Woman gets ran over by military fuel truck

Biker gets ran over by bus

No backstory.

Old Man Crushed By Dump Truck While Crossing The Street,Brazil

Drunk dude laying on the street got ran over..


What a day for aviation fans, uh? (2 crashes)

So... 2 crashes uh?

Let's take a look at them!

Frecce tricolori (tricolor arrows) is Italy's air force acrobatic flight squad, active from 1961 to nowadays,

It's considered one of the most prestigious and prepared acrobatic teams in the world

September 16, the squad was practicing in Torino for an exhibition that would take place this Sunday (17)

One of the planes lost control, crashing on the ground, running over a family's car killing a 5 year old girl

The pilot ejected in time, him and the other family members in the car suffered burn wounds

The other one, Brazil

September 16: A plane goes from manaos to Barcelos, crashes 400 Kilometers away from manaos in the amazonic forest, all of the 14 occupants (12 passengers and 2 crew members) have died, it was expected that the bodies would be sent to manaos around 6 PM in September 17, but we don't know about them yet

The airplane was an Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante, Registered as PT-SOG, Owned by Manaus aerotáxi



[Information given by @Bigguy1]

The pilot landed at a very high speed, halfway down the runway, if we mix it with the heavy rain at the moment, causing lack of visibility, we get this:



Pt sog detailed information: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/345624

Man tries to stop truck with his hands.. truck wins.

Bro won the race and died

Speeding car collides into hooded gathering

(CHILD WARNING) Child on a skateboard gets crushed by a car.

Woman Gets Crushed By Truck, Twice. (CW / She had a baby in her arms)


Old School Video

Aftermath: https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16945999004670825.webp https://i.watchpeopledie.tv/images/16945999010409093.webp


One person died and eleven injured is the result of a car accident in the Sigamane Community. Mabel Hernández, 15 years old, died from the impact she suffered on her head against the pavement and according to the Red Cross report, it was multiple trauma (severe blows to vital parts of the body) that caused her death. Among those injured and taken to the La Paz Hospital are Jovita García, 25, Amadeo Rodríguez (40), Teresa de Jesús Martínez, Eda Hernández (23), Marina López (23), Dilia Francisca García (28), Maura Hernández, Moisés Ernaín Martínez, Melvin Gerardo Hernández, Merly Martínez, Juan Alfonso Martínez Cruz (20) and Juan Alfonso Martínez (42). The people who suffered the accident came from Florida, Opatoro, and were traveling in a red pickup truck. which was driven by Juan Alfonso Martínez who, on the “Sigamane straight” after crossing the “pothole” in front of the Community House, lost control and without hitting the ravine, overturned on the paved road. In a video made by José Anacleto Hernández you can see the maneuvers that the driver tried to avoid the accident. According to the neighbors who were gathered on the side of the road, they said that they called the Police and the Red Cross and they did not arrive quickly enough to help the people who were shaken by the impact of the car. “We were here when the accident occurred and what happened is that the driver lost control because he was traveling at a high speed,” reported José Cupertino Girón, a resident of the community. Girón regretted the delay in arriving by the Police and the Red Cross and assured that they were calling and they were not answered, and they decided to ask for help from passing cars to transport the injured. For her part, Rosmunda Bejarano, a resident of the Sigamane Community, expressed her concern about the multiple accidents that occur on this “straight line,” which is why they are asking the authorities to install a police post. Bejarano assured that it is a permanent danger because boys and girls who go to school have to cross the street and are exposed to any accident. For her part, Rosmunda Bejarano, a resident of the Sigamane Community, expressed her concern about the multiple accidents that occur on this “straight line,” which is why they are asking the authorities to install a police post. Bejarano assured that it is a permanent danger because boys and girls who go to school have to cross the street and are exposed to any accident. For her part, Rosmunda Bejarano, a resident of the Sigamane Community, expressed her concern about the multiple accidents that occur on this “straight line,” which is why they are asking the authorities to install a police post. Bejarano assured that it is a permanent danger because boys and girls who go to school have to cross the street and are exposed to any accident.

