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To start off I would like to say to the mods that may see this post this post isn't me being racist to black people I'm a Japanese American person of color I feel like these articles and conversations need to happen if you do not have this conversation the only thing that will happen is that the problem will get worse (IGNORING THE PROBLEM ISN'T THE ANSWER WE HAVE SEEN THIS PLENTY OF TIMES IN HISTORY) ,there are plenty of factors which have gone into holding black people back I'm not trying to be racist again I am Japanese American I wish black colored people well in there walk towards liberation let us have this conversation and people like you who allowed us to have it will go down in history for being the people

who were opened minded and allowed freedom of speech, now on a lighter note I looked at my other articles/work and have up voted them, on average these have gotten over 20 up votes (I know that sounds small but when I first started doing this I only did this to archive these works (that is the main reason I still do this) and for a site like this one which has a lot of closed minded people and incels,I find these number's really impressive to me, It reminded me of the 2016 election when Trump supporters were saying that "Trump will win because of the silent majority" I disagree with trump supporters on a lot of things but these number's really have opened my eye's, and then you have to keep in mind the people who don't even upvote nor comment again think all of you,there is a better future out there I promise don't lose hope for now we may have to work with the MAGA communist movement but it's worth it (I'll talk about what MAGA communism is in a future article),I always say do not dream America UNITE)

From my last fellow articles which you can find on my page.

Now let's get into why we are here do black people commit a lot of crime.....well yes according to data the percent of Black Americans in the general U.S. population is 13% + Percent of people in prison or jail who are Black is 37% in 2022 Black people were admitted to jail at more than four times the rate of White people and stayed in jail for 12 more days on average across the 595-jail sample, contributing to the larger increase in population observed for Black individuals. Between March 2020 and December 2022, the average number of White people in jail increased by less than 1% compared with an increase of 8% for Black people in 349 jails from the JDI database that had complete data for that period. So from this info we can get that black people are more likely to go to jail but now you may ask "what are the crimes that blacks are doing to go to prison" and to that I will say (I may not be able to look at all of the crimes which black people do and add them to this article but I will do my best to add at least 3 major one's)

Source for data:,350%20per%20100%2C000

Ok starting with sexual assaults 92.1 percent of sexual assault is done by men 51.6% is done by White and 21.7% are done by Black's the av were average age of the people doing the crimes were 37(remember White people are the majority in America making up about 70% of the population while black people make up around 13% of the population so these number's for Black people are BIG

Sources for these number's come from the government itself

In 2013 a study came out showing that black people and white people were doing drug's at belive it or not the same rate but only one seems to go to jail more and that is Black's, the data show thar in the past month illicit drug use was more common with Black's but only at a rate of 10.5% for White's it was lower at 9.5% for drug related arrest per 100,000 it was 332 for White's and for Black's this number was as high as 879 (Ronald Reagan has not came down)

Ronald Reagan and his administration laughing in 1981 (they would probably laugh even harder if they saw thing's now)

Now let's talk about homicide rate According to the FBI 2019 Uniform Crime Report, African-Americans accounted for 55.9% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with whites 41.1%, and "Other" 3% in cases where the race was known. Including homicide offenders where the race was unknown, African-Americans accounted for 39.6% of all homicide offenders in 2019, with whites 29.1%, "Other" 2.1%, and "Unknown" 29.3%


Now I know that in the comment's there are going to be some pay that may say "all of that is bad but what about the Asian hate crimes which Afrian Americans do against your people" the thing is,it's hard for me to really comment on that because of the factor that most report's show that White people do hate crimes against us asians at 75 percent for example look at this Janelle Wong, a professor of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park examined nine sources and four types of data about anti-Asian hate incidents, including from the reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate, Pew Research, as well as official law enforcement statistics, the majority of them spanning the year and a half when the #StopAAPIHate hashtag was trending. She found major contradictions in the prevailing narrative around perpetrators, victims, and the general environment of racism toward Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. She said such misleading conclusions could be attributed to the lack of context around images, the failure to amplify all aspects of the data or misinterpretations of the research.

A misread of a frequently cited study from this year, published in the American Journal of Criminal Justice, likely contributed to the spread of erroneous narratives, Wong said. The study, which examined hate crime data from 1992 to 2014, found that compared to anti-Black and anti-Latino hate crimes, a higher proportion of perpetrators of anti-Asian hate crimes were people of color. Still, 75 percent of perpetrators were white.

