Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

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EDIT: New articles are now coming out:

EDIT 2: Supporter got headshotted (and killed). 2 other supporters critically injured, but expected to recover.

(eyewitness interviews)

EDIT 3: Shooter dead on the roof of a nearby building. He's been identified as 20 year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park. He used an AR-15 in the shooting.,-79.9709228,470a,35y,111.64h/data=!3m1!1e3

He's a registered Republican (I checked for myself on this website), but has also donated $15 to ActBlue (a Democratic PAC). Both line up, same address and everything. Right now this makes 0 sense to me so I guess we'll see why exactly he did it as more news trickles in.


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Crooks's DMV photo:

Some of Crooks's yearbook photos:

Crooks's graduation in 2022 (higher quality video from NotYou in comments):

Some videos from his school, in which he appears (courtesy of NotYou):

The first photo released of Crooks:

Crooks seen on the roof, before the shooting:

Crooks on the roof, after being shot by SS.


Crooks was a registered republican, however, his political views are still unknown.

His voter status record:

this article says he had a discord account but it wasn't used frequently.

A receipt showing his 15$ donation to ActBlue, a democrat party organization:

He attended Bethel Park High School, as seen here.

He was bullied frequently, as mentioned by this schoolmate of his:

ABC news says he tried to join the school's rifle club, but was denied entry, because of his terrible aim.

(screenshot from the ABC news article)

Another schoolmate of his said that he was very passionate about history and government. He was also described by some as a 'loner'.

He graduated with the Star Award worth $500 from the National Math and Science Initiative.

His house (2506 Milford Dr, Bethel Park)

Couple clips from police footage, taken on Highland Drive:

Highland drive, currently blocked off, as seen on live-updated traffic maps.

He was working as a dietary aide at the Bethel Park Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, according to ABC news.

His parents are Matthew Brian Crooks and Mary Elizabeth Crooks [nee Frizzy, possibly]. They are both 53 years old, as of today's date, and are both behavioural counsellors. He may have an older sister, Katherine Crooks. She is 22 years old as of today's date. (info from CNN and USphonebook)

Thomas's mother, Mary, made a post on Twitter, mentioning that her son "had some mental issues and was dealing with built-up anger from bullies". I have not yet seen this video, please attach it in a comment if you've seen it. (I am starting to believe this may be false information)

More information about his household

(from popapedie's comment, slightly edited.)

His father Matthew Brian Crooks is a psychologist and has authored many academic books. He currently works at Community Care Behavioral Health. He is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and works with people with depression. His mother is called Mary Elizabeth Crooks (born as Mary Elizabeth Frizzy) and is a registered counselor, but has previously taught in a primary school. She might currently be a homemaker. They are both registered democrats. Thomas is registered republican and has donated to democratic parties prior to registration of a republican. However, this does not have to mean a whole lot.

The family's annual income is reported to be $310,000. His parents seem to be from Scottish heritage. Thomas was born in September 2003. His parents identify as Jewish. Both of his parents also seem to work as licensed behavioral counselors in Pennsylvania. ‏‏The newspaper reporter that he received a $500 "star award" from the National Math and Science Initiative. He made a $15 donation to ACTBLUE when he was 17 years old. Thomas Crooks and his parents have been living separately for two years now. He allegedly had a big fight with his father before moving out of the house at the age of 18. Thomas has previously stayed with his grandparents but soon moved out after getting reprimanded for taking drugs.


Thomas crooks has reportedly come up in several intelligence reports recently. He is known for his extreme views and involvement in violent incidents. Investigations into Crooks' background reveal links to radical groups, including online associations with people promoting drastic actions against perceived enemies, however, this cannot be confirmed. His parents denied having any knowledge about his use of guns or radical ideology. They however admitted that they were aware of his assaults on fellow students in college.


Thomas was purportedly part of Antifa actions (Minneapolis Demonstration 2021), marked by confrontations with police and incidents of arson. He was twice released on bail with the help of his parents. His father reported to CNN that he is waiting for law enforcement to finish what needs to be finished before he will release a statement about the situation.


In the image below you can see the shirt Thomas was wearing. This T-shirt promotes a gun YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. The founder Matt Carriker has seen this and has responded on his Instagram with the three words "What the hell".

Thomas's father's linkedin profile:


I will be adding to this post as i gather more info on him, please comment if you have any more.

If anything in this post has been confirmed as inaccurate information, please let me know, with the source, so i can remove it.

(from RabbiFactcheckenberg)

CHILD WARNING Russian Man Brutally Murders his Girlfriend and her 9-Year-Old Brother

Akshin Guseinov, 32, from Armavir, Russia, put the bloodied body of dead girlfriend Viktoria Makarova, 26, in the bath then drove to her family home where he tortured her brother, Dmitry, to death. Guseinov allegedly carried out the crime because Viktoria, who he planned to marry, revealed she had been seeing another man, named Yury.




