She's on the left side of the screen at the beginning, but unfortunately the body gets blurred after she's shot 6 times.

Rickshaw Versus 18-Wheeler


auto said goodbye

Swiped off Reddit sometime 2021.

I think the story was he was mentally disturbed and had an issue with the building/landowners of building.

Instant Karma During Attempted Truck Robbery

South Africa

teen girl hit and killed by van

A teenage girl died after she was hit by a van, authorities said. The crash happened at about 6:05 am (5/12/22) in the area of Western Avenue & Filmore Drive, Buena Park, CA police said.

A video from a neighbor's security camera shows 2 females walking into the middle of the road, to get a closer look at something not clearly visible in the footage, in the middle of the street. There had been a dead cat there since the night before, neighbors said.

One teen took a step forward to get an even closer look at the cat, while the other remained behind and was struck by the van.

The driver pulled over and cooperated with police. He was not arrested

Remembered this video that i saw on the old wpd subreddit, had to post it.


Head explodes after run over by truck

Motorcycle crashes head on into truck

Driver and passenger both killed

Impatient Woman Gets Struck And Killed By Train


Reversing car pushes man under truck

Sorry for the spam this is the last i promise. Again no background information very very sorry. Rest in peace to this man, assuming that he died. Hopefully he didn't but yeah. If it's a repost or just needs to be taken down lmk. Have a good dayy

Hanging on by a thread. (Auto)

Always wear a helmet.

The more you know 🌈⭐

Strike on the pedestrian crossing

here it is💀

Fight in Russia results in three getting run over - aftermath in video

Having a Russian friend payed off i was able to recognize the please (I'm not gonna attempt to spell it out to save myself the embarrassment) but yeah unsure if they actually died, i wasn't able to find any background information. Rip if they did. If it's a repost or yada yada you know the drill just lmk

Kid Crushed By Truck :doughboy:

Men celebrating hitting maximum speed on their car spin out of control

Yeah I can't really understand the thought process behind this one gang . Unfortunately I've not been able to find the backstory. Rest in peace to them, assuming that they did die (hopefully not) if it's a repost or just needs to be removed let me know! Im trying to keep myself awake so i can catch a look at the planetary alignment thingy

Girl tries to stop an approaching rickshaw but instead it speeds up

Ouch. I'm not sure if she did die and I'm genuinely so sorry about the lack of backstories for my more recent posts , it's just vv hard to try and find it without any more details, especially because it often doesn't make it out of local news. But yeah rest in peace if she did, lmk if it's a repost or just needs to be removed

Man tossed like a ragdoll by train

simple person runned over

dunno if she dead but she ain’t moving


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