Sources for this info:

But the thing that they are getting wrong about all of this is how you are defining a hate crime for example during 2021 when I was still in high school someone asked me "what do you think of Covid 19" (the boy was neither black or white by the way he was brown skin) at the time I felt like the person was being a little racist to me to ask me a Japanese person about that but when I got home and told my mom about this she looked at me like I was stupid and told me "that's not racist covid is an issue which faces everyone" now I'm not saying that black people don't commit hate crimes higher then whites do but again how are you defining a crime how are you defining hate I support stop asian hate but you need to define what the word "hate crime" is to have a bigger conversation on these issues and also another thing that you must keep in mind is that which asians are being attacked not all of us are the same (for example,there's Indians,Mongolians, Burmese,Cambodian,Laotian and others) we aren't all the same and we all have our own problems this is why the model minority fall's apart,it only pays attention to the Asians which are successful (for example Japanese Koreans and Chinese) but part of the reason we are able to be successful is because of the factor that,in the 1960s and 70s,the US had a program were they would get Asian immigrants from countries like Korea Japan and other's but the Asian immigrants that came over here during that time period,were one's that were already successful,they already had good job's as being a doctor,lawyer,engineer etc plus they would go for immigrants which had good grades so those asians would go to go American colleges that had a lot of resources then you have to remember even with them only accepting good Asians they only did this because,this was the time of the Cold war between the USA and USSR with America haven oppressed Black's through slavery and Jim Crow this was not a good look on the world stage when it came down to "the country which stands for freedom and democracy" the model minorty is one which is not only a false stereotype but also one which down plays the oppression which Black's faced in the country during Jim Crow and now with Law and order,and also downplays the oppression which some in the Asian community face for example About 10% of Asian Americans overall live in poverty,but poverty rates vary widely across origin groups Burmese (19%) and Hmong Americans (17%) were among the Asian origin groups with the highest poverty rates in 2022. Meanwhile, Filipino (7%) and Indian Americans (6%) were among the groups with the lowest poverty rates.When you group all asians together you ignore all this,and also I'm not downplaying the factor that Asian haven't been oppressed in this country,for example through anti Chinese law's in the 1800s putting Japanese in camps during WW2,but Black's have been oppressed more through slavery,Jim Crow,Red lining,The CIA putting drugs in there community's in the 80s,and mass incarceration

Source for info:

Now you may ask me as an Asian do Black's and Asians have a good relationship I would say yeah we do have a good relationship for example Chairman Mao Zedong supported black liberation in America he even wrote a full letter supporting them,Mao Zedong also was a supporter of African countries getting away from colonization and neo colonialism which the west had done to Africa,Mao Zedong himself even met with famous black author W.E.B Du Bois

Statement Supporting the American Negroes

In Their Just Struggle Against Racial Discrimination by U.S. Imperialism (August 8, 1963) Mao Tse-tung

I feel like black panther leader Huey P Newton's quote is all I need to add before I go on to the main piece of this work.

This is for people who want to learn more,blacks are not the enemies of us asians,you are thinking of the bourgeoisie.

Now let's answer the golden question,why are do Black's do so much crime are they still oppressed or is it because of there culture, now I don't want to choose's both of them Black's are still oppressed and it's a cultural issue that holds them back,what do I mean well let me explain let's start off with the culture and tackle the big bear in the room (🐻🇷🇺) no not that one I'm talking about rap silly :3 I pout (I'm sorry but this shit is depressing you gotta joke around sometimes) Ok a study in 2006 showed that rap music had negative effects on the people that listened to it The study sample was 43% male. About two-fifths of the respondents (38%) identified themselves as Caucasian American, 27% as Latino American, 21% as Asian and Pacific Island American ("Asian Americans" hereafter), 5% as African American, and 9% as other, mixed ethnicity or unknown. Their ages ranged from 15 to 25 (mean [SD] = 18.9 [1.80]; 86% < 21). Four-fifths of the respondents (81%) were full-time students and 82% had a paid job during the 12 months prior to the survey. Respondents' parents, on average, had 12.5 years of education for both father and mother. Approximately three quarters of the respondents (74%) reported drinking alcoholic beverages of any type in the past 12 months and about two-fifths (38%) reported drinking malt liquor during the same time period. In addition, 29% of the study sample had an AUDIT score of 8 or higher. Two-fifths of the study sample (38%) reported using marijuana and 13% using club drugs in the past 12 months. Moreover, 27% reported being engaged in at least one act of aggressive behaviors in the past 12 months