Akshin, after committing the murder, sent a gruesome video of the murder scene to an online news channel, confessing to the killings. Owners of the news channel have supposedly chosen not to release the video. In the recording, Akshin revealed why he committed the murders. He said: "I want to say at the beginning - I'm sane. On 3 December, she confessed to me her treason.

Not just treason, but in the fact that since August she had been seeing another guy.

"She justified this with the fact that we are not yet living together and that she considered herself a free girl.

"But we were in touch every day, met, had sex. I gave her money, bought her new things, I cared about her. I was working on our future.

"I killed her not because of her treason. I killed her because I understood that there was no way back."

He then went on to describe in graphic detail how he planned on killing her little brother Dmitry. The Russian said: "It will be very painful. Then I will suffocate him. Do not want to smear myself in blood. He will die."

Guseinov said he would drive to the Black Sea after the crimes.

Screenshots taken from the video:

Video footage shows him leaving his girlfriend's car at coastal village Dzhubga - and take sleeping pills before swimming out as far as he could.

Police said Viktoria died from repeated blows to the head at his rented flat in Armavir and that her battered body was found in a filled bath dressed only in a T-shirt.

Officials also revealed that Dmitri was "cruelly tortured", suffering broken bones, before he was killed at his home in nearby Novoalekseevskaya when his mother Lyubov Makarova, 49, was out.

The other man Viktoria was seeing said he was "shocked" by what happened and had no idea he was part of a love triangle. When asked about the situation he said: "Viktoria was very close to me and I did not even know the whole truth that became clear after his call.

"He was shocked by what he heard, just like me. He found out that she was with me behind his back.

"And I found out that she was behind my back with him. But no-one thought that this would happen.

"Akshin called me from her phone and his last words were: 'You will be freaked out by what happens next."

Again, Dmitry's mother had gone out at the time Akshin murdered him.


according to source:

Inspection and autopsy of a man who was crushed by a several-ton transport container at the unloading port. The man died on the spot.


CHILD WARNING In France, racist white teen boy attempted to assault a black girl; he didn't expect that she knew how to defend herself



Translation of the audio: "You ball of Zetas repentants and Golfo rejects, understand, stop with this stubbornness and leave our lands or you'll end up like this pendejo".


In January 29th 2023, Someone Gets Shot Outside of the bar at Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

Victim: Timothy Pouliot (24)

Photos of the victim

Guy Who Shoot Him: John Delee (22)

Photos Of Him

Delee found guilty and got 27 years for 2nd degree murder

he claimed that he was "defending himself"

more info:


:marseygrad:Michigan State University shooting :marseyrobber:

On Monday, February 13, 2023, a mass shooting occurred in two buildings on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing. Three students were killed and five others injured. The gunman, 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound when he was confronted by police off campus three hours later. North side of the Michigan State University Union with police tape the day after the shooting


Anthony Dwayne McRae

McRae was arrested in 2019 and charged for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, a felony. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for possession of a loaded firearm and spent a year and a half on probation.

Around 2 a.m. on June 7, 2019, according to court records, a Lansing Police Department officer saw McRae sitting on the back steps of an abandoned building smoking a cigarette. The officer, who was patrolling the area after burglaries in the vicinity, asked McRae if he had any weapons, and McRae said that he did.

The officer patted McRae down and confirmed that he had a loaded semi-automatic pistol in his pants pocket, as well as another magazine for the gun in his breast pocket.

McRae admitted that he did not have a concealed pistol license, and the officer arrested him. McRae told the officer he carried the gun for his safety and was trying to obtain a permit. The officer confirmed the gun was registered to McRae, according to court records.

A lawyer for McRae initially argued that the officer lacked probable cause to search him. But in November 2019, McRae pleaded guilty to possession of a loaded firearm as part of a plea agreement. McRae agreed to forfeit the gun involved in the case and was banned from owning weapons during his probation.

McRae was originally sentenced to a year of probation, but that was later extended to a year and a half. McRae was discharged from probation in May 2021, the court records show.

McRae became 'evil angry' following his mother's death two years ago, his father says

McRae was "a mama's boy" who was "totally lost" and became bitter, isolated and "evil angry" after his mother died from a stroke, according to his father, Michael McRae, who spoke to CNN by phone in an interview Tuesday morning.

"Ever since my wife died, my son began to change," Michael McRae said. "He was getting more and more bitter. Angry and bitter. So angry. Evil angry … He began to really let himself go. His teeth were falling out. He stopped cutting his hair. He looked like a wolf man."

Anthony McRae lived with his father in a small house in Lansing, Michigan. His father said his son had trouble holding down a job and wasn't employed, but had worked for about seven years previously at a warehouse loading refrigerators into trucks.

