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On the night of Monday, October 29, 2018, Alejandra Ico Chub, 32, was murdered by her husband at home, on her bed. She was mutilated with a machete. Her cries for help were heard by neighbors from La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The murderer, Mario Tut Ical, Alejandra's partner, fled after committing the murder.

CHILD WARNING [CW] Mangue 937 video in Brazil :marseybrasileiro:

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The girls were members of a gang called "Comando vermelho", and the killers are part of a gang called "Guardiões do Estado" i hate criminals so glad they dead

FunkyTown without watermark

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EFFORTPOST Full(?) Split Face Diving Accident Video (Gore Classic)

Background info:

I know another person has already posted this, but I discovered a longer version (supposedly the one making its rounds on the Internet) on this blog from 2009 which I didn't manage to post in time. Then just recently, I found an even longer version posted 1 month ago on bestgore. So here are both videos. The first one is the longest version (abt 3 minutes long). The second one is the one supposedly making its rounds in 2009.

The mentioned blog:

Extract from blog:

It's referred to by some description of the event like Horrible Diving Accident, Bridge Fail, Worst Diving Accident, Horrific Diving Accident, Awesome Diving Accident, Disgusting Diving Accident, Jump Accident, Cellphone Horrific Diving Accident and Diving Accident

A teenager, a 16 year old boy, dives off the seaside promenade in Beirut, Lebanon and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the ocean and instead hit the concrete slab below where fishermen fish. He hits the concrete face first, then goes into the ocean. In a short while, the ocean for yards around has turned red with blood. There are people and boats in the water trying to help the guy, and girls are screaming all over the place.

The scene then shifts to a hospital where the poor guy is being overseen by a team of doctors and nurses. His face has been split clear in two down the middle vertically!

He is still alive, conscious and breathing, and his tongue is moving around. He appears terrified. The doctor takes the sides of his face and pushes them together a couple of times to make a whole face again. The doctor says, "Where do I begin?" a few times in Arabic.

The water has gone completely red in the video. The rescue team with a boat can also be seen. People who think the video is fake say that the water is too red, and the blood he lost could not possibly have turned the water so red. When blood loss occurs in water, the water is almost like a medium for the blood and allows it to spread a lot as it mixes. This can cause a little bit of blood to look like a lot of blood. This is not to say the victim didn't lose a lot of blood, but the color of the water makes it appear as if he lost more than he did.

People are wondering how he could survive such an injury, and the front part of his brain may indeed have been injured, but others are saying that it appears to be intact. At any rate, basic things like breathing are done by the brain stem. The brain stem does not appear to be injured.

People are also wondering about pain. The brain has no pain receptors. On the other hand, the damage to his face must be very painful.

It's a long way off the Manara Promenade to the ocean, over 40 feet. The first part of the video shows his brother making a successful dive. The victim and his brother had made several jumps before, and everything had gone fine, but this time the victim slips and disaster unfolds.

This part was shot with a Nokia cellphone that shoots dark in the afternoon. The segment was shot by a girl at the scene who can be heard screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone call the Civil Defense!" in Arabic. Some say his friends would not shoot movies of him diving, but the girl filming is just some girl who was there filming the divers. Lots of people use their cellphones to film the divers.

This actually is not the original video from Lebanon.

In Lebanon, there were two videos, the first one of the diving accident. This one started going around Lebanon later in the day after the accident. In the original Lebanese video, there is no fade out after he hits, for one thing. The original video from Lebanon is not currently available.

The second video was shot in the hospital and started going around later.

The video on my site is the two different videos spliced together.

The second part of the clip is the same kid in the hospital, but was shot with a different cellphone so it looks different. The hospital staff is definitely speaking Lebanese Arabic. This part of the clip was shot in the brightly lit ER of the American University Hospital, which is only ¼ mile away from where the accident took place. That's why things are so much brighter in this part of the clip.

People say there is no way a cellphone would have been allowed in an ER, however, in the Developing World, it is quite common for family, friends, etc. to be present in the ER right next to the patient's bed as the staff hovers around them.

It's also not uncommon that they have a cellphone on them and record the goings-on. That would be unheard of in the US, but in the Arab World, no one thinks anything of it.

As you can see in the hospital footage, they have the boy intubated, which is an excellent idea. However, he is not on a ventilator, nor are there any signs of monitoring equipment such a pulse oximeter. Also they did not put him in C-Spine precautions (C-collar, backboard, strapped down).

