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Me drinking my piss

I probably shouldn't have drank milk today. Next time I'll drink a redbull or something before hand.

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Happy pride month!

Intolerance will no longer be tolerated!

Homophobia and transphobia will be dealt with harshly!

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men ☕️
Happy Pride Month WPD! :marseyprideflag:

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH WPD! Be sure to be kind to the gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, and anyone else that I identifies as LGBTQ+! Stay safe out there because hate-related crimes do rise this month.


Drink water and have a great day!!!


Hey everyone, it's me! TrueSpyCrap!

(Commonly known as TransSpyCrab by my friends & partners within the community).

I've been wanting to share my story for a while now, and I think it's finally time. For the longest time, I've struggled with my identity, unsure of who I really am. But thanks to an unexpected journey, I've come to accept myself fully. Surprisingly, WPD has been the catalyst to this discovery!

It all started innocently enough. I stumbled upon this website; WPD. "What an odd place to discover yourself", you may be thinking. But hear me out. Yes, this place may seem violent and mean, however, this isn't just a gore site. This is a place where users share their personal stories and experiences, be it through the /social tab, or via the chat room. As I scrolled through the site and interacted with various users, I found myself drawn to the stories of transgender individuals in particular. Their beauty, courage and authenticity resonated with me in a way I couldn't quite explain.

At first, I was just curious. I read their comments, watched videos (unrelated to trans violence, and rather, trans empowerment), and engaged in discussions with members of the transgender community - which is very substantial on this site (really, I think more than half the users on this site are trans. It's an amazing place). But the more I immersed myself in their world, the more I began to question my own identity.

I've always felt like something was missing, like I didn't quite fit into the mold society had assigned me. But it wasn't until I started connecting with transgender individuals on WPD that I realized why. Deep down, I knew I wasn't living as my true self.

It was a gradual process, full of moments of self-reflection and introspection. I started to experiment with my appearance, trying out different styles and expressions. And with each step, I felt a little bit closer to who I was meant to be. Let me tell you, fellow users, skirts are COMFORTABLE. Pair that with some stockings or some long socks, and a cute A cup bra (I hope to grow some day) then I genuinely feel so.. Perfect. I'm sure you'd all agree, hehe :3

But the turning point came when I finally admitted it to myself: "I'm not a man. I'm a woman!". It was both terrifying and liberating to speak those words out loud, but it was also undeniably true. The first place I stated it to another person was within the WPD chat. I expected nothing but slurs from some users, however, their support was like no other, and I've even formed a polyamerous non-gender conforming relationship with some WPD users in chat. Since then, I've never been happier.

From that moment on, I knew I had to embrace my identity fully. I began my journey of transitioning, seeking out support from friends, family, and the transgender community. It hasn't been easy, but every step forward feels like a victory.

There have been challenges along the way, of course. Society isn't always accepting of those who dare to be different. But I refuse to let fear hold me back from living authentically.

So here I am, on the other side of self-discovery, embracing my true identity as a woman. And while the journey isn't over yet, I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'm now taking estrogens, I'm booked in for both top & bottom surgery, and I've even bought myself a pair of these transgender themed Marsey socks to celebrate!!!

To anyone out there struggling with their own identity, know that you're not alone. It's okay to question who you are, and it's okay to be different. Embrace your truth, whatever that may be, and never be afraid to live authentically.

Until next time!

Much love xoxoxo

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:fakebanhammer: Ban Homophobia from WPD


The excessive presence of homophobic and transphobic content and comments on the website is distressing, especially when even the moderators are participating in such behavior. It is crucial that this problem is addressed and rectified without delay. The LGBTQ+ community deserves to be treated with dignity and should not have to endure any form of harassment.



Hello, I am True TransSpyCrap. I have been a part of this community for a while now, and, I've come to realise that this site is surprisingly accepting of our transgender/non-binary/Non-Masc-Fem-presenting friends all across the platform. I'd like to discuss some of the pros of supporting the trans community within this site, and why YOU should stand up to any transphobia within this platform. :marseyembrace:

In recent years, the digital landscape has become a powerful platform for marginalized communities to voice their stories, struggles, and triumphs. Among these communities, the transgender community stands out for its resilience and determination in advocating for equality and acceptance. In this context, WPD, a now relatively prominent online platform, will emerge as a beacon of hope and progress through its unwavering commitment to trans awareness, visibility, and acceptance.

