Throwing Gay People from high buildings.

Abu haleema speaks the truth, middle london, without caring!




here it is! long-awaited ISIS Paris attacks compilation. I don't think I need to give you guys any insight on what these will include, pretty much everybody knows about these attacks, but the videos of the attacks in question contain the Stade de France bombing, the restaurant shootings, the Bataclan theater shooting and the video underneath contains the Charlie Hebdo shooting. I originally intended on posting both of them in the same video, but the file was way too big when I exported it on 1080p and I had to split them apart.

incase the links about don't work here's some mirros for them:



After being found “guilty”, the man was sentenced to death for breaching what ISIS claims is a true interpretation of Shariah law.

The video, entitled 'The Authority of Sharia', is from the province of Al-Jazeera, in Northern Iraq near the jihadists' stronghold city of Mosul. (at the time)

The man is accused of "corruption of thought" and "homosexual acts" before being thrown from the high-rise building.



✨OC✨ Isis anime opening

Took me a day to make tbh its kinda cringy and edgy but whatever

Opening: Black clover op 1

I hope you enjoy

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Should I make part 2?

ISIS executes three gays

4 Men are Charged with Homosexuality and Thrown from a Rooftop by ISIL

August 20, 2016

A local source in Nineveh province, Iraq, revealed that ISIL executed four men on charges of homosexuality and sodomy, including two of its own members, by throwing them off a building.


Skip to :16 for start of executions

a bullet in the head but in slow motion :marseysoldieramerica: :marseygunshotsuicideglow:

ISIS Throws Gay Man Down From A High Place :marseymap2:

civilians volunteer and execute the spies

CHILD WARNING (Child warning) :marseyisis: 12 Year old Suicide bomber :marseyisis:

The false Islamic caliphate, ISIS, flattening a man with a tank

7 and a half minutes of POV assassinations (HD compilation)

This is all the ISIS GoPro first-person assassinations I could find, combined into a single video. Enjoy!


0:00 - Hadramaut, Yemen

0:30 - Bayda, Yemen

1:56 - Sinai, Egypt

3:00 - Dijlah, Iraq

3:27 - Afghanistan

3:32 - Sinai, Egypt

3:52 - Syria

4:28 - Somalia

5:56 - Iraq

6:37 - India

6:50 - Sinai, Egypt


POV assassinations


A video depicting the drowning of five people in the Iraqi city of Mosul by ISIS was released online, in horrible scenes illustrative of the depravity of the organization's imagination.

The footage shows ISIS' ability to use high imaging techniques, including underwater photography, in an attempt to reveal the moments the prisoners died inside the iron cage.

The footage reveals a masked man leading the five victims, charged with espionage, into an iron cage before being locked inside. The cage is then lifted into a swimming pool by a crane, as two cameras film the suffering of the people under water.

Headshot in slow-motion (no audio)

POV assassinations in yemen



EFFORTPOST 28th January 2024 - IS attacks church in Istanbul

Before the attack:

Amaq news agency (IS media outlet) on the attack:

IS announcing the attack: (Arabic)

IS announcing the attack: (English)

Al-Battar (IS media outlet) on the attack:

IS killing 52 year old Tuncer Cihan and injured another in a attack on a church in Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey.


On 3 January 2024, Turkish authorities arrested 25 suspected members of IS across the country on suspicion of plotting attacks on churches and synagogues. The attack on 28 January was the group's first attack on a religious target in Turkey.


Around 11:40 am TRT (8:40 GMT), an Tajikstani IS militant and an Russian IS militant entered the Church of Santa Maria during Sunday Mass and began shooting, killing 52 year old Tuncer Cihan and injuring another. The shooting caused panic in the church and the attackers fled nearly instantly. The mayor of Sarıyer said that there were between 35 and 40 people inside the church at the time, and that the attackers left the scene after their weapons jammed, having fired two rounds. Among those in attendance at the service was the Polish consul-general, Witold Lesniak, and his family, who were all unharmed.

The attackers were reported to have drove to church using a Polish car that had not been used until the attack. Security footage taken before the attack showed the gunmen, one of whom was wearing sunglasses, wearing black ski masks while putting their hands in their pockets. The suspected attackers were arrested by police while trying to flee the church. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Telegram, and on their website, saying that it was part of its leader's call to kill Jews and Christians everywhere.


Flowers and candles were laid at the church following the attack, while the Turkish flag was hung over its door.

At the end of Pope Francis' weekly Angelus prayer in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, he expressed his support for the church in Istanbul. Police sealed off the streets leading to the church while a ban on media coverage of the attack was ordered by Turkish authorities.

47 people had been detained following police raids on 30 locations as part of the investigation into the shooting. The mayor of Istanbul expressed his support for religious minorities in the city and assured them that "There are no minorities in this city or this country, we are all actual citizens."

Pictures of Turkish police force guarding the church after the attack:

The victim, Tuncer Murat Cihan, was laid to rest in a funeral on Jan. 29 held at a cemevi, an Alevi (sect of Shia Islam) place of worship.

Tuncer Cihan

Tuncer Murat Cihan was a Alevi described by his nephew as "A mentally disabled individual who had no connection to politics or organizations" and that he had visited the church because someone had invited him there, before he died. Tuncer was an active member of the church since December. He was seeking to convert to Christianity but has not been baptised. Tuncer Murat Cihan was laid to rest in a funeral on Jan. 29 held at a cemevi, an Alevi place of worship.

More info:

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