Woman beheaded by a bus and a pole



Planes and trains, cars and bikes, trucks and buses. If someone is killed thanks to any kind of vehicle, this is where it belongs. Here you will learn to look both ways before crossing the street (or the train tracks), why motorcycles are 30 times deadlier than cars, and more!

Bowling with humans played by car

couple dies together after being run over by a box truck

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A couple died after being run over while traveling on a motorcycle and were violently run over by a truck, on Rua Iraque, neighborhood of Grande Vitória, East Zone of Manaus.

The motorcyclist and his wife were thrown against the gutter and as they did not wear helmets, according to the Samu team, they suffered head trauma.



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WEST VALLEY CITY — Police have arrested a man who they say purposely ran over his roommate twice while the roommate was on a bicycle, killing him.

Shamil Marcus Bikul, 40, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated murder. Court documents list a Draper address for him, but he currently lives in West Valley City.

Bikul was driving a Nissan sedan when he hit Lewis Ricky Yates Jr., 50, who was riding a bicycle near 3650 South and 2700 West, just before 7 p.m, according to a police booking affidavit. Bikul kept driving, "dragging (Yates) without slowing down."

then made a U-turn and "at a high rate of speed going into the oncoming lane ... deliberately (struck) Ricky again," the affidavit states.

West Valley police worked throughout Sunday night into Monday to track down Bikul and arrest him at a home in Draper.

"Shamil deliberately ran over the deceased victim two times and told detectives that he is full of rage," the affidavit says.

Police say Yates and Bikul were roommates who lived in the area.

CHILD WARNING guy runs over a child and leaves it to suffer


Long Island nail salon posts deadly crash video, demands justice: 'Murderer', 'he must pay'

"He must pay," the salon posted on Instagram along with a video showing the moments leading up to the crash.

The dramatic surveillance video shows the Chevy Traverse, allegedly driven by a drunken 64-year-old Steve Schwally, going directly into the salon.

Hawaii Nail & Spa, located inside a strip mall on Grand Boulevard, claims the attack might have been intentional, calling Schwally a "murderer."

"Drunk driving? Or was it an intentional murder?" the spa posted on Instagram.

It's unclear who runs the account, but the owner of the Deer Park salon, Jiancai "Ken" Chen, 37, and two nail technicians, Yan "Jenny" Xu, 41, and Meizi Zhang, 50 were killed in the crash.

Ken's wife, Wen Jun Cheng, was one of nine injured in the incident.

The account posted several times in the last week asking for support and demanding justice for those killed.

"I want to bring back the truth that we've been wondering what's wrong with this society... The murderer once had a record of drunk driving," one post read.

"How unfair is this? We hope that the law can severely punish the murderer, and he must pay for what he has done."

Witnesses described the crash as "a violent explosion" that sent "bodies everywhere."

Lawmakers are also demanding life in prison for Steve Schwally, who was charged with driving while intoxicated and held on $2 million bond.

"Throw the book at the selfish bastard," New York State Senator John Liu demanded. "With one action, he selfishly, criminally, and recklessly destroyed the lives of so many families, including one of New York's finest. Throw the book at this guy and put him away forever."

Who is Steve Schwally?

Steve Schwally was partially conscious when first responders arrived on the scene, police said.

Prosecutors say Schwally told police he drank 18 beers the night before the crash and didn't stop drinking until about 4 a.m.

The Marine Corps veteran, who was living at local motel at the time of the crash, pleaded not guilty to driving while intoxicated.

He is due back in court Friday.

Schwally was also arrested and charged with a DUI back in 2014. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years probation.

The owner Jiancai "Ken" Chen, was one of four people killed when an alleged drunk driver plowed into the nail salon he owned on June 28.

The 37-year-old father, the owner of the now-destroyed Hawaii Nail & Spa, lived in Bayside, Queens, and leaves behind two very young children, ages 10 and 5.

"We were such a happy family. Now it's all crushed," his brother, Steven Chen, said through tears at a press conference.

Doctors estimate that the recovery of Ken Chen's wife will take at least one to two years, according to a GoFundMe page created by his nephew.

"With the shop completely destroyed and their mother suffering from critical back and hip injuries, the family has lost their only source of income," his nephew, Vincent Zheng, wrote.

Carol Garcia, 23, Toni Saccente, 32, Krystal Rodriguez, 37, Nicole Saccente, 55, and a 12-year-old girl whose identity is being withheld, were also treated.


Woman in a wheelchair gets hit by a car


CHILD WARNING 2 women, 1 little girl crushed by reversing car

Altai, Russia.


flying is considered the safest way of traveling, but there are still dangers as you will see here :marseyplanecrash:

On September 16, 2011, a modified Mustang crashed at the Reno Air Races, killing the pilot and 10 spectators, and injuring 70 others.


The Ramstein air show disaster occurred on August 28, 1988, in Germany, when three Italian Air Force aircraft collided mid-air during a performance, killing 70 people and injuring hundreds.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was hijacked in November 1996 by 3 men en route to Australia. They threatened to detonate a bomb. Ignoring fuel warnings, they forced the plane to the Comoros Islands, where it crashed into the Ocean, killing 125 of the 175 people on board.