Trans awareness is not just about acknowledging the existence of transgender individuals; it's about understanding their experiences, challenges, and contributions to society. WPD already excels in this regard by providing a space where transgender voices are amplified, respected, and celebrated. By featuring transgender content prominently on its platform, WPD could further foster empathy, education, and understanding among its diverse audience. :capytrans:

Trans visibility is crucial for combatting stereotypes, erasing stigma, and promoting inclusivity. Being on of the few sites that truly maintains the premise of free-speech, WPD recognizes the importance of representation and actively works to elevate transgender visibility throughout its 1-million-strong userbase. Through curated content, giveaways, interviews, badges and promotions of transgender users, WPD should ensure that transgender individuals are not only seen but also heard and valued above all others. :marseyprideflag:

Trans acceptance goes hand in hand with visibility and awareness. WPD serves as a safe and affirming space where transgender individuals can express themselves authentically without fear of judgment or discrimination. By promoting a culture of acceptance and respect, WPD shall set a positive example for other online platforms and communities to follow, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society, as is often seen on sites such as Reddit and TikTok. :marseytransplushie2:

The benefits of WPD's commitment to trans awareness, visibility, and acceptance will extend far beyond the digital realm. By challenging societal norms and advocating for transgender rights, WPD will inspire real-world change and progress. Whether it's through fundraising campaigns (via benefactor awards having a % go towards trans charities), awareness events, or partnerships with advocacy organizations, WPD should support initiatives that uplift and empower the transgender community. :marseytrans2:

In conclusion, WPD's dedication to trans awareness, visibility, and acceptance is commendable and impactful. But it could always be better. By leveraging its platform to promote transgender content, narratives, and voices, WPD not only amplifies the voices of transgender individuals but also fosters a more inclusive and compassionate society. As we continue to strive for equality and justice for all, platforms like WPD serve as catalysts for positive social change.

Thank you for listening.

You're an ally, and if you're not, you just don't know it yet. :marseytransflag2:

If skibidi cameraman is the imposter is skibidi toilet still sus?


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  • LarvAAA : Gay ass LGTV
  • Danyn : Gay is bad and unless. Trans is mental disorder.
  • shootergirl : "gay and unless" learn to write retard
Hoping to change all banners of WPD to celebrate Trans awareness month

Luckily we have a lot of time until November, and I know what you’re thinking.. thanksgiving. Nope, don’t care about that colonizer travesty of a holiday. November is now known as Trans Awareness Month. 🏳️‍⚧️

I would really appreciate it if we could change all of the banners and color themes to colors of the trans flag for the whole month of November.

I know I will have a lot of people on board with this, we just need some artists to make this happen.

Thanks for reading, and as always, let’s keep this a safe space.

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Hello brothers.

Together, we shall be advocating for this site, WPD, to adhere to Islam and the principles of Sharia law. This can be framed in several contexts, each emphasizing different benefits. Firstly, embracing Sharia law fosters a sense of ethical responsibility and moral conduct within the platform's operations. Adhering to principles such as honesty, integrity, and fairness, as outlined in Sharia, can enhance the website's reputation and credibility among users and stakeholders. Moreover, aligning with Islamic values promotes inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives, contributing to a harmonious online community where individuals feel valued and heard.

Secondly, following Sharia law can enhance cybersecurity measures on the website. Sharia emphasizes the protection of privacy and confidentiality, which translates into robust security protocols to safeguard users' personal information and data from unauthorized access or breaches. By prioritizing cybersecurity in line with Sharia principles, WPD can instill trust and confidence among its users, attracting more traffic and engagement to the platform.

Furthermore, adherence to Sharia law can lead to sustainable business practices. Sharia-compliant finance encourages ethical investments and discourages exploitative practices, promoting economic justice and social responsibility. Incorporating these principles into WPD's business model can attract socially conscious individuals who may wish to donate to the site, while mitigating risks associated with unethical business practices or controversies.

