Men ☕️

Hey guize could you talk to your male friends and ask them to stop raping/killing women and children (or if it's you, pls try to get a better hobby)

That would really be a huge help. Not sure which one of you stilly billies keeps doing it but pls stop.

The number one killer for pregnant women in the US are.. their male partners.

Men, please stop being pieces of shit for five minutes. Thank you.

If this doesn't apply to you, you have no reason to be butthurt. If you get butthurt you're pretty sus. :marseypedo: in the US are,experts in The BMJ today.

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men ☕️
Just wondering if we can ban “edgy humor”?

Sometimes people here make offensive jokes and it makes me a little uncomfortable. Could we start banning them? Thanks

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  • StopBadThingsOnWpd : Gay angry kyak who needs to be banned becuse his racist and retarded
  • Doom2000 : Islamophobia anti Arab racism mental illness
  • farfromeverything : Allah is watching you masturbate
  • Dickfart : Allah is trans and Muhammed is a pedo
  • sator : this diner serves coke the old fashioned way!
Why Muslims are Allah's chosen people?

Ahem. It's totally obvious that Muslims are Allah's favorite people because they get to pray five times a day - who wouldn't want to hear from their most devoted fans that often? 🙏 And that month-long fasting during Ramadan? Just a special VIP diet plan from the Big Guy upstairs! 🍽️

Plus, Muslims get to rock those stylish hijabs and modest outfits, because they're clearly the trendsetters of the religious world. 👘 And let's not forget the annual pilgrimage to Mecca - it's like the ultimate spiritual Coachella, but with more walking and less glitter. 🕋

Women fashion:

Men fashion:

In summary, Muslims are obviously Allah's chosen people because they get all the perks, like extra prayers, trendy outfits, and exclusive festivals. Who wouldn't want to be part of that elite squad?

In the end we recite Surat Al-Fatihah so Allah blesses us:

(1) In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. (2) All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. (3) the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

(4) Master of the Day of Judgment. (5) You Alone we worship, and you Alone we ask for help. (6) Guide us to the straight path. (7) the path of those You have blessed; not of those who have incurred Your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.



Men are either straight or gay:

Straight men like women. This is a problem we will expound upon below.

Gay men are gay. They are, by definition, homosexual.

Women come in two types:

Straight, meaning they like men, and liking men is inherently gay.

Gay, which is, as with gay men, homosexual by definition.

ALL sex with women is homosexual.

If a man is into women, he has to choose between fucking either a gay woman (who is gay, which makes this gay sex) or a straight woman (who likes men, and is thus gay). The man has then engaged in gay sex and is himself a homosexual.

If a man likes men, he is gay, and so engaging in homosexual intercourse is obviously gay by default regardless of his partner's sexual inclinations.

If his male partner likes it and he does not, then he is still gay as he got off on pleasuring a man. He is a homosexual.

The nearest approximation to heterosexual intercourse that is possible is between two straight men who don't like it.

Atheist/anti-Christian meme dump (trigger warning)

"OMG why don't you make fun of the Jews or Muslims?!?!11!" A triggered Christtard might say. Because I don't have any anti-Jew/Muslim memes :(. Gimme! Also Hindu too cause why not.

I could do 10x as many but I think that's enough for now.


I almost forgot, as we all know Christian conservatives LOVE furries!



It should be known that watching gore videos in general affect your mental health negatively.

Gore and mental health

Many bad consequences from watching gore videos include:

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD-like symptoms

  • Night terrors

  • Sleep deprivation

Additionally, gore can induce more nightmares or flashbacks of the violent imagery. Many people who view gore each and everyday have a higher chance of gaining these symptoms. Desensitization is another thing but it isn't necessarily good, it can lead to violent emotions and almost a craving for it, according to an article made by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (source) adolescents who become emotional desensitized to violence and graphic imagery can lead to violent thoughts and outbreaks and can lead an adolescent to depression and other mental issues.

As stated before, people tend to become more violent when enduring violent/graphic imagery, and it's not just that, people who intake such imagery on a regular basis become so much more easy to anger and irritable and tend to be extremely aggressive, according to a study done by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the American Physiological Association (source) people who view such imagery became less emotionally responsive to violent stimuli.