There's been plenty of other studys since,talking about the negative effects of rap,it normalizes seeing women as tools for entertainment,normalizes drug's,normalizes crime and other thing's,it's not a surprise when we see the number's that this is what makes people more aggressive and more likely to do thing's like alcohol

Here's the study for those who want to look at it:

Now you may ask how are Black's oppressed why won't they work well to answer that question we must take a step back to the 1960s and 70s during this period black emoyment in the manufacturing industry was at it's best President John F. Kennedy signed the federal initiative Plans for Progress in 1961, which strengthened oversight of employment discrimination with federal contractors. By the time of the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, the "Big Three" automobile companies (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) had signed Plans for Progress and committed to affirmative-action hiring of black workers. Following the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1965, federal inspections became routine and helped to enforce this pledge.

Labor scholar Herbert R. Northrup, in his work The Negro in the Automobile Industry, explains the fortunate timing of this civil rights legislation: The rise in civil rights emphasis in the 1960s, by a happy coincidence, came at a time of great prosperity in the automobile industry. Moreover, it happened when a natural turnover was occurring in the industry. Many employees hired around World War II, or earlier, were seeking retirement under the liberalized early and regular retirement programs in the industry. . . . The need for Negroes to obtain jobs and the need of an industry for new workers were never better coordinated.

By the mid-1960s the auto industry was the second-largest employer of black semiskilled production workers, surpassing one hundred thousand in 1966. These jobs had among the highest wages and best benefits packages in the country. In short, these jobs were fundamental to creating middle-class living standards for blue-collar black workers without college degrees.

As Lazonick, Moss, and Weitz observe:

Most of these workers had no more than high-school educations but had sufficient earnings and benefits to provide their families with economic security, including realistic expectations that over the coming decades their children would have the opportunity to move up the economic ladder to join the ranks of the college-educated white-collar middle class.

This all occurred at a time when the auto industry was experiencing a period of rapid growth. For example, between 1961 and 1966 total employment at the "Big Three" ballooned from 693,186 to 953,585.

Contrary to persistent and misguided stereotypes about the racial demographics of union membership, the above-mentioned dynamics led to the overrepresentation of black workers in the union movement. By the early 1980s, black workers were 9.2 percent of the total labor force, but 14.2 percent of auto workers and 13.7 percent of union members.

Source for info:

Now what happened to all of these manufacturering job's and unions that Black's had well I'll tell you what happened japan is what happened (hey isn't that a cute coincident japan poped up in this story and I'm Japanese :3) Japan was starting to slowly become a power house and threatening America the big capitalist saw this,so what they did was they cut wages for job's,they busted union's,and they closed up some of there factories and sent them to the global south,for Black's it didn't get better either with how in recent year's there have been illegals coming into the country,for those few manufacturing job's which are left,a lot of them have been picked up by illegals,the Bourgeoisie love the illegal no matter how much they tell you they don't,now why is that,well it is because when you are working with someone who is am illegal they may be more unlikely to try starting a union,go on strike,or speak out against them being overworked because if they do then it's real easy for the big Bourgeoisie to black mail them with how they are illegal and can send them back with Black's losing there job's,what has happened is that they turn to crime to get there basic needs,they may steal,they may fight kill etc all if this puts Black's in jail once they're in jail,they get terrible food,they get police officers who are traitors to there class and which in return don't care for the black, the black will do labor while they are in incarceration getting paid under 5 dollars (not even the minimum wage,remember the minimum wage was last rose under Mr Obama in 2009 it's not even that great for us people outside of prison) this money isn't enough for a person to get there self a house yet alone an apartment once they get out of incarceration and even if you are able to find an apartment you will be renting to a landlord who does not care about you,they only see you as capital once you miss just one payment they can evict you this isn't a real home,and plus with you having a record it's already going to be hard trying to find a place to stay since there are a lot of places that reject people because of there record,it will also make it harder for people to get a job all of this includes plus it is harder to get food stamps and other services because of the 1996 Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, so when we hear the number that Thus, Black formerly incarcerated males often find it extremely difficult to not return to prison after release. Research has found that 68% of state ex-convicts were rearrested within 3 years, 79% within 6 years, and 83% within 9 years of release (Alper, Durose, & Markman, 2018). Are we really surprised.