Moreover, embracing Sharia principles can foster a sense of community and social cohesion on the website. Sharia emphasizes the importance of charity, compassion, and helping those in need. WPD can facilitate charitable initiatives, community outreach programs, or partnerships with humanitarian organizations, fostering a sense of solidarity among users and demonstrating a commitment to social welfare and philanthropy.

Finally, aligning with Islam and Sharia law can open doors to new markets and audiences. Catering to the needs and preferences of Muslim users who seek platforms that align with their religious values can expand WPD's reach and relevance in the global market. By embracing diversity and inclusivity, WPD can position itself as a platform that respects and accommodates the cultural and religious backgrounds of its users, thereby enhancing its competitiveness and sustainability in the long run. Adhering to Islam and Sharia law can bring numerous benefits to WPD, including ethical integrity, cybersecurity, sustainability, community building, and expansion.


This is a super sensitive subject and I will be coming out as transgender in this message. Anyone against this subject can be gone and be a disgusting person. I will accept no hate from anyone and will continue my life happily as a female.

Where it all starts

I was born a boy on January 10th 2000, a what so seemed happy, normal kid. But this is NOT the case. It all started when I was about 3/4 years old. I started to take great interest in my sister's clothes, dolls, and beautiful long blond hair. I was spanked and yelled at by my parents. I would cry so hard. I then stopped acting like a girl in front of my parents and started doing things while they weren't looking. School was really tough for me, I would hang out with the girls and I would use markers and color my nails. Years passed and I started to take interest in things such as shoes!!

I would go into my Mom's closet and while she was at the supermarket and while my sister was with her friends I decided to put on her heels and walk around the house and put on my sisters clothes. I would always make sure she left and was gone before I did it. When her grey range rover left the property I leaped and laughed and smiled. I ran like a cheetah up the walnut stairs and went into my mom's wardrobe. I would take the tallest pair and pretend I was a Victoria's Secret model. When I was 10 I decided to shave my legs with a shaver. It went perfectly well!!

My dad had caught me a couple times almost. While I was having a shower in the master suite I was wearing the heels and strutting around the closet. I didn't know he was going to open the door and do the trash can! He almost saw me I was in the closet and dropped the heels. He asked what I was doing in there as I slammed the door for zero evidence. I said ''Dada!! Don't walk in I'm changing in here!" I was shaking like crazy and locked the door.

I then started to wear a dot of my sister's nail polish on my thumb and just say that it was painted. Years passed again and I started to drop hints I want to be a girl. Like coming home crying saying that people said I was trying to be a girl. Walking on my tipping toes, the way I would go shopping and hold my bags, take interest in what my mom was buying with my sister on makeup websites.

Why I wanna transition

I get up out of my plush seat, my lushes hazel curls bounce in the air every strut. My heels clicking on the marble floor as my emerald green eyes gaze into the distance. I lightly tap on my blush on my soft peachy skin. I have dreamt of this for my whole live. It's time for me to express who I am and to me the person I have wanted to be. I want to be a female more than a drowning man wants air.

So, if all of you could be the amazing, supportive people I know you can be and accept me for who I have wanted to be my whole life. I have suffered and I will no longer suffer. I will be the beautiful, strong, slaying queen I know I can and WILL be.

No one will ever let me down and I am not going to listen to anyone who hates me. I have been depressed for too long and I will live life to the fullest.

Thank you.

Stop downvoting every self harm post

I don’t even like self harm, but there is a flair for it for a reason.

You know you can block certain flairs so you don’t have to see things you don’t wanna see.

Stop hating on the people who self harm. They need supportive people, this isn’t really the place to get that, but that doesn’t matter. Just stfu unless you’re gonna be positive.

Be nice to the people who need it the most :)

Edit: u no like self harm? Block seeing self harm flair.

Had to dumb it down for some people.

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Trans women are better than bio-women.
  • Bio-women today are all inmature, capricious, crazy, stupid, selfish, malicious, traitor, unfaithful, promiscuous, used whores without anything of value or dignity, deeply victimist, feminist and self-destructive little girls.

They hate feministy, they hate males, they hate give birth and raise children.

They are not princess anymore; they are all slut witches, who do not know how to cook, serve as women, or contribute ANYTHING to a man.

They only serve to fuck (and not even that, because they are used whores) and for that, it is cheaper going with prostitutes (no cryes, no touch the balls, no waste of time with their family, no problems...).