To run it down a quick list of the potential consequences which were studied by the medical journal "Aggressive Behavior" (source), violent media and gore can cause:

  • Aggressive thoughts

  • Angry feelings

  • Physiological arousal

  • General aggressive behavior

Aggressiveness and violent tendencies due to this aren't short term either, long-term violent behavior is prevalent among those who watched violent media on a regular basis. Violent sexual media is even worse mentally than nonsexual or nonviolent sexual media, violent sexual media (i.e. rape, abuse, harm/self-harm, fetishized self-harm) can cause extremely bad aggression and violent sexual desires which can lead some into commiting forcible rape against women and men. According to a study done by Aggressive Behavior (source) men and women experienced similar aggressive thoughts when intaking such media and when it comes to women it has an even worse affect on them with some becoming self-loathing when enduring violent sexual imagery of other women.

The effects don't just include aggressive and violent behavior, it can also lead to the appraisal and support of violence. According to a study done by the medical journal, Pediatrics (source), many who watch violent media (especially youth) start to have appraisal for hostile behavior and start to loath or just have a decrease in regular/prosocial behavior.

Lead to extremism

With gore causing more aggressive thoughts among some, there's many extremist groups like ISIS that exploit that in order to push their message of Jihad, according to a study done by the medical journal American Psychologist (source), the common demographic for those who watch ISIS videos which includes beheadings are male, unemployed, and Christian. The thing about this is that groups like ISIS purposely use gore sites in order to spread their content and such, meaning that WatchPeopleDie probably has some ISIS members and supporters on this website who spread videos to further spout their beliefs. According to a study done by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (source), extremists like ISIS or far-right extremists use gore sites to propagate their ideals through propaganda videos or videos of terrorist attacks, the Christchurch mosque attack for example, with terrorist and extremist content being found within thirty seconds of looking at the gore websites, these include "edits" of attacks like the Buffalo shooting or the Christchurch mosque attack.

Jihadists use gore and other things in order to spread their message and spread fear, this is widely known, but the allowing of sharing of their content in a unregulated way is what causes this extremism, gore has been the main go to for many Jihadists all the way back to the 1990s with Dagestan and the Caucus militants. According to the research journal, Prospectives on Terrorism (source) With this, many who view ISIS content view even more ISIS content even beyond just beheadings, around 50% of those who stated that they viewed ISIS videos said that they viewed even more afterwards.


With all this mentioned, it should be apparent that you, yes you, should log off, turn off the phone, and go outside or talk to your family. It's not healthy to be on here and you probably know that. If you or someone you know is having mental health problems please get them help, mental health is no joke, and if you have mental health problems then you shouldn't be on here because it will worsen everything.

Edit: This Hitler edit thing that was below my post proves my point about extremism lmao

i love gays

gay people are okay.

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  • MsShadowist : EFFORT POSTT
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God I have such a huge confession to make...

It's a really embarrassing confession, but I cant even get a hold of myself when I have to keep this as a secret. It gives me this burning sensation in my heart that OH MY GOD IT MAKES ME LOSE MY MIND WHEN I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT!!! I cant do it anymore and I just have to confess in my solemn words. I have a huge crush on femboys…. Especially on this site!! Everytime I have to think of one there I always imagine them as a crazy psycho who can just slit my wrists and eat my heart up >w<, like GOSH please do that baby boy… I just want them to break me mentally and tear my body up physically. I bet that they are so shy and they have an amazing high pitched voice that can perfectly recreate an anime girl's voice like AHHHHHH PLEASE BE MY LITTLE SHOUTA BOY!! I also bet that if you say something flirty to them they get all red so easily and look so cute when embarrassed. I want to hug them forever, I imagine one hugging me tightly while I feel his bussy bulging from behind, I imagine one nibbling my ears and kissing me softly when spooning me in bed, I imagine one having such THICK and SMOOTH thighs so soft that you can just sink in them and touch them.. OH! Let's not forget how I imagine how they sound when ordering a frothy matcha latte with extra whipped cream, of course!! Which femboy doesn't love that! As they strike up a conversation with the barista, effortlessly charming them with their quick wit and infectious smile. AHH IT MAKES ME BLUSH SO MUCH!! Now I want to show appreciation on how their makeup is a work of art, with soft pastel-coloured hues accentuating their flawless complexion and bold eyeliner framing their charming little eyes! Even their style of fashion.. Just Imagine…. Soft pastels, playful prints, and sparkles. Their tops ranging from cozy sweaters to flowy blouses, while bottoms include skinny jeans, twirl-worthy skirts, and cheeky short shorts.. Their accessories being cute chokers and colourful bracelets, it's SUCH the perfect finishing touch to any look! They just shine bright and they always do :3. It's also so impossible to resist their personality.. I cannot even! Their cute personality shines through in EVERY interaction they go through, they always complicate you so much which always lifts others up with their genuine words of encouragement it makes me blushhhhhh!! Apart from their sweetness they have such a quirky sense of humour and such a playful soul >_<!! They have such SILLY WILLY JOKES, theyre so hilarious :333.

