Bound man having his legs chopped off with an axe (potato camera warning)



Naked Women Tortured With Hot Knife

The video shows the brutal torture of a group of women. They are naked, tied to a stake and a hot machete is placed on their body.

The video probably comes from Papua New Guinea, or from some part of Africa. Similar torture practices are used there for women accused of witchcraft.

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This took place in France. A man fell under a moving subway train, which amputated his leg. The video shows the rescue operation, during which the rescuers pull him from the track. At the same time, the man shouts: "My leg! My leg!". Truly heartbreaking.


Not sure if this is the right 'hole' for this video, but I'm putting it here since you don't actually see the shooting.

In Baní, Peravia Province, Dominican Republic, 46-year-old William Rodriguez Arias was killed after being shot multiple times in the face during a robbery. William was driving his motorbike when two 'elements' approached him on a bike, stripped him of his firearm, before shooting at him. He died shortly after arriving in hospital.

Soldier loses his hat after hip firing a machine gun.

No backstory.


Looking for a video described in an archived reddit post, "I watched a video of an African tribe burning a woman who was caught practicing witchcraft. I figured it would be on a stake with dry wood. But it was wet grass on the ground with a tiny little fire and they kept making her crawl into the flames and then when she tried to crawl out they would beat her with a long stick until she went back in. Took her 15 minutes to die."

CHILD WARNING shaved head adidas dude beats up gray hoodie dude

CHILD WARNING Russian Man Brutally Murders his Girlfriend and her 9-Year-Old Brother

Akshin Guseinov, 32, from Armavir, Russia, put the bloodied body of dead girlfriend Viktoria Makarova, 26, in the bath then drove to her family home where he tortured her brother, Dmitry, to death. Guseinov allegedly carried out the crime because Viktoria, who he planned to marry, revealed she had been seeing another man, named Yury.




Akshin, after committing the murder, sent a gruesome video of the murder scene to an online news channel, confessing to the killings. Owners of the news channel have supposedly chosen not to release the video. In the recording, Akshin revealed why he committed the murders. He said: "I want to say at the beginning - I'm sane. On 3 December, she confessed to me her treason.

Not just treason, but in the fact that since August she had been seeing another guy.

"She justified this with the fact that we are not yet living together and that she considered herself a free girl.

"But we were in touch every day, met, had sex. I gave her money, bought her new things, I cared about her. I was working on our future.

"I killed her not because of her treason. I killed her because I understood that there was no way back."

He then went on to describe in graphic detail how he planned on killing her little brother Dmitry. The Russian said: "It will be very painful. Then I will suffocate him. Do not want to smear myself in blood. He will die."

Guseinov said he would drive to the Black Sea after the crimes.

Screenshots taken from the video:

Video footage shows him leaving his girlfriend's car at coastal village Dzhubga - and take sleeping pills before swimming out as far as he could.

Police said Viktoria died from repeated blows to the head at his rented flat in Armavir and that her battered body was found in a filled bath dressed only in a T-shirt.

Officials also revealed that Dmitri was "cruelly tortured", suffering broken bones, before he was killed at his home in nearby Novoalekseevskaya when his mother Lyubov Makarova, 49, was out.

The other man Viktoria was seeing said he was "shocked" by what happened and had no idea he was part of a love triangle. When asked about the situation he said: "Viktoria was very close to me and I did not even know the whole truth that became clear after his call.

"He was shocked by what he heard, just like me. He found out that she was with me behind his back.

"And I found out that she was behind my back with him. But no-one thought that this would happen.

"Akshin called me from her phone and his last words were: 'You will be freaked out by what happens next."

Again, Dmitry's mother had gone out at the time Akshin murdered him.

Out of control truck runs into group of bikers

No backstory.


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Scenes from Saraya al-Quds and Palestinian resistance factions bombarding Zionist settlements and military concentrations with mortar shells and rocket barrages during the Battle of al-Aqsa Flood

0:14 - Saraya al-Quds in collaboration with the Ansar Brigades bombarding Gaza envelope settlements

0:33 - Saraya al-Quds in collaboration with the Forces of al-Shaheed Omar al-Qasim bombarding Gaza envelope settlements

0:45 - Mujahideen of Saraya al-Quds in collaboration with the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades destroying enemy concentrations

1:00 - Saraya al-Quds in collaboration with the al-Aqsa Shuhada Brigades bombarding enemy concentrations

Conflict: 2023-2024 Israel-Gaza War

Location: Throughout Palestine

Casualties: Multiple, confirmed by the IDF and Zionist occupation media

Perpetrators: Saraya al-Quds (Military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Ansar Brigades (Military wing of Palestinian Freedom Movement), the National Resistance Brigades (Military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), al-Shaheed Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades (Military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), and the al-Aqsa Shuhada Brigades (An armed affiliate of Fatah)


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Human? :marseyquestion:


Skater beats the shit out of a bigger dude

There's another injured skater in the background but nvm.




إعلام ولاية خراسان - غزوة الثأر للأخوات المهاجرات الأسيرات - Wilayah Khorasan Media - The Raid of Revenge for the Captive Migrant Sisters


On Saturday, July 13th a spectator of Trump's presidential rally was struck and killed by one of the stray bullets meant to hit and kill former president Donald J. Trump. The deceased victim was identified as Corey Comperatore, 50, of Sarver, PA.

The spectator killed in the stand was later identified as Corey Comperatore, who was a ex-volunteer fire chief attending a political rally in Pennsylvania. Corey was one of many people who attended the political rally in support of his candidate of choice, when gunfire interpreted the event with bullets hitting the former president and the crowd.

In response to the gunfire: Corey instantly covered his body over his daughter to protect her, when he was unfortunately killed.

"He shielded my body from the bullet that came at us. He loved his family. He truly loved us enough to take a real bullet for us," said Corey's daughter.

Witnesses who was sitting next to Corey carried his body to paramedics who arrived on the scene, where he was pronounced dead.

Photos of Corey Comperatore with his family:

No matter where you stand politically, nobody deserves to be killed while attending a rally in support of who you believe is the best candidate to be president. The man was a completely innocent bystander who was exercising his right as an American to support the political choice he deemed best.

If anyone has more information to add on feel free to post in the comments.

Any incorrect will be taken out and any additional information will be appreciated.

Ballistics of Trump assasination

For normal AR-15 FJM (uncertain, unverified)

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.2

Bullet Weight: 62 gr

Initial Velocity: 3100 fps

Sight Height : 1.25 in (from the picture where he is shooting, slightly adjusted, usually is 1.5)

Distance, ground: 137 m (uncertain, Wikipedia said 120 cm at time of writing)

Let Abs(∆ height (Shooter, Trump)) = 9 m

because averagw warehouse 10 m, Trump's platform 1 m, and shooter was laying down.

Shooting Angle = arctan(9/137) = 3.759°

Weather data (completely unverified, probably some inaccuracies)

Wind Speed: 3.4 mph

Altitude: 1322 ft (

Barometric Pressure: 30.02 Hg

Temperature: 64° F

Relative Humidity: 75%

Wind direction: NE, ~ 35°

Shooter's angle: 10° relative to Trump in South

Wind Angle: 225° | Wind angle is where the find was relative to shooter, 90 would be to right, 0 towards you etc.

We get a chart

Now you can go there, and start to play with range and wind to see how much difference it would have taken for the

assasination to succeed.


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