Source for info:

I wanna end this work like how I always do,but with a little twist and that's with a question you don't have to answer in the comment's but ask yourself in 40, 50, or even 70 year's from now when we look back at our lives do we want to say that we fought for freedom and true democracy or we fought to keep all of this going on,this is a real question we as a people have so much that we can do to change the future make it better not just for ourselves but our children there children and other people,at the end of the day what we all are is just human,but with us being human we are not like animals we have the ability to take feedback have the ability to own our production,we have the ability to destroy this world or make it better,you will never be able to tell me with a straight face that this system is the one that work's for "human nature" "human needs" ,if anyone wants true change,want there name to be remembered as one that fought for the progeny,I would recommend you get involved with the maga communist movement it's not the best,but as of right now it's probably the best we have to a actual real movement,remember we are the future we can make a better tomorrow what do you want your children to remember you as,go and try and start a union go and learn about the success and failures of the old peoples republics,you are human you have a heart be free be alive spread the movement.

And for the silent majority the people await the day you may talk,because once you do your word's may be loud

For anyone who wish to know more please pick up and read the new jim crow by Michele Alexander great book


They are Lions, Allah gave them Strong!

This is really sad
Russian artillery destroyed a command post with Ukrainian officers

Chinese EV on fire


The first picture I have added is one which shows West German construction workers having a chat in West Berlin, April 18, 1967 beside the wall separating the city.

Starting with the basics The Berlin wall is one which divided Berlin into 2 parts, the western sector and the eastern sector this wall is one which divided families,friends etc when we get taught about this in the west we learn that the wall is one that kept people in but why were they kept in the GDR it is because it was a evil communist dictatorship that didn't truly care about it's citizen's and only cared about the people who worked in the communist party (whatever that means) and that's the reason why up to Around 2.7 million people left the GDR and East Berlin between 1949 and 1961 and up to 500 people were shot and killed trying to escape it (I got these numbers from Berlins site itself) and around half of the refugees were young people under the age of 25,now when we hear these numbers plus you add in the stories about people who crossed the wall,it is easy to understand why some people may see "communism" in a bad way,but the thing is some of what the western media say about the Berlin wall is true but they do one which makes our understand of the Berlin wall bad,and that is they don't tell us the "communist" point of view, we never get to see what was the mindset of the people which lived in the GDR and which did not mind the building of the wall, in this article I hope to clear up some of the myths which get told about the wall so when it comes to moving forward we can have a clear conversation about the success and the mistakes of old socialism.

Meet Mr Walter Ulbricht,Walter was a man which was the Chairman of the State Council in the new GDR Ulbricht played a leading role in the creation of the Weimar-era Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and later in the early development and establishment of the German Democratic Republic. As the First Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party from 1950 to 1971, he was the chief decision-maker in East Germany. From President Wilhelm Pieck's death in 1960 on, he was also the East German head of state until his own death in 1973 now why do I mention this man you may ask,well that is becasue of the fact that in an international press conference on June 15, 1961, at the House of Ministries in East Berlin. In his remarks, Ulbricht welcomed Soviet proposals for a peace treaty and called for the neutralization of West Berlin. Additionally, he made the famous pronouncement "Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zuerrichten!"— "Nobody intends to put up a wall! now this right here may confuse some people,why would he say something like this, when the GDR was a dictatorship which was not in favor of it's people but this now would contradict those words but again what he is saying would be contractarian as well since the wall was built at the end of the day right? well no walter is right Nobody intended to build a wall,The GDR actually wanted to negotiate with the west Throughout the 1950s, the East Germans and the Soviet Union repeatedly lodged complaints with the Soviets' erstwhile allies in the West and with the United Nations about specific sabotage and espionage activities and called for the closure of the offices in West Germany they claimed were responsible, and for which they provided names and addresses. Their complaints fell on deaf ears. Inevitably, the East Germans began to tighten up entry into the country from the West, leading eventually to the infamous wall. However, even after the wall was built there was regular, albeit limited, legal emigration from east to west. In 1984, for example, East Germany allowed 40,000 people to leave. In 1985, East German newspapers claimed that more than 20,000 former citizens who had settled in the West wanted to return home after becoming disillusioned with the capitalist system. The West German government said that 14,300 East Germans had gone back over the previous 10 years.