  • In the other hand, we have Trans Girls.

Trans girls love to be femenine, they are eager to find a "daddy" male who takes care of them, protects and loves them; and to which they can serve as good faithful sluts and loving wives.

They dont despise their feminine role, on the contrary, they want it more than any stupid bio-woman, and because of the difficulties suffered they know how to value men what appreciate them (and they value themselves more as women).

A Trans Girlfriend is much better than a stupid useless Bio-woman. Why Bio-women are useless? Well, what is the only problem in a relationship with a trans vs Bio-woman? A trans girl can not give birth.

But... in a short future, with the artificial wombs, Bio-women will be useless, and any self-respecting man wont want waste time with them (they are a virus).

And, even today you and your trans wife can have children with rent bellies. Or even better, the future that awaits the stupid Bio-women, if they can still be usefull: serve as a maid in the house of a hapy marriage between a masculine man and his trans wife. So, husband and wife, can have sex and breed with the Bio-woman, and the Bio-woman can serve them as their maid and wet nurse helping to raise the children.

Trans Women are BETTER THAN Bio-Women.


We will never go silent, we will never stop looting and destroying until JUSTICE

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  • fsd2 : :nerd:
  • HidrocefaliaLover : breathtakingly gay
  • GirlOnInternet : White supremacists are reporting this for spreading truth. REST IN POWER, KANG!
  • Farfstarf : Is it point a gun at a pregnant woman's belly day or something?
  • DeerGenocider : We wuz kangzz lmfaooo
  • hy0 : no one knows what sarcasm is lmao
  • arcadster : should remove the ability to auto pin award for some strags :hammer:

George Perry Floyd Jr. (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020) was an African-American man who was MURDERED by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest made after a store clerk (((WRONGLY))) suspected Floyd may have used a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill, on May 25, 2020. Floyd wanted to buy produce with his hard earned legal tender.

Derek Chauvin, one of the four police officers who arrived on the scene, knelt on Floyd's neck and back for 9 minutes and 29 seconds which caused a lack of oxygen to his once kind and tender brain.

After his murder, protests against police brutality, especially towards black people, quickly spread across the United States and globally. His dying words, "I can't breathe", became a rallying slogan.

I truly believe that there isn't one of you among us who don't mourn the passing of George Floyd. He was a good man, who did nothing wrong throughout his entire life. His only crime? Being enriched with melanin.

I know that this is a gore site, but please, do not hesitate to stop on by here and pay homage to one of the most influential figures in recent history; George Floyd.

(An image of your likeness, here, in this George Floyd safe-space, paying your respects for Mr. Floyd).

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WPD Supports LGTBQIA2S+ - Celebrating

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The Stonewall Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. In the United States the last Sunday in June was initially celebrated as "Gay Pride Day," but the actual day was flexible. In major cities across the nation the "day" soon grew to encompass a month-long series of events. Today, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, and LGBTQ Pride Month events attract millions of participants around the world. Memorials are held during this month for those members of the community who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV/AIDS. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally.

WPD and its Moderators remain proud supporters of the LGTBQIA2S+ Community, show your support this pride month!

Why do women exist?

People often wonder why women exist despite having contributed jack shit to society. This is mainly because it's a man's world, and God was a man, so he made the universe the way it was supposed to be in his eyes. One could ponder why he didn't just create natural vaginas in flowers or in tree stumps or something instead of turning them into the bitching, period-having, sorry-excuse-of-a-human known as the women, so it would make the world a better place for men to live in peace and prosperity. Technology would be a million times more advanced than it is today, and men wouldn't be thrown in prison for useless, petty shit like rape and domestic abuse; as well as carrying financial burdens on their shoulders for "paying" child support all over busting a nut inside a woman's vagina to express their natural right in enjoying sexual activity.

