There is now currently a 10 minute version included in the comments below. This is now the longest version known so far. Anybody claiming to have the "full video" is lying and baiting for attention.

More info on the situation here:

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Face Stompped Into The Curb

Video old


Lewiston, Maine mass shooting MEGATHREAD (18 dead)

Video above is live coverage of the event.

Photos of shooter:

Over 60 13 reported injured so far. If video of the shooting comes out I'll move this to /h/shooting.

Article about event. He shot up a bowling alley and a bar. He tried to shoot up a Walmart but failed to hit a single person.

Walmart aftermath:

Audio of shooting:

They're looking for a "Robert R Card", the police scanner is saying they tracked down his car and they're looking for him in the forest.

Here's Card's Twitter btw. nvm nuked here's an archive of his only tweet

Press release from Maine police:

Going off the above info, we're probably looking at a schizo mass shooter.

Reported to have an AR-15 with a nightscope and potentially a police scanner.

Possible 2nd suspect, they're onto a suspicious black pickup.

Found dead October 27:

EFFORTPOST Today's school shooting in Prague

Today, just 1 hour ago, there was a shooting at the Faculty of Arts Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. The shooter has been identified as David Kozàk, his identity card photo seen below:

Kozàk shot and killed his own father before the shooting. Here's a rough timeline of how things happened.

12:20 - the police recieved a call that the shooter has left his home in Hostoň (Kladno district) and shared an intention to commit suicide.

12:45 - the police find the body of the shooters dead father at home with his own rifle.

The police try to track the shooter down, finding out he is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy in Carlos University and had a class there at 14:00.

The police evacuate the bulding he has the class in, finishing at 14:22.

14:59 - the police is informed that shots have been fired at a different building of the Faculty of Arts & Philosophy.

15:20 - the shooter was found dead at the balcony of the building.

Videos of the shooter on-site have also been released, thanks to @Filsek and @Slavo, picturing Kozàk shooting at the streets with his rifle:

Kozàk held a diary on Telegram with various messages hinting at the shooting and claiming that he got inspiration from Alina Afanaskina, the Brynsk school shooter. Credit for the diary to @Slavo, @Porro and @VOMITOXINE. (the text looks off because it has been translated from Russian):

People were also spotted while hiding from the shooter on the ledge of the building, 2nd picture thank to @profile:

While some barricated themselves in rooms:

But some of them weren't so lucky:

in this video you can hear gunshots, sirens and evacuation alarms while people were fleeing:

some gunshots were also recorded by a dash-cam in a car:

while this video was recorded by a bystander:

at the top left of the video youcan see the shooter on the balcony of the building:

People evacuated the area and the shooter committed suicide by jumping off the building shooting himself in the throat (though this still has to be confirmed), while the police officers were trying to reach him:

photos and videos of the police officers:

bodycam footage has also been released by the Czech authorities and can be viewed on YouTube:

photo of his rifle, a ZEV AR-30, either chambered in 5.56 or .308, with what seems to be a $2000+ Leupold VX5/6 HD scope and $500SPUHR CAD scope mount, after he threw it off the building and it broke into pieces:

inside the building, they also found various other ammunition and weapons, including a Glock 17 with a B&T USW frame, images courtesy of @FrankPond:

Following is a list of people who lost their lives in the shooting, will update as more people are identified

Lenka Hlávková (49), muzicologist

Jan Dlask (50), Finnish and Swedish literature specialist

Lenka Špindlerová (20), Deaf language and communication studies student

Klára Holcová (20), Archival and bohemian studies student

Magdaléna Křístková, Deaf language and communication studies student

Aneta Richterová, student

thank you @Slavo, @sdsdsdsdsdsd and everyone else for sending additional videos/images and the diary of the shooter :)

Kozàk is allegedly also responsible for the murder of a father and their infant baby in the Klánovice forest, just a week before the shooting. For now, 10 people were killed and 30 people were injured, with 5 of them in serious condition. The victim count has reached 14 dead and 25 injured now. I will update this post as more info comes through from the media, stay tuned.

Muslim infiltrates Jewish gathering and kills

the dancefloor :marseyja#m:

Aw yeah this one's doing numbers :marseycool:


The Sasebo slashing (Also known as the Nevada-tan murder) was the murder of 12-year-old Satomi Mitarai committed by 11-year-old Natsumi Tsuji (AKA Nevada-tan or Girl A). The murder happened on June 1st, 2004 at Okubo Elementary School in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The incident caused internet memes and discussions of lowering the age of criminal responsibility in Japan.

