Flips)

R.I.P. to the man who passed away, and may his family and friends find peace.

Motorcyclist crashes into truck and loses his head after impact (Impact and aftermath are 2 seperate vids, OP got tricked from source)!!!

Motorcyclist In China Dragged And Killed By Cement Truck

Aftermath clip 1:

Aftermath clip 2:

Suspect being arrested:


A driver accused of killing eight people in a crash outside a Texas migrant shelter was found to have multiple drugs in his system, police say.

Suspect George Alvarez, 34, has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after Sunday morning's incident.

An initial toxicology report found he had multiple drugs in his system following the crash: cocaine, benzodiazepines and marijuana.

The development comes after a witness to the crash claimed the driver made anti-immigrant remarks before he was detained by members of the public.

Police say they are still investigating whether the crash was intentional as well as the driver's alleged remarks.

Earlier police revealed that Mr Alvarez has a lengthy criminal history, including multiple assault charges.

And shocking security camera footage shared by Texas congressman Henry Cuellar showed the moment a grey Ranger Rover smashed into the crowd outside of the city's Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center.

The Venezuelan government has called for an investigation to determine if the crash was deliberate and motivated by hate or xenophobia, after it emerged that several of the victims were from Venezuela.

More info here:

Brownsville Crash Wiki

News Article

Bus slams into a car turning it into a sandwich!

Video from reddit.

Update: I found some articles that confirmed that he somehow survived this:



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