1997 Irkutsk cargo plane crash aftermath

The aircraft was an Antonov An-124 transporting Su-27 fighter jets to vietnam

72 died - 8 crew, 15 passengers, 49 on ground

more than 70 families went homeless due to damages

the accident was caused by the failure of three engines as a result of a surge

Truck cuts car in half.

"2 Vans, 1 E-Bike"

CEBU CITY, Philippines (Updated) — A 61-year-old e-bike driver and his 68-year-old rider died in an early morning vehicular accident involving two other vans on Monday, August 1, 2022, along M.J Cuenco Avenue, Corner T. Padilla Street in Barangay T. Padilla, Cebu City.


Head on crash, motorcycle vs. high speed car + aftermath.

Motorcyclist fails to make the turn and goes over the cliff edge

If it's a repost orrr just needs to be taken down lmkk :#xplode:

Not sure why it didn't embed as a video in the thumbnail very sorry about that


man with face ran over due to crash and/or being ran over

Cyclist gets run over by a truck

Really could use a better Truck infrastructure to prevent these from happening

There is no safehaven, suffer like everyone else:marseypartyzoom:

Nascar car crashes.




No info.


No info.

Truck flattens cyclist onto pavement

Rip to this guy. The random flash of text is explaining what happens, basically saying the truck made a u turn in the top left and hits the cyclist. If my memory serves me correctly it was in NY but i might be mixing it up. If it's a repost or just needs to be taken down lmk rip to the cyclist

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  • netandyoohoo : Repost: https://watchpeopledie.tv/h/accident/post/15813/woman-hit-and-crushed-by-truck
Elderly woman gets run over by a trailer truck


Two birds, one dead

Biker hit by car (OUCH!).




No info.


No info.

(Child warning) truck kills family out for a walk

Tags: family, walk, run, over, ran, hit, truck, Mac, obliterates, Obliterated, road, street, death, children, kids, pedestrian

Last Chance

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Two birds, one dead part 2

Gore compilation

Aerosucre flight 157 crash

6 people on-board, 4 died "instantly" - 1 died later on from injuries and 1 survivor.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerosucre_Flight_157#Victims Wiki article for those who want more information!

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