Course of events:

May 27th, 2004 - May 31st, 2004

Satomi and Natsumi used to be friends until one day, Satomi started commenting negative things on Natsumi's blog calling her heavy and calling her a “goody-goody.” Natsumi was offended by this and asked her for an apology. Satomi told her to stop being pretentious. Because of this, Natsumi started plotting Satomi's murder. She thought about either using an ice pick, a box cutter, or strangulation. She eventually decided a box cutter.

Natsumi's blog

June 1st, 2004

Satomi was asked by Natsumi to follow her into an empty classroom during lunchtime. Natsumi tells Satomi that today she was going to die. She then asked her if she'd like a towel over her eyes. Satomi refused. Natsumi then put her right hand over Satomi's eyes, pulled out a box cutter and slit Satomi throat to the point where she was almost decapitated. She also cut her arms. Natsumi then returned to her classroom with her clothes covered in blood. The teacher thought she hurt herself but then Natsumi said, “It's not my blood. I did something bad” while crying. She then pointed to the empty classroom. The teacher who had noticed that both of the girls were missing, stumbled upon Satomi's corpse and called the police. The crime scene was apparently so bad that some people that saw it ended up getting PTSD that day.

The school Natsumi and Satomi attended. Also where the murder took place.

After being taken custody, Natsumi confessed to the crime saying “I'm sorry, i'm sorry” To police officers. She spent the night at the police station crying and refusing to eat or drink. She initially mentioned no motive for the murder. Shorty afterward, she confessed that her and Satomi quarreled because of the messages left online.

On September 15, 2004, a Japanese Family Court ruled to institutionalize Natsumi, putting aside her young age because of the severity of the crime. She was sent to a reformatory in Tochigi Prefecture. The Nagasaki family court originally sentenced Natsumi to two years of involuntary commitment, but the sentence was extended by two years in September 2006, following a psychological evaluation. On May 29, 2008, local authorities announced that they did not seek an additional sentence. Natsumi was released, got married, and is under a new identity.

Where Natsumi was institutionalized

Because of her issues with communication and obsessive interests, Girl A was diagnosed after the murder with Asperger's syndrome.

Natsumi also received loads of fanart after the murder because of her cute looks. She was nicknamed “Nevada-tan” because of a class picture of her wearing a University of Nevada sweatshirt with "-tan" being a childlike pronunciation of the Japanese honorific suffix "-chan", generally used to refer to young girls.

Fanart of Nevada-tan

Flowers left at the school after the murder

Satomi's funeral

WATCHPEOPLEDYE Mexican man attacked by friends in shower while his back is turned

Fully Naked Obese Woman Wrecking The Bakery Dept At Stop And Shop In Long Branch, New Jersey (Full Nudity With Cake)

should I go deeper
CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST A Collection Of Last Images 1 (CW)

The last image of Emma (12) and Daniel (38) Brown from Texas. On the same day as this picture, Emma shot her dad in the stomach and then shot herself in the head. Daniel survived and Emma died four days later. Emma had planned to kill her entire family, pets and another 12 year old girl from Lufkin, Texas.

read more:

A woman whose kids were being held hostage at their home. Her captor forced her to go withdraw cash from multiple banks, where this photo was taken. Shortly after, her and her kids were murdered. One of her son's girlfriends were also murdered. The captor then set fire to the house.

read more:

Hakan Aysal, a man accused of murdering his 32-year-old wife, Semra Aysal, and their unborn baby during a vacation in Butterfly Valley in Mugla, Turkey, in June 2018. He allegedly shoved her off the cliff pictured to cash in on her insurance policy.

read more:

Arsen (16), and Tigran (21), a gay couple who posted this image to social media before jumping off the 310 foot Davtashen Bridge in Yerevan. It is alleged arsen's mother didn't agree with the relationship and speculated Tigran was the one who suggested they commit suicide together.

read more:

A photo taken two hours before the pair committed suicide together, believed to be in their teens to twenties. They jumped from the tenth floor of a building together after being raped by the same person.

read more:

A photo of Samantha Leigh (Miller) Hutchinson at her wedding. Just hours after saying ‘I do' and minutes after leaving her wedding, a drunk driver hit the golf cart they were in and Samantha was killed. The drunk driver, a woman, was going twice over the speed limit when the crash occurred.

read more:

Brittany Gargol (18) on the right, six hours before she was strangled by her friend, Cheyenne Rose Antoine (21) on the left. She was murdered using the belt seen in the photo. Her body was found on a road near the Saskatoon landfill. Cheyenne says that Brittany was her best friend and they had been drinking that night, getting into an argument. She claims she doesn't remember killing her, but doesn't deny doing it.

read more:

Amoni Malaeulu, a fisherman in Samoa who was killed by sharks shortly after this photo was taken. He was trying to pull a dolphin carcass from the water because people were complaining of the smell. His father was the one who told him to go out and remove the carcass. Witnesses say they could see blood in the ocean, but by the time anyone got to him, it was too late.