Video footage captures the tragic 2015 Shoreham Airshow accident that claimed the lives of 11 individuals. Astonishingly, the pilot managed to survive the incident.

On April 29, 2013, a National Airlines cargo plane, operating as Flight 102, crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The tragic incident claimed the lives of all 7 crew members aboard the aircraft.

In 1989, a devastating incident occurred when United Airlines Flight 232 crash-landed following a catastrophic failure of its tail-mounted engine. The flight carried 296 passengers and crew members, and sadly, 112 of them lost their lives in the tragic accident.

Aeroflot Flight 1492 crashed in May 2019, bursting into flames after a hard landing caused by an electrical failure. The fire, which originated from the rear, led to the death of 41 out of 78 passengers.

other crashes:

Usually plane crashes end up in a big mess so it‘s hard to recover victims

Photos of plane crash victims

The most common reason for plane crashes is usually human error. This means pilots or other ppl in contact with the plane might make mistakes, or the maintenance crew might miss something. Even with all the high-tech systems and training, people can still mess up. Even if planes nowadays are almost self capable of flying, we need people controlling and looking over them.

Planes are also a very popular victim of terror attacks.

The most famous one being 9/11

also belonging to the 9/11 attacks was

American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the pentagon

photos of the victims belonging to 9/11

Here are some interesting statistics:

and here in conclusion the biggest plane crashes from every continent:

North America

American Airlines Flight 191

  • Date: May 25, 1979

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Fatalities: 273 (271 on board, 2 on the ground)

  • Cause: Engine detachment due to improper maintenance procedures, leading to loss of control and crash shortly after takeoff.

South America

TAM Airlines Flight 3054

  • Date: July 17, 2007

  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil

  • Fatalities: 199 (187 on board, 12 on the ground)

  • Cause: Pilot error combined with a wet runway and a known defect in the aircraft's thrust reverser system, leading to the aircraft overrunning the runway.


Tenerife Airport Disaster

  • Date: March 27, 1977

  • Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

  • Fatalities: 583 (Total from both aircraft involved)

  • Cause: Miscommunication and dense fog leading to the collision of two Boeing 747 aircraft on the runway.


Nigeria Airways Flight 2120

  • Date: July 11, 1991

  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (crash of Nigerian airline operating from Nigeria)

  • Fatalities: 261

  • Cause: In-flight fire due to a burst tire which caused a wheel well fire, leading to structural failure.

not much footage so here a pic of the aftermath and an animation


Japan Airlines Flight 123

  • Date: August 12, 1985

  • Location: Mount Takamagahara, Japan

  • Fatalities: 520

  • Cause: Explosive decompression caused by improper repair after a tailstrike incident, leading to loss of control.

Australia (and Oceania)

New Zealand National Airways Corporation Flight 441

  • Date: July 3, 1963

  • Location: Kaimai Ranges, New Zealand

  • Fatalities: 23

  • Cause: Pilot error in severe weather conditions leading to controlled flight into terrain.


Air New Zealand Flight 901

  • Date: November 28, 1979

  • Location: Mount Erebus, Antarctica

  • Fatalities: 257

  • Cause: Controlled flight into terrain due to navigation error and whiteout conditions.

May the victims all rest in peace and may their families recover from their loss

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High speed Meat Crayon

Scooter Wobbles

Car Crash Send Everyone Inside Flying (Slow Motion)




Tragic traffic accident at Co Tiet roundabout, Tam Nong district (Phong Chau Bridge)in Viet Nam, the biker died after a collision between three vehicles


The Attorney General's Office of the State of Sonora (FGJES) obtained the prosecution of Kevin Fernando, 21, for his probable responsibility in the negligent crime due to vehicle traffic resulting in homicide, which occurred on July 5 in Guaymas, Sonora, where Fausto Esteban, 56, lost his life.

In the investigation file, based on the Approved Police Report (IPH) of Municipal Traffic of Guaymas, it was established that the accused was driving a Ford Focus, black, 2006 model, through the streets of the Misión del Sol neighborhood, and upon reaching Tetabiate Boulevard, he lost control of the vehicle.

Due to the excessive speed at which the vehicle was going, it overturned on its left side against a cyclone fence; the victim was passing by in that spot and was crushed by the vehicle, as was a black canine.

The driver himself managed to move the car and free the person, who suffered serious injuries that later caused his death while receiving medical attention in a hospital where he had been taken by Red Cross rescue workers.

Kevin Fernando was arrested on site by Municipal Traffic officers and placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office for the corresponding investigation. The young man tested negative for toxicology and alcohol.

At the detention control hearing, the Judge charged the driver with the crime of negligence due to vehicle traffic resulting in homicide, ordered the prosecution and ordered the release measures for the driver, also granting a three-month period for the closing of the complementary investigations.




Aftermath clips


Imagine being gae💀


Crazy High-Speed Chase On Highway, Crazy Ending.Fast And Furious Russian Edition.

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