Another thing that we have to keep in mind is that during the early days of it's life it had just came out of WW2 (just like west germany) it's infrastructure had been destroyed from roads,hospitals,homes etc gone just because of the war well this is true , the thing that you have to keep in mind is that west Germany had a big advantage over the east and that was because of the Marshell plan by America the GDR was not apart of this plan..........actually all of Eastern Europe wasn't do the USSR had to help rebuild eastern europe and it's self,then you have to also remember that during the time of WW2 when America was closing on the Nazis, some of the capitalist in America who had companies in Nazi Germany, told America not to attack there buildings some of the capitalist even worked within Nazi Germany's system "Some of America"s biggest corporations did business in the Third Reich, and very happily so," said Historian Bradley Hart "The automotive industry was particularly egregious of this. Ford had a Cologne automotive plant that later was converted into aircraft engine production, forcibly by the Luftwaffe. General Motors also has its division in Germany. Both of these car makers decided not to pull out " they actually complied with the Nazi regime and put Nazi Party members on the board of directors and fired Jewish employees. They were very willing simply to collaborate." Hart pointed out that the involvement of U.S. companies in the rise of Nazi Germany can be traced to the pre-Nazi 1920s when banks loaned money to rebuild a post-World War I Germany "because they saw an opportunity there."But when Hitler ascended to power in 1933, their business operations continued despite the severe changes in German domestic policies.This was a moment of moral testing for these corporations," Hart said. "You had a regime that was asking you to fire employees because of their gender, their race and religion. And these companies didn"™t refuse to divest from the German market." The Sovets on the other hand said "fuck you and fuck your buildings"

An image of the Berlin wall at night,probably taking during the late 70s or 80s

while all of this was going on, let's go back to that number that up to Around 2.7 million people and remember that around half of the refugees were young people under the age of 25,they were leaving the GDR for west Germany which was improving much faster then the East but with them doing this,it bad it harder on the GDR to rebuild also another thing that you need to know is that some of those young people were bribed by the CIA to go west but these weren't average people getting bribed either,some of them were Lawyers,Doctors,Engineers,Teachers and other important Jobs that a country needs to rebuild This eventually led to a serious labor and production crisis in the East. As one indication of this, the New York Times (a neo liberal source) reported in 1963: "West Berlin suffered economically from the wall by the loss of about 60,000 skilled workmen who had commuted daily from their homes in East Berlin to their places of work in West Berlin." It should be noted that in 1999, USA Today reported: "When the Berlin Wall crumbled [1989], East Germans imagined a life of freedom where consumer goods were abundant and hardships would fade. Ten years later, a remarkable 51% say they were happier with communism." Earlier polls would likely have shown even more than 51% expressing such a sentiment, for in the ten years many of those who remembered life in East Germany with some fondness had passed away; although even 10 years later, in 2009, the Washington Post could report: "Westerners [in Berlin] say they are fed up with the tendency of their eastern counterparts to wax nostalgic about communist times."

The United States and its agents also used explosives, arson, short circuiting, and other methods to damage power stations, shipyards, canals, docks, public buildings, gas stations, public transportation, bridges, etc; they derailed freight trains, seriously injuring workers; burned 12 cars of a freight train and destroyed air pressure hoses of others; used acids to damage vital factory machinery; put sand in the turbine of a factory, bringing it to a standstill; set fire to a tile-producing factory; promoted work slow-downs in factories; killed 7,000 cows of a co-operative dairy through poisoning; added soap to powdered milk destined for East German schools; were in possession, when arrested, of a large quantity of the poison cantharidin with which it was planned to produce poisoned cigarettes to kill leading East Germans; set off stink bombs to disrupt political meetings; attempted to disrupt the World Youth Festival in East Berlin by sending out forged invitations, false promises of free bed and board, false notices of cancellations, etc.; carried out attacks on participants with explosives, firebombs, and tire-puncturing equipment; forged and distributed large quantities of food ration cards to cause confusion, shortages and resentment; sent out forged tax notices and other government directives and documents to foster disorganization and inefficiency within industry and unions … all this and much more.