read more:

An image of Linda Goldbloom shortly before the ninth inning, when Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen hit the ball, which went straight into the stands. the 79 year old woman was hit directly in the head, and died four days later in the hospital due to head trauma. This was the first death of this manner in over 50 years.

read more:

An image of Roy George Tinashe Dikinyay, (40) moment before he slipped and fell from Victoria Falls. His body was eventually found 5km downstream from where he fell.

read more:

A photo of Loretta Lynn Ranch's Foreman Wayne Spears, who is seen clinging onto a barn before being washed away in a flash flood that took place in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Dozens of people died during these floods in 2021.

read more:

A google earth photo posted in 2007 of a pond in Florida. In 2019, the object circled was discovered to be a submerged car. Inside the car was a man named William Moldt, who had been missing for 22 years. William was last seen on November 7, 1997, leaving an adult club. It is believed he lost control of his car and drove into the pond.

read more:

10 Suicide Methods At Once

Here is the repost, however the clip I am posting is non watermarked and clearer quality

It was posted a year ago so not within the 60 days mark.

This video is fake and made by the artist Lasse Gjertsen

However, it is still incredibly realistic and super entertaining to watch.

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men ☕️
One of the best ejections I've seen


On June 26th 2024, 19-year-old Jordan Patten from Newcastle, Australia uploaded his 200-page manifesto online before starting a livestream on twitch where he would try to attack The Newcastle Museum, but would not attack anyone and later get arrested like a pussy.

In his shitty little manifesto he cites Brenton Tarrant as inspiration and has a black sun on the cover yet says he isn't a nationalist, insults his own country and cries about poor brown people being oppressed.

Here are some pictures of his gear.

Scooter rider loses his penis due to crashing into a fence with decorative spikes. (volume warning) PINNED POST with backstory

Suicide Awareness

This post is meant to bring awareness to what its like to lose someone to suicide. If you're considering suicide, please think of your loved ones and reconsider. It is never the answer.

I'm posting this because a user on this site has taken her own life yesterday, and I'd like to give information that may help others going through the same thing. If you don't care or want to say something unkind, please have some morals and keep them to yourself. This is intended for those who have or still deal with suicide. I am still in a state of shock, so please forgive me if my wording isn't the greatest.

Today I received the worst news possible. My best friend, also known as @PurgeQueen666 on this site, committed suicide yesterday.I did everything I could to reach her, and when I couldn't I reached out to some of you to help me find information that could help. Thank you for everyone who assisted me in getting more information. I called her local sheriff's office and asked for a welfare check, only for them to tell me they already responded to a call and found her unresponsive. I called up her family and offered my condolences, and I'll be attending the funeral in a couple weeks. She was such a sweet and kind person but she struggled a lot with bullying and harassment. She would frequently talk about the things people would say to her and it would break my heart. Words hurt way more than you could ever imagine. The day before she took her own life, I managed to talk her off the ledge of suicide. She had told me she tied a noose and had it around her neck until I texted her. I encouraged her to get rid of it and to call someone, anyone. She refused, and I should've known she'd end up using it. The last thing she said to me was "I have to get ready for work, I appreciate you (my real name)". I had no idea she was going to end her life right then and there, but looking back, I saw the signs. If you or anyone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts/suicidal ideation please reach out and get help. Suicide is never the answer and leaves the ones who love you lost and broken. Please call someone and receive help if you or a loved one are dealing with suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

This world didn't deserve you, and I'll always have you in my heart. I don't believe in an afterlife, but if you're out there somewhere please know I did everything I could to help you. I love you.

CHILD WARNING EFFORTPOST Alyssa Bustamante, 15 year old THRILL KILLER || The murder of 9 year old, Elizabeth Olten

Alyssa on the left, Elizabeth Olten on the right

Alyssa Dailene Bustamante

On January 28th, 1994, a teen mother of only 15 years old, brought a baby girl into this world. Due to trying times, and a lack of experience, being so young... Michelle Bustamante struggled to pay rent, and got three misdemeanor criminal convictions, one for drunken driving and another for marijuana possession. Alyssa's father, Caeser Bustamante also had addiction issues and was convicted of felony assault. He served 3 concurrent terms in prison.

Caesar Bustamante mugshot

A letter he sent his daughter from prison, taped on Alyssa's wall

A disturbing birthday card from her father on her 14th birthday, telling her to not get pregnant like her mother did.

During Alyssa's first 7 years of life, they moved frequently, between California and Missouri. Being raised by teen parents (let alone ones with criminal charges), was already a start to the development of questionable behaviors. the behaviors got worse after Alyssa and her 3 siblings went to go live with their grandparents at 7 years old. Her grandparents got full legal custody of all of them, hoping to give the children a better life and more stability, living in St. Martins, Missouri. They lived on a ranch like property, next to a large land consisting of a forest and the woods.

