A Car Ran Over A Woman Twice. Russia

Girl doing strange things hit by car

Passenger gets ejected from vehicle :marseymariokart:

if a repost,


The driver and passenger are thrown out of the tumbling car


A fatal traffic accident happened in the early afternoon of Saturday (02), more specifically at 2:01 pm, at a crossroads near BR-242, right on the border between the São Pedro and Vila dos Funcionários neighborhoods in Barreiras.

Information gathered at the scene and security camera footage showed that the motorcyclist, identified as Alex Gomes dos Santos, 24, a native of Barreiras (Ba), was driving along João Cândido de Oliveira Street towards BR, when he was surprised by a truck that was crossing the intersection, being on Alberto Amorim Avenue.

Alex was unable to stop and hit the middle of the truck, which ran over the victim and his motorcycle. The young man died on the spot. SAMU was called, but was only able to confirm his death.

A Military Police garrison from the 84th CIPM cordoned off the perimeter, controlled the traffic, which became a little complicated due to the large volume of vehicles, and preserved the body until the arrival of the Technical Police Department team, which carried out the forensic examination of the site and the body, and then removed it to the morgue.

People who work and live in the area said that accidents happen regularly at the intersection and asked the Department of Safety and Traffic, as well as the Department of Infrastructure, to put up signs at the intersection.

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