Spread eagle - naked man jumps off high rise building - hard impact - look at the reflection in the windshield -

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Did he say "UWU" at the end

If only he saw how awesome his head blow off. Oh well:marseyvengeance:

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Man kills himself by jumping under truck tires


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Triple threat suicide (electricity, fire, falling)

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Screaming Without A Mouth

please don't call this a "glory hole"

russian guy commits suicide on live.

a guy named Π”Π°Π½ΠΈΠ» ΠŸΠΎΡΡ‚ΠΈΠΊΠ° (danil postika) fell from a balcony to the song numbers by lsp. he went live eventually committing suicide.

his last messages: (translated from russian)



his vk acc: https://m.vk.com/2danka

Woman hangs herself in front of her children

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This happened at the Beit Yeshoshua station in Israel around November 2018. He was pronounced dead at the scene: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/255291

Man drinks pesticide after breakup with girlfriend (death not shown)

Copied from FB: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=991335274343133

"GOSPEL musician Richard Nhika shot a two minutes video committing suicide in a bush near Goodhope suburb.

After consuming the poisonous substance believed to be cotton pesticide, Richard who was now an Apostolic Faith Mission junior pastor was taken to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where he died the following day.

From evidence gathered from the video, the 38-year-old man of cloth took away his life over a misunderstanding with his girlfriend only identified as Nomatter.

β€œI will always love you Nomatter, which is why when I saw you I never insulted you or said anything bad.

β€œI have decided to die next to this tree so that everyone can see, this is real poison you can even see for yourself.

β€œI will always love you Nomatter and thank you for taking away my life,” he said whilst drinking the pesticide.

Family spokespersons Pauline Busu and Nyasha Nhika said they were saddened by the death of their relative.

They said they never thought Richard would decide to end his life considering his spiritual background.

β€œWhen we got to the scene where he committed suicide, we found the video in his phone which he had shot taking away his life.

β€œWe are convinced that this was a spiritual attack that happened to him because in his normal senses, he would not have done something like this.

β€œHe was a pastor at AFM Church and he was actually launching his album he featured Mathias Mhere, Dereck Mpofu and Sharon Manyonganise and no one ever expected him to do such a thing.

β€œWe are receiving calls from many people who he ministered to, even some influential people are also calling us sending their condolence messages.

β€œTwo days before he died, he would wake up in the middle of the night praying and no one ever bothered to ask what was going on in his life,” Pauline said.

When asked whether they knew the reason he committed suicide, Nyasha interjected:

β€œHe was fine, he never shared with us if he was facing any problems with anyone, we only heard of him mentioning a lady called Nomatter in his video.

β€œFrom what he was saying in the video, it seems she was his girlfriend and they were having some challenges.

β€œHowever, no one from our family had ever met her, but we are looking forward to seeing her so that she explains to us what really went wrong between her and Richard.

β€œSo far from the investigations we made, we were informed that they go to the same church and they were in love.”

Meanwhile, mourners are gathered at Nhika’s family house in Chitungwiza.

His body will be ferried from Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals straight to Marondera Cemetery."

Happened in 2017

russian girl commits suicide on live.

the aftermath:



Google translated from Bangali to English:

A class 10 student named Ranju Ahmed committed suicide on Facebook live in Kachikata area of Gurdaspur, Natore.

He is a student of Kachikata School and College of Ranju Upazila and son of Haraf Ali of the same area. Ranju did this incident at his house around 1 pm on Sunday.

According to the police, Ranju went live on his Facebook ID and captioned it as 'I'm lost, good bye you, this world.' Then he hung a rope around his neck and hung from the floor of the house.

About 9 minutes after the live broadcast, the family members broke the door and entered the house after realizing the matter. He was dead by the time he was let down from the rope.

Abdul Matin, OC of Gurdaspur police station, said that efforts are being made to find out why the student committed suicide. He also said that a UD case has been filed in this incident.


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Yekaterinburg, died

(LL) China: suicide jumper (slomo added)

Guy was forced to suicide

Man forced to suicide.

Crazy guy brakes bus window and jumps out at 60 mph -

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Grief-crazed husband impulsively jumps after wife's death [child warning]

Vietnam - In Phu La Ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi, a young man jumped to his death apparently after an argument with his father about his school/college work.

Suicide note:




Man commits suicide by jumping off a bridge

Arriaga, Mexico

there he gooesss

story -> https://www.elheraldodechiapas.com.mx/policiaca/joven-se-avienta-del-puente-el-lagartero-arriaga-9991922.html/amp


Young man decides to end his life, throws himself off the "El Lagartero" bridge in Arriaga

Some citizens tried to talk to him before he launched, trying to convince him to reconsider but to no avail.

Arriaga.- A person decided to put an end to his existence , because in an inexplicable way he crossed the brandal on the El Lagartero bridge in this city to throw himself into the void, in an event that was witnessed by locals from the area.

Neighbors in the area reported that the young suicide bomber had recently left a hotel near where the events occurred, where he was apparently under the influence of some substance.

It should be noted that some citizens tried to talk to him before he launched, trying to convince him to reconsider, while they reported the fact to the authorities, requesting the immediate presence of the emergency services.

However, the citizens were barely able to start a conversation with the person, because in a matter of minutes the talk ended and he did not think about it anymore, so he ended up throwing himself from the top of the bridge.

Municipal Police and Civil Protection personnel arrived at the scene, where people regretted what had happened, indicating that the subject was already under the bridge.

The security agents and emergency personnel then proceeded to descend, finding the lifeless body of said person, proceeding to cordon off the area pending the presence of the competent authorities.

Expert services arrived at the site to remove the body for transfer to the coroner, where it is expected that the investigations will be expanded in order to find the identity of the deceased person and clarify this fact.

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Suicide! Smiling goodbye on Facebook Live

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