The Brooke/Bustamante house

Alyssa did not adjust easily to living with her grandparents. She attended Jefferson city high school, and developed an edgy personality, sporting emo fringe, and dressing alternatively. She dressed this way despite going to church, attending many youth activities at her local LDS church. She had good grades, good attendance, and many friends. She was never reported to have any behavioral issues in school. Alyssa liked anime, reading, drawing and makeup.

Alyssa struggled with depression and was known to have severe mood swings, as well as engaging in selfharm, you can see shallow cuts on her wrist in the image above.

She had a behavior of posting questionable things online

On her youtube channel, Alyssa listed her hobbies cutting and killing people

Tweets she had made that may foreshadow her actions in the future


in 2007, she was hospitalized for a suicide attempt by overdosing on Tylenol and for carving the word "HATE" on her arm. After the incident, her grandparents became increasingly worried and wanted to give Alyssa more help before things got worse. Alyssa saw countless therapists and counselors. she was prescribed Prozac. Later on, Alyssa was seen by several mental health professionals, who all testified that she has major depressive disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

Elizabeth Kay Olten

Alyssa's 9 year old neighbor, described by everyone as a sweet girly girl who loved kittens and everything the color pink, was a fourth grade student at Pioneer Trails Elementary School in Jefferson City. Loved music, some of her favorites included Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. She loved playing with her friends, and especially enjoyed baking cookies and doing puzzles with her Mom. She also loved to play dress up with her animals.

Elizabeth's room

Oct 21 2009

Elizabeth's mother, Patty was making dinner, when one of Elizabeth's friends, 6 year old Emma, came knocking at the door and wanted to play. Elizabeth begged to go and insisted they wouldn't play for too long, and she would be back before dinner. Patty reluctantly agreed, and told Elizabeth to be home before dark at 6pm sharp. she was confident Elizabeth would be home before then, due to her fear of the dark. By the time 6pm rolled around, Elizabeth was not home. Patty had a feeling something was deeply wrong, called her daughter's cell phone several times, no answer. Called her neighbors, asking if the two girls were still playing. Elizabeth had never made it to the house at all. Patty had also went to the neighbors house, to see if Elizabeth was on their property, she did not find her.

A family portrait including Elizabeth, her brother and mother.

In the small town, hundreds of people searched for her. There was a grid search performed to find Elizabeth. investigators pinged her cellphone and it located the mobile device somewhere in the forest.

during the search, volunteers came across an empty grave. Emma, Alyssa Bustamante's half sister, gave a testimony that after playing with Elizabeth, she went home, but witness Elizabeth had fallen into a thorn bush and cried screamed "Alyssa come and help me"

Alyssa was interviewed and claimed she had no idea where Elizabeth was. At first the police did not suspect her due to her calm and cooperative mannerisms

however police took her to go see the empty grave found in the forest, and oddly enough she admitted she dug the hole. when asked why she claimed she just "liked to dig holes" and occasionally buried dead animals. due to this, police became suspicious and searched the Bustamante home. Police searched everywhere, including Alyssa's room and found disturbing things.

There were many things written on her wall, some in pen and what appeared to be written in blood. There was a drawing on the wall depicting her half sister, Emma, drawn with cuts and slashes on her head and arms

The last image and its writing were based off of the Bring Me The Horizon song, "It Was Written In Blood"

The rest of Alyssa's room

They came across Alyssa's diary, at first it was the average, inappropriate teenage diary, not seeming to relate to Elizabeth's disappearance at first. They came across an entry talking about burning a house down and killing the residents inside. Another entry read "If I don't talk about it, I bottle it up, and when I explode someone's going to die". Police went to the page that dated October 21st, 2009, the day of the 9 year old's disappearance.

The entry written on the page was scribbled by blue ink. Police took it in as evidence, and used black lighting to read what the entry said. The only words they were able to depict at the time were "slit" and "throat".

"I just fucking killed someone, i strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them, it was ahmazing, after you get over the “oh my god i cant do this” its pretty enjoyable, kay now i gotta go to church now.. lol”

During a formal investigation with Alyssa, the investigator revealed he had her diary with him, they had read the last entry. Alyssa lied through a lot of the investigation, struggled to get a clear timeline. The representatives and investigators however were unprofessional in certain ways, otherwise making the interrogation useless in court. They interviewed her boyfriend, Dustin and he took a polygraph lie detection test, every question asked, it was marked as deceptive.