This video happened in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

I found information from this: https://elmarcalino.blogspot.com/2010/04/una-mujer-muere-en-tragico-accidente.html


Here video version quality 720p:

Robin Winter-Smith's Fatal Stunt Crash. Elstree 1979

Truck crashes into the back of broken down truck - killing both drivers

Truck Driver Crushed In Georgia By Another Distracted Truck Driver.

(Two people have been confirmed dead. The driver under the truck and the driver of the truck that hit him)

This happened this morning (Saturday) around 8 am on I-285 in Atlanta in an area that gets a lot of airport traffic, and there is bumper-to-bumper traffic there often. It's entirely possible that the truck broke down in traffic and had been sitting there as the traffic cleared up around them, in which case they wouldn't have had a chance to pull off to the shoulder.

https://www-atlantanewsfirst-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.atlantanewsfirst.com/2023/09/16/all-lanes-shut-down-i-285-nb-cascade-road-after-crash#amp_tf=From %1$s&aoh=16949439342248&referrer=https://www.google.com&ampshare=https://www.atlantanewsfirst.com/2023/09/16/all-lanes-shut-down-i-285-nb-cascade-road-after-crash

(CW) Kid ran over by a car after running away

This happened in China

The woman is his/her grandmother

Deadly Drag Race In New Jersey

WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY: A man and a woman were struck and killed by two fast automobiles as they raced through the streets of New Jersey in violation of the law. Gerald J White, the driver of the 2004 Infinity collided with the 2014 Honda Accord and then swerved onto pedestrians during the incident in Wildwood, New Jersey. He was charged with the murders of Timothy Ogden, 34, and Lindsay Weakland, 18.

In the horrifying footage, the reckless driver is seen racing away from an intersection before colliding with another car and slamming into a golf-car-like vehicle. Local accounts state that Weakland was one of the pedestrians White struck. She was declared dead there, but it took the police some time to get there since so many people were in the way of their automobiles. Ogden is believed to have been a passenger in the Honda Civic that White collided with. After the crash, he was taken to a hospital but he eventually died of his wounds. White, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attempted to flee the scene as well but was arrested by authorities. Prosecutors said further charges against White may be brought, although it is unknown if any other people were gravely hurt.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the two individuals who died weren't in Wildwood for the unauthorized motor event. White was accused of fleeing the scene of an accident, evading, assault by a vehicle on two counts, and breaking the legislation pertaining to public safety. He is detained in the Cape May County Correctional Facility. In the video, drivers of powerful automobiles engaged in a variety of risky actions such as burnouts, donuts, and racing at high speeds while disregarding the rules of the road. The mayhem that resulted in these deaths and injuries was caused by "hundreds, if not thousands, of people driving high-performance vehicles to an area without any planning, staging, or permitting", according to Jeffery Sutherland, Cape May prosecutor.

Numerous automobiles collided with shops, parking meters, and each other as a consequence of White's reckless driving which also resulted in two fatalities. This left officials with a large clean-up. White's car was traveling at "like 80 miles per hour," according to a witness who observed the tragic collision as it "ran four red lights." Olivia Galing of Rahway told NJ Advance Media “we just heard a big bang, like a loud crash, and everybody started running down so we went down to the corner and we saw the car up on the curb and they had a sheet out already. There were so many people lined up on the side of the road. Kids were standing in the middle of the street on the yellow lines recording things. So it was gonna happen somebody was gonna get hurt.” According to the office of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, police were so overrun by people at the event that the New Jersey State Police dispatched troops to Wildwood to assist local police. “The Governor is saddened by the senseless harm and damage that has occurred in Wildwood as a result of this event,” Murphy’s spokeswoman Christi Peace said in a statement to NJ Advance Media.

Prior to the event, Wildwood officials were informed of the gathering and issued a statement saying that "all visitors to the Wildwoods are welcome and are expected to obey all ordinances and laws during their visit." “But local police were quickly outmatched by large crowds exhibiting raucous behavior,” Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron said. “The game plan did not anticipate the amount of people that came down, which was in the thousands. That game plan went right out the window by the second day, when the amount of folks that were here grossly exceeded what the projected amount were by the state police,” Bryon added.