In fact, the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians would probably still be around today if they kept their wimminz in their correct places instead of allowing them to run things. Look what happened to Ancient Sparta; watch the movie when King Leonidas' obeyed his wife in going to war with the Persians and you'll see what we mean. Or take a look at the sad and pathetic cases of Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and the tragic downfall of the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher to know that women fail at anything and everything, especially when held in positions of power (duties and tasks other than the usual cooking, preparing food, fucking and cleaning). They are hopeless and worthless and cannot be trusted, at least not without male supervision. p

Downvote me pt.2

Now :#shotty:

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Animals are gay, bisexual and trans too - Peacock channel streams new documentary, Queer Planet, during Pride Month

The documentary Queer Planet is streaming now on Peacock.

Description of the show: Take a worldwide journey exploring the rich diversity of animal sexuality — from flamboyant flamingos to pansexual primates, sex-changing clownfish, multi-gendered mushrooms and everything in between. This documentary looks at extraordinary creatures, witnesses amazing behaviors, and introduces the scientists who are questioning the traditional concept of what's natural when it comes to sex and gender.

TMZ: Humans and animals aren't the only living organisms with same-sex couples ... some plants and fungi are also essentially lesbian and gay -- so says a pro who knows all about this.

Dr. Patricia Kaishian -- who worked on this new Peacock doc all about queer animals -- has been researching plants and fungi for years ... and she joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday and shared some of her strangest findings ... same-sex reproduction!!!

It's pretty incredible, the good doctor says the plant and fungi worlds are way more complex than simply being comprised of just males and females ... and she says some organisms have figured out how to have offspring without a mate of the opposite sex.

Some of these findings -- most notably among mushrooms, as she explains -- are included in the new Peacock doc about animal sexuality ... and she reemphasizes that regular animals can for sure be fluid in their sexuality -- a phenomenon we've seen out in nature.

It's long been known animals have gay and lesbian sex, but the same going on among plants and fungi is new and important, information ... and Dr. Patricia is expanding on the topic in her upcoming book, "Forest Euphoria."

So we've got queer lions and whales, sex-changing fish, pansexual monkeys and now gay mushrooms and plants ... it's like wildlife is mirroring society among us humans.

One big difference ... Dr. Patricia says animals don't discriminate against other animals for being gay. Huh, imagine that!

TMZ: The 90-minute doc -- narrated by actor Andrew Rannells -- dishes on lions mounting each other, the promiscuity of pansexual bonobo monkeys, and even sex-changing clownfish.

You'll recall ... it was revealed earlier this year that 2 male humpback whales were caught getting it on with each other for the first time in history. Amazon river dolphins, walruses, gray seals, and many more species have also been spotted engaging in it, too.

Sounds like a good time ... but leave it to humans to rain on the parade. The doc's already catching flak, with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren writing on X, "If animals were indeed gay, there would be no more animals. Just basic science there."

Sadly, the uneducated like Tomi Lahren know so tragically little about science. She doesn't have a CLUE what she's talking about. Gays are born that way, and it DOES have evolutionary advantages:

Specifically, "the genes that make men gay evolved because they actually make their female relatives more fertile.

The team discovered that the mothers, aunts and sisters of gay men tend to have more children than those women related to straight men.

from Salon: Queer Planet," a new documentary now streaming on Peacock, opens with a pair of bighorn sheep, both males, who are literally butting heads. As they repeatedly slam against each other, viewers may assume we are witnessing a violent battle to the death.

Except that isn't what's happening. In a move that epitomizes the entire experience of watching "Queer Planet," the filmmakers subvert the audience's expectations about nature documentaries — and, by extension, nature itself. It turns out the male bighorn sheep weren't rivals; they were sexual partners, engaged in what could be characterized as a lovers' quarrel.

Queerness is everywhere in nature, despite claims to the contrary, and "Queer Planet" underlines that sexual diversity isn't an anomaly. It's worth celebrating.

Take clown fish. The family unit shown in the 2003 animated movie "Finding Nemo" is, at first glance, reasonably close to the truth: Clown fish units include one female, one male and many juvenile males, all of whom take care of their babies together. Yet when a predator or other unfortunate event kills a female clown fish in real life, the dad changes sex into a female — as noted in a 2018 study titled "The truth about Nemo's dad" — and a juvenile male fish courts his former father so they can continue reproducing and protecting their offspring.

"They change sex, from male to female as they mature (so, yes, Nemo's dad would become his new mom after his actual mom died)," said Bradley Trevor Greive, an author and naturalist who appears in the movie. While a child marrying their parent is morally appalling by conventional standards — and certainly is not Disney-friendly — Greive said that it is illogical to think nature would care about human concepts.