Alyssa claimed she went into the forest with Elizabeth, where she hit her head and died immediately, her story being unbelievable. the investigator bluntly asked if Elizabeth's throat was cut. Alyssa replied yes. Her grandmother burst into tears and left the room, which Alyssa then got into the details of the murder. Alyssa tried to claim she burned the body of the 9 year old girl, but the claim was quickly debunked by investigators. She asked Emma to ask Elizabeth to go play. Told Emma to go home after Elizabeth was brought to Alyssa, and Alyssa lured her into the forest, walking her right to her grave.

Alyssa strangled Elizabeth and stabbed her 8 times and slit her throat. buried her and then went home like nothing happened. After the confession, she lead investigators to the grave sight. when asked why, Alyssa explained she just wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.

After her confession, Alyssa states that she does not remember anything before the age of 8. She cries hard, and the interrogator asks her, "Do you feel like killing yourself right now?" She nods and cries.

Her best friend, Jennifer had claimed Alyssa had once told her that she wondered what it would be like to kill someone, and was aware of her self harming and unusual behaviors.

An image on her Facebook account pretending to stab a friend with a pocket knife.


It is speculated the Alyssa's medication may have contributed to her violent actions. Her dosage was increased a significant amount a few weeks before she had committed the crime. Many antidepressants have lots of side effects, but it is claimed Prozac has some of the worst. Prozac is most commonly associated with aggression and is known to increase violent behavior by over 10 times. The Guardian has claimed young people taking certain antidepressants such as Prozac are significantly more likely to commit violent crimes when on the medication. It was also counter claimed that higher doses reduce that risk. Alyssa was professionally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is commonly associated with reoccurring psychosis. Common antidepressant medications such as SSRIs, or SNRIs have been known to induce manic and psychotic episodes especially in those with underlying mood or personality disorders.

You can read a study about that here

It is speculated but NOT confirmed that Elizabeth was not who she wanted to kill, but instead being her two brothers. There were two graves found in the forest, but there is a video of her encouraging her brothers to touch and electric fence and found joy in them being hurt. The original video has since then been deleted, and there is reupload with obnoxious music in the background.


January 30 2012 in court she was tried as an adult, she was found guilty, charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action. due to investigators unprofessionalism, her confession was suppressed and Alyssa was offered a plea deal, which was accepted. she was charged with second degree murder, life in prison with the chance of parole, and an extra 30 years for the criminal action charge. She would have to serve a minimum of 35 years to get a chance at parole, which outraged many.

Custom t-shirts beared in support of Elizabeth Olten during her attacker's court hearing

Posterboards beared in support of Elizabeth Olten during her attacker's court hearing.

Dale Olten, father of slain 9-year-old, Elizabeth Olten. He was in prison for drug related charges, he wrote a letter to present in court insisting Alyssa should get the maximum sentence

In 2014, Alyssa Bustamante testified in court that she wouldn't have pleaded guilty to the killing of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten if she'd known about a pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving juvenile murder defendants.


Pictures of Alyssa in prison

Recent pic of Alyssa from 2022

Alyssa's online presence and her case becoming popular (in 2021 in particular), it was seen in online forums of people supporting Alyssa. people sympathizing with the neglected and mistreated teenager. People made fanart, edits of her, and there was even a cringy film inspired by her. Whole true crime communities revolving around her, idolizing her while not thinking about Elizabeth's gruesome death, and her family.

The Olten family

Elizabeth's Funeral

A white horse-drawn carriage preceding the funeral

White doves released at the funeral

Pink balloons released in tribute

Elizabeth's grave

Elizabeth would have turned 25 this year. May she rest in peace.


EFFORTPOST Logan Paul Suicide Forest Video Write-Up (Full Video)

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Alexander Paul is a famed social media influencer/YouTuber, professional wrestler, actor, an entrepreneur, and a professional dumbass. Logan was born on August 1st, 1995 to Gregory Allan Paul and Pam Stepnick and has a brother 2 years younger than him, Jake Paul, who is also a social media influencer/YouTuber and an actor.

Family Photos

Gregory, Logan, and Pam

Jake, Pam, and Logan

Jake + Logan (old + current photos)

Logan's fame started on the platform known as 'Vine'. When Vine shut down, Logan made a YouTube channel called TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013, where he would continue to post regularly. On August 29, 2015, he created the Logan Paul Vlogs channel, which is now his most-subscribed to YouTube channel. It was also said he "was ranked on the Forbes list for the highest paid YouTube creators in 2017, 2018, and 2021." [3]

Vine Logo

Logan's YouTube Channels

About the Video

Encounter Clip

In a video posted in 2017, Logan Paul, a YouTuber, filmed a man hanging in the infamous 'Suicide Forest' also know as Aokigahara Forest in Fujikawaguchiko, Yamanashi, Japan..He fucked up and here's what happened.