In conclusion to all this… Theyre the best people ever, whether they're on this site or not, THEY ALWAYS HAVE MY HEART!!

Here are some images to show MOREE!! appreciation to femboys!! >_< Never stop shining!!

#ilovefemboys #femboysarecute #kawaiifemboys (#aprilfools)

swag for mod 2024

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, I stand before you to advocate for the appointment of me, swagmanswagman as a moderator. In a world increasingly reliant on digital interaction and community engagement, the role of a moderator has never been more crucial. Allow me to elucidate why swagmanswagman is the perfect candidate for this responsibility.

First and foremost, I possess a deep-seated commitment to fostering positive and inclusive online environments. In today's digital landscape, where discord and toxicity can easily pervade, having individuals like me who prioritize civility and respect is invaluable. They understand the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels heard and valued, irrespective of their background or opinions. And this is shown throughout the community. Especially the women absolutely love me :adore:

I am extremely sexy

Furthermore, I exhibit exceptional communication skills and always win my arguments. :marseyagree:

Effective moderation often hinges on the ability to navigate complex interactions with diplomacy and tact. Whether it's diffusing tensions between users or addressing contentious issues within the community, I have consistently demonstrated an adeptness at handling such situations with grace and efficiency.

Moreover, I am deeply knowledgeable about the community they seek to moderate. They possess a keen understanding of its norms, dynamics, and challenges. This intimate familiarity enables them to anticipate potential issues proactively and implement strategies to mitigate them, thereby ensuring a smoother and more harmonious user experience for all.

I am extremely sexy, just pointing that out again

In conclusion, appointing me as a moderator would not only be a boon to this community but also a testament to its commitment to excellence and inclusivity. The unwavering dedication, exceptional communication skills, and profound understanding of the community make me an ideal candidate for this pivotal role. I urge you to consider my candidacy seriously, for I am confident that I can be an invaluable asset to this community as a moderator. As I'm Aryan, it will also balance out the newly appointed furry mod.

Thank you. @TinderSwindler



Look at that child with its head shot open and its tiny brain splashed across the concrete. We are the United States of the NRA. It’s just so gross.

Those people were all alive and well when they woke up. Now they’re just bloody carcasses piled on top of one another because of some amendment written in the 1700’s.

C’mon Ted Cruz, we’re waiting for you to offer your “prayers and condolences,” because those sure save lives. You dickless cunt.


Just like the Saudi Arabian one, this is going to be a comprehensive list of human rights violations in the State of Palestine. This will mostly cover the Gaza Strip since the West Bank is in mostly Israeli control.


Before the modern establishment of Israel and Palestine it was one land under the mandate of Palestine which was British and in the 1920s Britain stated that they'd allow it to become the Jewish homeland after successful Jewish immigration, due to this, many Arabs attacked and killed Jews starting with the 1920 Nebi Musa riots.

After the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 after U.N. vote, there was the war for independence AKA the 1948 Palestine war after the Arabs decided to attack and kill Jews. This ended in massive Israeli victory, expulsion of 700,000 Arabs, and Arab League strategic failure and the 1949 Armistice Agreements which gave Gaza to Egypt and the West Bank to Jordan but due to failure and expulsion the Palestinian Arabs decided to launch the Palestinian Fedayeen insurgency in the All-Palestine protectorate in what would be now known as the Gaza Strip which ended in Israeli victory. The Gaza Strip was under Egyptian control until 1967 (It wasn't called "Egypt" it was called the United Arab Republic 1959—1967) in which the third Arab-Israeli war started, the war was a massive Israeli victory with Israel gaining the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, West Bank, and the Golan Heights in six days. In order to gain peace, Israel gave back the Sinai to Egypt in 1980 under the Egypt–Israel peace treaty. Palestine didn't really exist until the Oslo Accords where the Palestinian Liberation Organization leader, Yasser Arafat, met with Israeli prime minister Yitzach Rabin after the peace talk of the Madrid Conference of 1991. The accords established the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The main cause of human rights violations, Hamas, gained control of the Gaza Strip in 2007 after the Battle of Gaza which ended in Hamas victory.


