Nighttime drifting ends with light pole collision

Gas station attendant killed instantly by airborne vehicle

He was gone in a blink

Tags: gas, petrol, station, employee, worker, vehicle, car, air, airborne, obliterated, destroyed, ford, suv, explorer, expedition


Oblivious scooter driver with passenger pulls out in front of truck

Tags: truck, scooter, hit, struck, moron,

Child Warning Play stupid games with a truck (Sound warning)

So much happening

another biker gets ran over in India by a fuel truck

Body ran over by train wheels multiple times

Biker crashes, flips and hit by vehicle

[CHILD WARNING]a car lost control and hit a kid


chain, car, lady, woman, man, accident

Guy gets kicked under the bus



Homeless woman lays down in the street and gets run over by car


[CW] 13 year old girl ran over by a train while recording a video.

She later died in the hospital

*** CHILD WARNING **** Dumb Ways To Die ep. 415: Silent Train

Little Billy McFarson just got new AirPods for junior high graduation. It's the best day of his life!

[CW] Child ran over by car, probably China

sry if repost

[CHILD WARNING] child gets hits by a 4 by 4

Woman gets pushed into traffic

Tags: traffic, car, suv, road, street, sidewalk, pushed, shoved, hit, struck,

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[ANIMAL WARNING] poor doggo kills a biker

[Child Warning] Kid tries to look for his family after a freak car crash

Woman on a cycle gets ran over by dump truck

Older aged lady hit and dragged under the wheels of a bus. Sรฃo Paulo.

The accident occurred around 10:30 am on Tuesday 31st. A security camera video recorded the hit-and-run.

The woman aged sixty four, her identity not released, tried crossing the intersection when the bus hit her. After the collision, the vehicle does not stop but continues, and the victim is dragged for about 50 meters.

Public Security (SSP) was called and, and upon arriving found the victim dead on scene. The 53-year-old driver reported that he had not seen the woman.

The bus driver reported to agents that he stopped the vehicle as soon as he realized he had hit an obstacle, passengers told him he'd hit someone. He got off and found the woman lying on the road. According to police, the driver showed no signs of drunkenness while being questioned and released while the investigation takes place.

In a note, SPTrans reported that it has already identified the driver of the concessionary company and that the driver was fired. The prefix bus 82.721 belongs to the line 874C/10-Parque Continental-Metrรด Trianon/Masp.

According to SPTrans, โ€œall operators of the public transport system in Sรฃo Paulo are submitted to constant courses and training, as defined in the concession contracts signed between the Public Power and the companiesโ€.

The case has been registered as manslaughter while driving a motor vehicle at the 9th DP in Osasco.

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Tags: #Vechicle #Bus #Woman #Dragged #Hit #Dead #SรฃoPaulo

Criminals steal car and run over woman during police chase

src: https://portaldozacarias.com.br/site/noticia/criminosos-roubam-carro-e-atropelam-mulher-durante-perseguicao-policial--veja-video-/

December 1 2022

Man hit by car in crosswalk - sent flying and nearly hits the camera

Tags: crosswalk, zebra crossing, hit, struck, ran, run, over, car, vehicle, road, street, flying,

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