The story here to the first part of this is from Brazil.

The man supposedly was fine. Here's the article. Edge, Firefox, Chrome are good for translating.

The second part, The more serious one, Is two brothers who walked home after drinking.

The first got hit by a truck. Then his brother, while consoling him, gets hit by a car. Both did pass.

two people ran over in a car accident


A video of a terrible road accident where a child was hit twice has been circulated in social networks today. The situation was commented on by the press service of the Traffic Safety Department of the Internal Affairs Department of the Navoi region.

According to the available data, the incident occurred on July 1 this year, approximately at 19:20 hours, on the 127th km of road 4R-48, passing through the territory of Khatyrchi district of Navoi region. BYD electric crossover did not slow down and did not stop to let the child pass, as a result of which it hit the child. The 8-year-old girl fell down and then got under the wheels of the next BYD Song Plus car.

As a result, the second grade student was seriously injured and died at the scene.

Currently, a criminal case has been opened under Article 166 Part 2 (violation of safety rules of movement or operation of vehicles) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the investigation is underway.



Happened on November 5, 2013, around 12:45 in Odessa, Ukraine

23 years old Yevhen Burdeynyy was working in a furniture shop. He was crossing the road to get to the shop.

Unfortunately not only he was crossing in prohibited place, but also he got hit at high speed by a Bentley.

Witness described what happened:

I went outside for a smoke and I heard a speeding engine. At the same time I saw a man in his 30s crossing the road in prohibited place.

He crossed two lanes, but when he reached the third lane he was hit by Bentley. One of his shoes flew off his feet.

Betley driver hit the brakes and stopped on the side of the road.

The Bentley was driving on reversible lane.

After the car had stopped, the driver exited it and left in unknown direction. After two hours another man arrived and claimed he was the driver.

Witnesses described the man who claimed to be the driver:

I looked at him - around 35 years old. He was dressed in a way that he didn't look like a millionaire.

Said Vasyl Suhay.

The police doubted that the person who introduced himself as Bentley driver was actually the driver. They were right, it wasn't him.

Said Albert Voskenov.

One day after the accident police reported the accident. "A car hit a pedestrian crossing in prohibited place".

There is no mention of the reversible lane.

There is indeed a reversible lane on Mykolaivs'ka Rd. I can't comment on the situation at this moment.

You can contact the Investigative Department. They'll comment on whose traffic light was green when the accident occured.

This will explain who had the right of way.

Said Liliya Chorna from local police department.

But in the video from dashcam it's clearly visible that car are driving on the lane opposite direction.

The Bentley comes driving the other direction. This suggests that Bentley had no right to use the reversible lane at the moment.

As it turend out, the Bentley was registered to 77 years old mother of Hennadiy Chekita, local deputy.

Chekita also has rights to use the car. It's written in the registration documents of the car.

The car never belonged to me personally. I have nothing to do with the accident. I never had a Bentley myself.

Said Chekita.

The Bentley was put up for sale in a local car dealership some time before the accident. The cost was 115 000 $.

According to the police, it might be a dealership employee who was driving at the time of the accident.

In the end, Dmitriy Ananyev, owner of the dealership "Oskar" where the Bentley was put up on sale, admitted that he was driving.

He got arrested and his bail was set on 91 000 hryvnias.

The car:

Hennadiy Chekita:


TSN [1]

TSN [2]

Dumskaya [1]

Dumskaya [2]

Guy gets run over

Guy gets run over


15 May 2024, CZ: Yesterday around 2 p.m. a motorcyclist collided with a female driver in a Škoda Octavia station wagon in the Střekov district of Ústí nad Labem. According to the rescuers, the motorcyclist was born for the second time - after the impact he flew several metres through the air before hitting the road. He was taken to hospital with moderate injuries. He was also helped by the fact that he was wearing good quality motorcycle clothing and equipment. According to some local residents, the view is impaired at this location after the road was improved.

CHILD WARNING armored truck runs over kid on scooter


Death on a motorcycle

The motorcycle driver died on the spot after hitting the car from behind. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of the incident

CHILD WARNING Child Flattened By Heavy Truck



Her parents gave her an electric bike as a present because she passed the valedictorian. While on her way to her grandparents' house to tell the news. she ran a red light and was run over by a heavy truck, resulting in her being cut in half and dying on the spot, IN FRONT OF HER PARENTS AND HER LITTLE SISTER. It is known that she is a very good student with a bright future.

The incident happened in Thai Binh city, Vietnam



Disgruntled driver drives through pride parade that was blocking the road :marseyracist:

M-346 plane crash (Poland)


The accident occurred on Provincial Road 462 in Nam Trung commune, Tien Hai district, Thai Binh in Vietnam province between two motorbikes going in the opposite direction, killing an 11th-grade female student.

The motorbike driven by Thang had a collision with the motorbike driven by Phan Thi Hong Ng (born in 2007, residing in Vinh Tra village, Nam Trung commune), carrying the passenger Phan Thi Huyen Trang (born in 2011)

After a direct collision, Phan Thi Hong Ng died on the way to hospital.

The motorbike with license plate number 30F8-461X, driven by Mr. Pham Van T, was traveling at quite a high speed. Both people on the momotorbike with license plate number 17B2-397.2X, driven by Phan Thi Hong Ng, was not wearing a helmet.





Woman beheaded by a bus and a pole



Planes and trains, cars and bikes, trucks and buses. If someone is killed thanks to any kind of vehicle, this is where it belongs. Here you will learn to look both ways before crossing the street (or the train tracks), why motorcycles are 30 times deadlier than cars, and more!


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The driver of a water tanker crushed a young man, there was a dispute over the mud accumulated on the road.

In Delhi's Sangam Vihar, some boys surrounded a water tanker and were pelting stones on it. Meanwhile, the driver ran over a boy and fled with the tanker. The young man died in this incident. The angry youths also stabbed and injured another person. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and started investigating the case.

According to the police, a call was received on PCR at around 4.30 pm that some boys were stabbing people on Ratia Marg in Sangam Vihar. When the police team reached there, it was found that an auto had broken down and the auto driver was repairing it along with some of his friends. Meanwhile, a water tanker passed by. Since there was waterlogging at that place, when the tanker passed, water splashed on the youths repairing the auto.

Saddam alias Sadab son of Mohd. Manzoor, Sangam Vihar died after being crushed by the tanker. The tanker driver ran away after stopping the vehicle after going some distance. After this incident, auto drivers and other boys started searching for the tanker driver and some people took Saddam to Batra Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

When all the boys were vandalising the tanker, another auto driver was passing by. He stopped his auto and stopped the boys from doing so. Then all of them beat him up and stabbed him. The auto driver injured by the knife attack was identified as Bablu Ahmed, a resident of Sangam Vihar. He has been admitted to Safdarjung Hospital for treatment. The police is investigating the matter.




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