Women's rights in Gaza are systemically denied, although Hamas attempts to give off the sense that they allow women's rights by appointing a woman as an English spokesman and having a women's sector, they really don't have any political power in the basis of Gazan politics.

They are denied opportunities in the workforce, with Gaza's women's labor force is among the lowest at about 22%, to put that in perspective, the world average is 50%. With this, the heightened rate of unemployment of women in Gaza is 62% which was lower before 2007 but increased by 27% after Hamas take over. Here's the statistics on employed women:

  • 7% are employers

  • 89% are wage employees

  • 59% are due to housekeeping

  • 28% are due to studying or training

Although women only make up 30% of all Gazan civil service, they face heavy discrimination.

According to a 2015 PCBS statistics, women constituted only:

  • 17% of engineers

  • 13% of lawyers

  • 12% of doctors

  • 10% judges

18% of the agricultural sector of the Gaza. workforce is women, they barely own land with it being heavily dominated by men and less than 1% have access to the natural resources.

A major contributing factor to women's lack of property ownership is an enforced Sharia law stating that women are entitled to only half the inheritance of men. In reality, the situation is much worse, with around 88% of women reporting that they received no portion of inheritances to which they were entitled.

When the law isn't in effect of women, the social quota and norms will do so. In 2013, the terrorist group Hamas established a type of gender segregation in school and educational systems including UNRWA and Christian schools. They began to enforce a modesty law forcing all girls and women to dress modest, as what Hamas saw as modest, in public areas. The social degradation of women has even reached the level of slander, with various media sources in Gaza publishing harmful content or incitement against women, such as when Hamas-affiliated journalist Isam Shawar claimed that women were responsible for the spread of the swine flu. (Source: Such social norms stunt the ability of women to fulfill their potential from a young age, starting with decreased educational opportunities and continuing through adulthood.

With heavy concerns of gender based violence which includes physical, verbal, and sexual, is common among women in the Gaza strip. Significantly, there is no law in Gaza that prohibits violence against women within the family, sexual violence included. Read this for some quick facts about the violence against women in Gaza:

In the absence of necessary laws and law enforcement mechanisms, violence against women continues at alarming rates. 16.7% of surveyed girls aged 12-17 reported undergoing physical or psychological violence at the hands of teachers or classmates. 51% of married women in Gaza have admitted to being victims of some form of violence from their husbands, be it physical, sexual, psychological, economic, or social. Perhaps as troubling as the violence itself is the prevailing norm of silence regarding this issue, as evidenced by the fact that less than 1% of abused married women chose to report it to the appropriate authorities.

Women in Gaza must also deal with discriminatory practices within the judicial system. According to Islamic law, which is largely enforced by the Hamas authorities, a women's testimony is worth half that of a man's. The laws of adultery are also codified according to gender; an adulterer is punished with six months in prison, while an adulteress is jailed for two years. Similarly, a woman must pay her husband in order to divorce him, but a man can divorce his wife cost free for any reason. This policy was actually intended to "improve" the status of women, who were previously unable to initiate divorce proceedings except in very specific circumstances.

(Source for all of the above:


Hamas is known to suppress protests violently a lot of times, with protests being rare. When protests do happen, casualties are imminent due to the violent suppression when it comes to protests against the ruling figure in Gaza, Hamas. According to The Guardian in a Match 21, 2019 article during the economic protests in Gaza, they show how they used violence against protesters in which they state:

Hamas appears to have forcibly suppressed a rare uptick in public dissent in Gaza, beating and arresting scores of people over the past week who have been demonstrating against price rises and dire living conditions across the strip.

A group of activists and civil society figures calling itself “We want to live” had planned a general strike on Thursday, but after attacks by riot police since last week it was not clear whether the strike would go ahead.


This was shown again during an anti-Hamas July 2023 protest.

Protests were scheduled to take place once again throughout the strip on Monday. However, Hamas came prepared to thwart them.