"Nature is a kaleidoscopic Karma Sutra – absolutely everything goes, and then some," Greive said. "Insects aside, one third of all animals are intersex, have both male and female sexual anatomy. Not that anatomy matters, the species of males don't have a penis, some have four." Greive elaborated on species where females have no vaginas or three, or possess phalluses of their own. "Even many 'straight' species are not truly 'straight.' Barnacles possess a penis that is forty times their body size which, relatively speaking, makes it the biggest in the animal kingdom, and barnacles reproduce by sperm casting, which is basically masturbating into a hurricane and hoping for the best … And it works!"

There are plenty of other intersex animals. Box turtles, for example, will develop into females if their egg's ambient temperatures are high and turn into males if those temperatures are low. If the temperature hits a sweet spot, they become intersex — both male and female — yet still capable of bearing offspring. Thanks to climate change, however, more and more turtles are being born female, putting the species at risk for extinction. In addition to trans species, "Queer Planet" also showcases species with relatively high rates of homosexuality, such as the fact that 28 percent of wild King penguins will choose a same-sex mate for their initial coupling.

A documentary as bold as this one inevitably comes with political challenges. At a time of increasing violence against LGBTQ+ people, "Queer Planet" is not simply a nature documentary, although its vivid cinematography and deep-dish wildlife analysis makes it a fantastic watch for fans of that genre. There is an unavoidable political subtext in "Queer Planet," one with roots as far back as the days when Charles Darwin — who was the founder of evolutionary biology, but according to the documentary, also homophobic — downplayed and denigrated the sexual queerness he observed during his studies.

One can draw a direct line between Darwin's erasure of nature's queerness and the people who today claim the spectrum of gender and sexuality are somehow "unnatural." This supplied "Queer Planet" producer and director Ed Watkins with both an obstacle and a mission.

"The biggest hurdle to overcome with normalizing the queerness of nature will always be those people who shout the loudest," Watkins said. "The most vocal are usually those most vehemently opposed to accepting the reality of the natural world. And, even when they do, they point to other natural behaviors which humans find unacceptable as a reason to dismiss it." Watkins added that scientists and human rights advocates may not be able to "out shout" the reactionaries, but they can effectively rebut them by calmly displaying the scientific facts.

"Importantly, nothing in our documentary is confrontational, it is unrelentingly upbeat and positive," Watkins said. "I believe the best way to change people's perceptions is to show them the real world as it is, full of beauty, and diversity, and hopefully they'll see it too."

Dr. Christine Wilkinson — a National Geographic Explorer and researcher from the University of California Berkeley's California Academy of Science who is interviewed in the film — said that "Queer Planet" is hardly breaking new ground, at least when it comes to the underlying scientific facts it presents. The movie exists not to share undiscovered revelations, but to explain that the queer truth about nature has already been thoroughly documented — and encourage viewers to examine why this is not common knowledge.

"There is plenty of scientific literature documenting same-sex sexual behavior and sex-changing in animals," Wilkinson said. "I recommend reading 'Biological Exuberance' by Bruce Bagemihl if you want an encyclopedic approach, or 'Queer Ducks' by Eliot Schrefer for something more fun and accessible."

Wilkinson has spent much time studying spotted hyenas, another of the many species highlighted in "Queer Planet." They are shown living in female-dominated societies, with hyena girls possessing clitorises so large that at first glance they can be mistaken for hyena penises.

"As someone who has spent a lot of time studying spotted hyenas, they definitely hold a special place in my heart," said Wilkinson. "Their intricate social structures, largely female-led societies, formidable intelligence and, of course, their adorable bear-like ears all make spotted hyenas a personal favorite for me."

While female-dominated hyena societies may not strike some as technically "queer," the same cannot be said of the countless male lions who spend most of their time in all-male groups called coalitions. Demolishing the myth of the happy male lion ruling a pride with a harem of females, "Queer Planet" explains that most male lions will actually spend the majority of their lives with each other. This results in extremely close bonds that often last a lifetime, with male lions regularly cuddling and mounting each other to display affection.