The initial purpose of the video was to focus on the haunted aspects of the forest and to camp there throughout the night when they unexpectedly stumbled across a man hanging from a tree and were met with a shocking site...When they got to the forest, they were cracking jokes and making light of the situation but stressing that it is suicide forest. At 5:47, They discovered the body, Logan said, "Im not even kidding, this isn't a fucking joke guys, that's a fucking person." After repeated denial they got closer to the body. In shock, Logan asked "Did we just find a dead person in the suicide forest, hanging?" And after being asked if they think it's real, one of his friends mentioned they know the possibility of it being a real person based on a previous suicide from a classmate from the junior highschool he went to, (I am unsure if he was referring to this possibly being the man hanging in the video) this prompted the man to take action and called the police.

When they got closer to the body, they tried checking for signs of life by exclaiming things like "Hey/Hello" "You okay?" "Yo are you alive, are you fucking with us?" They show his hands and they're purple, indicating that this was a recent suicide and is infact dead

Photos of the Hanging Man

Thankfully, he did censor his face with the intent of protecting him, his privacy, and his family. This being said, there is not a known/public uncensored video, so please don't ask me for it.

Throughout the video they expressed their denial and how this has never happened to them before. Logan apologized for the grim video, saying how "Suicide is not a joke" and "Depression and mental illnesses is not a joke, we came here with the intent to focus on the haunted aspect of the forest. This just became very real." When they were met with the reality they came to realize it was "real" and "way too scarily real" and that it was "the most real vlog I've ever made"..they start making jokes of the situation by sarcastically asking "you ever stand next to a dead guy before?" to which they start laughing at and follow up with their own jokes and went on about how the whole video was supposed to be a joke but asked "why did it become so real?" He says his laughing and jokes are not a portrayal of how they actually feel about the situation however they were still met with a lot of backlash to which he has since responded to in a 1:44 minute video and a public Twitter/X post.

I do not know what was going through his head when he was editing and thinking this would be suitable for the platform or his audience. He was disrespectful and exploited the situation and excuses his actions as a "coping mechanism".

Why Was it a Problem?

Consider his target audience, it is primarily children and teens. Displaying a real depiction of a dead person on your public channel is very disturbing and distasteful and the way he was exploiting the situation/the hanging man is deplorable. He didn't take the situation seriously and covered it as a coping mechanism, regardless of how he processes this stuff, he still has a young and impressionable audience who shouldn't be exposed to content like this and the way he was light-hearted about it all took away from the seriousness of the situation and what happened with the man. He blatantly exploited him for what he thought was spreading awareness for suicide.

His Apology

Public Apology on Twitter/X

You can review the response this post got here:

Video Apology

Logan made this apology with no intentions of being forgiven but to apologize. He ensures the initial video was raw, unfiltered, and unscripted and how they were unsure of how to think or act given the circumstances. In his apology to the victim/his family and to the Internet, he asks that those who are defending his actions to stop because those actions don't deserve to be defended. He said, "I should have never posted the video. I should have put the cameras down" and claims didn't post the video with ill or malicious intent.


Understandably, people were angry with the video he put out. Carelessly filming a hanging man and joking around and sharing it to his YouTube where his primary audience is children and teens. He didn't take the situation seriously and

Tweets Responding on the Situation

Again, more responses can be found here:

PewDiePie (Felix) himself called him out on a now deleted tweet saying:

Felix wrote: "Logan Paul goes to 'suicide forest': WoAH wE f0UNd ded GuY here!!!!! s0 cRaZy! lEMme jUsT zOom in oN tHis F0r tHe Vl0g. OK guYs seRiousLy, lEAve a like if yur sad to0." [4]

In response to everything, Logan donated $1 million to suicide prevention agencies

The Lawsuit

While Logan wasn't removed from the platform, he was sued for this incident, rightfully so. On February 12th, CEO Susan Wojcicki said that "Paul did not violate YouTube's three-strike policy and did not meet the criteria for being banned from the platform." [3] Logan was sued by a production agency called Planeless Pictures for

The lawsuit claims:

Paul “knew that the broadcast of the suicide would have a substantial impact on his followers and would also have a serious adverse impact on Planeless.” [6]

The YouTuber “intended to take advantage of the substantial anticipated exposure that the broadcast of the suicide would generate and thus enhance Paul's celebrity and acted in reckless disregard for the adverse consequences that he knew would result to Planeless" [6]

On or about January 22nd, 2018, Google terminated its partnership with Planeless and declined to distribute their movie, "Airplane Mode," which Logan starded in, citing the suicide broadcast as a noncurable event as per their agreement. "As a result, Planeless never received the compensation that Google was contractually obligated to pay to it — $3,500,000," the documents allege. [6] The company is now pursuing Logan to reimburse this sum along with other general and consequential damages, as well as attorney's fees and legal expenses.