“In all the locations where we announced that gatherings would take place, there was a heavy presence of civilian and military security, and police cars everywhere,” a source inside Gaza told The Times of Israel on Tuesday.

“Whenever two people were walking together, they were forbidden to stop on the street, after not even a minute [security forces] would go up to them and tell them ‘get out of here or we will take you with us,'” he said.

But on social media, at least, it appears that the protest movement is maintaining its momentum.

“People are much more outspoken against Hamas on social media today than they were 10 or five years ago,” said Rami Aman, a prominent Gazan peace activist living in Cairo, and a critic of the terror group that rules the enclave. “Back then, people would not dare make their opinions heard online for fear of retaliation.”


Most anti-Hamas sentiment is suppressed if put out in public and, as the above source says, the internet is heavily restricted meaning that many cannot voice themselves freely.

The main concern is the polls with Hamas possibly rigging them and not allowing people to vote for the actual people or party they want, which is sadly mostly a race of many evils. With most if not all parties in the Gaza strip being pro-war and having sentiments against Jewish people and Israelis. This brings us into our next section.

Freedom of Speech

There is no real rights or protections for people's speech. According to the Freedom Index, the Gaza strip has a score of 11/100 with how free they are, with them scoring a 3/40 in political rights and 8/60 in civil liberties.


When it comes to political rights and free speech, the Palestinian Authority hasn't held an election for the 132 seat PLC since 2006. President Abbas established the Electronic Crimes Law which violated human rights to privacy and freedom of speech. The law imposes heavy fines and permits the arbitrary detention of anyone critical of the Palestinian authorities online, including journalists and whistleblowers. It could also be used to target anyone for simply sharing or retweeting such news. Anyone who is deemed to have disturbed “public order”, “national unity” or “social peace” could be sentenced to imprisonment and up to 15 years hard labour.

A quote by Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director at Amnesty International provided by amnesty international states:

By rounding up journalists and shutting down opposition websites the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip appear to be using police state tactics to silence critical media and arbitrarily block people's access to information


At least 12 activists and journalists were detained and questioned over comments and caricatures posted on social media deemed critical of Hamas authorities in 2017.

According to Amnesty International, they gathered evidence suggesting at least one of the activists was tortured and otherwise ill-treated in custody including by being beaten, blindfolded, and forced into stress positions for prolonged periods.

Another quote from Magdalena Mughrabi where he states:

Hamas must immediately release anyone held solely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression and urgently investigate allegations of torture and other ill-treatment of detainees by security forces,

Religious minorities

It's not unknown that Jews don't exist in Gaza anymore, with antisemitism being extremely prevalent in all of Palestine and neighboring Arab countries. Holocaust denial is also extremely high, with the US Congress report "Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism" stating:

In July 1990, the Palestinian Liberation Organization-affiliated Palestinian Red Crescent published an article in its magazine Balsam claiming that Jews concocted, "The lie concerning the gas chambers." Gradually, throughout the 1990s, Holocaust denial became commonplace in popular media in the Middle East, particularly in the Palestinian Authority.


Though contrary to popular belief, the 2017 Hamas charter states that their fight isn't with the Jews but is actually with Zionism, making sure to put out that they don't equate Jews with Zionists.

Hamas affirms that its conflict is with the Zionist project not with the Jews because of their religion. Hamas does not wage a struggle against the Jews because they are Jewish but wages a struggle against the Zionists who occupy Palestine. Yet, it is the Zionists who constantly identify Judaism and the Jews with their own colonial project and illegal entity.

Hamas rejects the persecution of any human being or the undermining of his or her rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian grounds. Hamas is of the view that the Jewish problem, antisemitism and the persecution of the Jews are phenomena fundamentally linked to European history and not to the history of the Arabs and the Muslims or to their heritage.


With the Palestinian law being controlled by Shariah, many religious minorities are under persecution, especially Jews in the West Bank with terrorist attacks against them being prevalent.

Many religions outside of the ones in Israel and Palestine are also ridiculed and bullied. One example being Hinduism with this video showing their sentiments very clearly:

End. Anything else I should add and to be fair should I also do Israel?


