The hardest I've ever seen a car hit a person

“Peaceful protestors” decide to try and rob a FedEx truck, get a free ride instead.

Car collides with truck. Car bleeds on impact.

1/2 speed (impact at 00:05):

1/4 speed (impact at 00:10):

Tags: accident, blood, red mist, poof, t-boned, collision, white, red, renault


23yo woman livestreams her fatal car crash on VK (with aftermath)

23 year old Sitora Baratova collided with a PAZ passenger bus on her way to work in Kazan and, as a result, was killed upon impact.

Five passengers of the bus, including a 7 year old child, were injured, but all made a full recovery.

The girl was declared DOA and could not be resuscitated by paramedics.

Mugging interrupted by heroic blue car


May 17, 2023 - 14 year old Teen killed, after unlicensed 16 year old boyfriend loses control of BMW and crashes into a UPS delivery truck. Queens, NY (Child warning)





united parcel service


1/22/2023 Stepfather assaults mother, so her daughter goes for revenge @ 7:09pm Brazil (HUGE update in pinned post)


copy/paste title keep it as it found it 🤣

What a shitty way to go ( just because someone else would have said it)

Child Warning Father leaves son as he's having a tantrum, then the son gets run over

If it's a repost or just needs to be taken down lmk

Brazilian man tries to fight a bus, the outcome may surprise you!

Just kidding lol he gets fucking squished

Bum ass robbers rob a guy and drives off, gets instant karma'd

Petite Asian girl fucked hard by big white monster :marseybooba:

Fat woman flattened by truck + aftermath, viscera, twitching organs :marseysick:


Mass murder in China (today)

5 dead, 13 injury



Remembered this video that i saw on the old wpd subreddit, had to post it.

This happened recently

Muscle rams protesters


Road rage to attempted murder


Fatal car crash - Woman Livestreams from the back seat

Tags: car, crash, fatal, accident, wreck, livestream, live, stream, drunk

Child Warning ***Warning Child*** Flying Grandkid

Child Ran Over.

article: https://noticiasenlamira.com/cdmx/video-conductor-aplasta-nino-tres-anos-buscaba-juguete-debajo-auto/

excerpt from article:

'Boy run over when he was looking for a toy under a car was 'almost' unharmed. It is presumed that the minor did not suffer serious injuries after the accident. Surveillance cameras captured the moment when a vehicle ran over a three-year-old boy who was playing in the street, and despite the fact that the unit passed completely over his body, the minor was allegedly unharmed in the accident. According to the recording released by the red note journalist, Carlos Jiménez , the events occurred at 2:00 p.m. last Tuesday, August 16, on a street in Mexico City. The video shows the moment when a private white vehicle reverses to park, while a child runs to the rear of the unit and bends down to try to grab what appears to be a toy. Subsequently, the vehicle reverses again and hits the minor, who tries to get up quickly, but is hit by the movement of the tires, which passed completely over his body.'

(Child Warning) kid stops to tie his shoe in the middle of the road and is trotted by car

Poor little man made himself invisible to the driver.... he pops up after and makes it to the sidewalk then collapses.... no other info, but the site I found the video on said he doesn't make it.

Tags: run, ran, driven, over, hit, throttled, kid, child, car, vehicle, street, road, shoe,

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Driver's POV of squishing some dickhead with an 18 wheeler

Fuck this guy.

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