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, of Washington, DC, conservative coldwarriors, in one of their Cold War International History Project Working Papers (#58, p.9) states: "The open border in Berlin exposed the GDR [East Germany] to massive espionage and subversion and, as the two documents in the appendices show, its closure gave the Communist state greater security."

picture which shows East and West Germany.

Now that I mentioned all of these things you may see why the GDR had to build the Wall without it there is a chance that east germany may have failed to recover from WW2 oor worse because of the conflict which was happening at the border there may have been another World War even Paul Reynaud a French politician admits this The wall? It stands there quite calmly. Former French Premier Reynaud said already on 19 August 1961, according to UPI: "The sealing-off measures of the East Berlin government did not increase, but lessened, the danger of a third world war." In reality, the situation is being aggravated by persons who play at being the strong man on our state frontier, who are turning West Berlin into a NATO base and daily inciting West Berliners against the GDR. Municipal railway cars are being destroyed, frontier guards attacked and brutally shot, tunnels dug for agents and bomb attacks made on the GDR's frontier security installations. Does that serve relaxation? One must really ask why attacks on the GDR state frontier in West Berlin are not subject to court prosecution as in other states. The Brandt Senate even presents "its respects" to the provocateurs. now you may ask me "well yes all of that may be true and all but was East Germany ever able to recover or get as close and strong as West Germany plus if it did why did the GDR come falling down,instead of the west" those are all great question's and to be honest even with all of the downsides that East Germany had,they were still able to recover quite well (oh yeah and another thing that I forgot to mention when I was re-reading this was the factor that East Germany had to pay up to 132 billion mark ( roughly $400 billion in today's dollars) to the USSR because of the damage that Germany had done but west Germany was able to get away in not paying any at all)

now let me get into the benefits of East Germany In 1946, referendums were held in Saxony, in the Soviet zone, as well as in Hesse, in the US zone of occupation. In Saxony, voters were asked to approve or reject a proposal to expropriate large landowners and those big industrialists who had been active Nazi supporters and war criminals. It was proposed that these large industries be taken into public ownership. Over 77 per cent of votes cast were in Favour of these proposals. Two referendums were held in Hesse, one on a new constitution - the most progressive proposal to be voted on in the US zone – in which voters were asked whether they supported Article 41 on the nationalization of essential industries and banks. Over 62 per cent voted in favour. The US occupying forces then organised a further referendum on Article 41 (clearly in the hope that it would be defeated), but 72 per cent then voted in favour. Article 41 stated that, 'the mining industry (coal, ore and potash), iron and

steel industry, energy companies and railways should be placed under public control; large banks and insurance companies should be regulated or administered by the state.' In contrast to what happened in the Soviet zone, the western occupying forces chose to ignore these demands carried by overwhelming majorities. Similar referendums were also held in Berlin and North RhineWestphalia), in the British zone, both of which also gave majorities for expropriation. However, with the immediate onset of the Cold War and the West's fear of the spread of socialist thinking, these democratic decisions

were vetoed by the western occupying powers. t it was also a country of full employment, social and women's equality well ahead of its time, cheap housing, transport and culture, one of the best childcare

systems in the world, and greater freedom in the workplace than most employees enjoy in today's Germany. Along with the humiliation of West Germany's takeover, that's why DerSpiegel found in 2009 that 57 per cent of eastern Germans believed the GDR had "more good sides than bad sides", and even younger people rejected the idea that the state had been a dictatorship. Similar public disenchantment with the post-1989 experience can be found in polling results across eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. the GDR also had a faster growth rate compared to the FRD at a rate of growing 2% faster than West Germany, the GDR's GDP per captia also grew at around 525% more compared to the FRD growing at 334% from 1950 to 1989 (remember the GDR also paid up to 90% of reparations compared to the FRD which paid about only 10%) The GDR had free housing education plus the food was very cheap during this period,also another thing to look at is that crime was lower in the GDR compared to the FRD with in 1988 there was 7 criminal acts per thousand residents in east Germany compared to 71 thousand residents in the FRD,in the GDR it was also more close to human Nature compared to the FRD under socialism Basic needs like housing is not held back from the masses of people (unlike under capitalism were it is,for example look at the Landlords socialism has no landlords,or when the few times it does,it's usually to the point were they can only maybe rent out 1 or 5 homes,unlike under capitalism were you can rent out as many homes as you like) you also have a deeper connection with what you do in the work place,for example you can vote for your boss or vote your boss out,if you and your co workers want something to be changed in the work place (for example let's say that y'all want better safety equipment or something) people will actually listen to you,you have a connection with your co workers labor, and with your production, a study in 1990 showed that women were more likely to by 70% orgasm during sex in the GDR compared to women in west germany,why is this you may ask well that is because of all of the factors of having basic needs,agoverment that works for the people instead of the bourgeoisie the women could go for men they truly loved and not men that would just have enough money to take care of them and there children.

