CHILD WARNING (CW) Kid Gets Hit By Car


Man gets ran over by tank truck



Woman rides bike in front of a truck

Guy takes flight lessons


And then a big yellow taxi took my girlfriend away...

Epic Truck-Accident - Crushes everything!

CHILD WARNING [CHILD WARNING] a whole family gets wiped by a speed pickup truck

Man is kidnapped stuffed into the trunk of a mustang, escapes while the mustang is moving, than is killed when the kidnappers realize he escape and turn around to run him over


i wonder if the brakes got cut.. :marsheen:

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Truck hitting building



CHILD WARNING (CW) Man walking down the street leaves his son behind because he threw a tantrum...Then child gets crushed (CW)


An Mi-8 Helicopter crashing over the core of the Chernobyl reactor on October, 1986 (Description Included)

The pilot flew too close to a crane and a main rotor clipped the cable hanging down with the hook. This shattered the rotor blade and the helicopter immediately went down since you need the main rotor to auto-rotate down which is the only safe way to make crash landing with a helicopter.

This crash happened on 2 October 1986 after the sarcophagus was well under way - it was finished in November 1986. The shattered core, thus, probably had already been substantially shielded by prior drops of lead, concrete and boron and radiation most likely was not a cause of the crash, just misjudging distance on the part of the pilot.

The crane was not in place in late April early May 1986 as shown in this photo from the Washington Post (while undated, this clearly was taken before the start of the Sarcophagus construction and after the ten day fire was out)

From July to November 1986, a concrete-made sarcophagus over 50 meters high and measuring 200 m by 200 m was built. It covered the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl NPP and halted the discharges of radioactive substances into the atmosphere. During the sarcophagus construction, an accident occurred: on October 2 a Mi-8 helicopter got entangled with its blades in a crane cable and crashed onto the NPP's territory, killing four crew members.

Date: Thursday 2 October 1986


Type: Mil Mi-8

Owner/operator: Soviet Air Force



Fatalities: Fatalities: 4 / Occupants: 4

Aircraft damage: Destroyed

Category: Accident

Location: Chernobyl - Ukraine

Phase: Manoeuvring (airshow, firefighting, ag.ops.)

Nature: Military

Departure airport:

Destination airport:

Confidence Rating: Information is only available from news, social media or unofficial sources


The helicopter hit a construction crane cable at the nuclear plant, during a flight to pour a decontaminating acetate mixture onto the accident reactor, and crashed. All four occupants died.

Students crossing street crashed by speeding car in China +Aftermath


Aerosucre flight 157 crash

6 people on-board, 4 died "instantly" - 1 died later on from injuries and 1 survivor. Wiki article for those who want more information!


Fatal car accident in Taiwan on May 8, 2023.

The 3-year-old girl died instantly from a fractured skull, while her mother was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and awoke after several days in a coma.

Mother of fatal motorcycle accident releases her son's final GoPro video :marseytears:

In 2013, David Holmes was killed when a car turned into his path as he zoomed down a road in Norfolk, England. Holmes was traveling about 97 mph at the time of the crash, and the driver of the car he hit admitted to careless driving after saying he didn't see the motorcyclist, the BBC reports.


"I know he rode fast that day. He loved speed, he loved motorbikes," David's mother, Brenda Holmes, said. "I just hope that somebody benefits from it. That motorists slow down and look before they turn..."

The car after the accident

A camera on the 38-year-old's helmet captured the accident.

After seeing the footage, Holmes agreed for it to be released to the public. She's now helping lead a road safety campaign along with the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Police Department to get all riders and motorists to think seriously about driving safe on the road.

"If we can prevent one accident; one family going through what we have been through then David would not have died in vain," Holmes told the BBC.

The head of the local police unit admits releasing the video is controversial, but he also believes it will help save lives.

"There are families on both sides of this who have been involved and the whole point of this video is to stop that happening again," Chief Inspector Chris Spinks told the BBC. "I don't make any apologies for it being hard-hitting because the day and age we're in now we have to up our game in the casualty reduction world to make sure that we get that message across."

Please do not fill the comments with negative speech. Most Motorcyclists who ride like this are suicidal and simply just ride for a rush. They do not care if they die. Stay safe :marseyfingerhearts: :marseyloveyou: :heartbeat:


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