After the video was released, he was cut from the Google Performed program which allows advertisers to pay to place their ads on high-performing videos on its site and in an interview he mentioned he lost $5 million from it. He also lost sponsorship/brand deals, his YouTube Red series "Foursome", and more. In 2018, according to Social Blade, he lost 6k+ subscribers since the incident and at that time he was at 15.2 million subscribers.

But despite the backlash from the incident, he continued to gain over 300,000 (2018) and has continued to rebuild himself and grow from the situation. Logan Paul continued vlogging on February 4th, after a 3 week long break, and has remained successful at 23.5 million subscribers and is at 6 billion views receiving an average of 5+ million views per videos (2024). He is still successful and will likely remain successful if he continues to move on the right track. He is the co-founder of 'Prime' beverages. And starting in 2018 he has run the 'Impaulsive' podcast which has over 4 million YouTube subscribers and is overall a successful podcast. "As a wrestler, he has been signed to WWE since June 2022, where he performs on the SmackDown brand and is the current WWE United States Champion in his first reign." [3]

Prime Drinks

Logan Wins First WWE Championship

I believe he has since grown and learn from this particular situation and understands the severity of his mistakes, he unfortunately had to learn the hard way. It is clear he has a past and continual history of fuck-ups and dumbassery.

More information on his history can be found here:










:chomikheroin: 0:48 - grand finale

4pm, 2 February 2024 - Bytom, Poland

22 year old Polish guy started his journey on a climbing wall without any supervision or protection. This happened in Skarpa Hall, in Bytom, Poland.

Man was transported via helicopter to the nearest hospital. His condition is stable. He was conscious when paramedics arrived. There are speculations that his pelvis has broken, but this has not been confirmed.

"We talked to the injured climber today. His condition is stable. He is undergoing rehabilitation, but will regain fitness soon." - Facebook profile of Skarpa Hall

Article in Polish -

Men ☕️

Hey guize could you talk to your male friends and ask them to stop raping/killing women and children (or if it's you, pls try to get a better hobby)

That would really be a huge help. Not sure which one of you stilly billies keeps doing it but pls stop.

The number one killer for pregnant women in the US are.. their male partners.

Men, please stop being pieces of shit for five minutes. Thank you.

If this doesn't apply to you, you have no reason to be butthurt. If you get butthurt you're pretty sus. :marseypedo: in the US are,experts in The BMJ today.

Dumb piece of shit gets what he deserves


Posting this here due to very high demand. This is a long and VERY convoluted story, with a very underwhelming ending.

User @StonerkittysPersonalWhore faked his suicide in a VERY dramatic way. He did this as he was planning to quit the site due to site-related relationship problems.

Now, for some context, check out this post here:

(I'd also urge you to check my comment on said post. I clarified everything there. Thanks!)

oooooo scary gore site aaaaahhhhhh
EFFORTPOST Mass killers' manifestos

hello there, time for some more mass killer content, this time I put together in this post different manifestos that I was able to find, enjoy!

Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted John Kaczynski

This is the oldest manifesto on the list, which was released on the 19th September, 1995, by Theodore John Kaczynski, A.K.A. The Unabomber. In his manifesto, uncle Ted talks about his hatred for technology, which he describes as an "harmful process of natural destruction", which will lead to the collapse of civilization by suppressing human freedom... whatever the fuck that means.

you can read the full manifesto here:

Seung-Hui Cho's Manifesto by Seung-Hui Cho

Good ol' Cho also had a pretty lenghty multimedia manifesto that he sent to NBC News before the shooting on the 16th April, 2007, which had parts of it, alongside photos taken by Cho, broadcasted to television. The manifesto is basically uncomprehensible schizo-ranting and really shows no particular motive to the reason why he did it, while comparing himself to Jesus Christ and insulting "rich kids", "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans".

the full manifesto isn't released to the public but here's a compilation of all parts of the letter publicly released:

Natural Selector's Manifesto by Pekka-Eric Auvinen

You might already know what's coming based on the name of the manifesto, which is clearly a reference to the Columbine killers; Auvinen was a FInnish school shooter who on the 7th November, 2007, released his own manifesto online before committing a shooting at his own school. The manifesto is only 3 pages long and talks about the evolution of natural selection in today's society and misanthropy as a whole, which is the main motive for the shooting.

you can read the full manifesto here:

To Whom it May Concern by Jim David Adkisson

Jim Adkisson was the perpetrator of the Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting, in which this old ass boomer truck driver killed some people with a shotgun, because he was angry at the current government, with the election of Barack Obama in the White House. He targeted the church because he said that it had a "cult-like" atmosphere, which is apparently a good enough reason to kill some random 60 year olds. In the manifesto, which was found in his car by the police after the shooting, he also states that his hatred was fueled by liberals, Democrats, African American people and gay people.

