Happened on June 11, 2012

29 years old Olga Gaikovich from Syktyvkar was travelling in Rostov Region of Russia in Audi A4 with her husband Vadim and his brother's family. Around 11:00 am between cities of Azov and Peshkovo a brick fell off a Kamaz truck, smashed car's windshield and struck Olga. Her husband, his brother and brother's wife with a child were not injured. She was rushed to the hospital in the city of Azov but she was pronounced dead 2 hours later.

Truck driver didn't notice anything and continued to drive. He was stopped by the police in Azov.

"Police is not going to consider this as just an accident." - Alexey Polyansky, head of the Press Service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Rostov Region.

Happened here:,39.4123756,3a,75y,203.38h,86.66t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s9Y5rqCVqNrBiHwQCKVF-1w!2e0!5s20120901T000000!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

Interview with her grandma from NTV series "Спасатели" (too lazy to translate the whole thing)

Interesting things she said:

  • Vadim (Olga's husband) quickly married another woman and now (2013) they live together in apartment Olga bought;

  • she doesn't blame Kamaz driver

Aftermath photos:

Memorial to Olga posted to VK

Three month later their Audi was still up and running

Reasearching this case made me sad

the notorious audi RS6 car crash in germany

germany, 6/3/2019.

a 68 year old man driving his audi RS6 in the A81 motorway near Mundelsheim in Baden-Württemberg, towards Stuttgart was driving at over 315 km/h of speed, when he suddenly became the protagonist of an atrocious car accident.

according to the reconstruction of events, a truck in front of the audi switched to the middle lane. the truck's rear lights weren't working when the crash occured, so the person driving the audi didn't see the truck and noticed it too late so he didn't have time to brake. his car ramped off the semi truck and he got catapulted into the air, before furiously slamming into a bridge pier and shattering.

the audi literally warped around the steel beam in a way that the car was split in two parts. some of the car's pieces were found even 50 meters far from the crash. the driver was thrown from the cockpit of his car to the road, and the emergency services could only determine his death: while some pics actually show his condition was worse. in fact, the man got literally decapitated by the iron sheets, his head was found a few centimeters from the body and some of his body parts were found separately, such as his hand, arm, and even clothing items such as one of his shoes - retrieved right next to the crashed car.

in order to recover the crashed vehicle, the fire brigade had to use hydraulic rescue shears.

the man was allegedly drunk while driving , but even if he was drunk, this happened in germany, where driving at extreme speed is allowed in highways.

after the accident, the A81 had to be completely closed for 5 hours and it took the rescues approximately 45 minutes to retrieve all of the car's debris and the victim's remains.

upclose shots of the car crash. if you squint, you can notice fabric, and also the airbag that exploded during the crash - obviously in vain.

deutsch polizei on the scene - they happen to be observing the car that crashed

the only picture of the man's head / body parts i was actually able to retrieve. it's very low quality - if i find something better i will update this post

both of the man's shoes, randomly thrown in the street

closeup of a policeman smiling in one of the pictures before. probably was living his best life, unlike that driver :marseybeantonguepoke:

this is everything i was able to find about this car accident. if i find something else, i will be quick to update this post! happy death-watching, everyone.. :marseybeantonguepoke:


Tragic viral video: Residents of UP's Ghazipur(India) were sharing their live video feed on a social media platform, when #Nepal Flight crash happened.

Five friends - Sanjay Jaiswal, Sonu Jaiswal, Anil Kumar Rajbhar, Abhishek Kushwaha and Vishal Sharma - were there in the plane, while Sonu was live streaming.

186mph/300kmh Motorcycle Crash (+Aftermath In Comments)

Several bikes were riding at insane speed on the Bursa-Istanbul road. The camera recorded the speed up to 298km/h before the crashing happen.

This accident happened after one of the biker collided with another slower biker which then threw him up in the air.

Turkey – 21th November 2016

“Train Girl” the death of Mary T. Wojtyla

(Note: I will add on to this when I get more info)

August 26, 1991 a man was filming the last of the Burlington Northern E9 locomotives in the Chicagoland Area, Downers Grove.

The locomotive that hit her (BN 9912 E9A) Is preserved in a museum in Tennessee Central Museum awaiting a full restoration.