Now with all of this am I trying to say that the GDR was perfect well of course it was (that was a joke neo liberals if you have made it this far (in that case i'm surprised) this is a joke) West Germany had it's advantages for example having more time off but the thing is part of the reason they had this because the GDR was playing catch up,wages were also higher in the west compared to the East and West Germany (belive it or not) was better with the environment over the GDR,people in the West were also more likely to go on vacation compared to the East (a lot of this stuff can be traced back to the problem's which the GDR had at it's start so I'm not going to add much) and also the FRD was much more richer then the GDR it's just a fact.

Now here is the golden question, why is that even with all of these benefits all of the polls and study's showing that the GDR wans't that bad it still ending up collapsing,will that complicated (i'll put some of the reasons why it collapsed,for people who actually want to learn and then I'm going to recommend y'all watch The Truth About East Germany by the fellow Traveler on YouTube and a video by hakim since i'm getting tired of typing and this is complicated to answer since there are so many things that go into play, to make a country collapse) part of the reason the collapse happened was because well the GDR had improved very much from the days of WW2 it was still lacking the west when it came down to technology the west was starting to get better TV ,the first computers were coming out better microwaves etc a few east germans were able to go to the FRD for vacation,but once they came back to the GDR some of the people wouuld bring the things they got during that period back home and tell the stories about how rich it was over there (these weren't old people by the way,it was usually younger Germans that would do this,the older one's simply did not care,they had seen there country when it was at it's worse but now it was at it's best, having those things would be nice,but they could live without them) so the progeny started towhen it came down to thinking about the west, it was not a image about the oppression that there parents and grand parents had gone through,or the pain that others in the global south had gone through,it was a image of being rich there was a consumer gap,people in the east would sometimes have to be put on a waiting list to things like a car, while in the west that didn't happen, another thing which would end up hurting east germany had to be the revisionism of the USSR which came after the death of Stalin this Revisionism from leaders like Nikita Khrushchev, is how it pathed the way towards people like Mikhail Gorbachev taking power in over the USSR and that made other socialist countries take those steps,again i'm going to reccomend y'all watch this video from fellew traveler and hakim they go into much better detial than I ever could,on the collapse off the USSR and East Germany

For people who want to learn more,if you don't look at all of my sources,at least look at thesse three videos,they are the most important when it comes down to the collapse of the GDR and the USSR


Some people are going to wonder why I made this article I made this article to debunk the claims that western media tells about the former GDR, history is one which is written by the winners not the losers,the loser never has a voice,she is only left in a dark room to scream and sound crazy while the winner spills and spreads there lie's about what really happened,both of them may lie but we should still listen to both of the side's us as humans have the ability to take feedback that is one thing which makes us different from animals,I don't care if there is only 100,50,or just one person who reads this work as long as it was enough for you to realize that us a society can do better, go farther is all I care about plus I also wanted to archive these works that I have been reading and watching a lot lately and also I love to type on this new keyboard that I just bought so there's that (sorry if I may have made some spelling mistakes while I was typing this artcle,I have been kind of sick the last few days and I was a little sleepy while making this, I may fix the mistakes later) .


Gaza children playing on top of tanks



Badly injured Hamas terrorist member

Video of a fatally wounded member of the Hamas terrorist organization after an Israeli airstrike. Local people are trying to load him onto a motorcycle and take him to the hospital. But it's no use, he can't even hold on to the bike.

Whats wrong with the world

So looking for everyones opinion.

What do use think is wrong with the world/society?

What would use do if use had the power to change it?

If you hate certain types of people, who? And why?

Why do you watch gore? How does it make you feel?

That's all the questions I can think of for now.

Have a great day


Why do yall hate Russians here?


Cameron Robbins, an 18-year-old from Louisiana, went missing on May 24, 2023, after reportedly jumping from a party boat in the Bahamas. Robbins, who had just graduated from University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, was on a celebratory trip with friends when the incident occurred. He allegedly jumped off the boat near Nassau on a $50 dare and vanished in the water, leading to a frantic search by the U.S. Coast Guard and local authorities.