The physician is focusing on holding his face together, possibly in order to protect the airway. Critics say the doctor is "playing" with the face, and no doctor would do that, but I don't think he is playing with it. I think he's trying to fix it.

Some US Medical personnel say the video is fake because he is not receiving proper medical care. Keep in mind that this is Lebanon. He is getting reasonable medical care, but he is not receiving the best of medical care.

In this case, the best care would be the following: Put the victim in a drug induced coma for most of the time. Start with the major things like checking the frontal bone (forehead) to ensure the brain is safe, maintain vascular supply to tissues, deal with the airway (victim would need a tracheotomy), try to save his vision and go from there. After that, try bone fusions/pinnings to repair bones and muscle re-attachments to repair muscles. Skin and soft tissues would be dealt with last. There would surely be a hell of a scar afterward.

In this case, all the surgeons could do was to stitch up the deep and severe wounds in his face. Although some clinicians on the Net say that a good ENT could patch this kid up, this poor guy could not be saved. All the surgeons were able to do was keep him alive in the ICU for two days before he died. The death was due to spinal fracture and in particular severe internal bleeding in the brain.

Death was due to internal bleeding. A lot of people in Beirut gave money to his family after he died.

The Ms Pacman video

On the night of Monday, October 29, 2018, Alejandra Ico Chub, 32, was murdered by her husband at home, on her bed. She was mutilated with a machete. Her cries for help were heard by neighbors from La Isla del Norte in San Miguel, Chisec, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, who found the woman with her face split in half, yet still alive. The murderer, Mario Tut Ical, Alejandra's partner, fled after committing the murder.

She, in her last attempts to live, complained of pain. She moved her legs, and with her head and eyes she tried to say something. Everything was recorded in a couple of videos that Alejandra's neighbors took and that went viral on social networks. In these, a woman can be heard crying heartbreakingly upon seeing the victim.

Due to the location of the place, help from authorities was almost impossible. According to neighbors, Alejandra was in agony for more than 30 minutes, without anyone being able to do anything to help her, until she finally died.

For almost four days the murderer was on the run. However, he was captured the following Thursday in the village of Las Muñecas, Ixcán, Quiché, when he was trying to flee to Mexico. With a cold voice and without any remorse, Mario Tut Ical confessed to the crime and tried to justify it by blaming Alejandra for infidelity. According to the man, her partner had indicated that she would go to her sister's house to watch television, but he allegedly saw her get out of a truck. He also tried to blame Alejandra by insisting that she was jealous of him with a neighbor whom he had to constantly inject. The man assured that he does not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs and that he did so out of jealousy.

Mario Tut Ical remains in jail to this day, although he is still on trial for his crimes.

More info here:


On the morning of 17 December 2018, a pair of French hikers came across the decapitated bodies of the victims, and their tent, near a trail connecting Imlil to Mount Toubkal. A suspect named Abderrahim Khayali was quickly apprehended following the incident, after police found an ID in the victims' tent, that had been left behind by the suspect. Three additional suspects, Abdessamad Ejjoud, Rachid Afatti, and Younes Ouaziyad, were later apprehended by the police while riding a bus during the morning rush hour in the nearby city of Marrakesh. The three suspects were caught in possession of bladed weapons. Abdessamad Ejjoud is assumed to be the leader of the group, and the four men had shot a video the week before the murders, where they pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The killers had agreed to carry out a terrorist act on either security services or foreign tourists, before deciding to travel to the Imlil region to look for foreigners, and where they would target the two backpackers. In the video of the killings, the attackers can be heard shouting "enemies of Allah", and "revenge for our brothers in Hajin".

Moroccan police later made additional arrests of individuals believed to have connections with the suspects.


Use the video below, the one above got taken down:

Source has been up for 5 hours but will be censored soon:

His father is Michael Mohn. They lived in Levittown, Pennsylvania.


Beheading starts at 3:00

Victim: Felix gamez garcia & Barnabas gamez castro

More info:


the russian lathe video

Ronnie :marseyboar: Mcnutt's Suicide :marseymaid4: (6 Minutes, no watermark, and maybe hq)

That version is actually :marseyakshually: cropped and this is the uncropped one.

And this is the live Facebook chat during his suicide.

Ronnie Mcnutt's Facebook account:

Ronnie Mcnutt's Twitter :marseyx: account:

Tell me if i repost :marseyrepostsign:

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Welcome anyone.