Michael McRae said about 30 police officers came to his house and went through his son's bedroom following the shooting, which left three dead and five others wounded. "Tore it all up," he said. "Picked up the mattress."

Michael McRae said his son grew reclusive when his mother, Linda, died. "He didn't care about anything no more. And he wouldn't talk to me or anyone," he said, explaining that the son would stay in his bedroom for hours on end playing video games. "He only came out to go to the kitchen or go to the bathroom, then he'd go right back in," the senior McRae said.

Date: February 13, 2023;

8:18 p.m – 12:27 a.m. (EST)

Born: June 10,1979

Died: Feb 13 2023

Cause of death: Suicide

Weapons used: Taurus G3 9mm handgun,Hi-Point C-9mm handgun

Injured: 5

Deaths: 4(including perpetrator)

Attack type: Mass shooting, triple murder, murder suicide, school shooting

Motive: unknown


Eight people were shot, resulting in three dead and five injured. All of the victims of the shooting were Michigan State students.[13] Three were killed: Arielle Diamond Anderson, a junior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan; Brian Fraser, a sophomore and Phi Delta Theta chapter president from Grosse Pointe; and Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, Michigan.

Arielle Diamond Anderson, a junior from Grosse Pointe, Michigan

'She will live forever:' loved ones honor MSU shooting victim Arielle Anderso

Brian Fraser, a sophomore and Phi Delta Theta chapter

president from Grosse Pointe

A Tribute to Brian Fraser, From the Brothers of Michigan Beta at Michigan State

And Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, Michigan

Clawson community remembers Alexandria Verner one year after MSU shootings


The rock painted as a memorial to victims of the shooting

The shelter-in-place order was rescinded following the gunman's death. All MSU activities were canceled for 48 hours, and classes were canceled until the following Monday. Classes in Berkey Hall and the Union were relocated for the remainder of the spring semester, and Berkey Hall was to remain closed for the remainder of the year. Undergraduates were given the option to have grades reported as credit/no credit instead of the usual grade for spring semester classes.

Counseling services were offered to members of the East Lansing and Michigan State communities at Hannah Community Center in East Lansing from February 14, with additional on-campus locations being added the following day. East Lansing closed all city offices and canceled a city council meeting on February 14, and continued to operate on a limited basis on February 15. Public schools in East Lansing and neighboring school districts canceled classes on the day after the shooting. Schools in Ewing Township, New Jersey were also closed after McRae was found carrying a note threatening two Ewing Public Schools.

Flowers, balloons, candles and teddy bears placed at the Rock in a memorial to the victims of the shooting

Rip to victims

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Out of control truck runs into group of bikers

No backstory.


No backstory, just somthin about Cameroonian terrorists


No backstory.

Freezer filled with hanging corpses

I dont even know what this is lol

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EFFORTPOST :marseymushroom:Aokigahara, ~Write-up. :manorbear:

So, this post, gonna be all about this fucking japan forest, i hope yall will like it! ~ wizzy boy product

It is the second most common place for suicides in the world. Although the Japanese authorities do not boast about these statistics. However, the reality is that in the Aokigahara forest, hiking trails are very short. What this place really holds is behind the ropes. And there are even more ropes, strings, tapes, threads and ribbons. However, they do not mark the tourist path. They were hung by people who, in many cases, never returned home.

(Like this guy)

As we enter the Aokigahara forest, we are greeted by an information board in Japanese. On it there are inscriptions convincing that "life is a wonderful gift from our parents", so it is worth respecting. - In silence, think again about your parents, siblings or children. Please don't suffer alone and reach out for help first - you can read on. The inscriptions were not placed there by accident. The Aokigahara Forest, also known as the Sea of Trees, is famous for its disgraceful statistics. There are several hundred suicides there every year. ♡

Why do people choose this particular place to commit suicide? This was checked by a psychiatrist, Dr. Yoshitomo Takahashi. He had the opportunity to talk to several people who returned from the forest after a suicide attempt. His publication states that the key reason was the belief that "they would be able to die successfully without being noticed."

Another factor Takahashi mentions is films and other publications. The dark history of Aokigahara has been going on for many decades. The first one comes from 1960 and tells the story of a woman who went to the forest to commit suicide. According to legends, her spirit haunts the forest to this day. Another Japanese story "Kuroi Jakai" is like Romeo and Juliet. It tells the story of lovers who, like the woman mentioned, went to the Aokigahara forest to take their own lives together.

published in Japan in the 1990s. We're talking about a suicide guide. The Complete Manual of Suicide; half. The Complete Suicide Manual, which indicates the simplest ways to take your own life and - what sounds paradoxical - the best places in the country to do so. Despite its high social harmfulness, this item has not been withdrawn from sale in Japan.

According to the psychiatrist, these stories and all other confirmed suicides made other people willing to take their own lives want to "share the same place with others and belong to the same group." So a psychological factor was at work in this case.