Im leaving :marseysob: :marseyconcerned:

Dear followers I have something important to tell you! I am leaving this site and yes I know I told you guys i left and came back after a month but this is something I am highly thinking about and if I can I might ban my account cause this site is addicting and I don't wanna come back! My mental health isn't well and I just want to focus on important stuff in my life! This may be very sad but it's the best for me! I thank everybody for your kindness and if you would like to keep contact with me my Instagram is 4everrr.ali! I love each one of you I thank you guys for everything!! Especially @CursedDANKmemes @Repost_Killer_Bot @Subscribe2myOnlyCatsdotco @LittleStickGuy @Magnolia- @StarlightGlimmer @Nevenwood @Guev @lolitsanarab @Mental_paradise i am not leaving right now but soon! And idk when I'm coming back but it's gonna be more than a month hopefully! Love you all :marseythumbsup: :marseyblowkiss:


there are plenty of med students and normal people that digest this sort of content for all sorts of reasons. I think I look at life very differently being exposed to the reality of how the world is, thanks to WPD.

That being said, the racists constantly cheering on when black people get gunned down by police or citing dumb arguments like 13/50 concerns me on so many levels. I want this community to grow for the sake of transparency in the world but your shitty mindset of minorities somewhat being lesser than white people is so unbelievably stupid and toxic. When this becomes a full on echo chamber of republiKKKan copium you'll see any inverse of people leave the discussions all together.

maybe not a lot of people don't want to have an open discussion with right-wingers. I do. I really mean that, we can talk on a fundamental level and try to understand each other. The only line I draw is when you insinuate that white people are superior. it's disgusting and retarded and you're better than that.

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  • coolman0 : STFU
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  • Devg : Yo i am here to Watch gore not not some gay shit
  • Maple_that_gore_guy : If you can't tell this is satire it's sad Yall can't take a joke get triggerd and need your gore fix
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  • Pvt_William : Delete his account. See what he say. He say femboys are better than female. That disrespecting human
  • TWTWT : i love femboys you guys are just jealous :3
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why femboys are better than actual females

as of lately i am attracted to feminine boys. i love cute boys ! i don't know if it has something to do with visiting this site, but it feels like it does.

i prefer femboys over these traditional woman, they are just disgusting to me and i have many male friends who feel the same. but every men's taste is different, we shouldn't generalize all women. but I would say there is a large group of women and girls out there who also prefer cute or feminine boys.

Femboys are individuals who may embrace certain aspects of femininity while also identifying as male. What makes them unique varies from person to person, but some common characteristics may include a combination of traditionally feminine traits and interests, such as fashion, grooming, or mannerisms, alongside their male identity. It's important to recognize and respect the diversity within the femboy community and appreciate each individual for their unique qualities and experiences.

let me list the pro's and con's here


-Can't get pregnant

-They know what you want

-can have the same interests as you

-Won't get angry about small things

-will think you are cool


-Can get pregnant

-Mood swings monthly

-bleed (eww)

-Don't know what a guy wants

-complex creatures

what does the WPD userbase think about cute femboys ?

Get yourself trapped today with a femboy! Never go back to worrying about having a girlfriend again! Femboys will always be there to keep you warm with their soft thighs !

please consider a cute femboy today.

edit: looks like you all need a bit more convincing, i'll make another post next week.

FishyMan420's fantastic furry funny dump!

There's a couple that aren't exactly furry but I still think are funny and valid.

Here are my favorite Litterbox Comics:

Here's some anti-furry memes!

Thank you for looking, hope you enjoyed! Now I think it's time for me to get back to work. Oh there's a knock at the door.. ack! Help, they're taking me away!


Question above

Hamas WON'T be defeated😄😁😆😅🤣😂

This isn't Sandshit related.

I just think it's a funny meme post title, and awesome that Hamas ain't going nowhere!👍👌😎😎😎😎😘


I have been struggling to find any good playlists with music that the Columbine shooters liked, because they actually had a decent music taste. If you know of any good playlists, comment a link to them please. Have a good day! :marseyheart:

When did you start watching porn?

I was 7 when I started watching it but I didn't ‘finish' til I was like idk 10. Just curious

Does anyone have a work story involving witnessing a coworkers death

In my line of work there’s some injuries and death, from falling objects and being crushed to death by heavy equipment. Sometimes riggers fall to their deaths. Luckily I have never seen a death or serious injury. I wanted to know if anyone has witnessed one of their own coworkers dying. It’s one of my biggest fears at work. Whenever we hear a loud noise or people yelling all of us we wonder if something is coming down on us.

Yes, I use the women’s bathroom at work.


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