She was walking with her lawyer to help sign some divorce papers with her husband.

The train was traveling at 60-70mph at the time of impact.

Tons of people already covered this on YouTube and Reddit so watch that for more info.

There is no aftermath but the full tape is said to show some but the full tape is considered lost media. Im showing you the only part of the known tape to exit.


Update I found a photo of her grave


The crossing

And the locomotive before the accident

As well as a good explanation of the locomotives and accident

Edit 2:

I found her obituary

And a low quality clip on YouTube

Edit 3:

Someplace about 1 year later (taken at the next crossing over)

And a compilation of trains around there and in the area

Edit 4:

Her death was also used on “Banned from Television Pt. 1” (at 39:15)

Here’s the crossing on google maps,-87.99465,3a,75y,108.69h,67.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6NysndHeEivGR00UUyuSdg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

(Classic Video) Tom Pryce Fatal Crash 1977 (Aftermath Video + Image)


Other Video:

↑With Have Sound Video Version↑

The Victim: Frederik Jansen van Vuuren

1958 -1977

Welsh racing driver Tom Pryce died on the tracks during the South African Grand Prix in Kyalami on 5 March 1977. The horrific accident left two people dead; a marshal Frederick Jansen Van Vuuren, who was running across the tracks to help another driver whose car had caught fire and Pryce himself. The marshal’s body was torn in half when it was hit by Pryce’s car and Pryce was hit in the head by the fire extinguisher that the marshal had been carrying. Pryce was partially decapitated by his helmet strap and died instantly. Pryce is the only Welsh driver to have won a formula one race and the only Welsh to lead a Formula one World Championship Grand Prix. A statue of him has been erected in his hometown of Ruthin in his remembrance.

South Africa







1/2 speed (impact at 00:05):

1/4 speed (impact at 00:10):

Tags: accident, blood, red mist, poof, t-boned, collision, white, red, renault

Best ejection you'll see this week.


Aftermath of cars (no bodies):


Video of the plane crashing down over Tver Region, Russia


Homophob driver kills several people (LOUD MUSIC)



Exhibitionist struck by road sign

A Russian woman leaned out of the window of a moving car and hit the road sign to death. The 35-year-old native of the Chelyabinsk region died as a result of an accident on the road in the Dominican Republic. As it turned out, she caught her head behind the road sign. For some time the girl stayed in the hospital, but could not save her.


The ending took me out lol

Biker Dismembered At 200kmh+

the two videos have been merged into one by me.

In Turkey, a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred at 200+km/h left a biker on the road decapitated and dismembered.

There are two videos of the incident. A video captures the aftermath of the crash, and shows severed legs, severed head and torso of the victim. Secondly, a video was filmed on a sports camera mounted on the handlebars. It shows the speed at which the group of bikers was traveling, and the high speed crash of one them, which also knocked down the cammer. The video is worth for the aggressive footage of the bike sliding down the road.


Cascavel, PR, Brazil - May 28, 2023.

The young Daiane de Jesus Oliveira, 28 years old, died after being run over and dragged for 70 meters away by a car in the Center of Cascavel, west of Paraná, according to the Military Police (PM-PR)

Images from a monitoring camera show that the death happened two minutes after a fight between the victim and security guards at the Moonlight nightclub. After being assaulted, she was lying on the street, according to the PM. Police did not say whether she was unconscious.

In a statement, the company mourned the death, said that it removed the security guards involved and that it will take "the necessary measures to prevent similar situations from occurring again". Read at the end of the report. The PM reported that the young woman was drunk and was trying to enter the club half naked. She was stopped, assaulted and, as a result, the accident happened. The case was registered by PC-PR, which said it was at the scene collecting information and taking images for investigation. Until this publication aired, the identities of the people involved in the fight were not disclosed.

According to the Military Police, Siate was at the scene and found that the young woman died at the scene. Still according to the police, the author of the hit-and-run fled without providing help. Until the publication of this report, the driver had not yet been located.

Man livestreams plane crash in Nepal , Jan 15 2023


Remembered this video that i saw on the old wpd subreddit, had to post it.

girl is dying and nobody cares


The hardest I've ever seen a car hit a person

Grandma gets off bus, trips and falls under its wheel popping her head

Somewhere in LATAM.

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