Given that all administrators have already left the organization and a concerning note has been added to the about section of their Facebook page, it appears that the fatalities have caused the H2oi organizers to reevaluate their plans. “H2oi isn’t ever gonna be the same," the updated about me section read. “Even if all the sideshow kids [interlopers] stop coming the laws they set in place for car modification will never go away. It’s time to move on.”

(CW) Two girls die after bike x truck crash

TucuruĂ­, PA, Brazil - Sep 10, 2023

In the early hours of this Sunday (10), two children died in a serious accident involving a motorcycle and a truck, in Tucuruí, southeast of Pará. The victims, identified as Laura Moia Tocantins and Kemely Yasmim Moia Nunes, aged 5 and 12 years old, respectively, were on board a Biz model motorcycle, driven by their mother, who suffered serious injuries and is now admitted to the Tucuruí Regional Hospital.

The accident occurred around 00:20, when the mother was leaving an establishment located at the intersection of 7 de Setembro Av. and Dos LĂ­rios Street, Cohab neighborhood. Security cameras recorded the exact moment the motorcycle entered the road, while the truck accessed the avenue. At that moment, the heavy vehicle crashed violently into the motorcycle, fatally hitting the two children.

The truck driver, identified as Gabriel Peres Leite, underwent a blood alcohol test, which revealed the presence of alcohol in his system. As a result, he was arrested by the Civil Police and taken to the 15th Urban Section of TucuruĂ­. The Legal Medical Institute (IML) was called to remove the bodies, carry out a necroscopic examination and carry out an examination at the scene of the accident.




Korea Traffic Accident



Chinese guy somehow gets ran over by his own truck :marseybeanquestion:

Grandmother killed and others injured in Brooklyn hit and run (New York)




Extract from CBS article:

25th June 2022

NEW YORK -- A grandmother is dead and a child is critically injured after a driver struck multiple pedestrians in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Police say it happened just after 7 p.m. at Macon Street and Ralph Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

According to police, a sergeant and two police officers were patrolling on Ralph Avenue when they spotted a vehicle with mismatched plates. They said two people inside the vehicle also appeared to be smoking marijuana.

Officers turned on their lights and pulled the vehicle over, but when they got out of the patrol car and began to approach it, the driver of the vehicle sped off.

Police say the driver struck a bicyclist and two pedestrians at the intersection of Macon Street and Ralph Avenue but continued driving.

At Halsey Street, the driver allegedly struck another pedestrian, then crashed into a vehicle. Two passengers then got out and ran.

One pedestrian, who police say was a 67-year-old grandmother, was pronounced dead at the scene. An 8-year-old boy was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Three other victims were taken to local hospitals to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.




Grandmother and the 8yr old child:



(Child Warning) Little boy shirt blue was hit by train

This happened at Brebes

Central Java, Indonesia

Elderly Woman Crossing the Street Hit by a Motorcycle,Colombia (2 angles)

Truck absolutely crushes taxi

Retarded russian truck driver crushes the shit out of this taxi leaving the driver and the person dead



Man has a seizure while driving and crushes an elderly woman to the wall

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Sep 14, 2023

In a sad event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, more precisely in the Floresta neighborhood, a driver experienced an unexpected seizure while trying to park his vehicle, however, the situation took a devastating turn when he lost control of the car, leaving as resulting the death of a 71-year-old woman who was passing through the area.

The shocking event was captured by local security cameras, showing the exact moment the driver maneuvered backwards. From one moment to the next, the man lost control of the car and ran over the defenseless victim.

The woman, seriously injured in her right leg, received immediate attention from emergency personnel and was transferred to a nearby hospital, although, tragically, medical efforts were in vain and her death was confirmed.

On the other hand, the heartbreaking moment was captured thanks to a security camera in the area. In the recording, you can see how the driver tries to reverse her vehicle, however, due to the seizure attack, he did not notice the woman and ran her over.

The authorities immediately ordered the preventive detention of the driver for homicide. At the same time, the victim's body was transferred to the morgue to carry out the corresponding autopsy, as part of the investigative process.

Ultimately, this heartbreaking incident serves as a grim reminder of the risks associated with unforeseen medical conditions behind the wheel. Authorities will continue to investigate the case in search of answers and to determine appropriate legal measures.


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