On Saturday afternoon (6), two men died in a serious collision on the BR-101, in Balneário Camboriú, on the north coast of Santa Catarina. The accident, which occurred at around 4pm at kilometre 136, involved two motorcycles and a lorry with Rio Negrinho plates.

The exact moment of the collision was recorded by a camera mounted on the truck. The images show the moment when one of the motorcycles hits the back of the truck, followed by the second.

The impact threw one of the motorcyclists, aged 47, into the opposite lane, where he was run over by a GM/Prisma. He died instantly. The other, also 47 years old, was left lying on the road. He was rescued by the military police helicopter and taken to the Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital in Itajaí, but died of his injuries.


Hit Crossing The Street.

If they walked any slower they would of missed the car completely. :#marseysteer:

May 4, 2023 Head-on collision involving a dump truck and box truck (volume warning)

[CW] Child crushed by reversing car

Woman gets ran over by car

Biker in cali gets folded by angry woman


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Dude got run over by bus in Uruguay

No backstory.

15 de Mayo, Salto, Uruguay

Un mortal accidente de tránsito enlutó durante el fin de semana a la ciudad de Salto. El siniestro se produjo durante la noche del viernes, y las jóvenes víctimas fallecieron sucesivamente el sábado y el domingo.

El reporte policial detalla que el choque se produjo en la esquina de las calles Bilbao y Brasil. Allí, un auto que viajaba por Bilbao en dirección al norte fue impactado de forma lateral por una moto que circulaba por Brasil.

La moto era tripulada por un hombre de 27 años y una mujer de 19. El conductor fue diagnosticando en forma primaria “politraumatizado grave con pérdida de masa encefálica” y la acompañante “politraumatizada grave entubada y pasa a tomógrafo”, según se lee en el informe policía, que detalla que piloto falleció en la madrugada del sábado.

De acuerdo con el citado medio salteño, la acompañante tampoco pudo sobreponerse a las lesiones sufridas, y dejó de existir en horas del domingo. La crónica detalla que el fallecido era de nacionalidad colombiana, y estaba radicado desde tiempo atrás en la capital del departamento.


Elderly man on the street slips and falls under truck


Speeding car hits 3 women on sidewalk. 2 dead, 1 seriously injured (Aftermath included)

São Paulo City, Brazil.

Hit by a car while on crosswalk, Poland

An illegal migrant who was allegedly smuggled over the southern border into Texas was fatally struck by a car as he tried to evade border patrol agents, graphic video shows.

The body cam footage, published to Twitter by Fox’s Bill Melugin, shows officers in Brooks County arresting a human smuggler when suddenly several illegal immigrants “bailed out of his vehicle and ran.”

“One ran into the highway and was struck and killed by a vehicle.”

Mazda driver crashes into a pole at full speed

A Mazda ended up crashing into a pole in Brno (CZ) on Friday. The car caught fire after the impact and one of the men had to be resuscitated. Police say the crew may have been drunk and are now looking for witnesses.

The accident happened in Královopolská Street. Witnesses pulled both men out of the car, which immediately caught fire. Police officers then resuscitated one of them while firefighters tackled the fire and helped with first aid.

"According to witnesses, the driver smelled of alcohol."

Woman hit by truck tailgate



Head-on collision involving 3 vehicles

Motorcyclist crashes into car moving over multiple lanes.

(Child warning) Chillin' with the kids by the train tracks

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Car vs Telephone pole

Man with machete vs man in car xD

Stupid ass Trinis

Taxi driver kills kid infront of his mother

Motorcyclist hits rear end of parked truck at high speed, dies instantly

Cement truck crashes into ambulance and sends patient flying

Motorbike and car collide, motorbiker gets flung

Pickup goes with the flow

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