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A bus without driver rolled down the slope and ran into pedestrians in the city of Shymkent in southern Kazakhstan: four people died, two more were hospitalized with injuries. without the driver's control, having driven into the oncoming lane, he hit six pedestrians who were on the sidewalk, “the press release of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic says.

In an accident, two women and a teenager died on the spot, the girl died in intensive care department. Two more people are in the hospital.

The investigators found that the driver got off the bus at the final stop of the route and left it on the handbrake. At that moment, the bus rolled down the slope and ran into pedestrians. The driver was placed in a temporary detention facility.

Article here:

Couple on a bike gets hit by car

No backstory.

A bunch of looters tried too rob a FED EX truck but the truck fought back

typical african americans

From caressed to pressed bench

Aftermath of woman jumping in front of speeding train (Skövde, Sweden)


The alarm came in shortly after ten thirty on Monday morning. -We can confirm that it is a person who has been hit by a freight train. We are there together with the police and ambulance, said the internal commander of the rescue service at ten o'clock. The police were able to announce around 11.30 that they did not suspect any crime in connection with the incident. Västtrafik writes on its website that there is a stop to train traffic on the lines (Stockholm) Töreboda–Göteborg (SJ Regional), Töreboda–Göteborg (Västtågen) and Töreboda–Nässjö (Västtågen). Traffic is expected to resume at 1 p.m. at the earliest.

Props to the driver :marseymariokart:

Man had his head blown off by bus

Bike rammed by armored vehicle [CW]

An Elderly Man In Venezuela Crossing The Road And Gets Hit By Oncoming Car

Collision between a bus and a car + Aftermath

Fight ends with man getting thrown under train - his opponent must had trained in India

The man who was killed when he fell onto a light rail track and was struck by a train during a fight in downtown Minneapolis  has been identified.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner says Reginald Snelling, 41, of Minneapolis, died at the Hennepin/Warehouse District station from "multiple blunt force injuries and traumatic asphyxia due to collision with and compression by light rail train following physical altercation."

Snelling had reportedly been involved in a fight on the station platform that led to him falling onto the tracks as a train approached

The medical examiner listed his manner of death as "homicide." It's not clear at this stage if any arrests have been made.

The incident happened at 1:15 a.m. on Saturday morning.


Irish Tourist Dies After Falling From Moving Train while taking a selfie

Freeway rollover thrown from vehicle then run over fatal

Lorry Rams Into Stopping Vehicles

Lorry Rams Into Stopping Vehicles

20.09.2023 - The accident incident is believed to have occurred from the direction of IOI City Mall to Putrajaya. Around 11:55 am today (September 20), it went viral on the x page (Twitter) where people started uploading several video clips showing an accident that had just happened in Putrajaya. Through the first clip uploaded by user X (@syazmnnn), it clearly shows several destroyed vehicles 'swept' by a lorry, and even several motorbikes belonging to PDRM are also involved.

"I never thought that the things I always thought about would finally happen. Ministerial convoy and public vehicles accident from IOI direction to Putrajaya. He said one civilian died. May Allah ease everyone's affairs," wrote Syazmnnn through the caption.

“Peaceful protestors” decide to try and rob a FedEx truck, get a free ride instead.

Motorcyclist in Mexico Dies in high speed after he had a collision behind a car + Aaftermath

(Child warning) kid on bike instantly killed when he runs into a woman and falls underneath a tractor trailer

Poor little bastard died ridding a girl's bike

(CW) China, Kid Tragically Hit By Forklift In Warehouse

!![CW]!! 4 y/o boy gets hit by a motorcycle in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Harrowing video shows a 4-year-old getting hit by a motorcycle in Brazil.

The boy's condition is unknown.

Translated from Portuguese via Google Translate:

“This Monday, August 21, a video was released showing the moment in which a motorcycle ran over a 4-year-old boy who, seconds before, let go of his mother's hand to run towards the avenue, where the vehicle involved was circulating.

Emergency bodies arrived in the area to transfer to at least one hospital where their diagnosis is completely reserved.

The events occurred in the Indaiá neighborhood of Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

In the images it can be seen that the motorcycle, due to the impact, takes the minor flying and throws him several meters ahead.

The shocked woman runs to her little one and takes him in her arms to verify her health status.

Everything was recorded by a security camera that was in the area. After the impact, the pilot could not stop himself and jumped out of the unit, allowing the body to move several meters away.

The events provoked the indignation of Internet users, since an oversight could cause the death of the child.

And it is that in the clip it is shown how the woman checks her cell phone, at which time the little one lets go of her hand, runs into traffic and is run over by the motorcycle. The subject who was on top of the motorcycle also suffered injuries after hitting his body against the pavement.

It should be noted that the child was playing in the street when the tragedy occurred. The recording shows that two motorcycles passed by for seconds and it was the third that was involved in the incident that could take the life of the minor who was only playing.”

2/3/2023 Car hits toll booth near Purranque, Chile. 21 year old driver died.

Guys head explodes when he crashes into the wall

so no head? :#marseybiker:

Man Dies After Being Hit By A Truck While Crossing The Street...

Dumbass hit and ran over while trying to cross the highway

Dude has bad luck as truck rans him over in reverse...

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