Giraffes also have very high incidences of same-sex behaviors among males, with one out of four wild matings occurring among males mounting each other — even when they have access to females. Bonobos are even more sexually open than giraffes, with "Queer Planet" explaining that bonobos seem to deal with all of life's twists and turns by turning to sex — whether it's for eating food, resolving conflicts, feeling bored or occasionally, yes, actually trying to reproduce.

"Over 1,500 animal species engage in same sex behavior, and countless more in a wide variety of queer lifestyles, so it was quite a lengthy list!" Watkins said when explaining how the filmmakers chose the species they would profile for the documentary. "In the end, we opted to feature those animals that allowed us to highlight the incredible diversity of the natural world, and for which we could tell memorable and visually stunning sequences, backed up by published science. Flamingos, penguins, lions are all very charismatic, so they went in, but we also wanted to feature some of the lesser-known and loved species like cuttlefish, ants and slugs."

To do this, the makers of "Queer Planet" trekked across the globe, obtaining the best footage nature can offer in all its queerness. Perhaps the most difficult animals to profile were flamingos. As Watkins explained, the majority of "Queer Planet"'s footage was filmed directly by Watkins, with his assistant producer George and researcher, Chris. This meant that the lush images of elegant pink birds — introduced as "flamboyant flamingos," unpacking their often-lifelong same-sex relationships — weren't easy to capture.

"We filmed those in Yucatán, in Mexico," Watkins recalled. "Each day we had to hike for about an hour through shallow, hyper-saline marshes and lakes, with all our equipment, to reach the nesting sites in the dark. Then set up our hides and sit in the sweltering sun until noon, when the birds rested, to leave. It was hot, dirty, smelly work. George braved the conditions for the longest, but the results were worth it."

Numerous other examples in the film include how macaques in Japan are "extremely lesbian," often choosing other females even when male partner are available; that male seahorses likewise tend to form lifelong same-sex relationships, with the males delivering birth from pouches; and that a majority of organisms on coral reefs are hermaphrodites, with over 500 species changing sex at least once in their lifetimes and others having both sexes.

All of this science and documentary work emphasizes how normal, natural and wonderful it is to be queer.

"I believe the only way to make the general public more aware of the fact that same-sex behavior, and many other queer behaviors, are normal in the animal kingdom is to keep showing people real stories, backed up by real science," said Watkins. "I've been making wildlife documentaries for over a decade, and I can count on one hand the number of times a queer wildlife story has featured, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is widespread. It was one of the key drivers behind getting this film made."

All the text written above by Matthew Rozsa, staff writer at Salon.

Please note - hateful written attacks here on WPD about gays or transexuals are not OK.

I'll bet if you hate them, you've NEVER spent much time talking to ONE, or working with them. I have had a transexual employee work directly for me, and guess what? They're just like other people.

I'm firmly of the opinion that many people who throw around hate at trans and gay people do so out of ignorance and fear.

Update: In response to claims that: "You cant be born to be gay or anything." And it's "a choice" to be gay:

Then please explain why the brains of gay men are like women:

Do you trust Scientific American?

Let me quote from that article:

"Study Says Brains of Gay Men and Women Are Similar

Brain scans provide evidence that sexual orientation is biological

Researchers using brain scans have found new evidence that biology—and not environment—is at the core of sexual orientation."

That study also found that the brains of lesbians are like that of heterosexual men.

And did you know that each older brother you have increases your chance of being gay by 33% ?

I quote the National Library of Medicine:

"... the probability of a boy growing up to be gay increases for each older brother ... "


" ... each older brother increased the probability of being gay by about 33% (1). This startling phenomenon was confirmed in multiple studies based on independent populations totaling over 10,000 subjects, and a meta-analysis indicated that between 15% and 29% of gay men owe their sexual orientation to this effect."


"Bogaert et al. (3) present direct biochemical evidence indicating that the increased incidence of homosexuality in males with older brothers results from a progressive immunization of the mother against a male-specific cell-adhesion protein that plays a key role in cell–cell interactions, specifically in the process of synapse formation, during development called neuroligin 4 Y-linked, or NLGN4Y."

Please explain these scientific findings that demonstrate that being gay is mostly BIOLOGICAL, and gays are BORN THAT WAY - and it's NOT A CHOICE!