you can read the full manifesto here:

2083: A European Declaration of Independence by Anders Behring Breivik

This is genuinely the most deranged manifesto on the list. It was released the 22nd July, 2007, just before the Oslo attacks to an online far-right forum; The manifesto is 1000+ FUCKING PAGES of islamophobic and anti-marxist content, while also talking about the entire preparation for the event and why he did it. pp66 also already posted the entire manifesto on this site before, so, I'll link his post here:

the original manifesto contains instructions on how make the bomb that he created, which is illegal, so I won't share it

To: America

Subj: Last resort by Christopher Jordan Dorner

First time I talk about this guy, I never covered cop killers before. This black BIPOC was an ex-cop who fucking hated working as one because his co-workers acted racist against him and because he was fired from the LAPD for snitching on his co-worker about a racist comment he made. Afterwards, he wrote a pretty lenghty post to FaceBook in the format of an E-mail about his plans and the motive for the shooting, in which he killed 4 cops and injured another 3.

you can read the full manifesto here:

My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger by Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger

Do I really need to explain who Elliot Rodger is? Well, incase you don't know, he was 24-year-old incel who carried out an attack in Isla Vista because he didn't get any pussy, and he wrote a manifesto/biography before the attack, which he posted online, as all these killers do. The manifesto pretty much talks about Elliot's life, what led him to be the way he was and also shows the planning for the attack. Elliot E-mailed it to 34 people, including classmates, teachers and his former therapist.

you can read the full manifesto here:

rtf88.txt by Dylann Storm Roof

Before the Charleston church shooting, this manifesto was first posted on a website called "The Last Rhodesian" by an account with some edgy ass name like "AryanClassic1488" or something, containing very extremist views (duh) about Jews, blacks, hispanics and all in-between! The manifesto also included some photos of the skinny white boy trying to act cool with his guns and failing miserably.

you can read the full manifesto here:

Christopher Harper-Mercer's Manifesto by Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer

On the 1st October, 2015, this mongoloid Anthony Fantano look-a-like shot up his own college and killed 9 people and, of course, also posted his own edgy ass manifesto/biography, where he said that acted in the name of Satan and that he would be rewarded by Satan and turned into a god in hell... I'm not kidding. He also praised many other school shooters such as the Columbine kids and Cho (what a surprise).

you can read the full manifesto here:

The Great Replacement by Brenton Harrison Tarrant

You probably already saw this coming, the Christchurch shooter once again appears in one of my posts. As you may already know, Brenton posted a 74 page manifesto to 8Chan just before the attack, This manifesto has spread like fucking wildfire throught many alt-right sites and has become compared to a Bible for extremists. The manifesto is written like an interview, in which Brenton talks about his views on immigration and multiculturarism, in a similair manner to Anders.

you can read the full manifesto here:

An Open Letter by John Timothy Earnest

From now on, most of these shooters will be Tarrant copycats and will also have shitty manifestos that are copy and pastes of his. The first one we'll talk about is John Earnest, who shot up a synagogue and posted a his manifesto/biography on 4Chan; he also intended on livestreaming it but was too retarded to understand how a GoPro works.

you can read the full manifesto here:

The Inconvenient Truth by Patrick Wood Crusius

Another Tarrant copycat with a shitty manifesto, this time he targeted hispanics in a mall and was able to kill 23 of them while injuring 22. On the 15th March 2015, he posted the manifesto to 8Chan, just like Tarrant, and as you may expect it is also filled with extremist shit and anti-invader content (see: The Great Replacement). There's nothing too interesting about this manifesto, as it's pretty much like every other Tarrant copycat manifesto.

you can read the full manifesto here:

Tobias Rathjen's Manifesto by Tobias Rathjen

Yet another far-right incel who shot up a random bar and killed 10 people. This time just a German nazi (which having a nazi shooter in Germany is weirdly rare, who would've thought?), he hated immigrants, Muslims, blacks, Asians... pretty much the standard nazi shooter. The manifesto is both in English and German, in-case we got any Germans in here.

you can read the full manifesto here:

I originally wanted to include Payton Gendron and Juraj Krajčík's manifestos but I wasn't able to find a website hosting them, so, if you really want them you can PM me and I will give you my social media info (either Discord or Telegram) and I will send it to you there :marseythumbsup:

I also didn't include the Nashville shooter's manifesto because I feel like it's fake and just fedbait.

anyways, hope you enjoyed! if mods don't want this shit on the site, feel free to tell me and take down the post P.S. I don't encourage the actions of these individuals nor the content of these manifestos, this post is just for archiving purposes

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