Despite extensive efforts, including aerial and maritime searches covering a vast area, Robbins was not found. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain unclear, with some speculating he might have been swept away by strong currents or encountered other dangers in the water.

The incident garnered significant media attention, highlighting the risks associated with daredevil stunts and the importance of safety during recreational activities. Robbins' disappearance is a tragic reminder of how quickly celebratory moments can turn into devastating events.

older post by @BottleCap

Palestinian father pushes his kid toward IDF soldiers in hope that they will shoot him

I hope this aint a repost or something, because I love coins. (Who doesn't?)


Looking for a beating video

IIRC the guy that got beat up had propositioned the attacker's sister for sex in exchange for drugs or something. Video is of a dude sleeping in a red room I think. Immediately the attacker starts hitting him in the face and the guy wakes up crying but is beat so bad he goes into the fencing position.


i've seen it before but can't find the original/full video anywhere. i know there's a sound of it in tiktok since there was a short trend of people feeling bad for the soldier although he was killing innocents. you can find the audio if you search up "Palestinian soldier last words" i guess he was trying to say a Shahada


More doodles 💕

Hai guys I'm new to WPD and I was wondering how to do stuff around here and what everything is about! :3 my bestie Sargent made this acc for me so I'd stop asking him for gore vids so if anyone has any suggestions for what to watch please tell me and thanks for having me here guyyyysss!!!! >:3

Bedouin Israeli Soldier Showing off 3 Captured Terrorists (Translation in post)

"We are here right now in Rafah, Gaza, and this terrorist son of a bitch , he's part of Hamas, we are fighting against these people, these cockroaches and we are going to [unintelligible] them, these 2 too."

Even the arabs don't stand with these terroristic parasites called Hamas


And before pro-palestinians whine in the comments about this showing how evil the IDF is, this soldier has been summoned for disciplinary action and most likely will be punished for this video, but oy vey the IDF is so evil :marseyblowkiss:

Palestinian lives matter except for terrorists like the terrorists in this video

20 ideas for the site (yes i posted it in the megathread dw)

1. I had the idea that maybe we could have a page to wish death or unluck on another user, and a ghost emoji (or something) will pop up for every wish on the profile.

2. maybe this will give bad luck in goombling too.

3. (refer to 1) 1 but with luck or love or some shit.

4. we can have pronouns like in rdrama.

5: we can make it so when you are banned, your profile has bars (and a hide bars button) as well as our profile.

6: we should have a snappy, but in the chat. like a certain word (like cute twink or flabbergasted, not normal words like "and") will activate him.

7: we should insert an ability to have carp (or another mascot) to choose instead of cursor marsey.

8: people should be able to "sign up" to be a mod (of course with certain things like the account has to be at least _ old)

9: they should have it so id (or some adult question) should be presented in the first place. idk tho.

10 (90more :marseypain:): there should be a "shitposting" hole that is ignored and not shown on the frontpage and needs to be searched up.

11: there should be a free jannies ping group.

12: the block button should do more than mask the profile, and not let people chat.

13: Newstrags should have somethig on their profile (like "this user is new, and should be treated with kindness").

14: maybe having someone (like a look-alike) on your wall would be nice, to kinda see who you are talking to.

15: you should be able to gift hats.

16: You could make it so that there is a graveyard for all famous users who quit.

17: you should ping someone in a chat and then they be in.

18: we should be able to put our own css all over the site (not publicly), not just on our wall.

19. people steal coins from others for mbux.


Bonus: there should be something on the sidebar explaining the functions on this site (kinda selfish bc i want to make an emoji)



Gay pedophile twink gets punched by real man.

Enjoy! :marseynyansuperstraight:

silly girl doing silly things

bro im so happy they finally added an art category

ISIS edit / ISIS gore edit

ISIS edir / ISIS gore edit by me

CHILD WARNING Aftermath of Israeli bombing :doomer:

This is the horrific aftermath of last Tuesday's morning. Israeli aircraft bombed citizens in Al Awada. 25 people died and over 70 were left injured. These people did not deserve it and this is a local hospital afterwards filled to the brim trying to treat these poor souls💔

(Note: this is my first post here so if I did anything wrong let me know)

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