Plane Gender Reveal Goes Wrong, One Fatality

On the evening of September 2nd, In Sinaloa, Mexico. Pilot Luis Angel N, catastrophically died in front of a crowd for a Gender Reveal Party.

A happy couple, excited for their baby's delivery. Hired a small jet to increase the boldness of their party. They wanted it to be remembered.

Yet after flying over the scenery of the party, Luis bolted upwards in his Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft. Most likely due to the heavy amount of palm trees behind the party.

Due to the Wind Resistance on his plane because of this move, it broke the joint between the wing and the fuselage. Causing the plane to rotate on its side, and barrel towards the ground, in a tail spin nature. Causing the pilot, Luis Angel N to be injured very seriously. Complications of his injuries caused him to die at the hospital.

TLDR: Wear A Condom

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Homophob driver kills several people (LOUD MUSIC)

girl is dying and nobody cares



Tragic viral video: Residents of UP's Ghazipur(India) were sharing their live video feed on a social media platform, when #Nepal Flight crash happened.

Five friends - Sanjay Jaiswal, Sonu Jaiswal, Anil Kumar Rajbhar, Abhishek Kushwaha and Vishal Sharma - were there in the plane, while Sonu was live streaming.


two teen girls kill uber driver while carjacking

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Street Racing Gone Bad

Sorry for the bad quality, hopefully not a repost. Haven't seen it on here


CHILD WARNING May 17, 2023 - 14 year old Teen killed, after unlicensed 16 year old boyfriend loses control of BMW and crashes into a UPS delivery truck. Queens, NY (Child warning)

united parcel service


CHILD WARNING (CW) Man walking down the street leaves his son behind because he threw a tantrum...Then child gets crushed (CW)


Video of the plane crashing down over Tver Region, Russia




ST. LOUIS — A Kirkwood man accused of running a red light and hitting and killing two tourists downtown early Wednesday has been released from custody on bail.

Monte Henderson, 22, posted 10% of his $200,000 bond on Friday, court records show. He had been charged Thursday with two counts each of involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the deaths of Laticha Bracero, 42, and her daughter Alyssa Cordova, 21, after police say he blew through a red light on Olive Street and hit them in a crosswalk after midnight Wednesday.

Bracero and Cordova were in town from Chicago attending a Drake concert at Enterprise Center Tuesday evening.

Police said Henderson was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee more than 70 mph on Olive Street when he ran a stoplight at 18th Street in the Downtown West neighborhood, hitting multiple vehicles and the two pedestrians.

Judge Annette Llewellyn set bond Thursday at $200,000 or 10% cash. Henderson has no prior felonies, and Judge Llewellyn did not consider him a threat to society or a flight risk.

But St. Louis police Officer Matthew Wieczorek, in the probable cause statement he filed in the case Thursday, said he did believe Henderson is a danger to the community and would not appear on a summons.

Llewellyn, a former public defender, was one of former Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's first hires when she took office and headed the prosecutor's diversion programs for a month before former Gov. Eric Greitens appointed her circuit judge in 2018.

While traffic fatalities in the city have fallen back toward pre-pandemic averages, the crash Wednesday again refocused attention on the reckless driving incidents that have put city leaders under pressure to respond to pedestrian and motorist safety. And Henderson's release may again raise questions about pretrial detention policies in St. Louis Circuit Court.

A year ago, a car crash that injured a teenage girl in town for a volleyball tournament — an annual event that had downtown St. Louis streets and sidewalks packed with young athletes and their parents on Saturday — amplified calls for Gardner to resign. Her critics pointed to the driver's many violations of his bond for other criminal charges at the time of the crash, questioning why prosecutors hadn't moved to have him jailed.

Meanwhile, aldermen and Mayor Tishaura O. Jones a year ago approved a $40 million package for traffic-calming infrastructure, but those projects are still in the planning stages. And St. Louis police, which are grappling with some 300 vacant positions, made about half as many traffic stops in 2021 as they did in 2009 — back when there were also just half as many traffic deaths on the city's streets.

“While the City has made significant investments in traffic and pedestrian infrastructure, reckless driving continues to be an urgent and immediate issue that directly affects the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors alike,” Jones said in a statement the day after the crash on Olive Street.


Aftermath of cars (no bodies):


Happened on June 9, 2024, around 3 or 4 am in Samara, Russia

20 years old man identified as Seva Kurganov was driving :marseysteer: a rented Volkswagen Polo through Samara.

Together with Seva, there :marseycheerup: were three :marseydilbert: passengers - Kirill Petrovsky (17), Ilya Yelagin (17) and Liza Rogacheva (16).

On Batayskaya Street :marseygrover: Seva lost control :marseyshadow: and crashed into a parked Hino bus at high speed.

All three :marseycerebrus: men died on spot. Liza was taken to a hospital :marseyloss: in critical condition, but she also later died.

A friend :marseychinchilla2: of the victims told 63 RU:

I knew them a little :marseybaby: myself, we are all from Krasnaya Glinka. Normal :marseyregular: guys, basically still kids.

They loved various activities. They would :marseywood: go for a walk, to the beach, to drive :marseysteer: around in a car.

The girl (Liza) was a very good student. She was working :marseylifting: as a breakdance teacher :marseytuckermilkers: in a local club.

I had never :marseyitsover: seen them drunk. Horrible tragedy.

Aftermath photos:

Kirill Petrovsky:

Liza Rogacheva:

No photos of Seva Kurganov were found. Social :marseysjw: media :marseyjourno: of Ilya Yelagin were deleted before :marseyskellington: any photos could be archived.


63 RU

Prosecutor of Samara Oblast

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