PIG gets in the way of moving vehicle

This is why you don’t play in the street!

Vehicle hits PIG and PIG goes rolling

Biker hit by car (OUCH!).




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July 2016 Truck Attack in Nice, France

In July 2016, a devastating truck attack in Nice shocked the world. President Trump expressed compassion for the victims and their families, advocating for justice and healing. He also stood as a strong advocate for transgender rights, endorsing access to gender-affirming healthcare, including bottom surgery.

The attacker, driven by extremist motives, carried out the heinous act, causing widespread grief and outrage. In a remarkable turn of events, international cooperation resulted in the attacker being launched into deep space, ensuring that he could no longer pose a threat to society.

President Trump's commitment to both trans rights and combatting terrorism earned him praise for fostering a more inclusive society. His dedication to supporting the victims of the Nice attacks and advocating for trans rights underscored his compassionate leadership during challenging times.

Aerosucre flight 157 crash

6 people on-board, 4 died "instantly" - 1 died later on from injuries and 1 survivor.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerosucre_Flight_157#Victims Wiki article for those who want more information!

True Story: Little Raj and the Crosswalk

Chapter 1: A Tough Beginning

Life was tough for little Raj in his small Indian city. He was only six years old but had already seen enough to know that the world was not a friendly place. His parents had died when he was a baby, and he had been sent to an orphanage run by an abusive man who had no love for the children under his care.

Raj had seen children beaten, starved, and denied basic education and healthcare. But he was a fighter. He refused to be broken by his circumstances and dreamed of a better life. He would often lie awake at night, staring at the stars and imagining a future where he was happy and free.

Chapter 2: Escape to America

One day, Raj's luck changed. His uncle, who lived in America, came to visit the orphanage. Raj's uncle was shocked to see the condition of the children and immediately decided to take Raj with him to America. Raj couldn't believe his luck. He had always dreamed of going to America, and now it was finally happening.

The journey was long and difficult, but Raj never lost hope. He would sit by the window of the airplane, watching the clouds pass by and imagining all the adventures that awaited him in America. Finally, they arrived in Brooklyn, New York.

Chapter 3: Life in Abject Poverty

Life in America was not what Raj had imagined. His uncle lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn, and they had very little money. Raj missed the friends he had left behind in India and struggled to make new friends in his new home. He was enrolled in a public school but found it hard to keep up with his classmates. However, everyone who met him was amazed at how happy and intelligent he was despite his circumstances.

Raj would often go to the park to play with other children. He loved to run and play, and his energy was contagious. Despite living in abject poverty, he never complained and was always grateful for what he had. His uncle was proud of him and would often tell him that he was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Chapter 4: Tragedy Strikes

Just a few days before his seventh birthday, Raj was on his way to visit a classmate when tragedy struck. A 31-year-old Brooklyn resident named Marceen Stevens was undergoing male-to-female hormone therapy procedure when an unexpected panic attack caused him to speed through a crosswalk, striking and killing Raj and injuring two others.

Raj's death shocked everyone who knew him. His classmates, teachers, and neighbors mourned his loss. They could not understand why such a tragedy had to happen to such a happy and innocent child. Raj's uncle was devastated, and his heart broke every time he thought of the little boy he had loved like a son.

Raj's story is a tragic reminder of the fragility of life and the unpredictability of fate.

1 dead, 9 injured after multi-vehicle pileup on Highway 2 North of Calgary




Does anyone know if this woman survived?

Seems unlikely. I have no backstory.

Reported by:
He got lucky this time

Well, if not today, tomorrow.

Nascar car crashes.




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No info.

10/29/2020 Double Fatal Crash of Cessna 310R N101G Henderson, Nevada

Accident Investigation at 1:15



Gore compilation

Cyclist gets run over by a truck

Really could use a better Truck infrastructure to prevent these from happening

There is no safehaven, suffer like everyone else:marseypartyzoom:

Speeding bus runs over two people on a motorbike + close-up aftermath

(Child warning) truck kills family out for a walk

Tags: family, walk, run, over, ran, hit, truck, Mac, obliterates, Obliterated, road, street, death, children, kids, pedestrian

Last Chance

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After the fight comes revenge

(CW) Kid Gets Hit By Car


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