Aokigahara Forest. How was one of the most popular forests in the world created?

The history of the creation of the Aokigahara forest goes back even further than its dark side. This forest is located within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park at the northwestern foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Its base is formed by solidified lava. This is the result of the eruption of a crater called Nagao, belonging to the Fuji stratovolcano. The eruption occurred in 864 AD. It is estimated that Aokigahara has an area of approximately 30 square kilometers.

Since then, nature has been developing there. This is quite a unique place because the forest is so thick that you hardly feel a gust of wind there. Almost all visitors to Aokigahara notice this. According to some experts, silence is also one of the elements that suicide victims could pay attention to.

Let us remind you that Aokigahara is the second most frequently chosen place for suicide in the world. In this statistic, the forest is only ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Last year alone, 198 suicide attempts were thwarted there. ♡

Suicide forest or tourist spot?

( Logan!:>, if u want to know more about this special case, go to my frend - @blepp)

Passing the information board at the entrance to Aokigahara, we come to a rope separating the tourist path from the rest of the forest. However, no one checks whether anyone obeys the ban suspended on the rope. In these places begins the part filled with more ropes, tapes, strings, threads and ribbons. Some of them stretch for kilometers into the forest. Others are only a few dozen or a few hundred meters away. To this day, it is not known whether these elements were left to make it easier for others to find the body, or maybe it is a form of security to return home following the same traces. To this day, you can find the remains of a hanged man there.

According to statistics collected in 2012-2021, there are at least 20,000 cases in Japan. suicides per year. These do not include suicide attempts. Last year, this number was 21,000. cases. This is 74 cases less than in the same period last year. The most suicides in this period were committed in 2012, over 27.8 thousand. - reports Statista. The most frequently cited reasons include economic reasons in the country, health problems, existential worries and problems at work.


However, Japan is not the first country in this respect. According to data from 2018-2019 collected by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Korea has the highest suicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the world (24.6). Second in this statistics is Lithuania (21.6), then Slovenia (16.5), Belgium (15.9) and only then Japan (14.7). Poland ranks 18th with an index of 11.1. In recent years, the number of suicides in Poland was: 5,201 in 2021, 5,165 in 2020, 5,255 in 2019. This information was provided by the Police Headquarters.

Not only books, but also films (not counting documentaries) have been created about the Aokigahara forest. A few years ago, a film was released in cinemas entitled "Suicide Forest". It tells the story of a young American woman who came to Japan in search of her twin sister.

And yea brothers and sisters, this is end of this crazy shit, love japan so much! Have a nice day WPD!!!


This version is actually cropped version of this

In July 13th 2024, two people dies from electricity in Izmir/Turkey

Victims: Özge Ceren Deniz (24) and İnanç Öktemay (44, the dude who came to save her)

Photos of the victims:

İnanç Öktemay

Özge Ceren Deniz

Aftermath :marseydead:

Honerable Mention

In 2014, İnanç Öktemay posted a facebook post saying "To get to know a country, look at how people in that country die." he died 10 years later.

The mayor of the Izmir/Konak tells this horrific story while secretly smiling/grining

At The exact same location, the exposed electric wire is visiable, bystanders says that a dog also got electrocuted here.

Group of Iraqi soldiers trigger an IED (aftermath included)



In Ibatiba, Espírito Santo state, Brazil, a man, whose identity was not disclosed, died after suffering a "sudden illness" at a nightclub, causing him to fall down a flight of stairs. According to fellow clubgoers, the man had not been drinking any alcohol. Cause of death is yet to be determined.


In January 5th 2024, 5 people died from burning.

5 people were killed in Bangladesh after a passenger train caught fire Friday. Local media reported that some Indian citizens were also travelling in the train. Several people have been injured - Somoy News

According to Reuters, police suspected an arson attack during unrest ahead of national elections. "We suspect the fire incident was an act of sabotage," police chief Anwar Hossain told AFP, without giving more details.

The Benapole Express train was set on fire in the Golapbag area of Sayedabad on Friday night, the Business standard reported. The train was on its way to Dhaka from the western city of Jessore. According to the report, a young man died while trying to evacuate passengers from the fire-hit Benapole Express train.

"We have recovered five bodies," police commander Khandaker Al Moin was quoted by Reuters as saying.

On December 19, police and the government blamed the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) for another train fire which left four people dead.

The BNP, had however, rejected involvement in that incident, saying it had been unfairly blamed as a pretext for a government crackdown on opposition parties.



Soldier loses his hat after hip firing a machine gun.

No backstory.

Helicopter bombs Western Aleppo countryside



إعلام ولاية خراسان - غزوة الثأر للأخوات المهاجرات الأسيرات - Wilayah Khorasan Media - The Raid of Revenge for the Captive Migrant Sisters


More Information:

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