Car collides with truck. Car bleeds on impact.

1/2 speed (impact at 00:05):

1/4 speed (impact at 00:10):

Tags: accident, blood, red mist, poof, t-boned, collision, white, red, renault

Remembered this video that i saw on the old wpd subreddit, had to post it.


The hardest I've ever seen a car hit a person

Car Ploughs Through Group of Wedding Party Guests (Aftermath Included)

A wedding party is celebrating right beside a highway, including a number of guests standing in the road, when the inevitable happens.

I don't have the exact details regarding deaths/casualties to hand.

IIRC, the bride's father was killed, (don't quote me on that), but will update when I sort my shit out.

EDIT: The grooms'cousin died. Thanks to @ChronicV for the info.


23yo woman livestreams her fatal car crash on VK (with aftermath)

23 year old Sitora Baratova collided with a PAZ passenger bus on her way to work in Kazan and, as a result, was killed upon impact.

Five passengers of the bus, including a 7 year old child, were injured, but all made a full recovery.

The girl was declared DOA and could not be resuscitated by paramedics.

May 17, 2023 - 14 year old Teen killed, after unlicensed 16 year old boyfriend loses control of BMW and crashes into a UPS delivery truck. Queens, NY (Child warning)





united parcel service


Petite Asian girl fucked hard by big white monster :marseybooba:

Woman looks like ground meat after car accident

Dashcam video shows a pedestrian run over in Queens, New York

At around 6:45 PM on February 12th, 2022 at the intersection of Cypress Avenue & Cooper Avenue in Queens, New York, a 57-year-old pedestrian was knocked to the ground and run over. Pedestrian was transported to hospital in critical condition and later died.

Article 1


Article 2


Child Warning Father leaves son as he's having a tantrum, then the son gets run over

If it's a repost or just needs to be taken down lmk

The Waukesha parade massacre :brooksannoyed:


auto said goodbye

Swiped off Reddit sometime 2021.

I think the story was he was mentally disturbed and had an issue with the building/landowners of building.

(Child Warning) Girls Crushed By Garbage Truck

Mass murder in China (today)

5 dead, 13 injury



Korean streetracer livestreams his death

Accident @ 3:05

Appears to be this https://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220303000708

>Three members of an online sports car club are arrested on Wednesday and are facing charges of reckless driving in a street racing crash that killed two other club members.

>The Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency said it is investigating the three people, including a 29-year-old driver, on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act, primarily for driving at excessive speeds.

>According to the police, four vehicles drove in a row at very high speeds on a road in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, at around 11 p.m. on Feb. 12. They reached a maximum speed of 252 kilometers per hour, far beyond the road’s speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour.

>The fatal accident occurred when the car driving at the front collided with a guard rail as soon as it passed the Naepo 2 Tunnel. The two people in hte vehicle -- a 31-year-old male driver and a 26-year-old woman -- were killed.

>It is reported that the sports car club members had been street racing once or twice a month, on roads that have low traffic and no speed bumps.

>The police agency is reviewing the installation of surveillance cameras on the road section where the accident occurred.

Plane crashes hard in the middle of a road hitting a vehicle and bursting into flames- 2 dead

Tags: plane, plain, aeroplane, private, crash, landing, car, vehicle, suv, fire, explodes, flame, fuel, death

1/22/2023 Stepfather assaults mother, so her daughter goes for revenge @ 7:09pm Brazil (HUGE update in pinned post)


copy/paste title keep it as it found it 🀣

Man runs over and kills co-worker with backhoe

A security camera recorded the trampling and death of the employee of the Autonomous Water and Sewage Service (SAAE) of SΓ£o Carlos (SP) Iebel Garcia Silva, 41 years old, this Wednesday morning. He was married and the father of 3 children. The killer, Milton CΓ©sar MagalhΓ£es fled the scene and is wanted by the police.

According to SAAE, this is not the first time the employees have fought; In 2014 they were suspended for 30 days after a fight.

Child Warning School kids get run over by a truck

In early May 2002, a terrible tragedy occurred on the grounds of a school in Mexico City. Students and their parents attended a national flag-raising ceremony at a local school. The driver was detained immediately after the incident. He explained his act by the fact that schoolchildren prevented him from leaving for work


186mph/300kmh Motorcycle Crash (+Aftermath In Comments)

Several bikes were riding at insane speed on the Bursa-Istanbul road. The camera recorded the speed up to 298km/h before the crashing happen.

This accident happened after one of the biker collided with another slower biker which then threw him up in the air.

Turkey – 21th November 2016

Gas station attendant killed instantly by airborne vehicle

He was gone in a blink

Tags: gas, petrol, station, employee, worker, vehicle, car, air, airborne, obliterated, destroyed, ford, suv, explorer, expedition

Child Warning [Child Warning] The Death of Wang Yue


Wang Yue (Chinese: ηŽ‹ζ‚¦; pinyin: WΓ‘ng YuΓ¨), also known as "Little Yue Yue" (Chinese: 小悅悅), was a two-year-old Chinese girl who was run over by two vehicles on the afternoon of 13 October 2011 in a narrow road in Foshan, Guangdong. As she lay bleeding and unconscious on the road for more than seven minutes, at least 18 passers-by skirted around her body, ignoring her.[1] She was eventually helped by a female rubbish scavenger and sent to a hospital for treatment, but succumbed to her injuries and died eight days later. The closed-circuit television recording of the incident was uploaded onto the Internet, and quickly stirred widespread reaction in China and overseas.

Many commentators believed this to be indicative of the moral decline in contemporary Chinese society.[2] However, other commentators credited the high-profile Peng Yu incident in 2006,[3] in which someone who helped an injured accident victim was accused of having injured the victim himself and was forced to pay for the victim's medical bill, as having caused people to fear getting in trouble for helping in Wang's case.[4][1] Several regional Good Samaritan laws were passed following the incident and in 2017 a new national Good Samaritan law came into force to prevent such situations through the country.

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