CHILD WARNING Kid hit while running across the street

20-year-old hits 280 km/h (173 mph) before crashing

The video was taken by his 20-year-old pal in the passenger seat as the 120k Audi weaved in and out of vehicles on the night-lit motorway.

He continued to film the speedometer rising with his mobile phone as the the pair sang along to music, before the motorist lost control and hit another vehicle.


Mechanic crushed

It was reported that local mechanic Ho Lee Fuk was crushed while working on his car.

He is survived by his wife Sum Ting Wong






Shocking accident in Merlo: he was riding his motorcycle at full speed, hit a pole and died

The investigators' main hypothesis is that the victim, Matías Adrián Dibastiani, was in a tailspin. Everything was recorded by a security camera.

A motorcyclist was driving at full speed on his motorcycle, crashed into a light pole and died instantly. Investigators' main hypothesis is that he was running a dive. It happened on Saturday night at Merlo's game.

The victim was identified as Matías Adrián Dibastiani and was 35 years old. The shocking accident took place before 9 p.m. on Eva Perón Avenue, at its intersection with Helvecia Street, in the direction from the town of Libertad towards Ituzaingó.

According to investigators, the young man was racing with two other motorcycles when he touched the curb that divided the street and hit a pole. Due to the brutal collision, the body was split in half.

Sources of the investigation informed Primer Plano Online that through images recorded by cameras of the Municipality of Merlo it was possible to establish that the victim was traveling without companions "at high speed" , and with him were two other motorcycles with a man on each one. of them.

At first, it was thought that it could have been an attempted robbery with a chase, although the story of those two people confirmed that this had not been the case. In fact, they were the ones who lifted the victim's motorcycle and moved it away from the scene to allow the emergency services to work.




Happened on June 9, 2024, around 3 or 4 am in Samara, Russia

20 years old man identified as Seva Kurganov was driving :marseysteer: a rented Volkswagen Polo through Samara.

Together with Seva, there :marseycheerup: were three :marseydilbert: passengers - Kirill Petrovsky (17), Ilya Yelagin (17) and Liza Rogacheva (16).

On Batayskaya Street :marseygrover: Seva lost control :marseyshadow: and crashed into a parked Hino bus at high speed.

All three :marseycerebrus: men died on spot. Liza was taken to a hospital :marseyloss: in critical condition, but she also later died.

A friend :marseychinchilla2: of the victims told 63 RU:

I knew them a little :marseybaby: myself, we are all from Krasnaya Glinka. Normal :marseyregular: guys, basically still kids.

They loved various activities. They would :marseywood: go for a walk, to the beach, to drive :marseysteer: around in a car.

The girl (Liza) was a very good student. She was working :marseylifting: as a breakdance teacher :marseytuckermilkers: in a local club.

I had never :marseyitsover: seen them drunk. Horrible tragedy.

Aftermath photos:

Kirill Petrovsky:

Liza Rogacheva:

No photos of Seva Kurganov were found. Social :marseysjw: media :marseyjourno: of Ilya Yelagin were deleted before :marseyskellington: any photos could be archived.


63 RU

Prosecutor of Samara Oblast

Motorcyclist collides with car

A motorcyclist, aged 28, died after hitting the side of a car and being thrown on the CE-085 highway, in Caucaia, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza, this Sunday (13). João Ingrisson Diógenes do Nascimento was traveling at over 200 km/h and succumbed to his injuries.Videos circulating on social networks show the moment when the motorcyclist travels along the track and another vehicle enters the highway. With the impact, João Ingrisson spun in the air and was thrown for several meters, until he fell on the track.

João Ingrisson Diógenes do Nascimento was rescued, but could not resist the injuries and died this Monday (14), in a health unit. He was from Jaguaribe.

On social networks, the young man used to post about his admiration for high-capacity motorcycles and was part of motorcycle groups. In the most recent post, he appeared with a motorcycle model that can exceed 200 km / h. There are no details about the driver of the vehicle.

CHILD WARNING Woman screams after killing a kid on a bike with her car

Karachayevsk, Russia

October 25, 2022

On October 25, an accident occurred on the main street of Karachayevsk, as a result of which an eight-year-old girl died, and a seven-year-old boy was taken to the republican hospital with injuries.

"On October 25, at 13:35, the duty station of the Inter-Municipal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia "Karachayevsky" received a message about an accident with victims in the city of Karachayevsk. Upon departure to the site, it was established that at 53 km 400m of the Cherkessk-Dombai FAD, the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser car, while driving from the city of Cherkessk towards the village of Dombai, allowed two minors to hit," said a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

She noted that as a result of the accident, the girl died in the Central Hospital of the city of Karachayevsk, and the boy with a diagnosis of TBI, concussion of the brain, closed fracture of the humerus with displacement, left clavicle, was sent to the Central Hospital of the city of Cherkessk," L.Gogusheva stressed.



The accident took place on April 28, 2019 near Nottingham in England, Footage taken from three cameras on two vehicles, including the front and rear of the Subaru involved, shows the car traveling around a blind left-hand bend and veering on to the wrong side of the road due to its excessive speed. The 35-year-old biker miraculously survived with life changing injuries

read more:




Biker gets fucked up by truck


camera captures motorcyclist being thrown after being hit by car in Nova Esperança

The victim suffered serious injuries to his spine and chest.

A 20-year-old motorcyclist was thrown after being hit by a car in Nova Esperança , northwest of Paraná. The accident was caught on a security camera. The images in the video above are strong.

The video shows the car making a turn and hitting the motorcycle, which was coming in the opposite direction. With the impact, the victim was thrown and hit a stand.

The images show that a woman, who witnessed the accident, is almost hit by the motorcyclist.

He was treated by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), suffered injuries to his chest and spine and was taken to Hospital Bom Samaritano, in Maringá.

His condition is considered serious.


Three vietnamise men get the bowling treatment :marseyflagvietnam:

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