Fixed link, use below video, top one wont work for some reason and i cant remove it? 6/11/2022

Cartel Savagery In Mexico (Zacatecas Flaying)

Better quality

CDN makes an example out of La Linea Cartel member.

CHILD WARNING (classic) [Child Warning] girl shoots her cousin then instantly kills herself CONTEXT

The Brutal Murder Of Débora Bessa

Nineteen-year-old Débora Bessa had been missing since January 9th, until her and was eventually found by her family on January 13th in a wooded area in the Caladinho neighborhood, in Rio Branco. Her body had been hacked up, and left in pieces. Shortly after, a video went viral, showcasing her brutal demise. According to her sister Sarah Bessa, Débora was a member of a drug cartel but decided to leave them because she wanted a better life for her 5-year-old daughter. Some sources state that Debora was supposed to be hiding from the gang in a church. The police launched an intensive investigation because the case received quite a bit of media attention. They managed to catch one of the men in the video, André de Souza Martins, the one with the machete. And then one woman, Lucille Souza do Nascimento, who was also supposed to participate in the execution. Both were sentenced by the court to 60 years in prison. After the appeal, however, he managed to reduce the sentence “only” to 36 and a half years. According to some sources, the two were supposed to be members of the well-known Brazilian cartel Commando Vermelho (CV).

Débora Bessa:

André de Souza Martins:

Lucille Souza do Nascimento:

Ronnie McNutt Full Suicide Video

Sorry if this counts as a repost but I found a version with the build up and aftermath of the suicide.

If this counts as a repost let me know and I will take it down.

Buffalo Mass Shooting full livestream video

6:05 is when the action starts.

A couple fun facts about this video:

  • At 3:47 you can see him pull up Martha Speaks furry porn on his phone. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough for a self-proclaimed Nazi, the artist who drew it is black.

  • He decorated his AR-15 with such tasteful phrases as "Tarrant", "SygaOwn", "mogged" and "Here's your reparations". Have a look for yourself!



Oh and if you want to read his manifesto, it's here:

Be warned though, it's shockingly boring. It's full of /pol/ infographics, gun talk, and he also literally just copy/pastes from Tarrant's manifesto in some parts. Little originality from this fellow.

And here's a slightly lower-quality but longer video, courtesy of @sdsdsdsdsdsd (13 minutes, the additional 6 minutes are the driving part so you're not really missing anything):

(Clarification: there's "more" of this video out there compared to these vids so it's technically not the full video, but it's never been posted anywhere, so you can't see it.)

Shuaiby Aslam Video Full (Version Watermark BestGore)


NOTE LETTER 'BYE /R9K/ 3/14/18' 4;30


"👋" 5;49









Shuaib 'Shuaiby' Aslam was in a call with friends on discord. It was live streamed on YouTube on 14 March 2018, Shuaiby was just 18. He lived In Stockton, California with his Mum, Dad and siblings.

The note he pushed under the door said something along the lines of 'I am dead, do not let the kids see my body. Goodbye' and the note he held up read 'BYE /R9K/ 3/14/18'

Rip Shuaiby Aslam

2000 - 2018

4chan post made by his friend afterwards:

If Link Error here


Shuaiby's Reddit:'s

Banned Account Reddit


Banned Account Steam


Repost: Watermark Liveleak

Ronnie McNutt Suicide (No Watermark)

More info:

"1444" Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich Suicide Video (No Watermark And Better Quality)

1444 Suicide Video

Duration Livestream VK Suicide Is 2.5 hours


Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich

Account VK:

Friends Gleb In Vk:

Suicide bodies found:




This photo before suicide:


Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich Photo:






Gary Plauché shoots his son's rapist

This has been posted before but never in its original quality.

Gary pled no contest to manslaughter and got no prison time, instead merely getting probation, community service, and a suspended sentence.

"They were not going to convict Gary of shooting the guy who molested his son. That wasn't going to happen—not in Baton Rouge." — Mike Barnett (Baton Rouge Sheriff's Dept.)

When interviewed not long before his own death in 2014, to "do you regret killing Jeff Doucet?" he quickly replied "No."

"Would you do it again?" He answered, "Hell yeah."

More info:

Funkytown in all its glory

Rival cartel flays and tortures gang member


ill pin if someone posts context.


Man got pulled into lathe and destroyed by it

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