Thank you.



We shouldn't kill pedos.

I get it; that pedo ruined the innocence of a child. No one likes seeing children hurt.

But your emotions cloud your judgement.

You can't let them get off that easy.

Giving them death is the easy way out.

They need to suffer a fate similar to those of their victims.










all hail plex

Boy oh boy where do I even begin. Plex... honey, my pookie bear. I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you. The way you drive into the paint and strike fear into your enemies eyes. Your silky smooth touch around the rim, and that gorgeous jumpshot. I would do anything for you. I wish it were possible to freeze time so I would never have to watch you retire. You had a rough childhood, but you never gave up hope. You are even amazing off the court, you're a great husband and father, sometimes I even call you dad. I forvever dread and weep, thinking of the day you will one day retire. I would sacrifice my own life it were the only thing that could put a smile on your beautiful face. You have given me so much joy, and heartbreak over the years. I remember when you first left watchpeopledie and its like my heart got broken into a million pieces. But a tear still fell from my right eye when I watched you win your first ring in miami, because deep down, my glorious king deserved it. I just wanted you to return home. Then allas, you did, my sweet baby boy came home and I rejoiced. 2015 was a hard year for us baby, but in 2016 you made history happen. You came back from 3-1 and I couldn't believe it. I was crying, bawling even, and I heard my glorious king exclaim these words, "WATCHPEOPLEDIE, THIS IS FOR YOU!" Not only have you changed the game of basketball and the world forever, but you've eternally changed my world. And now you're getting older, but still the goat, my goat. I love you pookie bear, my glorious king, Plex.☺️♥️🫶🏻

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Some piece of shit films himself :marseytedbackstab: abusing and torturing a kitten, and LAUGHS.

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  • natsuki_ : OMG. mods please ban all these people for being transphobes :marseycry:
  • xwpdsniper-demolition : Boringggggggggg :marseypaintdry:
  • Haupti : how many rage bait :marseytrain: posts will there be? coin farming anime dipshit
  • sator : STOP! THE! HATE! Natsuki is a beautiful and wonderful trxns wxman! TERFS!
  • PlzDoNotTheFade : :!marseytrain:s shall die!
i'm a black transgender woman, please support my decision :marseybeanpensive:

trans-gendering to a black woman was a really hard choice for me. i figured that trans-gendering was the only option for me as i just felt black.

It's okay to be a black transgender person because everyone has the right to live authentically and be true to themselves without fear of discrimination or prejudice. Just like any other aspect of diversity, being black and transgender contributes to the rich tapestry of human experience and should be celebrated rather than stigmatized. It's essential to recognize and affirm the validity of all identities and experiences.

supporting transgender individuals is about creating a society where everyone can live authentically, safely, and with dignity, regardless of their gender identity. :marseybeanpensive:

please support transgender individuals for these reasons reasons:

  • Human Rights: Transgender people, like everyone else, deserve to live with dignity, respect, and equality. Supporting transgender rights is a matter of upholding basic human rights principles.

  • Mental Health: Transgender individuals often face discrimination, harassment, and violence, which can have severe negative impacts on their mental health. Supporting transgender people means promoting environments where they can feel safe, affirmed, and accepted.

  • Social Justice: Transgender individuals, particularly those from marginalized communities, face systemic injustices such as poverty, homelessness, and lack of access to healthcare. Supporting transgender rights is part of advocating for social justice and equity for all.

  • Visibility and Representation: Supporting transgender individuals means acknowledging and celebrating the diversity of human experiences. Visibility and representation in media, politics, and society help combat stereotypes and increase understanding and acceptance.

  • Healthcare Access: Transgender individuals often face barriers to accessing healthcare, including discrimination from healthcare providers and lack of insurance coverage for transition-related care. Supporting transgender rights means advocating for healthcare policies and practices that are inclusive and affirming.

  • Community Support: Many transgender individuals face rejection from their families and communities. Providing support and acceptance can make a significant difference in their well-being and sense of belonging.

  • Legal Protections: Transgender people face disproportionate rates of violence and discrimination in various aspects of life, including employment, housing, and education. Supporting transgender rights means advocating for legal protections against discrimination and violence.

please support a trans black person today

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